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					The Newsletter | No.53 | Spring 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Network 45

IIAS research
                                              Historiques sur les Sciences Exactes          in the Americas, Africa and Asia adapted       contemporary art’ in order to establish
Programmes                                    et les Insitutions Scientifiques              to serve the new markets that opened up        various models for transculturality in        Networks
                                              (REHSEIS), and IIAS.                          in the wake of the ‘european encounter’.       contemporary art.
                                              Coordinators: Christopher Cullen              the effects of these transformations           Coordinator: Takako Kondo
IIAS CeNtre for regulAtIoN                    (Needham Research Institute)                  for the long-term development of these         t.kondo@hum.leidenuniv.nl                     AgeINg IN ASIA ANd euroPe
ANd goverNANCe                                c.cullen@nri.org.uk and Harm Beukers          societies are fiercely contested. this
                                              (Scaliger Institute, Leiden University)       research programme contributes to the        Asia Design: The post colonial                  during the 21st century it is projected
the IIAS Centre for regulation and            h.beukers@hum.leidenuniv.nl                   discussion on the histories of globalisation global city                                     that there will be more than one billion
governance in Asia, is engaged in                                                           by comparing three important systems of      this research examines the postcolonial         people aged 60 and over, with this
innovative and comparative research                                                         agrarian production over the last 200 years. cities of South, east and South-east Asia,      figure climbing to nearly two billion
on theories and practices and focusing        geNder, MIgrAtIoN ANd fAMIly                  the individual projects focus on tobacco,    and how some of them have made the               by 2050, three-quarters of whom will
on emerging markets of Asia. the Centre       IN eASt ANd SoutHeASt ASIA                    sugar, and indigo in India and Indonesia.    successful segue from nodes in formerly         live in the developing world. the bulk
serves as a focal point of collaborative                                                    Institutes involved: University of           colonial networks to global cities in           of the ageing population will reside in
research between european and Asian           developed from an earlier research            Amsterdam, International Institute           their own right. this is intended to be         Asia. Ageing in Asia is attributable to the
scholars. Its multidisciplinary research      project on ‘Cross-border Marriages’, this     of Social History (IISH, Amsterdam),         an inter-disciplinary approach bringing         marked decline in fertility shown over
undertakings combine approaches from          project is a comparative study on intra-      and IIAS. Coordinators: Willem van           together architects and urbanists,              the last 40 years and the steady increase
political economy, law, public administra-    regional flows of migration in east and       Schendel h.w.vanschendel@uva.nl and          geographers, sociologists and political         in life-expectancy. In Western europe,
tion, crimino-logy, and sociology in the      Southeast Asia with a focus on gender         Marcel van der Linden mvl@iisg.nl            scientists, as well as historians, linguists    ageing populations developed at
comparative analysis of regulatory issues     and family. It aims at studying the linkage                                                and anyone else involved in the field of        a slower pace and could initially be
in Asia and in developing theories of         between immigration regimes, transna-                                                      Asian studies. the research concentrates        incorporated into welfare policy provi-
governance pertinent to Asian realities.      tional families and migrants’ experiences.    SeNSHI SoSHo                                 on cities that have successfully made the       sions. Currently governments are seeking
Currently the Centre facilitates projects     the first component of the project looks                                                   transition from colonial to postcolonial        ways to trim and reduce government
on State licensing, Market Closure,           at the development of the immigration         this project, funded and coordinated         nodes in the global network (e.g. Hong          financed social welfare and health-care,
and rent Seeking; regulation of Intra-        regimes of the newly industrialised           by the Philippus Corts foundation, aims      Kong, Singapore and Shanghai). A key            including pensions systems, unleashing
governmental Conflict; Social Costs,          countries in east and Southeast Asia.         to translate a maximum of 6 official         factor in the research is architectural         substantial public debate and insecurity.
