; 11 March 2010
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11 March 2010


11 March 2010

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									Principal’s Message 11 March 2010                       Term 1 Week 7
On Tuesday evening we held the Annual General Meeting of the P&C Association and
our new executive for the year was elected. Congratulations and thanks to our new
President: Emma Smith
Vice Presidents: Tracey Fletcher, Dani Smith
Secretary: Kylene Hickey
Treasurer: Paige Burrage
Minutes Secretary: Maria Thompson
Many thanks also to outgoing members of the Association who served the parents
and students of this school unselfishly and generously over the past twelve months.
One of the out-going executive members, Cilla Field, leaves us now after many years
on the P&C. Cilla has made a wonderful contribution during that time.
Over the past couple of years the P&C has contributed close to $200000 in resources
and equipment to this school. Playgrounds, interactive whiteboards, data projectors,
bag racks, shelter and paths are examples of the resources provided or enhanced.
As well the P&C organise discos for the children, compile a free calendar for all
families, provide a tuckshop and uniform shop and provide catering on special
occasions. We could not do with out them. I urge you to support the new executive
either through your voluntary contributions or help at school events.
I know that the P&C is desperately looking for helpers for the discos which will be
held in week 10. This is one way that you could lend immediate support.

Now an update on some new facilities planned for the school – firstly, the new
Resource and Science Innovation Centre. The planning is almost complete and the
project is nearly ready to go to tender. The original start date of April 1 is not going
to happen and it is now looking much more like June with a finish date around
The other news is the decision to construct a new fence around the school as a
deterrent to uninvited folk of a weekend and after school hours. The fence is a 2.1
metre steel picket and rail fence, black in colour, powder coated with posts made of
Galvabond. It should be very difficult to climb over. Many of these types of fences
have been constructed in schools in other areas of the south east as an effective
measure to combat vandalism in schools. Importantly the fences look very stylish so,
aesthetically, the physical appearance of the school will be enhanced. This project
should be completed by mid year and the cost is in the vicinity of $300000.

Our inter school sport training has commenced for a start on Friday 19 March. Last
Friday we had over 400 students out on the oval and netball courts from Years 5, 6
and 7 trying out for our teams. It was certainly a wonderful sight seeing all the kids
out with their teachers; all enthusiastic about the season ahead.
Sadly the availability of buses to take the children to sport will impact on the
numbers of students able to be selected. We will be restricted to just two teams in
each division which will mean many disappointments. However, the sporting
programs back at school will cater for the students not participating in the inter
school fixtures.

I think we are all much happier to see the sunny weather back and a relief from the
wet days which have kept students and staff indoors or undercover. At least the rain
has been good for our grounds with the school oval in fantastic condition.

