48HFP - Kick Off Info Sheet

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					                                                                              Barnash Productions (LP)
                                                      City Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne 2008
                                                                                            ABN 18 399 167 884


48HFP - Kick Off Info Sheet
                      Kick Off Info Sheet – Final Instructions (This sheet is yours to keep)

Your film must be of the genre that you draw.

Genre: _________________________________________________________________________

The following must appear in your film:

1) Character: _____________________________________________________________________

2) Prop: ________________________________________________________________________

3) Line of Dialogue: ________________________________________________________________

If problems or questions arise over the weekend:
         1. Refer to the official rules (at
         2. Call the 48 Hour Film Hotline: 04.21.465.461
            (We will check for messages on a regular basis.)

To be in competition, your film must be delivered by:
          7pm on Sunday, Oct 26th
and delivered to:
          BMW Edge, Federation Square, Flinders Street

Final version must be:
    • a self-contained SD Quicktime file on a data DVD or a USB Flash Drive (preferred) or
    • MiniDV
(Read ‘QuickTime Instructions’ on before giving us the DATA DVD or USB)

On your media, write:
Team Name, Film Name, Total Running Time (with credits), Screening Group, City & Year

Please include in the provided envelope
     • Your Wrap Up Form Receipt,
     • Team Roster,
     • Certification Form and
     • Release Forms (Liability Waiver, Talent Release, Music Release, Materials Release,
          Location Release)

Be careful! Have fun!!!!! // // 04 21 465 461

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