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					                                  Gary Rogers and Associates
(GRASS)                                   (GRASS)
  Gary Rogers, Principal Consultant                                     Providing Consultancy Services to
  BA Sociology and Politics (Monash),                                Neighbourhood House, ACFE Providers,
  Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training,                                      and Men’s Sheds
  (Longbeach PLACE)                                                         Training and Assessment
  Committee of Management and Governance                                      Project Management
  Trainer (ACFE)
                                                                       Business Coaching and Development

  Gary Rogers spent 27 years in the Victorian Public                    35
                                                            With over 35 years experience in both government
  Service in a range of Management positions                administration and private sector management Gary
  (Divisional Admin, Human Resources, Facilities and                       Associates
                                                            Rogers and Associates (GRASS), is well placed to
  Executive Secretariat) in the Departments of Law,         provide a successful Business Coaching service to
  Housing, and Office of Training and Tertiary              Clients within the ACE, Neighbourhood House and
  Education (OTTE) as well as the Manager Major             Men’s Shed sectors.
  Projects at Peninsula TAFE in Frankston, then two         In particular:
  years as Business Development Manager with a                       Committee’s
                                                                • Committee’s of Management,
  leading Architect firm specialising in education                                   Co-
                                                                • Managers and Co-ordinators,
                                                            Gary is able to work with Clients to guide and walk
  In 2000 Gary established Gary Rogers and                  with them as they deal with the challenges of being
  Associates (GRASS) providing Strategic Planning, and      accountable and responsible for:
  Asset Management services to TAFE’s and                     Committee of Management Governance
  Universities.                                               • Strategic and Business Plans.
                 2008 GRASS expanded
  From 2003 to 2008 GRASS expanded into the                                     Management.
                                                              • Governance Management.
  Neighbourhood House, Community Learning Centre,             •                           Management.
                                                                   Financial & Resource Management.
  ACFE, Local Government Community Centre, and
  Community Support Service Providers, as well as the                               Co-          relationships.
                                                              • Committee and Co-ordinator relationships.
  Men’s Shed Sector.
             Sector.                                          Business Management
                                                              • Developing Business Plans.
  During this period Gary was the Finance and
                      Treasurer)    the
  Governance Officer (Treasurer) on the Committee of          • Sourcing Sponsorships and Partnerships.
  Management of Longbeach PLACE, Chelsea’s                                               ubmissions.
                                                              • Preparing Funding Submissions.
  Neighbourhood House.                                             Management of Project Teams and Working
     addition, Ga
  In addition, Gary is the Chairperson for the Chelsea             Parties.
  Men’s Shed Management Group, as well as the
                               Group,                                       Management,           Management,
                                                                   Project Management, Budget Management, &
  Business Development Co-ordinator responsible for                Project Acquittal Reports.
  Sponsorships, Funding Proposals, Marketing and                        Development
                                                              Personal Development
  Promotion.                                                       Where am I now?
  Recently Gary has been seconded to the ACEVIC                    Where do I want to be?
  Executive providing advice in the areas of Committee             How am I going to get there?
  of Management Training and Business Sustainability.              What do I do when I have arrived?
  In 2008 Gary is completing his Certificate IV Training   Gary’s Business Coaching program is based upon
  and Assessment Upgrade, and has accreditation to         establishing a set of strategies to unpack problems
  deliver 7 modules of the Certificate II in Business.     and issues and develop solutions.
                                                           It also has a strong focus on developing adeveloping
  Gary is also the Project Manager of a successful
                                                           development plan that achieves both personal and
  Skills for the Future - Work for the Dole program
                                                           business goals and objectives.
  sponsored by Longbeach PLACE and located at
  Chelsea Men’s Shed.                                      Business Coaching is all about planning YOUR
                                                           journey, and the Coach is there to walk with you and
  Finally Gary has completed the ACEVIC Business                                                        pathway.
                                                           help YOU find the clearest and most direct pathway.
  Coaching program, and is available to prospective        As YOU travel the chosen pathway Gary provides you
  Clients.                                                 with the encouragement to finish as well as the
                                                           sympathetic ear as you complete YOUR journey,

                                    Gary Rogers & Associates,
                     Peninsula Parklands, 249 High Street, Hastings, VIC 3915
    Telephone 5979 8323 - FAX 5979 1396 — Mobile 041 179 5940 - Email
                                Gary Rogers and Associates
                                 Gary Rogers & Associates,
                  Peninsula Parklands, 249 High Street, Hastings, VIC 3915
 Telephone 5979 8323 - FAX 5979 1396 — Mobile 041 179 5940 - Email
The Longbeach Journey So Far                                Along Sundowner Avenue

Committee of Management Support                             Committee of Management Support
• Clients Project Manager for the new Building                Strategic Plan for 2006 to 2010 (2006).
  (2003/04)                                                   Business Plan 2006 and 2007.
• Articles of Association updates (2004/07)                   Organisation Review (2007).
• Strategic Plan for 2008 to 2010 (2007)                      Workplace Agreement 2007.
• Business Plan for 2005 to 2007 (2005)                       Programs Brochure 2007 and 2008.
Project Management Services include:                          New Members Training Manual.(2007 and
• ACFE Community Learning Partnership with City               2008).
  of Kingston – including the Chelsea Downunder            Project Management Services included
  Flower Show 2008 (2005 to 2007)                          preparation of funding submissions for :
• Access and Equity Program — Introduction to                 Men’s Shed Proposal (2007 – 2008).
  Aged Care (2006 to 2007)
                                                              Facilities Redevelopment – Disabled
• Chelsea Men’s Shed (2006 to 2007) -                         Access (2007 – 2008).
  establishment of Community Learning                         Volunteers Program – Café Sundowner
  Partnership between Longbeach PLACE and
                                                              (2007 to 2008).
  Chelsea Care Works. (2005 to 2007)
Work for the Dole Programs (2006 2008)
   Chelsea Men’s Shed and Blantyre Avenue                Working with the Neighbours
   This project was third placed finalist in the Prime
   Ministers Award for the “Best Work for the Dole       ACEVIC Executive
   Project in 2006.”                                       Seconded to ACEVIC Executive providing advice
   Carrum Indigenous Nursery at new site.                  on Committees of Management Training
   This project provided support to the Nursery to         programs in Governance and Business
   establish the facilities for the new site.              Sustainability.
   Chelsea Downunder Flower Show — Admin                 Longbeach PLACE Inc
                                                           Seconded to the Committee of Management
   This project provided Admin support through             providing advice on Sponsorships, Partnerships,
   preparing flyers, brochures, correspondence and         Governance and Business Sustainability.
   documents for the Flower Show and other
   programs delivered by Longbeach PLACE.                Chelsea Men’s Shed “Shed Mates Group”
   Blantyre Community Enterprises - Office Services.       Seconded to “Shed Mates Group” to provide
   (2008)                                                  advice on Sponsorships, Partnerships, Business
   This project is a pilot program in which                Sustainability, Marketing and Promotion.
   Participants complete up to 7 Modules of the
                                                         Victorian Men’s Shed Association
   Certificate II in Business as well as the setting
   up the Office for the Chelsea Men’s Shed and its        Chelsea Men’s Shed Representative within the
   Admin systems.                                          Victorian Men’s Shed Association.

                                   Gary Rogers & Associates,
                    Peninsula Parklands, 249 High Street, Hastings, VIC 3915
  Telephone 5979 8323 - FAX 5979 1396 — Mobile 041 179 5940 - Email

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