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									Finding Lost - Season Five
Author: Nicki Stafford
Table of Contents

A Few Words From the Readers
How Not to Get Lost
“We Have to Go Back!”

January-May 2009

Because You Left (Everyone)
The Foucault Pendulum

Jughead (Desmond)
Operation Castle

The Little Prince (Kate, Aaron)
The Little Prince

This Place Is Death (Rousseau, Everyone)

316 (Jack)

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (Locke)
The Body and Blood of Locke
Y: The Last Man

LaFleur (Sawyer)
Dharma Wants You . . . Sort Of

Namaste (Everyone)
“Turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson”

He’s Our You (Sayid)
A Separate Reality

Whatever Happened, Happened (Kate)
Miles and Hurley: The Great Time-Travel Debate

Dead Is Dead (Ben)
Smokey: Island Security System or Pillar of Judgment?

Some Like It Hoth (Miles)
May the Island Be With You: Star Wars and Lost

The Variable (Daniel)
Wired Magazine: “The Super Power Issue!”

Follow the Leader (Everyone)
Sawyer’s Nicknames
Dharma Logos

The Incident, Parts 1&2 (Jacob)
36 Hours Before
Oh, Those Crazy Egyptian Gods
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Questions for Season 6


The preeminent source for Lost fans, this fourth volume of the popular companion series finds the show
having regained both audience fervor and critical praise as the rescued "Oceanic 6" decide whether or not 
to return to the island for those left behind. Featuring the most comprehensive episode guide available as
well as many never-before-seen photos, this resource is invaluable for all followers of Lost, whether casual
viewers or hard-core theorists. With an analysis of how John Locke could become the mysterious Jeremy
Bentham, the in-depth handbook also includes background information on the show's historical,
philosophical, religious, and literary references, such as those alluding to James Joyce's Ulysses and
Stephen King's The Stand.

5.1 Because You LeftOriginal air date: January 21, 2009

Written by: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Guest cast:Tom Irwin (Dan Norton), William Mapother (Ethan Rom), Sean Whalen (Neil “Frogurt”), Brad
Berryhill (Anxious Guy), Chantal Boom’la (Counter Girl), Michael Dempsey (Foreman), Leslie Ishii
(Woman), Sven Lindstrom (Crew Member), Cindy Paliracio (Reporter/TV Anchor), Stefanie Smart (Ticket
Agent)Focus: Everyone
It’s been three years since the Oceanic 6 were rescued, and Ben and Jack are trying to figure out how to
round up the others to return to the island. Sayid has helped Hurley escape the hospital, Kate is faced
with lawyers demanding something she won’t give them, and Sun is stuck at an airport with another key
player in the island mystery. Meanwhile, three years earlier on the island, a record is skipping, tossing
the survivors from one time period to another.A woman we don’t know shakes a man awake and tells him
to tend to the
baby we hear crying in the background. He puts on a record from a few decades ago and gets the baby
ready for the day before heading to work. We realize he’s the man from the orientation videos, the time
period probably some point in the ’70s. Suddenly he’s rushed from his tranquil day to an emergency at
some construction site. As he yells at one of the workers about the intricacies of time travel,
he bumps into . . . Daniel Faraday, looking the same in the ’70s as he did in 2004. It’s a jarring opening
that is completely baffling.Welcome to another season of Lost.We left our favorite castaways in
precarious positions at the end of season 4. The island had disappeared when Ben turned the Frozen
Donkey Wheel. Dan and a bunch of redshirts were in a Zodiac boat in the water when it happened, and
the Oceanic 6, plus Frank and Desmond, were in a helicopter. The latter group saw the island disappear,
but we didn’t know what would become of the people on, or near, the island. Through flashforwards we
knew the Oceanic 6 would get home, go through their own trials and tribulations — discovering
parenthood,becoming assassins, having birthday parties, growing terrible beards — and wherever they
went, the island would follow them in one way or another. We also knew that in 2004 Locke was on the
island, but by 2007 he was off the island. . . in a coffin.The Oceanic 6 have come a long way since their
rescue . . . and not necessarily
in a good way. They seem evenly split between those who want to return, and those who refuse to do so.
At the end of season 4, Sayid killed a man while breaking into the Santa Rosa Mental Institute, and
Hurley’s first words to him were, “We’re not going back, are we?” as if that was the last thing he wanted
to do. But the moment they were outside, in this episode, Hurley says, “We never should have left the
island,” as if he’s suddenly realized the truth.On the island Hurley was tricked, his girlfriend was killed, he
was pursued by Others, almost eaten by polar bears, and had, um, regularity issues, but at least he
wasn’t cooped up in a mental hospital talking to dead people. All Hurley has ever wanted is peace. He
won the lottery, and his friends abandoned him, his
father used him, his...
Author Bio
Nicki Stafford
Nikki Stafford is the author of several books, including Bite Me!: An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy
the Vampire Slayer, Once Bitten: A Guide to the World of Angel, and Uncovering Alias: An Unofficial
Guide. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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