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									                                                                                  North Sydney Local
                                                                                   Government Area

                                                                     Lavender Bay Precinct

                                                                                26 March 2009


1.   Welcome
     The meeting opened at 8.00pm and the acting chair, Laurie Mather, and acting secretary, Jon Hughes,
     welcomed some 30 residents. The chair expressed the meeting’s best wishes to secretary Jo Buttfield
     who is suffering (like many) from the ‘flu and was unable to be present.

2.   Apologies
     Apologies were received from 9 residents.

3.   Minutes of 26 February 2008
     The minutes from the February meeting were accepted without modification

4.   Matters arising
     The chair reminded residents that there would be another working bee in Wendy’s Garden on Saturday
     30 May at 1000 and urged everyone to mark this in their diaries

5.   Guest Speaker: Jillian Christie, Victoria Ward Councillor
     Councillor Jillian Christie (Victoria Ward) presented the meeting with her views and aspirations for the
     area, with a particular focus on community awareness and support, including plans to re-develop the
     bowling club grounds adjacent to Milson’s Point Station and support for the work of Kirribilli
     Neighbourhood Centre. Councillor Christie expressed particular interest in the well-being of low cost
     housing and aged care accommodation in this area, notably at Greenway and the James Milson Village.
     She made particular note of the valuable role that Precincts played in local government, providing a
     vital link between the community and Council. Residents raised several issues with Cr Christie:
         • Residents (ratepayers) should also be consulted on the Bowling Club grounds redevelopment
         • Private schools should contribute financially to the maintenance of this facility (which they
              currently use for free)
         • Community consultation on development projects and issues was often bypassed and/or over-
              ridden by Council (recent examples include the Bowling Club grounds redevelopment, requests
              for changes to The Vibe’s redevelopment DA (see item 8.5) and removal of street trees).

     A resident requested information from Cr Christie on how to contact Councillors – details (including
     telephone numbers for Jillian Christie) are available on Council’s web site.
         The meeting noted that there would be a Council meeting on 6 April to discuss tree issues – concerned
         residents are encouraged to attend and that Mr Rob Emerson from North Sydney Council would address
         the 30 April meeting of this precinct.

         A list of re-surfacing options for the Bowling Club grounds, prepared by Councillor Christie, is included
         as an attachment to these minutes (appendix 1).

         The meeting thanked Councillor Christie for her presentation.

6.       Harbour Link Proposal
         The item was deferred until the next meeting, as Councillor Robjohns was not able to attend the

7.       Proposal to conduct an annual Community Arts Festival on McMahons Point
         Sandra Blackburne and Jenny Thurston outlined their plans to stage a community arts festival in
         McMahon’s Point on the weekend of 17-18 October 2009. The festival will showcase the extensive
         range of artistic talent in the area. Key components of the festival will be: Sculpture (the main focus,
         located at Sawmillers Reserve), Music, Kids Activities, Book Readings and food stalls. The proponents
         have spoken to Council and are seeking Precinct support (including financial support). The meeting
         expressed support in principle for the proposal, noting that:
             • Council has agreed to provide insurance cover (public liability)
             • A budget has not yet been developed for the event
             • The proponents will be approaching local businesses for sponsorship
             • The intention is for the festival to become an annual event
             • The proponents will make a funding submission to Precinct, for consideration at a future

8.       Development Applications
         8.1   4/98 Alfred Street South, MILSONS POINT (DA 64/2009/1)
               No Comment.
         8.2   23A Bayview Street, LAVENDER BAY (DA 265/2008)
               Residents noted that the proposed development would block public views of the harbour as
               well as the views from the main living room of 23B Bayview Street. It would also remove an
               important green corridor in the area.

