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       18             CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK

     18.1      PROTECTIVE CLOTHING- CLASSIC                18.1.4 Gloves
               MX & DIRT TRACK                    Gloves of leather or other material of similar
                                                                     or greater durability. No competitor may practice, start or
              compete under this Chapter unless            18.1.5 Goggles and Visors
              wearing the following protective    Eye protection, including spectacles,
              equipment and clothing:                               protective goggles, helmet visors and/or
                                                                    ‘tear-offs’ must be worn provided:
     18.1.1 Helmet
                                                                    a) Eye protectors and spectacles are An approved and correctly fitting helmet                    made of non-shattering material,
              which must:
                                                                    b) Eye protectors which cause visual
              a) Carry the Standards Association of                      disturbance are not to be used,
                  Australia “AS 1698” label, or
                                                                    c) Metal or perspex face shields are
              b) Be approved under Rule 01.69                            not used,
                  & 01.70 of the Road Racing FIM
                  Technical Rules [see Appendix 1]                  d) Eye shades or peaks are of a
                                                                         flexible material.
     18.1.2 Clothing
                                                           18.1.6 Hair and Jewellery Trousers of leather or synthetic material
              of similar durability.              Hair longer than shoulder length must be
                                                                    confined in the helmet or jacket. Trousers of other than leather must be
              non-combustible and be fitted with a Body jewellery is to be removed or
              lining,                                               securely covered with tape prior to
                                                                    competition. A jersey which must be:
              a) Made of close knit fabric of natural      18.1.7 Footwear in pits
                    or synthetic fibre, and        Closed footwear must be worn in the pit
              b) Must be a snug fit and provide                      area at all times.
                    protection against abrasion to the
                    body and arms.                         18.2      ELIGIBILITY- CLASSIC MX & DIRT Dirt track riders must wear a commercially             TRACK
              manufactured back protector, which
              continuously covers the back area            18.2.1 Eligible Machines
              between the collar line and the base of Only machines conforming to the
              the spine.                                            following requirements will be accepted.
    18.1.3 Footwear                               The onus of proof of eligibility shall rest Boots which must be:                                   wholly upon the rider or entrant of the
                                                                    machine. Service and Parts Manual
             a) Of recognised Motocross type for
                                                                    publication dates are not proof of
                 Motocross and of Dirt Track type for
                 Dirt Track,
             b) Constructed of leather, plastic or         18.2.2 Classes
                 other similarly durable material, and The following classes shall be recognised
             c) Of a length that must at least cover                for Classic Motocross and Classic Dirt
                 ¾ of the length of the lower leg, with             Track.
                 the rider in a racing position on the              a) Pre-1960: Solo All Powers,
156              machine.                                           b) Pre-1965: Solo 250,

          c) Pre-1965: Solo 263 & over,        Exhaust may be modified but must
          d) Pre-1968 unit construction All                       generally follow original lines.
             Powers 4-stroke                   Self returning folding footrests must be
          e) Pre-1968 pre-unit construction All                   fitted.
             Powers 4-stroke ,
          f) Pre-1968: Sidecar up to 1300cc,            18.4      MACHINE AND CLASS IDENTIFICATION-
          g) Pre-1970: Solo 250,                                  CLASSIC MX & DIRT TRACK
          h) Pre-1970: Solo 263 & over,
                                               Number plates shall be either oval or
          i) Pre-1975: Solo 125,                                 rectangular and in the following colours:
          j) Pre-1975: Solo 250,
          k) Pre-1975: Solo 263 & over,                  CAPACITY          BACKGROUND       FIGURE
                                                                           COLOUR           COLOUR
          l) Pre-1975: Solo All Powers 4-stroke,
                                                         Up to 125cc       Black            White
          m) Pre-1975: Sidecar up to 1300cc,             126cc to 250cc    Dark Green       White
          n) Pre-1978: Solo 125,                         251cc and over    Canary Yellow    Black
          o) Pre-1978: Solo 250,
          p) Pre-1978: Solo 263 & over,                 18.4.1 Class Identification
          q) Pre-1985: Sidecars up to 1300cc,  A letter will be:
          r) Slider class up to 250cc (Dirt Track                a) Used to identify the class of the
             events only),                                            machine,
          s) Slider class over 263cc (Dirt Track                 b) Placed on the left side of all 3 race
             events only),                                            plates,
          t) Juniors Pre-1975: Up to 125cc                       c) 50mm high, and in upper case,
             2-stroke or up to 250cc 4-stroke,                   d) The same colour as the race
          u) EVO 125cc Solo                                           number.
