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Resources for career planning job search by BudCrain


									     Resources for
    career planning
     & job search

           Lim-Yeo Pin Pin
          Reference Services
         NUS Central Library
             6 April 2006
        Books on career planning
   Search LINC             Otazo, Karen L.
   Use Keyword             The truth about
                              managing your career :
     Career planning
                              … and nothing but
     Career development      the truth. 2006.
     Vocational guidance   HF5381 Ota
     Job hunting             HSSML Books
     Career changes
Career Planning Singapore Websites
   AsiaOne Careers
   Career Guide Singapore (SetForm Ltd)
   Careers in Asia (Hobsons)
AsiaOne Careers
       Career Planning Websites
   Quintenssential Careers
   Career Zone
   MSN Careers
   Next
   Mapping your future www.mapping-your-
   ISeek Explore Career
Iseek Explore Careers
       Job Information Websites
   Career Voyages
   Occupational Outlook Handbook
   Occupational Information Network
   Prospects Explore Types of Jobs
Career Voyages
             Testing Websites
   Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential
   Personality 100
   Keirsey™ Temperament Sorter
   Jung Typology Test
   Self Perception Profiler
              Testing Websites
   PsychTests
   Aptitude test
   Skills test
   Career test
    Job Advertisements Singapore
   Straits Times (especially Saturday ed.)
    Job Advertisements Asia/World
             Job Hunting Tips
   Finding a Job and Evaluating a Job Offer
   Tips for resumes & interviews
   Land the Job You Want!
       Books on Resume Writing
  Search LINC
  Use Keyword
      Resumes    (Employment)
Kenkel, Cindy S.
Extreme résumé makeover : the ultimate guide to
  renovating your résumé : plus sections on
  cover letters, thank-you notes, and electronic
HF5383 Ken (HSSML Books)
     Websites for Resume Writing
How to write a masterpiece of a resume
       Books on Job Interviews
 Search LINC       Wendleton, Kate.
 Use Keyword       Mastering the job
                     interview and winning
     Employment
                     the money game.
                    HF5549.5 Int.We
                     (HSSML Books)
        Job Interviews Websites
    Researching the Organization
   History
   Strategies & goals
   Response to difficulty
   Management staff
   Products / services
   Financial data
   Location
   Company size
   Employee morale
          NUS Libraries Resources
   Access from NUS Libraries website
   Need NUSNET userid & password
       Global Market Information Database (GMID)
       ISI Emerging Markets (company/market info)
       ABI/Inform (journal articles, trade magazines)
       Business Source Premier (journal articles, trade magazines)
       Factiva (for news articles, company info)
       LexisNexis Academic (news articles, company info)
       Help with subscribed databases for statistics & articles
   Company reports (at Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library)
    Researching the Organization
   Website of company
   Public-listed companies information
       Singapore Exchange SGX
   Talk to people working in the company or
        Researching the Industry
   Search for industry specific
   Background information
   Industry outlook
   Industry news
   Industry trends & statistics
   Jobs available
          NUS Libraries Resources
   Access from NUS Libraries website
   Need NUSNET userid & password
       Global Market Information Database (GMID)
       ISI Emerging Markets (market info)
       ABI/Inform (journal articles, trade magazines)
       Business Source Premier (journal articles, trade magazines)
       Factiva (for news articles)
       LexisNexis Academic (news articles)
       Help with subscribed databases for statistics & articles
   LINC for books on the industry
       Skills valued by Employers
   Teamwork
   Problem solving
   Initiative
   Desire to learn new skills
   Interpersonal skills
   Independent worker
   Oral communication
   Flexibility in knowledge application
                Koh, W. (2000) Executive summary of the employers' survey
    SCANS Skills & Personal Qualities
Thinking Skills
   Creative thinking - generates new ideas
   Decision making - specifies goals and constraints, generates
    alternatives, considers risks, and evaluates and chooses best
   Problem solving - recognizes problems and devises and
    implements plan of action
   Visualizing - organizes and processes symbols
   Knowing how to learn - uses efficient learning techniques to
    acquire and apply new knowledge and skills
   Reasoning - discovers a rule or principle underlying the
    relationship between two or more objects and applies it when
    solving a problem
    SCANS Skills & Personal Qualities
Personal Qualities
   Responsibility - exerts a high level of effort and perseveres
    towards goal attainment
   Self-esteem - believes in own self-worth and maintains a
    positive view of self
   Sociability - demonstrates
    understanding, friendliness, adaptability, empathy, and politeness
    in group settings
   Self-management - assesses self accurately, sets personal
    goals, monitors progress, and exhibits self-control
   Integrity/honesty - chooses ethical courses of action
                     What Work Requires of Schools: A SCANS Report for America 2000,
                                     U.S. Depat of Labor, June 1991, pp. xvii-xviii.
            SCANS Five Competencies

   Resources: Identifies, organizes, plans, and allocates resources
   Interpersonal: Works with others, Participates as member of a
    team, Teaches others new skills, Services
    clients/customers, Exercises leadership, Negotiates, Works with
   Information: Acquires and evaluates information, Organizes
    and maintains information, Interprets and communicates
   Systems: Understands complex interrelationships, Monitors and
    corrects performance, Improves or designs systems
   Technology: Works with a variety of technologies, Selects &
    applies technology to task, Maintains & troubleshoots equipment

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