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VOLUME XXV ISSUE 1                                                                                       SPRING 2008

      t. Monica Catholic High School had its own version of “Extreme
      Makeover” when, after working on design and approval for over a year,
      work began in early January on the update to our signage and entrance
on Lincoln Boulevard.

The small blue tiles from the 1950s were removed and replaced with larger
16” x 24” subtly yellow honed stone tile. The thin grey letters that spelled,
“St. Monica’s High School” were
replaced with the title “St. Monica
Catholic High School” in slightly
larger dark green raised stylized letters
consistent with the font used in our
branding. A large seal will soon be
placed next to our title to help convey
the mission and identity of our school.

The sculpture of Saint Monica that
stood on a pedestal located next to the
school name was relocated below to a
new landscaped area. We have created
a small grotto complete with lighting,                                              We are a blessed community -
concrete bench, stone pavers, and a
circular landscape bed. Our hope is
                                                                                    built on a strong foundation which
that this new space with green and
yellow hued plants will be a special
                                                                                    allows us to continue to grow.
place that not only honors our
patroness, but also provides a small
space for reflection.

The final phase, due to be completed
this summer, is the replacement of our
glass front doors whose mechanism and
frames have worn over the years. The new doors bear the look of our seals
etched into the glass with the phrase “Home of the Mariners” over the doors.
We are grateful to our alumni whose generous response to our appeal last year
enabled this facelift to take place. We hope that this new look will be a strong
statement to the community that reflects the great work that takes place at our
school everyday. We are a blessed community - built on a strong foundation
which allows us to continue to grow. The dedication of our new entrance is
scheduled to take place at the beginning of the 2008-09 school year at a blessing
ceremony on August 27th, the feast of St. Monica.
  From the St. Monica Campus
FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                               Lastly, the SMCHS website will be going through a major renovation
                                                                                 over the next six months. We’re excited about some new
In looking at this spring issue of the Ancient Mariner, I’m reminded             improvements that will allow our alumni to find out more about alumni
again how fortunate we are here at St. Monica Catholic High School.              events and about the school in general. Until then you can continue
The renovation of the front of our school is a testimony to the                  to look for updates at
dedication of our wonderful alumni. The donor lists and articles in
our donor section reflect the incredible generosity of so many alumni,           Diane Mayer '73
parents, and friends to St. Monica. The large number of reunion                  Director of Alumni Relations
gatherings show that being a Mariner is something you do for life.
As we continue to prepare for our WASC (Western Association of                   FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
Schools and Colleges) accreditation next spring, we have made some
minor changes to our school mission and philosophy statement which               I want to say to everyone what a pleasure this last year has been. It’s
I’m proud to share with you.                                                     really been wonderful getting to know a lot of you. Thank you for all
                                                                                 the kindness and encouragement. As we get close to closing out the
“St. Monica Catholic High School is a coeducational, parish high                 second year of the resurrected Mariner Alumni Association, I would
school that provides a college preparatory curriculum for students of            like to once again call out for help. The major goal for this next year
diverse abilities, cultures, and faiths. Guided by gospel values, we             is to establish a contact person for each class. This “Alumni Leader”
affirm and respect the dignity of each member of our school                      will serve as a liaison between his or her class and the Alumni
community. We provide a faith-based education that values academic               Association. We’ve already had a number of people volunteer to help
achievement and Christian service. Our school family cultivates                  out (thank you to all of you), but we need more of you to pitch in.
strength of character, intellectual curiosity, and love of God and
others. In collaboration with parents and the parish community, our              The All-Class picnic has been scheduled! August 10th from 2:00 to
mission is to graduate students who are inspired by faith, intellectually        4:30 on the St. Monica Catholic High School campus. Based on the
enriched, and integrated as individuals.”                                        success of last year’s picnic, I can’t wait to see how this year’s turns
                                                                                 out. See you all there!
As principal, I’m honored to be part of the St. Monica tradition that
is 70 years strong.                                                              Martin Padilla '83
                                                                                 Alumni Association President
God Bless,
Thom Gasper

The end of another school year is here and another group of seniors
                                                                                      Ancient Mariner
                                                                                 A NEWSLETTER FOR ALUMNI, FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF ST. MONICA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL
have joined the ranks of Mariner alumni. The 70th St. Monica                     VOLUME XXV ISSUE 1                                                   SPRING 2008

graduation was held on May 29th and culminated a spring full of
events: prom, Senior Day of Prayer, senior finals, Compass signing                 The Ancient Mariner is published twice a year by the Alumni Association.
party, Baccalaureate Mass and awards ceremony, and grad night at                                                     Pastor
Disneyland. The members of the Class of ’08 are branching out to                                             Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson
colleges throughout California and across the country. Whether they                                                 Principal
stay locally or travel far from St. Monica, we always remind these                                                Thom Gasper
graduates to visit St. Monica when they are in the area.                                                   Director of Alumni Relations
                                                                                                                  Diane Mayer
One of the most-asked questions to the Alumni Office is about
                                                                                                            (310) 394-3701 Ext. 416
reunions. As you will see in the Upcoming Reunion Section, many of
our classes are in the reunion planning mode. If your class didn’t                                Assistant Principal: Institutional Advancement
celebrate an anniversary reunion (10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, or 50th) you                                            Alex Chacon
                                                                                                            (310) 394-3701 Ext. 411
can always have an off-year gathering. It’s particularly great to see that
we already have a number of ’09 reunions in the works.                             We welcome alumni submissions of articles, photos, news releases,
                                                                                   birth & wedding announcements and other updates. Please send items
The 2nd Annual All-Class Picnic, enjoyed by so many of you, will be                to the school address, attn: Alumni Office or by e-mail to Diane
held on Sunday, August 10th from 2-4:30 on the St. Monica Catholic                 Mayer at
High School Campus. We’re hoping for another great turnout and                     NEXT DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting items for the next
hope that many of you can also help out later that week at the                     newsletter is August 1, 2008. The next issue of the Ancient Mariner is
Freshman Welcome Dinner on August 14th. The Freshman Welcome                       scheduled for Fall 2008.
Dinner is only three years old but has become a great tradition at St.             The Ancient Mariner is sent bulk mail at a 3rd class rate. Delivery can
Monica. The opportunity for new and older Mariners to mingle is                    be expected within 10-15 business days from mailing. Therefore, the
enjoyable for all.                                                                 delivery range to different parts of the state and country is variable.

  Reunion Updates
The Class of ’57, as befitting good Ancient Mariners, met by the sea
in San Pedro to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation
over the weekend of September 15, 2007. The party began on
Thursday for the early birds who arrived from Virginia, Washington,
New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. Loud cheers were heard in the
lobby of the San Pedro Doubletree as an old classmate was recognized
walking through the door. A large contingency arrived on Friday and
just increased the excitement of renewing old friendships.
The dinner/dance was held Saturday night with the invocation being
                            delivered by a favorite former teacher,
                            Sister Rose Delora (Delores Rashford).
                            Sister is also a proud alumna of St.
                            Monica’s and celebrated her 60th
                            anniversary of graduation in 2007. Ted
                            Sullivan was the master of ceremonies
                            and introduced all attendees. He also
                            recognized the contributions of the
                            other various reunion team organizers,
Priscilla Miner Cutting and which included the team captain, Tom
Jim Holthouser
                            Capp, and team members: Claudine
Capp Emens, Warren Emens, Rosemary Cerra Ash, Jim
Holthouser, Carole Molloy Hart, Renate Albrecht Schoenberg,
John Shoenberg, Matt and Teresa Lallo, Lynn Teimer Sullivan and
Norma Layton Toole.
There were so many door prizes donated by classmates that some were
awarded over the course of the evening and the balance were awarded
at the brunch on Sunday morning, which concluded the weekend
celebration. More than 120 attendees participated in marking this
golden milestone.                                                               CLASS OF 1967
This class has always loved to party, and                                       The Class of ’67 celebrated their 40th reunion on Saturday, October
apparently, that will never change. There’s                                     27, 2007 at the Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside in Culver City
already talk about having a giant birthday                                      from 6 – 11:30pm. Catherine Dawson sent in the following: “We ran
party in 2 years when the classmates turn                                       into the wee hours; we all had so much to catch up on! Everyone
70.                                                                             commented they had a wonderful time at both the dinner/dance &
                                                                                picnic the following day but the time was too short. We agreed not to
                                                                                wait another 10 years to get together; please mark your calendars for
                                                                                2012! To those that could not make it, ‘we missed you’ and hope you
                                                     Margie Schiesl and         are doing well. If you have an email address you would like to share
                                                     Lynn Teimer Sullivan       with us, send it to one of us below. We hear our classmates are
                                                                                continuing to stay in touch & reconnecting via email. If you would
                                                                                like to get a CD of the reunion, please send an email to Janet
                                                                                Chabola at and for shipping & handling she
                                                                                will send one out to you.” Other class contacts are Catherine Dawson
Marianne Murphy Mika, Carol Trindl Hamel, and Sheila Dooley Abbate              at, Helga Sauer Schlauch at
                                                                      , or Chris Giroux Waiton at