externalities and Innovation; regulatory      the second component looks at the             Japanese publications of the series known    typology. Architecture is examined              Many Asian governments are facing
governance under Institutional void;          experiences of female migrants in the         as ‘Senshi Sosho’ into the english language. to see how it can create identity and           comparable challenges and dilemmas,
and governance in Areas of Contested          context of the first component. to invest-    from 1966 until 1980, the Ministry of        ethos and how in the postcolonial era           involving both the state and the family,
territoriality and Sovereignty.               igate these issues, this project will bring   defense in tokyo published a series of       these building typologies have been             but are confronted with a much shorter
Coordinator: Tak-Wing Ngo                     together scholars who have already been       102 numbered volumes on the war in           superseded by the office building, the          time-span. this research programme,
t.w.ngo@hum.leidenuniv.nl                     working on related topics. A three-year       Asia and in the Pacific. Around 1985 a       skyscraper and the shopping centre,             in short, sheds light on how both
                                              research project is developed with an em-     few additional unnumbered volumes were all of which are rapidly altering the                 Asian and european nations are
                                              pirical focus on taiwan and South Korea as    published. this project focuses specifically older urban fabric of the city.                 reviewing the social contract with
SCIeNCe ANd HIStory IN ASIA                   the receiving countries, and vietnam and      on the 6 volumes of these two series which Coordinator: Greg Bracken                         their citizens.
                                              the PrC as the sending countries.             are relevant to the study of the Japanese    gregory@cortlever.com                           Research network involved:
the complex links between science             Coordinators:                                 attack on and the subsequent occupation                                                      Réseau de Recherche Internationale
and history in Asian civilisations can be     Melody LU (IIAS) m.lu@iias.nl                 of the former dutch east-Indies in the                                                       sur l’Age, la Citoyenneté et
studied on at least two levels. first, one                                                  period of 1941 until 1945.                   eNergy ProgrAMMe ASIA – ePA                     l’Intégration Socio-économique
can focus on the ways in which the actors                                                   Coordinator: Jan Bongenaar                                                                   (REIACTIS) Sponsored by: IIAS.
have perceived those links; how, on the       ZHANgZHoeNg                                   iias@iias.nl                                 established in September 2007, this             Coordinator: Carla Risseeuw
one hand, they have used disciplines that                                                                                                programme addresses the domestic                c.risseeuw@iias.nl
we now categorise as sciences, such as        this sub-project of dr Henk Blezer’s vidi                                                  and geopolitical aspects of energy
astronomy, for a better understanding of      project ‘three Pillars of Bön’ focuses on     ASIA deSIgN                                  security for China and the european
their own past; and, on the other hand,       Zhangzhoeng scripts (end of the first mil-                                                 union. the geopolitical aspects involve         ABIA SoutH ANd SoutHeASt ASIAN
how they have constructed the historicity     lennium A.d., in West tibet), which later     this programme consists of individual        analysing the effects of competition for        Art ANd ArCHAeology INdex
of these disciplines, giving them cultural    became closely related to the identity        projects related to graphic design and       access to oil and gas resources and the
legitimacy. Secondly, one can reflect         of the Bön religious minority group.          architectural design in Asian megacities.    security of energy supply among the             the Annual Bibliography of Indina
on historiographical issues related to        the researchers in this project study the     Institutes involved:IIAS, Modern East        main global consumer countries of the           Archaeology is an annotated biblio-
the sciences. How can the sciences be         diachrony of these allegedly old scripts      Asia Research Centre (MEARC), Delft          eu and China. the domestic aspects              graphic database for publications
incorporated into historical narratives       from the perspective of the development       School of Design (DSD). Sponsored by:        involve analysing domestic energy               covering South and Southeast Asian
of Asian civilisations? this question is      of scripts in the wider region and from the   IIAS and Asiascape.                          demand and supply, energy efficiency            art and archaeology. the project
crucial, given the dominant 19th and 20th     perspective of Bön textual sources.                                                        policies, and the deployment of                 was launched by IIAS in 1997 and is
century view that science is a european       Coordinator: Henk Blezer                      Asia Design: Translating (Japanese)          renewable energy resources. Within              currently coordinated by the Post-
invention, and that it has somehow failed     h.w.a.blezer@hum.leidenuniv.nl                contemporary art                             this programme scholars from the                graduate Institute of Archaeology of
to develop endogenously in Asia, where                                                      takako Kondo focuses on (re)presentation     Netherlands and China will visit each           the university of Kelaniya, Colombo,
‘traditional science’ is usually taken                                                      of ‘Japanese contemporary art’ in art        other’s institutes and will jointly publish     Sri lanka. the database is freely
as opposed to ‘Western’ or ‘modern            PlANtS, PeoPle ANd WorK                       critical and theoretical discourses from     their research outcomes.                        accessible at www.abia.net. extracts
science’, this project will address various                                                 the late 1980s in the realms of english      Institutes involved: Institute of West          from the database are also available
approaches to the issue by organising five    this research programme consists of vari-     and Japanese languages, including artists’   Asian and African Studies (IWAAS) of            as biblio-graphies, published in a series
international work-shops in Cambridge,        ous projects that study the social history    own critical writings. Her research is a     the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences          by Brill. the project receives scientific
leiden and Paris.                             of cash crops in Asia (18th to 20th centu-    subject of (cultural) translation rather     (CASS). Sponsored by: KNAW China                support from uNeSCo.