          v) EVO 250cc Solo                    Identification letters for each class are:
          w) EVO 263cc & over                            a)        Pre-1960                  “A”.
18.2.3 Age Groups                                        b)        Pre-1965                  “N”.
                                                         c)        Pre-1968                   “F”. Age is determined as at the date of the
                                                         d)        Pre-1970                  “H”.
          meeting or 1st round for series events.
                                                         f)        Pre-1975                  “X”. Age grouping applies to competition Pre-        g)        Pre-1978                  “Z”.
          1975 only
                                                         h)        Evolution                 “E”. Age groups are:                                 i)        Pre-1985                  “Y”
          a) Under 30,
          b) 30 – 39,                                   18.5      FRAMES & PARTS - SOLO- CLASSIC
          c) 40 – 49,                                             MX & DIRT TRACK
          d) 50 – 59,                          Replica frames are acceptable provided:
          e) 60 plus,                                            a) They conform with the original, and
          f) Juniors, aged 13 to under 16 years.                 b) They meet the year cut-off dates for Junior riders can only compete in the Junior                 the class in which the machine is to
          class, and not with Senior riders.                          compete.
                                               It is not acceptable for frame tube runs
                                                                 to be different to the original, even if the
18.3      MACHINE REQUIREMENTS-                                  frame geometry is apparently the same.
          CLASSIC MX & DIRT TRACK                                The machine must look like the original. Methanol is permitted.                For the Pre-1960 class, plastic or Maximum engine capacity shall be                        fibreglass is not permitted for tanks,
         1300cc.                                                 mudguards, seats and side panels. Number of gears ratios shall remain as Brakes:
         per original model specifications.                       a) As per relevant period for the class      157
18          CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK                                                         enjoy the ride

                    in which the machine is to compete, All major components must have been
                b) Disc brakes as originally fitted by                manufactured within the period, or be
                    manufacturers (Rokon, Dalesman                   replicas of components manufactured
                    and Tyron/Wassel).                               within the period, specified for the class in   Rear tyre:                                           which the machine competes, other than
                                                                     those listed in the Components Tables.   Any modern Motocross tyre may be used
                provided:                          Specials must comprise of components
                                                                     manufactured within the period, or be
                a) The width across the tread does not
                                                                     replicas of components manufactured
                                                                     within the period, specified for the class
                    i) Pre-1960- 4.5” (114mm),                       in which the machine competes and be a
                    ii) Pre-1965, Pre-1970, Pre-1975 -               true reflection of the period depicted.
                         5” (127mm).               Carburettors:   For the Pre-1960 class, Lightweight alloy            a) Any round-slide carburettor of a type
                rims must be of the Borrani pattern (mud                  available pre-1975 may be used
                catcher type).                                            except the Pre-1960 class where   Suspension:                                               a Mk1 Amal Concentric or period
                a) Front wheel travel shall be no more                    carburettor may be used.
                    than 178mm (7”),                                 b) Flat-slide carburettors are prohibited,
                b) Front fork tubes up to a maximum                  c) No reed-valves permitted on
                    of 35mm diameter only permitted                       machines up to and including Pre-
                    except when larger was originally                     1970 class.
                    fitted to that machine (exception Ignition:
                    Maico 36mm) AJS, Bultaco Matador
                                                                     a) Any ignition system can be used as
                    and Hatta leading axle forks allowed,
                                                                          long as the external appearance of
                c) Maximum travel by leading/trailing                     the engine remains unchanged.