                                                                                CLASS OF 1987
                                                                                The Class of '87 celebrated their 20th on Sunday, October 7, 2007 at
                                                                                the Lucky Strike Lanes South Bay in Torrance.
Brett Schriever and
Richard Hemenez                       Des Wassel and David Weston

  Upcoming Events
          2nd Annual All-Class Picnic .............................................................Sunday, August 10th, 2008
          Alumni-Sponsored Freshman Welcome Dinner ..............................Thursday, August 14th, 2008
                                Contact Martin Padilla at 310-408-8884 to help with either event.

CLASS OF 1958                                                                        2009 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Please contact Toni Garrotto
Class of 1958 will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on November                 Di Modica at 310-450-7821 or email: of any
8, 2008 at the Marina Del Rey Hotel at 6pm. Contact Mary Ellen                       change of address, phone number or email or just to say hello.
Hutter Hetrick at 310-542-4276 for more information.
                                                                                     CLASS OF 1977
CLASS OF 1968                                                                        The Class of 77's 30 + 1 reunion scheduled for September 2008 has been
"HEY JUDE", "JUMPIN JACK FLASH", "SUZIE Q" and                                       postponed for a year, however additional committee members are still
"ELINORE"! "I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO                                              needed to plan the 2009 event. If you are interested in joining Andrew
YOU"...whether you were: "BORN TO BE WILD", "SPOOKY",                                Valdivia, Terrell Sheffield, Paul Angel, Linda Garcia, Alicia Santiago,
"A GIRL WATCHER" or an "ANGEL OF THE                                                 Linda Walker and Stephanie Valdivia to make next year's reunion a
MORNING"...come "DANCE TO THE MUSIC" and bring us                                    success, please contact Mitch Caban at 310-670-6877 or e-mail him at
"THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE" (along with memories and                        The Class of '77 is invited to join the Class of
photos and your digital camera)! Let's "TAKE A MAGIC                                 '78 at their 30 year reunion on August 9th at Cantwell Auditorium. See
CARPET RIDE" back to 1968. The date is at October 4th –                              "Class of '78" for details but please direct all calls to Mitch Caban.
location to be announced. Contact Virginia Lennon at                                 CLASS OF 1983 - Subject: '68 reunion or 310-721-0773                       The Class of ’83 is planning a 25th reunion in October 2008. Contact
(after 7PM or weekends) or Kris Dahlin at                      Mia Ybarra at 818-889-3571 or Martin Padilla at 310-446-7155 for
                                                                                     more information.
The 30th reunion of the Class of ’78 will be held on Saturday, August                CLASS OF 1993
9th at St. Monica’s Cantwell Auditorium. The tickets are $80.00 apiece               The Class of ’93 is in the planning stages for a 15th reunion. Contact
which includes food from Louise’s Trattoria, beer, wine, and soft drinks.            Jennifer Auer-Escude at for more information.
Please note that the reunion will be open to the Class of ’77 on July 7th
and, at that point, all tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve       CLASS OF 1999
basis until all are sold. The only way to guarantee your place at the                The Class of ’99 is getting an early start on their 10th reunion. For
reunion is to make sure your check is in prior to July 5th. We are also in           more info contact Diana Corral at
the process of putting together a mini 30-year Compass year book.
Please forward a recent head shot to be included in a "Then and Now"                   IF ANY OTHER CLASSES ARE WORKING ON REUNIONS
retrospective section. Contact Karen Siniscalco at (310) 529-4849 or                   FOR ANY YEARS, PLEASE LET THE ALUMNI OFFICE for more information or to get                         KNOW SO THAT WE CAN INCLUDE THE INFORMATION
involved!                                                                              IN UPCOMING COMMUNICATIONS.

CLASS OF 1988                                                                        Graduation Pictures
The Class of ’88 is in the planning stages for their 20th reunion.
Please sign on to the class website at                                               Our graduation picture collection is nearly complete and a sincere for more info.                                “thank you” to everyone who sent us pictures! We’re still looking for
                                                                                     a few more photos. We would appreciate receiving any of these pic-
CLASS OF 1998                                                                        tures; they can be donated, scanned and sent to us digitally in a jpg
Class of 1998 Reunion - planning in progress. Call or email                          file, or lent to the Alumni Office so we can reproduce them for our
Jennifer Ogasawara to join the committee at (310) 384-3056 or                        archives. We will be happy to return any loaned pictures to you after                                                        we reproduce them.
                                                                                     We’re missing pictures from the following years:
                                                                                     1947, 1960, 1967, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1987, 1988
                                                                                     Don’t let your class be left out of the St. Monica archives. Take a look
The Class of ’59 will be celebrating their 50 Year Reunion on July 18,
                                                                                     in that scrapbook or box in the garage and see if you can help us out!

Thank You to Our Donors
Their support for St. Monica is a wonderful affirmation of Catholic education and of their desire to see the school continue its mission
of graduating students who are inspired by faith, intellectually enriched, and fully integrated individuals. We face great challenges in
maintaining excellent academic, spiritual, and co-curricular programs in today’s environment. Every gift we receive enables us to do
more for our students. Thank you for your support of Catholic education.