                   Actions Arising.
                   Precinct requested THAT:
                   a)       The secretary contact a Victoria Ward Councillor asking that Council initiates a site
                   meeting to review this development, with height poles and strings to indicate the extent of the
                   proposed works;
                   b)       Council assesses the impact of the proposed development on a right of way that
                   provides rear access to neighbouring properties;
                   c)       Council obtains copies of the relevant Deposited Plans for the development site and
                   surrounds and makes these available for review by residents prior to the proposed site meeting;
                   d)       Council clarifies what has become of “Lower Bayview Street” that was believed to
                   constitute the historic basis of the right of way.
         8.3       10/14 East Crescent St, MCMAHONS POINT (DA 65/2009/1)
                   Precinct has no objection in principle but registered concern that Council regulations in
                   relation to streetscape with particular reference to proposed window and kitchen bench
                   heights be complied with.
Lavender Bay Precinct Minutes                                                                                     2
26 March 2009
                  Action Requested:
                  Precinct requested THAT in its assessment of this proposed development Council ensures that
                  it complies with the above-mentioned Streetscape regulations.
         8.4      23A King George St, LAVENDER BAY (DA 67/2009/1)
                  Precinct agreed by consensus that there was no objection to this development.
         8.5      88 Alfred Street, MILSONS POINT (DA 608/2004/2)
                  Precinct was alarmed to discover that the proposed change to this DA has progressed to the
                  stage of Council recommendations without community consultation.
                  Precinct objects to the proposal to redevelop this site in two phases, being concerned that it
                  will not be possible to implement a traffic management plan for Cliff Street which will support
                  demolition and redevelopment of the rear of the building and not cause potential hazard
                  and/or loss of amenity to residents. Precinct again reminds Council of the numerous
                  developments taking place or about to take place around (the narrow and essential) Cliff Street
                  and the attendant hazards and/or nuisance imposed on residents, as well as the risks in the
                  event of impedance to emergency personnel/vehicles.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT:
                  a)      In the event that Council is forced to approve this change to the DA, Council will advise
                  Precinct on what measures are available to ensure that completion of the 2nd phase of
                  development takes place in a timely manner;
                  b)      Council considers the history and future of development in Milsons Point in a broader
                  context when reviewing/approving any and all developments, which impinge upon existing
                  residents’ safety and amenity, noting in particular Precinct’s concerns about traffic
                  management in Cliff St.
                  c)      Council officers notify affected residents of the date of the Traffic Committee meeting
                  at which a traffic management plan for this development will be discussed and invites these
                  residents to attend such a meeting.
         8.6      DA 88/09        28 Middle Street, MCMAHONS POINT
                  Precinct agreed by consensus that there was no objection to this development, subject to the
                  development giving appropriate consideration to neighbours’ privacy.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council officers give appropriate consideration to neighbours’
                  privacy when assessing this application.

         Section 96 Applications Received For Modifications To The Following Approvals
         8.7    5 - 9 Harbourview Cres, MILSONS POINT (DA 121/2008/2)
                Precinct agreed by consensus that there was no in principle objection to this modification,
                subject to the project having an appropriate traffic management plan and plant noise emission

                  Action Arising: (as for item 8.5b,c)
         8.8      13 Waiwera Street, MCMAHONS POINT (DA 518/07)
                  Precinct recalled extensive discussions and previous resolutions about this development and its
                  impact on neighbouring residents. Precinct agreed by consensus that Council should convene a
                  site meeting (or in-house meeting) to review the impact of the proposed changes.

                  Action Arising:

Lavender Bay Precinct Minutes                                                                                       3
26 March 2009
                  Precinct requested THAT the secretary contact a Victoria Ward Councillor asking that Council
                  convene a site meeting (or in-house meeting) to review the impact of the proposed changes.
That Council notes Precinct’s responses and requests with respect to the followings DAs:
       8.2    23A Bayview Street, LAVENDER BAY (DA 265/2008)
       8.3    10/14 East Crescent St, MCMAHONS POINT (DA 65/2009/1)
       8.5    88 Alfred Street, MILSONS POINT (DA 608/2004/2)
       8.6    DA 88/09       28 Middle Street, MCMAHONS POINT
       8.7    5 - 9 Harbourview Cres, MILSONS POINT (DA 121/2008/2)
       8.8    13 Waiwera Street, MCMAHONS POINT (DA 518/07)

9.       Chairperson’s report.
         9.1    Summary of Combined Precincts Committee session with Councillors
                Deferred to a future meeting.
         9.2    33 & 35 East Crescent Street, McMahons Point: DA 255/08
                This development has been approved with changes.
         9.3    Council’s 20/20 Vision responses
                Deferred to a future meeting.
         9.4    Responses to Precinct surveys
                Deferred to a future meeting.