                    link front suspension is limited to
                                                   Yamaha XS1 and XS650 engines are
                    150mm (6”) vertical movement at the
                                                                     eligible in both the Pre-1970 and Pre-
                                                                     1975 classes.
                d) Pre-1960 class: No Ceriani-type
                    forks are permitted. This includes
                    M.P., REH, Husqvarna, CZ, Betor,        18.7      TABLES OF ACCEPTED MACHINES-
                    Bultaco, Montesa or late BSA/                     CLASSIC MX & DIRT TRACK
                                                   The tables set out in this Chapter lists
                e) Rear wheel travel must be no more                 the machines and components which the
                    than 102mm (4”) measured at the                  Commission and Scrutineers may use as
                    axle,                                            a guide in determining eligibility.
                f) Machines fitted with suspension of
                    more than 102mm (4”) of rear travel     18.7.1   Tables of Machines and Components –
                    standard, shall have spacers fitted to            Pre-1960
                    the shock absorber shaft to reduce Acceptable for the Pre-1960 class are
                    wheel travel to 102mm (4”),                      machines built up to and including the
                g) Rear shock absorbers shall be in the              1959 model. The only exception to
                    original position, using the original            this GCR is where the model remains
                    mounting points,                                 unaltered after this date.
                h) Remote reservoir rear shocks are          MAKE          MODEL(S)
                    not eligible, except where fitted as      AJS/
                                                                           All except G85CS and G85ICS
                    standard for that model.                 Matchless
                                                             Ariel         All 4-strokes
                                                                           All pre-unit, C15 distributor models and
     18.6       ENGINES - CLASSIC MX & DIRT TRACK            BSA
                                                                           Bantams (No Cheney frames allowed). Engines must           remain     externally                  Single down tube, leading link only
             unchanged.                                                    (250cc conversion allowed)
2009 MANUAL OF MOTORCYCLE SPORT                              18      CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK

             Round tube frames only (250cc                         DKW               All pre-1965
             conversion allowed)                                   DMW               All
             Up to and including Mk12 (250cc                       FN                All
             conversion allowed)                                   Francis Barnett   All
 ESO         4-stroke                                              Gilera            Saturno Cross
 FN          All                                                   Greeves           All 250cc alloy beam up to Mk3.
 Francis                                                           Hedlund           All
             Up to Falcon 82.
 Barnett                                                                             2-stroke: 250 bolt up frames only to
 Gilera      Saturno Cross                                                           1967. Later American Enduro frames
             Up to and including Hawkstone SAS,                                      are not acceptable.
             25SA, 24 and 20SAS and SCS.                                             4-stroke: All Albin-based engines.
             175cc 3-speed 2-stroke, 500cc Albin-                  James             All
             based 4-stroke                                                          2-stroke: All except ISDT
 James       Up to Cotswold with AMC engine.                                         4-stroke: All 2-valve
             All BSA/LITO engines Some LITO/                       LITO              All
             Albin engines                                         Maico 250         Pre 1965 only
 Norman      All                                                   Maico             MC175
 Norton      All singles, 500 and 650 twins                        Matchless         All
             Mk1 Triumph engine BSA duplex frame                                     All Albin-based engines. Some early
 Metisse     and Mk2 Triumph engine (The Mk2 has                                     2-strokes may be eligible.
             fibreglass bodywork which is acceptable).              Montesa           All pre 1965
 Sarolea     All                                                   Moto Parilla      250cc 4-stroke engines.