              The 1940's                                     The 1950's                             Mary Jane Reinert Rice ‘57
     Margaret Hansen Dixon ‘40                         Mary Ross Kasimatis ‘50                             John Stark ‘57
     Margaret Coffey Roach ‘40                           Jeanette Larson ‘50                           John Castagna ‘58
            Blaine Crouch ‘41                             IMO Sr. Geradine                              Richard Mack ‘58
            Frank Murphy ‘41                     Mary Ann Kronenberg Oeffling ‘50                        IHO John Kearns
    Rosemary Coffey Johnson ‘42                     Deirdre Combs Keegan ‘51                               Kay Martin ‘58
          John Kronenberg ‘42                        Carmen Delgado Diaz ‘52                           Martial Thirsk ‘58
       Eleanor Clarke Yukic ‘42                  Mary Louise Sullivan Mackin ‘52                         IMO Jason Thirsk
               Debra Buteyn                                 IHO Ed Mackin                            Patrick De Mendoza ‘59
        IMO Jerome Buteyn ‘43                      John and JoAnn Brennen ‘53                     IMO Mauro S. De Mendoza ‘53
    Lola Carpenter Hammons ‘43                            R. Otis Burns ‘53                            Roland Faucher ‘59
  IMO Beverly Carpenter Benenati ‘41                      Gary Gideon ‘53                                 James Fuqua ‘59
   Gertrude Popeney Seastrom ‘43                         Richard Harvin ‘53                              David Grady ‘59
              Robert Bow ‘44                           Barbara Allen Peat ‘53                           Michael Green ‘59
            Vincent Gross ‘44                           Sheila Thornton ‘53                             Richard Irvine ‘59
         IMO Elwood Joyce ‘44                             Ralph Zwetow ‘53                        Margarita Martinez Johnson ‘59
           James Anderson ‘45                                 Jose Baca ‘54                                Paul Junger ‘59
           Maxfield Brown ‘45                            Gordon Bricken ‘54                         Dolores Stimson Leto ‘59
             John Gainey ‘45                                 Marie Bro ‘54                              Josef Lombardi ‘59
    Micaela Escobedo Gamboa ‘45                          Michael Cooley ‘54                            Victor Newlove ‘59
    IHO Sisters of the Holy Name                     Margaret Sprigg Horst ‘54                     Lawrence A. Specchierla ‘59
     Mary Gunion Couturier ‘46                             James Potter ‘54
            Charles Elliott ‘46                          Patrick Allaway ‘55                                The 1960's
           IMO Jack Elliott ‘43                       Dixie Davy Fullerton ‘55                     Mary Couture Killmond ‘60
    Rita Belohlavek Marshall ‘46                IMO Theodora (Teddy) Bourgeois ‘58                   Barbara Waring Lillis ‘60
        Phyllis Nolan Neff ‘46                       Sister Kathleen Lamia ‘55                           Phillip Morrill ‘60
    Jeanne Nolan Rauhauser ‘46                            Cecil Le Long ‘55                       Mary Lynn Spellman West ‘60
      Sonya Hoffman Beebe ‘47                    Jacqueline Burkhart Lombardi ‘55                 Donna Buschelman Arnold ‘61
             George Capp ‘47                                Jack Miehls ‘55                           Patricia Capp Giles ‘61
       Gertilda Voss Conti ‘47                       Mary Kingsley Olivier ‘55                       Mary Stephan Grim ‘61
            Leonello Costanzo                  IMO Mary Louise "Weezie" Higgins ‘55                 Bonnie Crooks Kramer ‘61
 IMO Jeanne A. duAime Costanzo ‘47                    Judy Heinecke Pierce ‘55                      Margaret Fallon Maung ‘61
         Donald Hoffmann ‘47                               Joan Santora ‘55                            John McCloskey ‘61
      IMO Robert Hoffmann ‘41                         Janice Delp Wiseman ‘55                          Kenneth Paddock ‘61
     Eileen Joyce McEachen ‘47                         Mary Morris Bishop ‘56                            Charles Russell ‘61
         IMO Elwood Joyce ‘44                   IHO Bonnie ‘55 and Mary ‘56 Morris                   Tina Lennon Boehle ‘62
               Art Verge ‘47                              Frank Cornell ‘56
     IHO of the dedicated teachers                                                                      Joseph Haworth ‘62
                                                          George Junger ‘56                      IMO Patricia and Joseph Haworth
           and staff of SMCHS
                                                       Durell Normandin ‘56                          Herbert Williamson ‘62
        Richard Akerblom ‘48
                                                  Kathleen Cahill Berkbuegler ‘57                         Vincent Clay ‘63
             John French ‘49
                                                            Jerome Hull ‘57                       Janet Godbout Eichenlaub ‘63
             David Gross ‘49
                                                     IMO Edward Courteau ‘57                   Betty Bradley ‘63 and Paul Smith ‘63

                                          IHO = In Honor Of          IMO = In Memory Of

Thank You to Our Donors
    Kathrine Johnson Lewis ‘63                              William Kenney ‘68                 Kathleen Peiffer Pickett ‘77
           Martin Miller ‘63                             Eileen Rice LaBarbera ‘68             Karen Gentile Ritchey ‘77
            Thom Nulty ‘63                                  Timothy Delfino ‘69                IMO Michael E. Gentile ‘74
James and Sharon Milliken Ortale ‘63                        Donna Putziger ‘69                      Jack Corrigan ‘78
         Richard O‘Toole ‘63                         Josephine McDade Vaudagna ‘69              Diana Garcia Ferrarin ‘78
    Louann Crooks Pedersen ‘63                                                                   Lynda Plant McGee ‘78
             Paul Daspit ‘64                                  The 1970's                          Marianne Wholey ‘78
          IMO Terry Ash ‘64                          Sheila McMorrow Geraty ‘70                    IMO Gailie Wholey
Richard and Arlene Wilbur Havel ‘64                   Barbara Lennon Barnes ‘71
  Margaret Sullivan Williamson ‘64                      Michael Navarette ‘72                         The 1980's
                                                       Deborah Hile Saenz ‘72                      Peter Shepherd ‘80
   Naomi Matsuda Levenson ‘64
                                                            David Diaz ‘73                         Donald Trepany ‘80
            Randy Lloyd ‘64
                                                      Barbara Devine Dwyer ‘73                   Judith Romo Lopez ‘81
   Elizabeth Ernster Maculsay ‘64
                                                            Alan Engler ‘73                         Bruce McNeil 82
           Bruno Tonin ‘64
                                                      Nancy Gentile Farnan ‘73                       Craig Puma ‘82
          Lawrence Ayre ‘65
                                                       Michelle Kelly Bebb ‘74                      Robert Calvo ‘83
           Melinda Delp ‘65
                                                         IMO Francis B. Kelly                      Robert Fleischer ‘83
           Robert Klein ‘65
                                                      Donald and Kathryn Kroll                    Thomas Rollerson ‘83
      Claire Maillet Sawko ‘65
                                                             Hutchison ‘74                     Sabine Schlosser-Cobus ‘83
     Rev Dennis Smolarski ‘65
                                                           Steven Polin ‘74                      IMO Michael Courtright
           Frank Wagner ‘65
                                                           John Sturges ‘74                       Katie Kessey Paris ‘84
   Yvonne Alvarado Gandara ‘66
                                                         IMO Dorothy Sturges                   Monique Williams Watts ‘85
       Ellen Smith Tonin ‘66
                                                           Arthur Verge ‘74                           IHO my sister,
          Robert Barron ‘67                                                                     Mary Williams Amirola ‘83
  Margot Hooper Earley Fishman ‘67                     Donna Dooley Aiello ‘75
                                                      Dianna Pfeifer Drucker ‘75                   Heather Wood ‘86
          Michael Engler ‘67                                                                        Doug O‘Neill ‘86
       Stephanie Marquez ‘67                               Cheryl Junod ‘75
                                                           Charles Pope ‘75                    Linette Galvan O‘Neill ‘87
            John Massey ‘67                                                                         Samuel Romo ‘87
   Kristine Cerminaro Cimmy ‘68                         Stephen Yarbrough ‘75
                                                       Michelle McCaffrey ‘76                      Patricia Burke ‘89
            IMO her parents,
    Fred R. and Anna R. Cimmy                     IMO Sharon McCaffrey ‘78 1960-1999
                                                           Michael Rood ‘76                           The 1990's
           Cora Strickland ‘68                                                                     Ernesto Carrillo ‘91
         and Mr. Larry Gabriel                          IMO Mark Renner ‘76
                                                          Lisa Fuster Sole ‘76                The Capital Group Companies
         Martin Connelly ‘68                                                                      Charitable Foundation
        IMO Classmates of ‘68                            Andre Cronthall ‘77
                                                                                                 IHO Altay R. Seymen ‘91
         who have passed away                               George Leis ‘77
                                                                                                   Michelle Cayton ‘95
                                                                                            Terra Katherine Dispirito-Reyes ‘96
                                                         St. Monica Catholic High School
                                                         has been fortunate to be able to          Mark Cummings ‘98
                                                         provide partial tuition
                                                         scholarships to many students                The 2000's
                                                         because of the generosity of          Matt Blamires-Romleski ‘00
                                                         benefactors and friends who            IMO Thomas V. Garcia
                                                         support our school. Each year we          Crystal LeBouf ‘00
                                                         invite the donors to meet the              Linsay Allen ‘02
                                                         students who are benefiting from
                                                         this investment in their
                                                                                                  Thomas Walter ‘02
                                                         education at our annual “St.            Alexandre Belotto ‘03
 Pictured is principal, Thom Gasper and Donor Margaret   Monica Scholars Mass and                  Brandon Cruz ‘03
 (and John) Given, with scholarship recipients Matyos    Breakfast.” This year’s event            Matthew LeBouf ‘04
 Kidane, grade 10, and Valerie Brizuela, grade 11.       took place on November 14th.             Priscilla Padilla ‘04

