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									Cop on Loan
Count on a Cop

Author: Jeannie Watt

Playing bodyguard to a vigilante librarian--excuse me, library technician--is not the career move Tony
DeMonte had in mind when he came to this town. On temporary loan, the big-city cop figured he'd take it
easy, maybe watch the grass grow.Not with Jasmine Storm colliding into danger every other day. Getting
mixed up with a failed drug bust is just the beginning. Now she claims there's an intruder in her house.
Which leaves Tony no choice but to...move in. Jasmine and her cat get the protection they need, and
Tony and his dog get a roof over their heads.But he can't stay forever--despite one attractive library
technician's attempts to make him see that a solitary life is a lonely life....
Author Bio
Jeannie Watt
Jeannie Watt always dreamed of being a writer, but, being a practical sort, she also completed a double
major in geology and education. She wanted to write, but she also wanted to eat while she was doing it.
Now she is able to use her background in both fields to write her Superromance novels.She met her
husband, also a geology student, while attending the University of Idaho. They moved to northern Nevada
for a one-month geology job shortly after their marriage. One thing led to another and two decades later,
they're still in Nevada with two grown children.Jeannie lives in a nice little ranching community with her
husband and many dogs, cats, horses and ponies. Her children are both attending college at a nearby
university, studying civil engineering. She runs 10K races with her husband--mainly just to humor him,
since he loves to run and she tolerates it.Her other hobbies include reading, sewing, painting and buying
hay.You can contact Jeannie through her Web site:

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