 Sun         All                                                   Norman            All
 Tandon      All                                                   Norton            All except P11 and Commando
             All pre-unit and distributor unit models              Puch              Some early 2-strokes may be eligible
             only.                                                 Royal Enfield     All
             Only Ajax and Vale Onslow conversions                                   All 4-strokes
 Villiers    for Villiers engines are acceptable. No                                 All pre 1965
             Starmaker engines.                                    Sprite            All Villiers and Triumph engines
 Vincent     All                                                   Sun               All
 Velocette   All                                                   Tandon            All
 Japanese    All pre-1960                                                            All except T140, TSS, T150, T160 and
                                                                                     BSA unit single derivatives
18.7.2   Tables of Machines and Components –                       Velocette         All
         Pre 1965                                                  Vincent           All Acceptable for the Pre-1965 class are                     Japanese          All pre 1965
         machines built up to and including the                    SPECIALS
         1964 model. The only exception to                         Cheney            All Gold Star
         this GCR is where the model remains                       Greeves           Triumph: all
         unaltered after this date.                                Kyffin             DOT and Sapphire
                                                                   MABSA             All
 MAKE        MODEL(S)
                                                                   Metisse           Up to Mk3 only
 AJS         All 4-strokes
                                                                   Puissant          4-strokes only
 Ariel       All
                                                                   TRIBSA            All
 Bultaco     Pre 1965 only
                                                                   Wasp              All
 BSA         All except B44 and B50.
                                                                   Cochise           All
             All originally fitted with leading link forks.
             (Also permissible are machines fitted
 Cotton                                                           18.7.3   Table of Acceptable Components Pre-
             with telescopic forks at a later date.
             Villiers and Triumph engines only).
 CZ          250cc Twin port models only                 The following parts, or replicas of, do not
             All Enfield of India without modern                            necessarily comply with the cut-off date,
 Enfield      attributes which contravene the                               but offer no real technological advantage
             general requirements.                                         over components made before that date.
 ESO         All 2-valve 4-strokes                                         Components must not exceed manufacturing
 DOT         All                                                              date of 31st December 1969.                   159
18             CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK                                                     enjoy the ride

                    Ceriani, MP, REH, Husqvarna, CZ,           Triumph      T100 and all pre 1970 models
                    Betor, Bultaco, Montesa BSA/Triumph.                    AT1, DT1, CT1, rectangular swing arm
       Forks        (Note: Late-type Ceriani and Betor                      DT1 & RT1 pre-reed block
                    [Can-Am] with long sliders are not         Zundapp      ISDT
                    Rickman alloy and magnesium,              18.7.5   Tables of Machines and Components –
                    REH, BSA/Triumph conical alloy,                    Pre 1975
                    AJS Stormer, Greeves conical, small Acceptable for the Pre-1975 class are
       Wheels       Husqvarna, CZ Motocross and pattern                machines built up to and including the
                    parts to these designs. Early Bultaco              1974 model. The only exception to
                    full width hubs and Montesa full width             this GCR is where the model remains
                    hubs are allowed.                                  unaltered after this date.
                    All side pull throttles and late clutch
       Controls                                                MAKE        MODEL(S)
                    and front brake levers.
       Handlebars   All, including alloy.                      AJS         410 (all inclusive)
                    Single leading shoe brakes only            Benelli     175 trail
       Brakes       unless manufactured prior to               BSA         B50
                    31/12/1964.                                Bultaco     Up to & incl. MK7 125, 250 & 360
                    This includes replica frames. BSA B50      Carabela    200
       Frames                                                  Can-Am      175, 250 TNT only
                    and B25SS frames are not permitted.
       Engines      All JAP (J A Prestwitch).                  CCM         BSA based
                                                               Cooper      All
      18.7.4   Tables of Machines and Components –                         Up to & incl. 1974 models incl CMS
               Pre 1970                                                    framed CZs
                                                               DKW         6 speed radial finned 125 Acceptable for the Pre-1970 class are
                                                               Ducati      RT 450
               machines built up to and including the
                                                               Gemini      175 trail
               1969 model. The only exception to
                                                               Greeves     All models
               this GCR is where the model remains
                                                                           CR125M & M1, CR250M, XL250 K0,
               unaltered after this date.                      Honda       XL350 K0,K1, all SL100, all SL125, all
       MAKE         MODEL(S)                                               SL350, all XL100 K0, MT250.