                                            IHO = In Honor Of         IMO = In Memory Of

Thank You to Our Donors
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jamshid Esmaeili
                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fischer
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Domingo Flores
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Garland
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dane Giesregen
                                                                                                      Mr. Norman Greenidge
                                                                                                        Mr. Andrew Horvath
                                                                                                         Mr. Hugo Baquiax
                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klausen
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. William Kollar
       Patrick Hayden and Michele Crahan from the Mayr Foundation met with the Mayr
       scholars in February. Over lunch Mr. Hayden and Ms. Crahan spoke with the                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve LaGuardia
       students about their academic classes as well as their extracurricular involvements.              Mrs. Patti Lawhon
       Mr. Hayden spoke of founder, George Mayr’s concept of “paying it forward” and                     Mr. Timothy Leary
       challenged the students to strive for this goal in the future.
                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Lee
       Shahrzad Sadrpour ‘04                                Grants/Scholarships                      Ms. Constance Letendre
       IMO Cindy Chong ‘04                          Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maher
          Bey Angeli ‘05                                     Dr. Anita Finie                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mather
       Collin Williamson ‘05                            Dr. and Mrs. John Given                         Mr. Kevin McCardle
       Alejandro Padilla ‘05                         William H. Hannon Foundation                 Ms. Lorraine McCulloch Wood
        Amanda Belotto ‘06                        Donald T. Leahy Charitable Lead Trust             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meyer
                                                      Thomas and Dorothy Leavey                   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mikolajczyk
               Friends                                          Foundation                              Mr. Stephen Moore
           Paul Apodaca                               George H. Mayr Foundation                        Jose and Rocio Munoz
 IMO RoseMarie Apodaca Rodriguez                               Joan Payden                        Mr. & Mrs. Anastasios Nestoras
         Michael Brennan                           Cynthia L. and William E. Simon Jr.                  Gina and Dana Nye
         Ms. Rose Cohen                                         Foundation                          Mr. and Mrs. John O‘Brien
     John H. and Amy Bowles                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ogden
       Lawrence Foundation                               Green and Gold Appeal                     Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Padilla
       The Nahman Family                               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Abraham                Mr. and Mrs. William Patterson
    Joseph and Alma O‘Heron                                   Ms. Donna Aiello                          Ms. Wendy Pearson
       Dr. Lawrence J. Ryan                                  Mrs. Diane Jenkins                      Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pentis
         Helen Spaulding                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beringhele                Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Perez
       Terrance L. Sullivan                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boe                   Mr. and Mrs. Angel Rangel
  The Law Firm of Veatch Carlson                     Mr. and Mrs. Francis Breidenbach               Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schunk
Tom Givvin (Marina Garden Center)                       Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Cadiz                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Conners
   Richard "Duke" Weber Trust                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sherrin
                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jones Carreon                   Mr. Patrick Thomason
        Matching Funds                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cates                   Ms. Donna Thompson
          Bank of America                            Dr. and Dr. Anastassios Chassiakos                  Ms. Elissa Tognozzi
   Boeing Matching Gift Program                               Ms. Sonia Cordon                           Mr. Spencer White
          General Electric                               Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Dailey                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert White
         J. Paul Getty Trust                            William and Patricia Dawson               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilcox
              Raytheon                                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Day                 Mr. and Mrs. John Witkowski
                                                              Mr. Pierre Denis                  All S.M.A.S.H. (St. Monica Academic and
   The Capital Group Companies
                                                                                              Spiritual Heritage) contributions will be listed in
 The Northrop Grumman Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Double                         the Fall 2008 newsletter.
            Time Warner                                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas                  We apologize for any errors or omissions.
                                                               Joseph Earle, Jr.              Every effort is made to print all names accurately.
             United Way
                                                                                                Please contact the alumni office to make any
                                                          Ms. C. Susan Edmunson                                  corrections.
                                         IHO = In Honor Of              IMO = In Memory Of

  Alumni Updates
                                                                                                to stay where we can have our three dogs
The 1940’s                                       memorative gift. But the biggest perk of
                                                                                                with us. This year we decided to see the
                                                 being a Legacy Runner is a matter of pride,
Marion Taylor Allen ‘43 writes that she                                                         west coast of Florida and chose Rolling
                                                 Baumann said. For the last decade,
recently visited Morrell O’Neill Lamer ‘43                                                      Waves in Longboat Key near Sarasota. The
                                                 Baumann has used the race as a fundraiser
in Santa Ynez. She has also talked to Lola                                                      dog friendly, charming eight cottages on
                                                 for Rebuilding Together, where he volun-
Carpenter Hammons ‘43 and Dorothy                                                               the beach was perfect for all of us. The day
                                                 teers in Orange County. Since he began,
Dawson Mulvihill ‘43 to plan a ‘08                                                              after we checked in we were talking with
                                                 Baumann said he has raised about $75,000
reunion by phone. Marion shared that                                                            the owner, Theresa Woodland, and in our
                                                 for the nonprofit, which helps low-income
everyone will miss Dick Huston ‘43.                                                             chit-chat found out that we had both gone
                                                 homeowners rehabilitate their houses.”
                                                                                                to school in California. That was good
Dee Garesche Merian ‘49 has sent a copy                                                         enough, but then when we said our high
                                                 Congratulations to Joyce Winklmeier
of her novel, “Flying High,” to St. Monica’s                                                    school was in Santa Monica and THEN St.
                                                 Lensch ‘58 and her husband Don who
Alumni Office. “Flying High” is Dee’s                                                           Monica's, well, that blew us away! I gradu-
                                                 were the winners of the grand prize Toyota
third novel and tells the story of her years                                                    ated in 1964, Theresa Cholewa Woodland
                                                 Prius at the 2007 St. Monica Fall Festival!
as a flight attendant with Continental                                                          ‘66, and her sister Frances Cholewa ‘65. I
                                                 In a letter to St. Monica pastor Monsignor
Airlines in the 1950’s.                                                                         hope that if any of you need to escape the
                                                 Torgerson, Joyce wrote, “Please know that
                                                 we are most appreciative and grateful to       routine of your lives and want to visit an
                                                 everyone in the parish who work so very        unspoiled part of Florida, that you will con-
The 1950’s                                       hard to make St. Monica the wonderful          sider Rolling Waves in Longboat Key.
                      Dolores Squillace          community that it is. Being a member of        Nothing fancy but clean and just about the
                      Denecour ‘54 is now a      the parish since 1950, attending both the      way the “old” Florida used to be before
                      grandmother once           elementary and high school and having          huge condos gobbled up the beaches. And
                      again as of 9/26/07.       four children also attend, we especially       you’ll get a good old St. Mo’s welcome!
                      She now has two            know from past experience what is              And to think I've lived here 35 years and
                      grandsons. Her daugh-      involved to undertake and make a success       never knew about this place. It's a small,
                      ter, Terese Denecour       of an event such as Fall Festival. Please      small world!”
                      Brode ‘85 and her          extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone!”
                      husband are excited to                                                                               Teresita Escobar
have another boy in the family. Their older      Toni Garrotto Di Modica ‘59 says, “Hi to                                  Glaze, who
son, age 3, is a very proud big brother!         everyone! Last summer I hosted a lunch                                    attended St.
                                                 for some of the ‘girls’ from our class of                                 Monica from
Marie Socorro Gonzales ‘55 retired on            which 21 attended. It was a lovely day and                                grades one
September 30, 2007, after 40 years of nurs-      everyone stayed and chatted for quite a few                               through eleven as
ing. Marie has lived and worked in El            hours. I just had my 7th grandchild, Gavin                                a member of the
Paso, Texas for twelve years, having cared       James Felix, on March 29, 2008. I also just    Jess, Theresita and Wyatt Class of ’65,
for elderly Sisters of Loretto. Her grand-       finished and published a cookbook: Simply                                 moved from
daughter, Bethany, is 16 years old and a         Sicilian: Sicilian/Italian Cooking Made Easy   Santa Monica to New Jersey and then New
junior at Loretto Academy. Marie writes,         (March, 2008). The book is available           York. She graduated with a BFA in
“we visit family and friends every summer        online at the following sites:                 Graphic Arts and Design in 1969. Teresita
in California. Looking forward to my days,,           is divorced and currently living in Sioux
of leisure!!?”                          or email me to          Falls, South Dakota. She had three sons,
                                                 send you an order form for a signed copy.      Will who died in 1992 at 15 years old, and
                         Cy Baumann ‘55          I’ve been playing lots of golf with Marydee    Wyatt and Jess who live in Arizona.
                         was recently featured   Thirsk Falque ‘59 and also see Roger and
                         in the Orange           Pat O’Neill Parr ‘59. Loving my place in                               Bruce Moran ‘66 is
                         Country Register as     the desert at Rancho Mirage and I stay in                              a professor of
                         a participant in the    touch with a great many of the class of ‘59                            History at
                         Los Angeles             by email. Drop me a line anytime at:                                   University of
                         marathon.      or stmogrl1959                                    Nevada, Reno since
                         According to the”                                                           1976. Barbara
                         newspaper,                                                                                     Haski Moran ‘66 is
“Baumann is one of a special group of about                                                                             a 6th grade teacher
270 Legacy Runners who have competed in                                                                                 for Washoe County
                                                 The 1960's                                     School District since 1976. They have two
the Los Angeles Marathon every year since
                                                 Karen Burchard Michaels ‘64 writes of          daughters, Kate (28) and Rashmi (20).
the event began 23 years ago. The group,
                                                 another St. Monica “small world” story!        Bruce and Barbara celebrated their 37th
made up of mostly Californians, meets
                                                 “My husband and I, when vacationing, try       anniversary on August 29th!
every five years for a luncheon and com-

