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					                                                                                 STATE OF COLORADO

                                                                                                                                                   Bill Ritter, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                  Karen L. Beye
                                                                                                                                               Executive Director

TO:            Aging Policy Advisory Committee
                 Margaret Long, AAA Director, Region 2-A, Northern Region Representative
                 Mike Espinosa, AAA Director, Region 14, At-Large Member and Alternate for Southern Region
                 Virginia Jimenez, AAA Director, Region 7, Southern Region Representative
                 Lee Bartlett, AAA Director, Region 10, Western Region Representative
                 Jean Hammes, AAA Director, Region 12, C4A Chairperson
                 Sue Bozinovski, AAA Director, Region 3-A, Alternate for Northern Region
                 Dave Norman, AAA Director, Region 11, Alternate for Western Region
                 Rosemary Williams, AAA Director, Region 3-B, Alternate for Member At Large

FROM:          Todd Coffey, Manager, State Unit on Aging

DATE:          Friday, September 14, 2007

SUBJECT:       Aging Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the August 20, 2007 APAC meeting are attached.

The next APAC meeting will be held in Denver on Monday, September 17, 2007, at Fort Logan, 3550 West
Oxford Ave., Room B-108, 9 AM to 1:00 PM, phone number 303-866-7066. The agenda for this meeting will be
forwarded separately.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Coffey at 303-866-2750 or Rochelle Hayes at 303-866-2845.


cc:     Jeanette Hensley, Director, Aging and Adult Services
        SUA Staff
        The Legal Center
        AAA Directors
        Nutrition Network

              Our Mission is to Design and Deliver Quality Human Services that Improve the Safety and Independence of the People of Colorado
               August 20, 2007                           ATTACHED
                                       DATE PREPARED:    MONDAY,
TIME:          9 AM
LOCATION:                                     COLORADO DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES
                                                          FT. LOGAN
                                           3550 WEST OXFORD AVE., ROOM B-108, DENVER
                                                       PHONE 303-866-7066

Attendee and Distribution List: (X indicates member was present; T indicates present via teleconference.)
   X     Todd Coffey (SUA)                      X    Margaret Long (APAC Chair) Northeastern Region
   X     Audrey Krebs (SUA)                          Virginia Jimenez, Southern Region
         Rochelle Hayes (SUA)                        Lee Bartlett, Western Region
   X     Leighanna Konetski (SUA)               T    Mike Espinosa (APAC - Member at Large (MAL) & Alternate)
                                                             Southern Region
   X     Todd Swanson (SUA)                     T    Jean Hammes (C4A Chair)
   X     Peggy Spaulding (SUA)                       Sue Bozinovski (APAC Alternate) Northeastern Region
   X     Jeanette Hensley (AAS)                      Dave Norman, (APAC Alternate) Western Region
   X     Jamie Malone (AAS)                     X    Rosemary Williams (APAC, MAL Alternate) Northeastern Region
   X     Peggy Rogers (APS)                     X    Celestino Santistevan, Region 6
   X     Steve Evans (APS)                      X    Pat Tunnel (TLC)

Margaret Long opened the meeting and asked for additional agenda items— additional agenda items were added:
      DRCOG discussion
      APAC Issues and Task Calendar – not in packets chime in if anything comes up.
      Medicaid Reimbursement Conference call
The minutes from July 16, 2007 were approved as written by APAC.
Title XX Training Funds Update
    Todd is waiting for a return call from Art Atwell regarding how Title XX allocations are determined. If Art cannot
        come to a meeting himself, Todd will bring the information back to APAC at a later date. Child Welfare gets the
        bulk of the funding. Adult Protection/Ombudsman’s allocation has been decreasing drastically every year.
DRCOG (Todd Coffey)
  Todd and Jeanette have been in meeting with or in contact with Jennifer Schaufele at least once a day and
    watching very closely. The SUA would like to ask that current directors assist with mentoring new director once
    one is chosen. There is going to be a national search over the next 4 – 6 weeks.
  DRCOG is outsourcing to an audit firm to monitor contracts. Jennifer has indicated that savings will go back for
    services. There will be one director and an assistant director to report to the SUA, the others will report directly to
    other division at DRCOG.
  A letter from Jennifer outlining the reorganization at DRCOG was sent out via email late Friday. If anyone did not
    receive it, please contact the SUA for a copy.