                                                               Hodaka      All 100 & 125 models
       AJS          Stormer (all)
                                                                           Up to & incl. Magnesium engine reed
       BSA          B44 up to & incl. B25, C15, Bantam
                                                               Husqvarna   valve 250 & others. Pre Mikkola replica
                    Up to & incl. MK4 boat tail Pursang &
                                                                           - no radial finned engines.
       Bultaco      El Bandido, Sherpas & their Enduro
                    versions (Lobito, Matador, Campera).                   All SX125, SX250, SX175 trail
       CZ           Twin port, 360(969-0), 250(980-02)         Indian      All
       DKW          5 speed                                    Jawa        ISDE 250, 402
       DOT          Any                                                    KX125 74, KX250 74, KX450 74,
                    Any alloy beam model. All steel tubing     Kawasaki
       Greeves                                                             F11M, F12M, F81M
                    frame models numbers 56, 58, & 59                      Up to & incl. 1974 GS & MC125, 175,
       Honda        CL175, CL350                               KTM         250. Check date stamp on engine
       Hodaka       Ace 100, Ace 90                                        below counter shaft right case
                    Any oval case engine in original frame                 Up to & incl. 1974; 250, 400, 440LTR,
                    250, 360 & 400                                         501. Check date stamp on top of
                    Scrambler & banana frame 6 day bike,                   barrel & nut holding sprocket to
                    Jawa early CZ 250 trail bike                           countershaft. 4 speed gearbox only.
       Kawasaki     F2IM(250), F4(250), F5(350)                Montesa     Cappra 250 VR,
                    Oval case engine square barrel 250         Monark      All
                    & 360                                      MZ          400 ISDT
                    Lacrosse 250, Orange Capra GP250,                      Phantom 250, 125, SDR 250, Stiletto
       Montesa                                                 Ossa
                    GP360 & early King Scorpion                            250
       MZ           ISDT                                       Puch        MC 125, MC 175 only.
       Ossa         Stiletto 4 speed, 230 Pioneer 4 speed      Rickman     Montesa 250 & Zundapp 125
                    TS250 1969 model, points ignition &        Rokon       RT 340
160                 appropriate engine cases

                TM125, 250, 400 K, L, R. TS185,                               forks are allowed. Fox Factory
 Suzuki         TS250, TS125, TS100 J,K,L and R                               Forks are prohibited,
                models.                                                  iii) Maximum diameter of fork tube
 SWM            Sachs engine model only 125cc                                 38mm.
 Triumph        Pre 1975
 Wassel         125                                        18.7.8   Tables of Machines and Components –
                MX100, 125, 175, 250, 360 A models,                 Pre- 1978 up to 125cc
                YZ125, 250, 360A & B models,      Certain 125cc and smaller machines built
                DT250 and 360A. MX B not eligible                    up to and including the 1977 model year
                for this class                                       that made up the first generation long-
 Zundapp        All 125 models                                       travel, small bore motorcycles. Eligible
18.7.6     Pre-78 Classes: Eligibility                               machines include:
The Pre-1978 classes are intended to represent              MAKE         MODEL(S)                       YEAR(S)
the “first generation” of long-travel bikes that were        Bultaco      Pursang 125                    1975-77
commercially available in the 1975-77 periods. The                       TNT, Qualifier and MX
time frame is provided only as a guideline, as some         Can-Am                                      1975-77
                                                                         125, up to MX3
1977 models are of the second generation long-travel        CZ           125                            1975-78
bikes that would clearly outclass the earlier models        Honda        CR, MR, MT 125                 1975-77
if allowed to run together. For this reason, we do not      Husqvarna    CR, WR 125.                    1975-77
classify motorcycles strictly by the year they were         Kawasaki     KX, KE, KD 125                 1975-77
produced, but by some similar characteristics that were     Maico        125 GP                         1975-77
possessed by the majority of these first-generation                       Cappra 125 VA & Enduro
                                                            Montesa                                     1975-77
long-travel motorcycles, such as suspension travel.                      125 Acceptable for the Pre-1978 class are              Penton/      125 with Sachs or KTM
                                                            KTM          engine
         machines built up to and including the
                                                            Suzuki       RM, TM, 125                    1975-77
         1977 model. The only exception to
                                                            Yamaha       MX, YZ, DT, 125                1975-77
         this GCR is where the model remains
         unaltered after this date.