  Alumni Updates
Jim McMullen ‘68 and wife Paulette               three grandchildren. She would love to re-     come to Warsaw, Poland and manage and
Clark McMullen ‘69 say "hi" to fellow            connect with former classmates at              be principal of their four campuses. So off
alums. “We've been married for 38 years                                to Poland we came! Leaving my brothers
and live in Camarillo, California. I retired                                                    and sisters, all alumni of St. Monica's, and
from federal service after 35 years and          Suzanne Scaduto Leonard ‘73 received a         mom was one of the hardest things I ever
Paulette retired from the grocery industry       BS in Psychology and an MA in                  had to do. So, we are here now - going on 8
after 27 years. I own a Pool and Spa             Counseling from Loyola Marymount               months. I am principal of the schools and
Service in Ventura County and Paulette is        University. She is currently working as a      my husband teaches art and physical educa-
a Health Tech at an elementary school.           master Social Worker in a hospital.            tion. We have a contract with the schools
Our 37 year old daughter, Cameron, lives         Suzanne has been happily married for six-      for the next 2 years. We may stay or move
in Camarillo and works in Children's             teen years and enjoys living in the moun-      back to the states. Who knows what the
Protective Services. Our son, Jason, is a        tains of Prescott, Arizona.                    future holds? Polish life is harder than we
firefighter in San Luis Obispo County, and                                                      imagined. We are studying basic Polish, but
lives in Camarillo with his wife and 3 chil-                        Robert Beringhele ‘75       the language is very difficult. The weather
dren. I've recently published my first book,                        writes, “My wife Jaynee     is COLD - so unlike California - and no
When the Street Lights Come On, and am a                            and I are very proud to     beach (unless you travel 6 hours by car to
Court Appointed Special Advocate                                    announce that our           the Baltic Sea)! We are enjoying visiting
(CASA) for abused and neglected children                            daughter Hilary is the      other Eastern European countries as every-
in Ventura County. I recently played golf                           latest Beringhele                                         thing is so
with Mike McGann (formerly Brother                                  “Mariner” to graduate                                     close! I have
Alfred) and occasionally see Jim Cota ’68                           from SMCHS.” Hilary                                       attached a
who also lives in Camarillo. Would love to       is a member of the Class of ‘08 and was                                      recent photo
hear from fellow classmates at                   recently honored as the SMCHS recipient                                      from the Polish                       of the Archdiocesan Christian Service                                        countryside. Bye
                                                 Award from SMCHS for service to those in                                     for now.”
                                                 the community.
The 1970's
Thomas Hoebink ‘70 currently works for                                                          The 1980's
American Honda Finance Corporation                                                              Georgia Lukacs Pamlenyi ’84 send in the
along with his wife of nearly a year, Janette.                                                  following: “I live in Huntington Beach
His oldest son has been on the Los Angeles                                                      where I manage my eldest sister Eva's apart-
Police Department for one year and his                                                          ment complex. She too graduated from St
youngest son is in the Army currently on                                                        Mo’s along with our sister Monica who
assignment with the 101st Airborne                                                              lives in Corona. I am a single mom with a
Division.                                                                                       boy 13 and girl 11 and I work running a
                                                                                                residential cleaning company. I am very
George Centeno ‘71 has been named the                                                           into fitness and enjoy working out. I would
                                                 Gary Schneider ‘79 writes that he is has
new chief of police for the Airport Police                                                      so love to hear from alumni either from my
                                                 been married for 17 years and has three
Division of Los Angeles World Airports.                                                         year (84) or 81, 82. I have been trying to
                                                 children. (photo above)
As the new airport Police chief, Centeno                                                        contact a few from 1981 class names are
will help lead law enforcement and security                                                     Ralph Figueroa, Mike Miller and Vincent
                                                 JoAyne Kerry Turner ’79 lives in
at LAX and three other airports,                                                                Mockary. If anyone knows of these won-
                                                 Maryland and has been married to Steve
LA/Ontario International, LA/Palmdale                                                           derful gentlemen, would you be so kind as
                                                 for 25 years. JoAyne is a nurse practitioner
Regional, and Van Nuys general aviation.                                                        to forward any data. Your kindness is great-
                                                 practicing family medicine. They have two
                                                                                                ly appreciated. Any friends from ‘84, please
                                                 sons, Warren (24) who just graduated from
             Arthur Alunday ‘71 writes                                                          email me at thegeorgiapamlenyi
                                                 Berklee College of Music and Brian (21)
             that he is completing his final                                          
                                                 who is a student at Clarkson University.
             studies to become a Permanent
                                                 JoAyne writes, “Good memories of cross
             Deacon for the Archdiocese of
                                                 country, waterpolo, sailing, and Yosemite.”
             Indianapolis. There are 25                                                         The 1990's
                                                 Anyone that wishes to contact JoAyne can
             men enrolled in this first class
                                                 email her at           David and Alicia Legrand Gonzalez ’90
and they will be ordained on June 28, 2008
                                                                                                welcomed twins Christian and Olivia on
at the cathedral in Indianapolis.
                                                 Sylvia Macias Dworkin ’79 sent in the fol-     December 20, 2006. They also have a 3 1/2
                                                 lowing: “After living is Santa Monica all      year old daughter named Alexia.
Sheila Boswell Adair ‘72 is a special edu-
                                                 my life, my husband, Chuck and I decided
cation/pre-kindergarten teacher in Texas.
                                                 to take an adventure. I was invited by a       Rocio Romero Funes ’92 sends in the fol-
Sheila is divorced, has three children and
                                                 school, Warsaw Montessori School, to           lowing: “I've been happily married for 11

  Alumni Updates
years. We have two very handsome boys                                        Vanessa E.                                    Steven Hubbell ’99
                            Gilbert Jr. (8)                                  Dominguez ’95                                 and Michelle
                            and David (4).                                   is currently                                  Demuth ’99 were
                            I recently relo-                                 managing and                                  married on
                            cated to                                         executing a stu-                              November 3rd, 2007
                            Houston where                                    dent diversity                                at St. Anthony
                            I am a Human                                     program for                                   Catholic Church in
                            Resources                                        Goodyear &                                    El Segundo.
Manager for Fiesta Mart Inc. Loving life                                     NASCAR.
but missing my family, friends and                                           This past
California weather.”                                                         October
                                                                             Vanessa also got       The 2000's
Adriana Suarez-Desmond ‘93 and her hus-                                      married in             Evelyn Figueroa ’01 sends in the follow-
band, Pat, welcomed their first child togeth-                                Kona, HI to Joe        ing: “I graduated from Loyola Marymount
er, Abigail Rose, on November 6, 2007.            Rosales. Vanessa can be reached at                University in Business with a concentra-
They live in Huntington Beach, CA.       and looks forward to           tion in Law and a minor in Hispanic
                                                  hearing from her fellow Mariners!                 Business Studies. I was married to Jonathan
Felicia Gomez ’94 sends in the following,                                                           Wildman on September 23, 2006 at LMU
“Ron and I happily welcomed identical twin        Veronica Aguirre ’95 is an adoption social                              Sacred Heart Chapel
boys Mateo and Emiliano Rodriguez on              worker for the Department of Children and                               and we had a beauti-
September 13th, 2007. Our boys are joined         Family Services. Veronica has a 7 year old,                             ful baby boy on June
by their 3yr-old big sister Gianna Marie.         recently was married, and received her                                  15, 2007. He weighed
                                                  Masters Degree in Social Welfare from                                   7lbs 8ounces and was
                                                  UCLA in 2005.                                                           20 1/2inches. He's
                                                                                                    going to be a linebacker!!”
                                                                            Steve Varnell
                                                                            ’97 married             Ricky Butler ’04 will graduate this spring
                                                                            Dr. Claudia             from the Tisch School of Business at New
                                                                            Alvarado on             York University with a Bachelor of Science
                                                                            September 1,            degree in Business.