August 20, 2007 APAC Minutes                         Page 1 of 3                                  September 14, 2007
Ombudsman Policy and Procedure Manual (Peggy Rogers and Steve Evens)
  Directors and staff should have received the new P & P Manual along with the conversion chart via email. There
    was a lot of duplication and not a good flow so it was gone over piece by piece – therefore the conversion table.
  APAC gave first round of review and approval. Now would like the general AAA population to review and send
    comments back to Steve Evans by COB 9/7/07. PLEASE make sure you include if you think these new
    procedures will change your workload.
  Policies were set up thinking of small/rural areas. These are minimal standards and can be changed as needed.
Medicaid Reimbursement to LTC Facilities (additional agenda item)
  There are concerns with the pay for performance of ombudsman to verify that facility is holding up tot heir plan.
     This will create additional workload on ombudsman and may get them caught in the middle between facility and
     Medicaid. It was suggested that only paid ombudsman, not volunteer, do this program.
  RFP going out per Arlene Miles.
  Will have to discuss at September APAC meeting once more information is out. There are feelings that this would
     create a conflict of interest for ombudsman or that residents will be unduly influenced.
    Todd Coffey - ARCH – configuration of the new website is being done by VisionLink. Hopefully will have signed
      contract today. Task Force has reconvened to discuss future pilot sites. Will be looking at regions with
    Audrey Krebs – Title V/SCSEP – we have a conditional grant until the original in the amount of $973,000 is
      approved. There was a $100,000 increase due to the raising of minimum wage but Colorado has an even higher
      min. wage so the actual participant slots have decreased to approximately 104 for the state.
   Everyone will receive a copy of the SF-424 summary
   SCSEP Banquet will be September 24, 2007 at the Mile High United Way at 11:30 am.
   Todd Swanson – State 4 Year Plan is now in Washington DC – should hear something by 10/1/07 – AAA Emails
      have been going into the SPAM filter so if any that was not responded too please contact us.
SFY 2008 On-site and Desk Evaluation (Peggy Spaulding)
   Last year these were done in a hurry – this year there is a schedule out and we should be done by May 1, 2008.
     Schedule that is out only had months listed for On-site dates to leave a little room for bad weather.
   Those that had on-sites in 2007 will have desk audits in 2008. See handout for dates. Peggy can get directors
     the tool they put together last year as an example if anyone wishes.
   Are considering including outcome measures to customer satisfaction surveys.
Division Update (Jeanette Hensley)
Jeanette Hensley shared the following items:
       Marcia Coye, OAP/SSI Coordinator resigned and moved back to Boston.
     send out the OAP Dental Program awards list. Alamosa in September COMOM – Colorado Mission of Mercy
         is going to start a dental program with a dentist and hygienist to come in once a week to perform a full range of
         dental care services. They will have a lab as well. Next year they will be in Larimer county and then Denver.
       “Own your own future grant” – letter from the Governor will be going out to those 50+ regarding Long Term Care
         Insurance and how to take advantage now. Will most likely go through the SHIP office.
Policy and Procedure Manual (Todd Coffey)
 Nothing at this time that needs to be attended too.
 Leighanna is working on the nutrition portion and is hoping to be able to bring it to you in September.

August 20, 2007 APAC Minutes                         Page 2 of 3                                 September 14, 2007
State/AAA/Provider Coordination (Todd Coffey)
    Continuation from last meeting – CANSD does not have representation.
    topic not as relevant as last month but how do we include stakeholders/providers?
    SAMS User Group – there is an update on the definition piece and will it ever get into the P & P manual? This
      would standardize reporting and some AAA’s would have to change how they do report. Need to create a
      subcommittee to look into this. Should only have to work on this for about a month.
Nutrition Program Update (Leighanna Konetskiy)
    Tom has the menu library up on the server now. We would like to test it for at least a month. Leighanna will report
      at APAC next month regarding the ability for the server to handle this additional software without impact SAMS or
    Evidence Based Grant update
        4-Day Chronic Disease Regional Academy has been cancelled with no known dates for a rescheduling.
        There is still room in the Southern region for participation.
Quick Topics (all)
    Pros and cons of pilot projects
      very good example just happened regarding Long Term Care Insurance – good programs are out there but
         how much can we take on?
    Ethics symposium handout 9/21 – asked to hand it out (Audrey)
    2008 Appointments/Alternates – need to change alternate since Sue is gone. This will be resolved at C4A.
    Older Americans Coalition has asked that the Colorado Leadership Council on Aging be reconvened. There is no
      past information regarding this group and is unclear whether this group should be reassembled.
    Need to get the SWNA Executive Summary to Vivian Stoval (CCOA) for meeting regarding transportation
      tomorrow with the Governor. Vivian would like AAA presence at this meeting as well. Guy can attend but is
      unprepared. Rosemary will put stories and information together for the meeting.

August 20, 2007 APAC Minutes                        Page 3 of 3                                September 14, 2007