                                                           18.7.9   Tables of Machines and Components – Motorcycles in all of the Pre-1978 classes                 Pre- 1978 125- 250cc
         may use an aftermarket frame. Many were
                                                  Certain 126-250cc machines built up to
         available during the intended time frame of
                                                                     and including the 1977 model year that
         the class, including, C&J, Champion, Dick
                                                                     made up the first generation long-travel
         Mann, Cheney, Cycle Factory, Hallman-
                                                                     motorcycles. Eligible machines include:
         Aberg and many others. Regardless of the
         manufacturer, all motorcycles must meet            MAKE         MODEL(S)                       YEAR(S)
         the class technical specifications for wheel                     Pursang, Frontera, Alpina
         travel and suspension components.                  Bultaco      250, to include the 1977       1975-77
18.7.7 Pre-1978 Classes: Technical Specifications                         MK10 Pursang
                                                                         MX, TNT and Qualifier The following specifications apply to all           Can-Am
                                                                         175-250, up to MX3.
         motorcycles, regardless of the year of             CZ           250 Falta Replica              1975-78
         manufacture, that fall within the scope of         Honda        CR, MT, MR, XL 175-250         1975-77
         the classes.                                                    CR, WR 250 and 1977
         a) Regardless of original specification,                         WR 250
              no motorcycle may have more than              Husqvarna    1977 Husqvarna CR/OR           1975-76
              229mm (9”) of suspension travel at                         models are allowed, with
              the front and rear wheels,                                 fork travel limited to 229mm
         b) No water-cooled motorcycles,                    Kawasaki     KX, KLX, KD, 175-250           1975-77
         c) Front Suspension:                                            MC, AW 250. 1977 model
                                                            Maico        AW 250 must comply with        1975-77
              i) 35mm leading-axle Husqvarna                             the class suspension limits
                   and Betor forks are allowed,
                   provided travel is limited to a
                   maximum of 229mm (9”),
             ii) Early      9-inch-travel      Simons                                                             161
 18           CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK                                                       enjoy the ride

                    King Scorpion & Cappra                  18.7.12 Evolution Class- Eligibility
                    VR 250 V-75, VA &              Bikes will be OEM.
       Montesa      Enduro 250H (VB models        1975-77
                    see the Grand Prix
                                                   Modifications converting later equipment
                                                                      to comply will not be allowed
                    Phantom & Desert               All components will be of the period the
       Ossa         Phantom 250, up to GPIII      1975-77             machine was manufactured.
                    model                                             a) No linkage suspension,
                    175-250. 1977 models                              b) No Disc brakes,
       Penton-KTM   must comply with the          1975-77
                                                                      c) Air cooled motors.
                    class suspension limits
       Suzuki       RM, TM, PE 175 & 250          1975-77   18.7.13 Evolution Class- Classes
       Yamaha       MX, YZ, DT, IT 175-250        1975-77             a) Solo 125cc,
      18.7.10 Tables of Machines and Components                       b) Solo 250cc,
      – Pre- 1978 125- 500cc                                          c) Solo 263cc and over. Certain 325-460cc 2-stroke and up to No age-group classes will be run.
                636cc 4-stroke machines, built up to        18.7.14 Pre 1985 class
                and including the 1977 model year, Pre 1985 class can be run as a National
                that make up the first generation long-                Championship, and can be independent
                travel motorcycles. Eligible motorcycles              of other classes
                include:                           Pre 1985 eligibility. Acceptable machines
       MAKE         MODEL(S)                      YEAR(S)             for pre 1985 are machines built up to
                    Frontera, Alpina, Pursang                         and including the 1984 models. The only
       Bultaco                                    1975-77             exception to this GCR is where the model
                    MX up to 636cc. No CCM                            remains unaltered after this date. The
                    4-valve heads are allowed.                        onus of proof of eligibility shall rest wholly
       CCM                                        1975-78             on the rider or entrant of this machine
                    Must comply with the class
                    suspension limits              Modifications using later equipment are
       CZ           400 Falta Replica             1975-78             not allowed.