Sponsored by: NWO Humanities,                 ries). over the past 500 years europeans      than art historical study and she intends    Exchange Programme and IIAS                     Coordinators: Ellen Raven and
Needham Research Institute,                   have turned into avid con-sumers of           to explore the possibility of multiple       Coordinator: Mehdi Parvizi Amineh               Gerda Theuns-de Boer
Recherches Epistémologiques et                colonial products. Production systems         and subversive reading of ‘Japanese          m.p.amineh@uva.nl                               e.m.raven@iias.nl www.abia.net

CAll for PAPerS                                                                                                                            Buddhism and                                  Possible topics include:
15th International Meeting of CHIME                                                                                                                                                      - Buddhism in a broader sense of schools
24-28 November 2010, Basel, Switzerland                                                                                                    Nordland 2010                                   (Buddhism in tibet, Mongolia, China);
the european foundation for Chinese Music research                                                                                                                                       - themes related to Buddhism (architec-
                                                                                                                                           Fourth International Conference                 ture, art, literature, music, martial arts);
The music of China and East Asia: theory versus practice             for the Basel 2010 edition of CHIMe, scholarly proposals              of the Estonian Nyingma                       - Buddhist philosophy, psychology, rituals;
How does musical theory in China and east Asia differ from           for individual papers, panels and poster presentations are            23-25 September, 2010                         - Western Buddhism and local cultures-
musical theory elsewhere in the world? What are its unique           welcomed. Abstracts of up to 300 words for individual                 tallinn university, estonia                     assimilation, conflict and absorption;
contributions to culture and to musical performance?                 (20-minute) papers and for posters should be sent by e-mail to                                                      - Contemporary Buddhism in Asia;
How can we meaningfully integrate theory and practice in the         the dutch main office of the CHIMe foundation, c/o Programme          tHe AIM of the Conference ‘Buddhism           - Psychologies of religion, cross cultural
(many) cases where theory and performance practice clash?            Committee of the 15th CHIMe Meeting, P.o.Box 11092,                   and Nordland’ is to study the Buddhist          psychology
these questions form the theme of the 15th International             2301 eB leiden, the Netherlands, e-mail address: chime@wxs.nl.        history of the Nordic countries and expand    We are soliciting paper proposals on any
CHIMe meeting, to be held in Basel in conjunction with the                                                                                 upon Buddhism as a cultural phenom-           aspect of the Buddhist tradition. the
Swiss festival Culturescapes.                                        In the case of panel proposals we ask for a short description         enon in historical and cultural contexts.     working language of the conference will
                                                                     of the panel topic as well as for individual abstracts by the         orientalists, scholars and Buddhists will     be english (simultaneous translation into
CHIMe is a worldwide network of scholars and afficionados of         panel participants. Abstracts must have reached us by                 meet under similar topics from the Nordic     estonian). the time for paper presenta-
Chinese and east Asian music. the annual meetings are open           15 May 2010.                                                          countries and beyond, for example estonia,    tion is 30 minutes. Presented papers will
to interested scholars and students in the realms of musicology,                                                                           latvia, lithuania, Sweden, finland, Norway,   be published on the conference website.
ethnomusicology, popular culture, anthropology, and east Asian       Possibilities exist for early acceptance of papers for those          St.Petersburg russia, Mongolia, ukraine,
languages, cultures and religion, but also to anyone else with a     who need to rely on this for grant applications. As always,           China and India.                              For more information contact:
professional or private passion for Chinese and east Asian music.    we look forward to a lively meeting, including various recitals       the main subject of the Conference            Marju Broder
the official language of the meeting is english. Presentations       and concerts of tradtional Chinese music. More news on the            Buddhism and Nordland 2010 is ‘Historical     marju.broder@gmail.com
in Chinese and in other languages can be accepted if speakers        meeting and on possibilities for pre-registration can be found        Connections of Buddhism in the Nordic         tel: +372 56 56 23 25
provide a written translation of their presentation in advance.      on the CHIMe website at http://home.wxs.nl/~chime                     countries’.                                   http://www.budcon.com