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									                                                    Join the Villawood Platinum Club
                                                    Online & Enjoy the Benefits

                                                                                                              Referral Rewards
                                                                                                              REFER A FRIEND & RECEIVE $500*
                                                                                                              Refer your friends to buy land at a Villawood estate & be rewarded!

                                                                                                              If you have purchased or entered a contract to purchase at a Villawood
                                                                                                              estate, direct from Villawood Properties and refer a friend or family member
                                                                                                              to us, you will be rewarded. You will receive $500 if you and your friend
                                                                                                              purchase land at any Villawood estates.

                                                                                                              If you decide not to buy at Villawood but one of your referrals does,
                                                                                                              you will still receive $250.

                                                                                                              In addition, all registered and proven referees will receive a Villawood
                                                                                                              Properties eco-friendly shopping bag and a Villawood cap.

                                                                                                              When referring, simply fill out the Villawood Properties Referral Form online
                                                                                                              or at any sales office and return to Villawood Properties.
*Referral Clauses & Rules: The referrals must be registered with Villawood Properties in order for
a payment to be made. Registration forms available through the Villawood website, the Villawood               Simply fill out Part 1 ‘Referral Program Form’ below to register into our
quarterly newsletter, Villawood head office and/or Villawood onsite sales offices. $500 payment to be
                                                                                                              Referral Program. Return to Villawood Properties:
made to the registered referrer if both parties purchase at a Villawood Properties residential estate. $250
to be presented to the referrer if they do not purchase but their referral does. Land must be purchased
                                                                                                                                    Villawood Properties
directly from Villawood Properties to be eligible for the offer. The referred customer must not be an                               Reply Paid 84034
existing Villawood customer and must not be on the Villawood database. The referred person/couple                                   Southbank VIC. 3006
must purchase within six (6) months of being referred to Villawood for the gift to remain valid. The
offer is available subject to settlement of the referred party’s property and will be issued once this has    When your friend/family have settled your block of land, simply fill out Part 2
occurred. Villawood Properties reserves the right to review the referral process and discontinue the offer    ‘Referral Program Claim Form’ and return to the above Villawood Properties
at any time. This offer is not in conjunction with any other offers.                                          Reply Paid address to claim your cash gifts.

                                                         REFERRAL PROGRAM CLAIM FORM
                  When you and/or your referred friend have settled your new block of land in a Villawood Properties estate, you should
                  complete the form below to receive your cash gifts.
Part 2

                  Your name:

                  Address:                                                                                                      Email:

                  Purchased lot                        at the                                                                   estate (if applicable)

                  Referred Friend’s name:

                  Referred Friend’s address:                                                                                    Email:

                  Purchased lot                        at the                                                                   estate (if applicable)

                  Date of settlement:

                                                                  REFERRAL PROGRAM FORM
                 Your name:                                                                                                    Date:
Part 1


                 Email:                                                                                  Telephone:                                  Mobile:

                 Have you signed a contract of sale with Villawood Properties?                                      YES                   NO

                 Date of settlement (if applicable):

                 Have you made a registered enquiry but not signed a contract of sale?                                         YES                   NO

                 Referred Name:                                                                          Referred Name:

                 Address:                                                                                Reference Address:

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