10.      Wellbeing, Maintenance and Safety
         10.1 Precinct noted that there are three dead newly planted Plane trees in the east-facing
               section of Miller Street between Pacific Highway and Blue Street.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council replaces the dead trees.
         10.2     Cyclist and pedestrian safety concerns.
                  Residents raised the following cycling safety issues:
                   • Cyclists riding down the ramp from the Harbour Bridge cycleway endanger pedestrians
                      coming out of the tunnel under the railway lines and walking on adjacent footpaths –
                      consider placement of appropriate signage and preventative bollard or staggered exit
                   • Cyclists ignoring traffic signals and endangering pedestrians, in particular at the Alfred
                      Street South at the Milsons Point Station pedestrian crossing
                   • Cyclists riding the wrong way in Middlemiss Lane, north of Arthur Street, are a hazard to
                   • Cyclists speeding excessively in Middlemiss Street, particularly riding downhill, endangering
                      pedestrians who may be forced to walk on the road due to poor footpaths.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council’s Traffic Committee meet with Bicycle NSW and the RTA to
                  devise measures to increase pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle safety.
         10.3     Precinct reported the uneven footpath outside the Kimberley Clark building, Alfred Street
                  South, Milsons Point

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council requests the responsible telephone company to repair the
                  footpath after their digging.
         10.4     Weeds
Lavender Bay Precinct Minutes                                                                                    4
26 March 2009
                  It was reported that weed growth in the Precinct is again getting out of control, notably along
                  Middle Street.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council officers attend to this matter.
         10.5     Drainage at 47 Parker Street.
                  Precinct noted that as previously reported, slime across the footpath at 47 Parker Street
                  continues to pose a danger to pedestrians (noted as still not addressed in J Gleeson’s letter to
                  secretary 19 March 2009).

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council urgently attends to this matter.
         10.6     McMahon’s Point
                  Precinct noted that the footpath near the McMahon’s Point wharf bus stop has been patched
                  following repair works.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council restores this footpath
         10.7     Dangerous Access to Right of Way
                  It was reported that planks, which cover the disused right of way between the Duncan Dovico
                  and Delmont Buildings in Cliff Street (22 and 24 Cliff Street) have been removed and that their
                  removal poses a potential hazard for children.

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council ensures that these planks will be replaced.
         10.8     Blues Point – Anglers’ Rubbish
                  A resident reported that fishermen at Blues Point Reserve are treating the area like a pigsty
                  (including leaving refuse and what appear to be human faeces).

                  Action Arising:
                  Precinct requested THAT Council rangers patrol this area more regularly.

That Council notes Precinct’s responses and requests with respect to the above items

11.      CBD and Precinct Pubs and Clubs
         A resident advised Precinct that residents in Harbourview Crescent continued to be disturbed by noise
         from the Kirribilli Club:
          • Noise during operating hours that exceeds levels permitted by Council’s DA conditions
          • Late night and early morning disturbances caused by departing patrons

12.      General Correspondence
         Nothing to report.

13.      General Business
         13.1 Update on Chinese Christian Church, Milsons Point
               Noted by Precinct

         13.2      Update on Bradfield Park
Lavender Bay Precinct Minutes                                                                                        5
26 March 2009
                   Addressed by Jillian Christie and noted by Precinct.

         13.3     Dilapidated state of the seawall at Blues Point Reserve, northern end
                  Noted by Precinct

         13.3      Luna Park
                   A resident questioned Luna Park’s right to erect marquees in the open space on the harbour
                   foreshore immediately to the north of Luna Park (Lot 1247). The meeting clarified that
                   although Luna Park has control of this land and can erect temporary structures on it in which to
                   hold special functions. Precinct also noted that the land is also accessible to the general

14.      Date of next meeting
         Thursday 30 April 2009

         Appendix 1. Document from Cr Jillian Christie concerning possibilities for Bradfield Park Central.

Lavender Bay Precinct Minutes                                                                                    6
26 March 2009

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