                                Have you moved? Do you have news to share? A favorite St. Monica memory?
                                     Take a moment now to fill out the questionnaire on the back cover.
                                       We’d love to hear from you. We also love to include pictures.
                      Don’t forget to include an original or high resolution digital photo when possible, identifying those in the picture.

  Faculty Update
Emil Wroblicky, a member of the St.               promotes the town's environment and               guard and a reviewing officer last July,
Monica faculty and Mariner football coach         character and inspires and encourages a           Wroblicky was a guest speaker at Corpus
in the early 50’s was selected as Citizen of      greater interest in civic affairs.                Christi School, where he 'talked to the
the Year of 2006 for Pacific Palisades. He                                                          children about the veterans and their sacri-
received the award this past spring.              Monsignor Liam Kidney, pastor of Corpus           fice for our country,' Kidney said. 'He also
Sponsored by the Palisadian-Post since 1948       Christi Parish, enumerated Wroblicky's            arranged to have other veterans speak to
(except for a one-year hiatus a year ago),        many ongoing contributions to the                 elementary school children in our commu-
the 'Citizen' award honors an individual or       Palisades community in his nominating let-        nity,' something he does every November.
individuals who through unselfish efforts         ter. In addition to serving on the PAPA
have made a lasting contribution to Pacific       parade committee and arranging for a              Congratulations from sons Dan ’70, Phil
Palisades in the previous year that ideally       Marine marching band, a mounted color             ’72, and Steve ’78.

Prayers and Passings
Bernard G. Vessa ‘43 passed away on September        assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 623        Pete Mayer ‘65 passed away in May, 2008.
13, 2007 from a cerebral hemorrhage. Bernard is      and was proud to lead his three sons to achieve      Mary Fortunati sends in the sad news that both of
survived by his wife Nancy, two daughters, three     the rank of Eagle Scout. He was an avid golfer       her brothers, Vincent Fortunati ‘67 and Leonard
sons, two grandchildren and three great              and enjoyed fishing and camping with his children    Fortunati ‘65, have passed away:
grandchildren. Bernard and Nancy’s son,              and grandchildren. He was preceded in death by
Bernard, is a deacon awaiting ordination into the    his wife, Bobbie, in 1982. He is survived by his     “Vincent ’67 passed away December 15, 2007 in
priesthood in the order of our Lady of the Most      daughter and three sons all of Simi Valley, ten      his Mount Shasta home. Most of his classmates
Holy Trinity.                                        grandchildren, and one great-grandson.               might remember of Vince his love of the
                                                                                                          outdoors. Living in Shasta the past 6 years had
Anita Morrison Durston ‘43 passed away on            Nancy Dederich Blaisdell ‘51 passed away March       fulfilled his life long dream. He will be
March 9, 2008. Anita was a longtime resident of      30, 2008 in Monterrey, California. Nancy is          remembered for his love of sports and the
Citrus Heights, California. She is survived by her   survived by her four children, Michael, Jeff, Tom,   creativity of his photography. Vincent will be
five children, Diane, Michael, Paul, Robert, and     and Dan. She was preceded in death by her            missed each and every day by his family. He is
Christopher.                                         husband Bob, in 2003. Nancy enjoyed golf,            survived by his sisters Mary Fortunati and Candy
Richard Michael Cantillon ‘46 died on February       tennis, and bridge and attended both St. Monica      Fortunati-Beardsley ’74 and his nephews Vincent
18, 2007 in Riverside, California.                   Elementary and High School.                          and Matthew Beardsley and Jason Fortunati.
Gertrude “Gip” Potter Keerl ‘47 passed away on       Kathryn "Tudy" Scholler Daniels ‘52 passed away      “Leonard ‘65 passed away suddenly less then 6
September 20, 2007 after her courageous              March 30, 2007 in Brookings, Oregon.                 weeks after Vincent's death on January 17, 2008.
struggle with cancer. She is survived by her         Jim Fottrell ‘55 passed away in January, 2007.       For the past 40 years, Leonard was in the wire
daughter Michelle Stanley and her sister Mary                                                             and cable business. An avid golfer, he will be
                                                     Pat Dalton-Graham ‘56 sent in the following
Potter Hilliard ‘39.                                                                                      most remembered for his total love and devotion
                                                     information on two classmates who passed away,
                                                                                                          to his three grandchildren, Nick, Ashley, and
Joan Morrisey Johnston ‘47 passed away April         “way too early for the Class of ’56”:
                                                                                                          Brody. Leonard is survived by his loving wife of
17, 2008 at Mountain View Assisted Living Facility
                                                     Donald Joseph Fassel ‘56 died September 9,           36 years, Karen; daughter and son-in-law, Sondra
in Ukiah, California. Joan was born Sept. 11,
                                                     2000 of an aneurism. He was survived by his          and Ben Litwin; son and daughter-in-law, Jason
1929 in Los Angeles. Her family moved to Santa
                                                     wife Betty, four children Chris, Matthew, Teresa,    and Jennifer Fortunati; and sisters, Mary Fortunati
Monica where she and her sister Barbara
                                                     and Robert, two sisters, both of Oregon, and his     and Candy Fortunati Beardsley ‘74, both of
Morrisey Myotte ‘54 attended St. Monica's for all
                                                     father Joseph, now deceased. Don and his family      Encino. The Fortunati family can by contacted at
12 years. Joan met her husband Jack at St.
                                                     moved from California to Seattle in the 1970’s”
Monica's. They moved to Lakeport in 1965 where
                                                     where Don worked for Sunstrand Data Control.         Elizabeth “Lizzy” Weihskopf ’68 has passed
they operated the Santa Rita Resort in Lakeport
until 1977. Joan was a teacher's aide for            Daniel Rodriguez, Jr. ‘56 passed away on             away.
Lakeport Elementary School for 20 years. She         January 17, 2000 from a heart attack. In the early
loved teaching math to the third grade. Joan was     1970’s, Danny had moved to the San Francisco
preceded in death by her husband Jack and sister     area where he met his wife, Terri, who preceded      Former Faculty
Barbara. Joan is survived by her two daughters,      him in death in 1989. Surviving are three            Former faculty member Richard “Duke” Weber
Jill Allen and Jan (Bill) Kendel and one             children, Daniel Rodriguez, III, Carolos and         died on July 28th at the age of 89. Mr. Weber
granddaughter Jenny Allen so near and dear to        Rachael Rodriguez, his brother Rickey, and a         taught history, civics, and business at St. Monica
her heart. Joan touched everyone she met with        sister in Chicago.                                   from 1963 to 1966. Msgr. Torgerson, speaking at
her sweet, kind, and loving nature. She was a        Edward L. Kennedy Jr. ‘57 passed away on             Mr. Weber’s memorial service said, “He was a
beautiful person. Please sign the guest book at      November 13, 2006. Edward was retired and            generous and gracious person who cared about
the Record-Bee in Lakeport with your fond            living in Laguna Niguel, California with his wife,   other people. To have a man who cared so much
memories of this very dear lady...www.record-        Christy, and son, Sean. Edward loved chess and       about young people is a wonderful thing.” St. Click "Obituaries"                           was writing a novel when he passed.                  Monica is grateful to Mr. Weber for the generous
Joan is remembered with love by us Mariners.                                                              donation he left to St. Monica Catholic High
                                                     Tom Capp ‘57, brother of Claudine Capp Emens
                                                                                                          School in his trust.
Carol ‘56 and Al Bohner ‘54                          ‘57 passed away suddenly on February 18, 2008.
                                                     Services for Tom were held on February 25th at
Agnes Sullivan-Manseau ‘48 died on January 20,
                                                     St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in             Please remember the following alumni
2008. After high school, Agnes attended UCLA
and UCSF nursing school. A long time resident of                                                          who have lost loved ones:
Anaheim, Agnes moved to Leisure World Laguna         Barbara Zapp Mammet ‘61 passed away
                                                     suddenly on October 28, 2007, in Bakersfield         Paul Angel ’77 whose son Paul Jr. passed away
Woods in 1995. She is preceded in death by her
                                                     California. Barbara is survived by her husband       on August 24, 2007 from a motorcycle accident.
husband Jack Manseau and is survived by four
                                                     Robert Mammet ‘57 who she married shortly            Paul Jr. was a ’01 graduate of Crespi High School
children and five grandchildren. “She will be
                                                                                                          and a member of the 2001 CIF Champion
remembered as a life enthusiast who made a           after her graduation from St. Monica in 1961.
                                                                                                          Basketball team. He is survived by two younger
remarkable impact on virtually everyone who had      Bob and Barbara were partners in life, and in
                                                                                                          brothers, Adam (13) and Jonathan (12).
the good fortune to meet her.”                       business, owning and operating Mammet
                                                     Trucking Company in Thousand Oaks, CA for forty      Anna Maria Gonzalez Sandmeyer ’73 and the
Scott Seaton ‘49 passed away Jan. 18, 2008 in
                                                     years. Barbara is also survived by her three         Gonzalez Family whose mother, Francisca, passed
Woodland Hills. Scott served his country in the
                                                     children and six grandchildren. Condolences can      away December 22, 2007.
U.S. Army and was a veteran of the Korean War.
                                                     be sent to Bob through Pam Mammet ‘59 at PO          James Hecht '83 whose father, Richard Hecht,
He married the love of his life, Barbara Luten, in
                                                     Box 3063, Santa Monica, CA 90408.                    passed away in March, 2008.
1951. They enjoyed many happy years of dancing
together. Scott moved his family from Redondo        Patricia Mullins Dotson ‘62 sent in the news that
Beach to Simi Valley, in 1965. He served as          her brother, Michael Mullins ‘64, passed away.