                    XL 350, side- or centre-       All components will be of the period the
       Honda                                      1975-77
                    port engine                                       machine was manufactured
                    CR, WR 360. 1977 WR
                    360 is allowed. 1977
                    Husqvarna CR & OR 390                                  (a) Solo 125cc
       Husqvarna                                  1975-76
                    models are allowed Must                                (b) Solo 250cc
                    comply with the class                                  (c) Solo 263cc and over
                    suspension limits
                                                   No age group classes will be run.
       Kawasaki     KX 400-450                    1975-77
                    MC, AW 400-440. 1977 AW
       Maico        400-440 Must comply with      1974-77   18.8      FRAMES & PARTS - SIDECARS -
                    the class suspension limits                       CLASSIC MX & DIRT TRACK
       Montesa      Cappra 360 VA                 1975-77
                    400. 1977 models must          For the Pre-1975 class, all performance
       Penton-                                                       parts except frames must be manufactured
                    comply with the class         1975-77
       KTM                                                           before 31st December 1974 and comply
                    suspension limits
       Suzuki       RM, TM, PE 370                1975-77            with the following:
                    YZ, MX, DT, IT 360 & 400      1975-77            a) Wheel track measurement, taken
                    TT500, up to 500cc                                   between the longitudinal centres of
                    displacement, with            1975-78                the rear and sidecar wheels must be
                    allowable overbore                                   between 810mm and 1100mm,
    18.7.11 Evolution Class- General                                 b) The minimum ground clearance Evolution class shall be run as a national                 must be 175mm unladen.
              championship and can be independent of                 c) The maximum lean of the motorcycle
              other classic Motocross classes.                           at saddle height must be 50mm,

        d) The dimensions of the sidecar                    m) Rear tyre width must not exceed
           baseboard in plan view, taken from                    135mm (5.3”),
           a line drawn no further rearwards                n) Brakes:
           than the lowest point of the front                    i) Front - single caliper, single
           down-tube to the forward most                             disc may be fitted provided they
           point of the sidecar wheel tyre and                       were manufactured before 31st
           terminating no further rearwards                          December 1974,
           than a line drawn at right angles to
                                                                 ii) Rear - rear disc brakes may be
           the machine from the rearmost point
                                                                     used provided they were fitted
           of the rear tyre, must be:
                                                                     as standard equipment for that
           i) At least 760mm long adjacent to                        particular combination.
                the sidecar wheel,
                                          Pre-1985 is for sidecars contructed from
           ii) At least 300mm wide with                     frames and motors manufactured before
                at least 25mm radius to all                 31st December 1984
        e) There must be no more than 50mm         18.9       ENGINES - SIDECARS - CLASSIC
           between baseboard and motorcycle                   MX & DIRT TRACK
           and between baseboard and sidecar
           wheel. The baseboard must be   For the Pre-1975 class, all performance
           arranged so as not to allow the                  parts must be manufactured before 31st
           passenger’s feet to be trapped,                  December 1974 and comply with the
        f) There must be no less than 4
           sidecar attachment points,                       a) Only round-slide carburettors
                                                                 manufactured within the relevant
        g) Stirrup fitting for the passenger’s                    period may be used.
           feet are not permitted,
                                                            b) Engine capacity must be:
        h) Handholds:
                                                                 i) Up to 1300cc,
           i) Must be finished with a loop of
                at least 100mm,                                  ii) Within the tolerances in GCR
           ii) Must not project beyond a line Pre-1968 will be for sidecars constructed
                taken with the outer edge of the            from road going frames and all major
                sidecar mudguard or bodywork,               components be those commercially
           iii) Adjacent to the nose section                available within the period. This class
                of the sidecar and less than                will have a trial period of 2 years
                200mm from the track surface                (2006/2007).