Until next week,

                       CLASS AWARDS                                             NAPLAN
 7KS   Dominic Miller        4JW       Sarah French                         This year the National Testing for
 7VJ   Bonnie Fields          4SG      Tristan O’Grady                        Years 3, 5 and 7 will be done
                                                                              on Tuesday 11 May,
 7SK   Alicia Flynn          3KJ       Erin Lee                               Wednesday 12 May and
       Braydan James                   Adam Cause                           Thursday 13 May. We will be
 7NK                         3AO
                                       Aaron Gannaway                     holding practice tests next
                                                            Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will
 6RL   Dylan Close           3MN       Niall O’Donnell
                                                            enable children to look at the format of the test
 6PG   Tayla Rollings         3CB      Jhett Cole           and practice it under test conditions.
 6JB   Daniel Thompson       2MR       Jessica Slattery     Please ensure that all students are at school for
                                                            these practice tests next week.
 6LE   Connor Bowness        2CH       Beau Cotter
                                                            Barry Love
 6CS   Hayden Thompson       2SB       Olivia Prosser
                                                            Deputy Principal
 6SA   Harry Bartlett        2DS       Jayda Saunders
                                                                   WINTER INTERSCHOOL SPORT
 5GS   Bailey Jones          2MC       Ella Cosgrove
                                                            Winter sport will commence on Friday 19 March.
 5LL   Nathan Wiszniewski     1RD      Matthew Van Gemert
                                                            The season runs for 9 weeks concluding on
 5GT   Cassidy Lind           1BR      Noah Wendt           Friday 4 June. There will be no sport on 2 April
                                                            (Good Friday), 9 April (school holidays), 14 May
 5JM   Brooke Collier        1WF       Max Booth
                                                            (Naplan week). We have trimmed the costs as
 4MT   Jack Sturgeon         P1MS      Phoenix Hunt         low as possible. The cost will be $45 for rugby
                                                            league, netball, soccer, AFL and hockey. Surfing
 4EA   Ryan Fisher          P Yellow   Koen Payten
                                                            will be $100 (cost of the private provider and
 4KH   Tess Lannoy          P Silver   Dharma Martin        buses).
 4CS   Jessica Miles        P Green    Summer Martin        Teams will be selected as soon as possible and
                                                            invoices will then be sent home. Please note:
                      FINANCE NEWS                          you cannot make payments until you have
                                                            received the invoice. We hope to have 390
  Voluntary Contribution Scheme 2010 - Due                  students in Years 5, 6 and 7 playing interschool
                        Now                                 sport this year. Children who do not make the
This contribution is payable now for the 2010               teams, approximately 70 will be participating in
school year. If you have not paid, please forward           an intra-school sport program.
this to the school as soon as possible. These               Barry Love
funds are used to support your child and                    Deputy Principal
enhance 2010 classroom resources. Please
contact the office if you require further                         SUPPORT A READER WORKSHOP
information regarding the amounts or the codes
for internet banking. We appreciate your support            Interested parents are invited to attend a
of this valuable scheme.                                    Support a Reader Workshop on Thursday 25
                                                            March. Mrs Kerry Hamilton (Learning Support
    Education Queensland Refund Policy                      Teacher) and Mrs Kym
   Non attendance of excursions/activities                  Martinenko (Key Teacher) will
Parents are now required to request refunds in              be conducting an informative
writing within two weeks of the                             workshop on Thursday
excursion/activity. Upon receipt of your request            morning.
your child's account will be credited. We                   The Support A Reader
apologise for this inconvenience, however we                workshop is designed to give
have been directed to implement this policy                 parents the skills required to support with their
immediately.                                                child’s reading at home and also to give parents
     EFT Payments – Unidentified Deposits                   those important skills for helping out with
Please ensure you use the correct code for all              classroom reading groups.
EFT payments. Recently we have received a                               Date: 25 March 2010
number of unidentified deposits. Please use the                Venue: Key Teacher Room (next to 1RD)
following CODE: Student number + excursion                            Time: 9.15am – 10.55am
reference code. Please call the office if you wish                 Morning Tea will be provided.
to obtain your child’s student ID number.
                                                            Pip Traucnieks
Judy Adams                                                  Deputy Principal
Business Services Manager
               EASTER HAT PARADE                                        TUCKSHOP ROSTER – Ph 5598 2158
                                                                     Fri              Karen Sharp
The annual Easter Hat Parade is
always a colourful event and one not                                 Mon              Sue Thomas
to be missed so pencil Thursday
1 April into your diaries. Our                                       Tues             Help Needed
parade always commences just
after morning tea at 11:45 am                                        Wed              Kim Taylor, Lorraine Bell
and students in Years Prep - Year
4 parade around the school in their class groups                     Thur             Linda Borg
for families and friends. Hats are made at home
and then brought to school on the Thursday
morning. The Hat Parade is all about maximum                                       COMMUNITY NOTICES
participation. There are no prizes awarded for
hats so we hope everyone can enjoy the fun.                         IT'S ON AGAIN! LIONESS CLUB MONSTER GARAGE
                                                                    SALE: 17 & 18 April, Murtha Drive, Elanora.
I am looking forward to seeing you there.                           DONATIONS NEEDED. Call Lois on 55224541. Large
                                                                    items picked up. All donations to charity.
Pip Traucnieks
Deputy Principal                                                    CURRUMBIN SURFING MUMS: We are a bunch of
                                                                    mums or dads who surf while we take turns looking
                        P&C NEWS                                    after each others children. Meet at Currumbin Alley
                                                                    from 9.30am to 11.30am on Tuesdays. Look out for
Thanks to all who attended last nights Annual                       the pink beach umbrella. We are running a raffle.
                                                                    First prize is a 6’2 Aloha Quickshift surfboard and
General Meeting. The 2010 committee is
                                                                    other prizes drawn 31 March 2010. Contact Vanessa
looking forward to another successful year.                         on 0421 549631 for details.
Sadly we farewell Cilla Field. Cilla has been a
long standing and dedicated member of the                           TUGUN SOCCER CLUB: Needs players urgently for
executive committee for a number of years. Her                      2010. Under 8 - $160 for season. Under 11 - $180
                                                                    for season. Please phone Mandy Irvine on 5534 1105
work has been invaluable.
                                                                    or 0412 624679.
Thanks Cilla and we wish you all the best.
Kylene Hickey                                                                          ADVERTISEMENTS
P&C Secretary                                                       Disclaimer – Advertisements in this section are paid for and are
                                                                    not necessarily endorsed by Elanora State School. Persons wishing
               UNIFORM SHOP NEWS                                    to advertise must submit advertisements and pay for it by the
                                                                    Tuesday prior to newsletter being printed.

