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									The Art of Baby Nameology
Author: Norma Watts

Edition: 1

What really is in a name? What does that mean for your baby? Astrologist and nameology expert Norma
J. Watts helps every expecting parent explore those questions. By analyzing names using numerology,
Watts has crafted a comprehensive guide to using a name's letters to unlock hidden meaning. Watts
instructs readers in the tools of nameology, using famous names such as Martha Stewart, Martin Luther
King, and Madonna to further explain personality traits. An A-Z quick reference guide of names along with
a chapter on converting names to numbers aids in interpreting uncommon names or those not found in
the book. Offering insight for those who want to look past the obvious and explore deeper meaning, The
Art of Baby Nameology gives expectant parents a way to preview the personalities associated with
names they are considering.
Author Bio
Norma Watts
A student of astrology for more than 35 years, Norma J. Watts (California) gets called upon daily for
readings and advice. She has worked as a staff astrologer for a radio station and her nameology skills
have enlightened thousands over the past decade.

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