                must be at an angle of at least The following table sets out the
                45° from the horizontal,                    machines and components which
        i) The rear end of the rear wheel                   eligibility Scrutineers may use as a guide
           mudguard must terminate not more                 in determining eligibility. Entrants must
           than 65° above a horizontal line                 prove eligibility of machines not listed
           drawn through the rear wheel axle                below.
           and be valanced to baseboard level
                                                    MAKE        MODEL(S)
           on the inside,
                                                                All up to and including RT2, RT8 and
        j) The sidecar mudguard must cover          Wasp
           at least 135° of the periphery of        Hagon       All up to 31st December 1974
           the wheel and be valanced to             Yamaha      XS 650 all models
           baseboard level on the inside,           Honda       Any K series
        k) No machine may be fitted with scoop       Norton      All 750, 850 to MK2 only
           or paddle tyres,                         Weslake     All up to 850cc and 31st December 1974
        l) Suspension travel must not exceed:       Triumph     All up to T150
           i) 152mm (6”) measured at the            CCM         All BSA B50 based models
                front axle,
           ii) 102mm (4”) at the rear axle.
18            CLASSIC MOTOCROSS & DIRT TRACK                                                    enjoy the ride

      18.10     ELIGIBILITY - CLASSIC LONG                            then the entries will compete in the next
                TRACK                                                 later period and compete as that class.
                                                                      e.g. Pre-1960 has less than 10 riders, Engines must have been manufactured                   the entrants will then combine with pre-
                before 31st December 1976.                            1965 and race as pre-1965. Should that Competitors must be aged at least 30                  combined class still not have sufficient
                years at the date of the competition.                 numbers then both the entrants in pre-
                                                                      1960 and pre-1965 will combine with pre-
                                                                      1970 and race as that class. This GCR
      18.11     FRAMES & PARTS - CLASSIC LONG                         applies equally to the pre-1965 250cc
                TRACK                                                 who will combine with pre 1970-250cc if The frame must:                                       there are insufficient numbers for a pre-
                                                                      1965 class.
                a) Have conventional swingarm
                    rear suspension with twin shock
                    absorbers,                              18.13    AUSTRALIAN CLASSIC
                b) Have a front wheel diameter of 23”                MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP
                                                   The Australian Classic Motocross
                c) Have a rear wheel diameter of                      Championship willbe conducted as a
                    19” (482mm) or 22” (560mm), as                    single meeting at a venue selected by
                    specified in the SR.                               the Classic Motocross and Dirt Track
                d) Have rear tyres with a maximum                     Commission.
                    tread pattern depth of 8mm.    Evolution class may be run as part
                e) Not be fitted leading-link front forks.             of the Australian Classic Motocross
      18.11.1 Engine Specifications - Solo                             Championship or independently. The engine must:                   The Sidecar Classic Motocross
                a) Be single cylinder,                                Championship may be run independently
                                                                      from the solo Australian Classic
                b) Be 2- valve with push rod operation,               Motocross Championship.
                c) Have a single spark plug,
                d) Have a maximum capacity of 500cc
                     /- 2% tolerance,                       18.14    AUSTRALIAN CLASSIC DIRT
                e) Be vertical in the chassis,                       TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP
                f) Be fitted with a round slide     The Australian Classic Dirt Track
                    carburettor of 38mm maximum bore,                 Championship shall generally be
                g) Not be fitted with a centre port cross              conducted on either the 2nd or 3rd weekend
                    flow cylinder head.                                of September each year.
      18.11.2 Gearbox - Classic Long Track The gearbox must have at least 2 gears.
      18.11.3 Frames - Sidecars Conventional type frames as used prior to
                31st December 1976 must be used.
      18.11.4 Engine Specifications - Sidecars Engines must have been manufactured
                before 31st December 1976.

                MX AND DIRT TRACK Pre-1960, Pre-1965, Pre-1970. Should
                a class have insufficient entrants (10)

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