  Student News
On Campus                                                                   Basketball Tournament
The 2007-2008 year in review: dances; Homecoming; Mariner
                                                                            After an absence of more than a decade, the St. Monica Boys’
Madness and Pride Weeks; blood drives; pep rallies; Career
                                                                            Basketball tournament was brought back to the St. Monica
Day; Kairos XXIV and XXV; club fairs; prayer services and
                                                                            campus. St. Monica Coach Tony Depa said, “The tournament
masses; class retreats; Mariner athletics; Christmas toy drive;
                                                                            was a success. A lot of people involved said it was an
year-end Indiana Jones screening; Graduation 2008 and much
                                                                            enjoyable experience. I think we can do better next year too.
more. Here are a few detailed highlights.
                                                                            Now that we’ve done it, more coaches will see we have a
                                                                            quality tournament and will want to have their teams
SMCHS Athletics                                                             participate.” The Mariners finished second, losing the
                                                                            championship game to Cathedral, 48-29, on December 1st.
St. Monica athletic teams won two league championships this
year with an additional six teams making it to post-season
competition this year. Here’s a recap:                                      Performing Arts
  • Boys’ Cross Country went undefeated in league, winning
     the league championship.                                               Rainbow Riders won "gold" at the American Heritage Festival
  • Boys’ Volleyball also went undefeated in league, winning                in San Diego March 29th. Both Rainbow Riders and
     the league championship. They lost in the second round of              Chamber Singers each won "gold" in their respective
     playoffs.                                                              categories. Senior Tyler Jensen was honored with a "Maestro"
  • Girls’ Volleyball placed third in league, losing in the first           award for his solo work as well. Three cheers for our students
     round of playoffs.                                                     and Mr. Ed Archer.
  • Taylor Yoshitake, Girls’ Golf, placed second in league,
     making it to the third round of CIF playoffs.                          St. Monica Performing Arts presented two wonderful
                                                                            performances this year, “You Can’t Take it with You” and
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball placed second and third
                                                                            “Beauty and the Beast”. The Drama Club recently received
     respectively in league, both losing in the first playoff round.
                                                                            confirmation that their Thespian Society Charter Application
  • The Softball team placed third in league, losing in the                 has been accepted. Students were inducted into the Thespian
     second round of playoffs.                                              Society before the Preview Dinner Performance of “Beauty
  • The Girls’ Track Team placed second in league. Freshman                 and the Beast” at a private ceremony and honored at the
     Elizabeth Lyons ran the 100 and 300 hurdles, qualifying for            dinner. Congratulations to Mr. Gunther Jensen and the
     the third round of playoffs.                                           students who have worked hard to gain this distinction.
In all, there were 21 first team all-league athletes, 28 second
team all-league athletes, and 71 senior athletes. Congratulations
to all Mariner Athletes!                                                       Spring ’08 Musical,
                                                                               “Beauty and the Beast”

Boys’ Volleyball

  Student News
Blastbeat                                                               Close-Up

St. Monica students were involved in a unique                           Ms. Courtney Bowman-Hartsfield and two St. Monica
business/entertainment project this past year as part of a              students, Denise Ramirez and Conor Walsh, participated in a
program called “Blastbeat”. This music and multimedia                   7-day civic education program in Washington DC called
business project is offered to high schools around the world.           Close-Up. These St. Monica students met students from
“Blastbeat” is dedicated to educating and empowering young              across the country and participated in leadership activities
people to become entrepreneurial and to help shape the face of          with them. They explored and debated current issues after
their local music scene and to live it while learning to be more        watching political consultants do the same. They spent a day
socially conscious.                                                     on Capitol Hill where they met staffers from Sen. Feinstein
                                                                        and Sen. Boxer's Office. They toured the Supreme Court,
Each involved student took on a role fundamental to the                 Botanical Garden and the National Holocaust Museum. Ali
creating and running of a Music and Multimedia Company:                 Cardenas ’06 met up with the group and took them on a tour
CEO, Sales and Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, PR                   of Georgetown University where Ali is completing her
Manager, Photographer, IT Manager, Journalist, Event                    sophomore year. While the students were off touring the
Manager / Promoter, Multimedia Manager and other additional             monuments, Ms. Bowman-Hartsfield participated in the
roles. Tasks included setting up a website, formulating a               teacher program which included events such as lunch at the
business plan, scouting for bands and musicians, and producing          National Press Club and day excursions to Mount Vernon and
and promoting the concert. The students worked effectively in           Gettysburg. It was a great experience for all and Ms. Bowman-
order to achieve the overall objective of creating and running a        Hartsfield is hoping to start a civic education club next year.
successful company and organizing a music concert featuring
six bands.

St. Monica’s company was High Voltage. Their mission was
“To create a safe, drug and alcohol free environment where
people can come together and share their love for music.” St.
Monica Catholic High School was the first place winner in the
U.S. West division, winning a trip to Dublin, Ireland in
January 2008 to complete in the World Finals. The students
were accompanied on this trip by their “Blastbeat” moderators,
Ms. Therese Charkut and Mr. Sergio Diaz, both teachers at
SMCHS. Senior Alexia Garland, ASB President, was awarded
top CEO in the Los Angeles region.

                                                                        Conor Walsh and Denise Ramirez at the Capitol Building.

Members of the SMCHS Blastbeat team in Dublin.

