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									The Survivors
Author: Dinah McCall

When a passenger plane goes down in the Appalachians, rescue teams start looking for survivors and
discover that a five-year-old boy and a woman are missing. Twenty miles from the crash site, Deborah
Sanborn has a vision of two survivors, cold, hurting and scared. Over the years she has learned to trust
her gift, and she senses these strangers are in terrible danger. She sees a hunter, moving in for the
kill.Four generations of O'Ryan men have gathered at the crash site, ready to search for the missing boy,
Johnny O'Ryan. His forty-five-year-old grandfather Mike O'Ryan isn't sure what to make of Deborah, but
with the snow coming down, sh's all they've got to lead them through the mountains. Because not only
are they racing against time and the elements...they're up against a killer desperate to silence his only
living witnesses to murder.

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