       UNIFORM SHOP - CLEARANCE SALE                                PROFESSIONAL MUSIC TEACHER: Of piano, keyboard,
Our clearance sale is still on, with uniform items                  organ and theory. Ph Cathy on 5534 9439.
from as little as $1.00. We also have assorted
stationary items from 20c. Come along and                           VIOLIN, PIANO & GUITAR TUITION: Have fun learning
grab a bargain.                                                     from an experienced, qualified teacher B. Mus, B.Ed. $25
                                                                    lesson ph 0421 719 350.
Most winter items now in
stock, including girls bottle                                       JUNIOR GOLF CLINICS: at Burleigh West Driving Range,
green tights.                                                       150 Tallebudgera Creek Road, Tallebudgera.
                                                                    Ph: 5534 9900.
Fiona Steele
Uniform Shop Convenor                                               HELEN O’GRADY DRAMA ACADEMY: Increase your
                                                                    child’s communication skills, confidence and creative
                                                                    talents. Drama classes. There is a studio near you! Enrol
                                                                    now. Please telephone Janet Caitens on 1300 OGRADY
                  EXCURSIONS DUE                                    or 4613 4833 to enrol Email:
   Payments must be paid by the DUE DATE. If you have not
 paid by 10.00am on the DUE DATE your child will not be able
 to participate in the excursion. This is in the interest of your
                                                                    ZUMBA CLASSES at MICHELE CRAWSHAW'S SCHOOL
   child and the success of the venture. Thank you for your         OF PERFORMING ARTS: Tuesday nights from 7:30pm -
                     continued cooperation.                         8:30pm. $10.00 for hour class. Bookings essential - call
 Due 24 March         Origins of Musical Instruments – All          Michele on 0410691164. Class takes place at Elanora
                      Prep Classes and P/1MS                        Primary School Performing Arts Centre
 Due 29 March         Australian Animals Activity - All Yr 2
                      classes                                       TENNIS CENTRAL @ PALM BEACH: Joey tennis, ages 4
 Due 15 March         Tallebudgera Beach School Olympic             to 7, equipment provided, small groups, great prizes,
                      Team Building Program – 6LE, 6SA,             free racquet *conditions apply. Call Sonia on 5576 4875
                      6RL                                           or 0424 703942.
 Due 22 October       Mapleton Camp – Year 6

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