  Senior Student News
Class of 2008 Honors and Awards                                                            Santa Monica GEMS Scholarships..............Hassani Cromwell
                                                                                                                                                         Linze Peters
Archdiocesan Christian Service Award.......Hillary Beringhele                                                                                            Helen Tingle
Bank of America Awards                                                                     Scholar Athlete Award.................................Mayly Tao
Excellence in Fine and Performing Arts......Jaymes Bellous                                                                                               Chris Voets
Excellence in Liberal Arts............................Jennifer Bane                        Steib Memorial Scholarship.........................Jacqueline Diaz
Excellence in Science and Mathematics .....Morgan Mann                                                                                                   Jose Medrano
English ..........................................................Christina Ferrada        UNICO West LA Chapter...........................Katie Brockert
Fine Arts .......................................................Sasha Williams            Valedictorian ................................................Jennifer Bane
Foreign Language..........................................David Hernandez
Mathematics .................................................Michael Bowe
Performing Arts - Drama..............................Matthew Schefke
                                                                                           Senior Profiles
Performing Arts - Music ...............................Tyler Jensen
Religious Studies...........................................Katie Brockert                                    Jennifer Bane knows how to manage her
Science..........................................................Sarah Martin                                 time and talents. As a Campus Minister, a
Social Science...............................................Derek Brandt                                     four-year member of Rainbow Riders and the
                                                                                                              Chamber Singers, a member of the National
California Scholarship Federation -                                                                           Honor Society and lifetime member of
Life Members ................................................Jennifer Bane                                    California Scholarship Federation, Jennifer
                                                                  Justin Bernardino                           used her talents to the best of her abilities.
                                                                  Derek Brandt             In addition to the rigors of her extracurricular activities,
                                                                  Mayly Tao                Jennifer excelled in honors and advanced placement courses
CIF Scholar/Athlete.....................................John Loef                          throughout her school career. Success followed her efforts.
Collegeboard National Hispanic                                                             Jennifer finished at the top of her class and was named
Recognition ..................................................Christina Ferrada            Valedictorian of the Class of 2008. In addition, she is the
Conneally Award                                                   Michelle Gonzalez        recipient of the Bank of America Excellence in Liberal Arts
                                                                  Jonathan Azer            Academic Award. Jennifer was also the first place awardee of
Michael Courtright Award ...........................Jessica Cueva                          the Dr. David Lieber Award of Excellence for The Holy Land
                                                                                           Democracy Project which teaches Catholic high school
Heart of the Ministry Award........................Katie Brockert                          students about Israel's commitment to democracy and the
                                                                  Tyler Jensen             democratic political process. The program is a partnership
Kiwanis Club                                                                               between the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Jewish
Alice Carriere Scholarship ...........................Jacqueline Santana                   Community Foundation and The Jewish Federation. Jennifer
Kiwanis Club                                                                               will be attending UCLA in the honors program.
Dr. John Gilmore Scholarship......................Jacqueline Diaz
Kiwanis Club Ysidro Reyes Scholarship ......Barbara Mariscal                                                   According to Campus Ministry teacher
LULAC Scholarship.....................................David Hernandez                                          Marc Nuno, “Katie Brockert genuinely
                                                                                                               embodies the Christian ethic in so many
Mariner of the Year Award...........................Alexia Garland                                             aspects of her life. Her behavior in the
Kenny Michelson                                                                                                classroom; her respect for adults; her self
Performing Arts Award.................................Matthew Schefke                                          respect; and her friendliness toward
Sr. Cheryl Milner Alumni Scholarship........Katie Brockert                                                     everyone on campus are all part of her faith-
National Honor Society ...............................Jennifer Bane                        filled life.” Katie is the recipient of the Heart of Ministry
                                                               Derek Brandt                Award and the Bank of America Religious Studies Award.
                                                               Mayly Tao                   She is a member of Rainbow Riders and a member of
                                                               Chris Voets                 “Monica’s Joy”, St. Monica Catholic Community’s youth
                                                                                           choir. Additionally, Katie was a member of the Varsity Girls’
Nosotros/La Familia......................................Jaqueline Diaz                    Volleyball team and a College Peer Facilitator. None of these
                                                               John Garcia                 activities interfered with her excellent academic achievement
                                                               Jacqueline Lemus            in honors and advanced placement classes. Katie was also the
Principal's Award..........................................Eleazar Capuz                   recipient of the Sr. Cheryl Milner Alumni Scholarship and
Rotary Club of Santa Monica                                                                will continue her education at Loyola Marymount University.
Tom Fox Scholarship....................................Barbara Mariscal
Salutatorian ..................................................Derek Brandt

  Senior Student News
                   Eleazar Capuz might be remembered by some                                                            There were two reasons why Derek Brandt
                   for his clutch performance during St.                                                                could have been selected Salutatorian of the
                   Monica’s incredible 64-60 basketball win this                                                        Class of 2008. First, he is the #2 student in
                   season over Cathedral High. But according                                                            the class according to GPA and in many
                   to Basketball Coach Tony Depa, “Eleazar is                                                           schools that individual is accorded the
                   always where he needs to be; always                                                                  Salutatorian honor. Perhaps even more
                   respectful; always hardworking.” Serving as                                                          significant however is the second reason. At
Commissioner of Athletics as a member of the Associated                                             St. Monica, members of the senior class vote on the
Student Body (ASB), Eleazar also led the Varsity Boys’                                              Salutatorian position for the classmate whose qualities best
Volleyball team as their captain. Eleazar was presented with                                        reflect academic integrity, faithfulness, leadership, and
the Principal’s Award at graduation. Awarded for personal                                           individuality – and Derek Brandt was their choice. Derek’s four
integrity, generosity of spirit and embodiment of school values,                                    years at St. Monica were well-rounded. In addition to a strong
Principal Thom Gasper had this to say about Eleazar: “This                                          academic schedule filled with honors and advanced placement
young man is thoughtful about how he acts. He respects his                                          classes, Derek was a four-year athlete in both baseball and
parents and appreciates the sacrifices they make. He takes                                          football. According to Assistant Principal Courtney Bowman-
examples from his family and friends and is thoughtful about                                        Hartsfield who taught Derek in AP US Government and
how he wants to live his life. He has given so much of his time                                     Honors Economics, “Derek is great. He is a very hard worker
and energy to be a person for others. His warmth has                                                and he is very diligent. One of the best things about him is his
undoubtedly helped many others get through tougher days. I                                          positive attitude toward school and life in general!” Derek is a
know that his genuine goodness has inspired me to be a better                                       member of the National Honor Society, a lifetime member of
person.” Eleazar has chosen Santa Monica College to begin his                                       California Scholarship Federation, and was the recipient of the
college career with plans to matriculate to one of the many                                         Bank of America Social Science Award. Derek will attend the
colleges to which he was accepted.                                                                  University of California, Santa Barbara in the fall.

  The St. Monica Catholic High School Alumni Association would like to welcome its newest members
  – the Class of 2008!

  The Class of ’08, numbering 118, graduated on May 29th at Loyola Marymount University. The members of this class have been accepted to the following schools: UC and Cal State
  Universities – University of California at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz; California State University at Bakersfield,
  Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt, Long Beach, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Pomona, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San
  Luis Obispo, San Marcos, and Sonoma; Private In-State Colleges and Universities – Art Institute of California, Art Institute of San Francisco, California Lutheran, Chapman University,
  Loyola Marymount University, University of Pacific, University of Redlands, University of San Diego, University of San Francisco, Scripps College, University of Southern California, St.
  Mary’s College, Whittier College, and Woodbury University; Out of State Colleges and Universities – Alabama A & M, Alabama State, Alcorn State, University of Arizona, Arizona State
  University, Boise State, Boston University, University of Cincinnati, University of Colorado at Boulder, Dominican University, University of Dubuque, Florida A & M, Fordham, Gonzaga,
  Grambling State, Hampton, Hofstra, Howard University, University of Iowa, Loyola University of Chicago, Marquette, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mercyhurst, Michigan State
  University, Michigan Tech University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, University of Montana, Morehouse College, University of Nevada, New England College, University of
  New Haven, Northern Arizona University, Northwest Christian College, Oberlin University, University of Oregon, Pace University, Penn State, University of Portland, University of Puget
  Sound, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Seattle University, Seton Hall Simmons College, Southern University, St. John University, Syracuse University, Utah State, and Xavier
  University; Community Colleges and Specialty Schools – El Camino College, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles City College Professional Theater Program,
  Marymount College, Santa Monica College, and West Los Angeles College.

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