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					                 Calendar and Events – January 24th , 2010

Opening Hymn - #362 “Holy, holy, holy” – Nicaea
Sequence Hymn – “Hope Shines as a Solitary Star” – see insert
Communion Hymn - #508 – “Breathe on me, breath of God” – Nova Vita
Closing Hymn – #671 - “Amazing Grace” – New Britain

   1. The Mitten Tree returns to the Narthex for collection of gloves, hats and
      scarves for the remainder of the winter months. Thank you to everyone who
      brought in items for Our Little Roses and the Angel Tree.
   2. Today, Sunday, January 24th after the 10 am service: Children’s Chime
      Choir Practice; Health Care Ministries meeting; and demonstration of the
      website. We also welcome a guest preacher, The Rev. Alton Plummer, at our
      10 am service.
   3. Sunday, January 31st is a Youth Sunday. There is Children‟s Chime
      Choir warm-up at 9:30 am. After the 10 am service: Adult Chime Choir
      practice; Visitor’s, Inc. meeting; Kick-off meeting of “The Biggest Winner”
      (see Parish Nurse Lois Tripp for details).
   4. Sunday, February 7th is the SOUPER BOWL of CARING. There is Adult
      Chime Choir warm-up at 9:30 am. The Worship and Doctrine Team meets
      at 11:30 am. Amberleigh services are at 2 pm; see Damon Piatov if you
      would like to help.
   5. Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30 is the next Vestry meeting.
   6. The Theater of Youth is presenting “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”
      starting January 29th through February 14th. Please see Sue Gunn for details.

                                     Save the Date:
      Saturday, February 20th – Deanery Vestry Day from 2 pm to 5 pm at St.
     Paul‟s, Harris Hill followed by a U2charist for the Millenium Development
   Goals. All Vestry members, Wardens, and Diocesan Convention Delegates
                               are encouraged to attend.
    Friday, March 5th – An intergenerational meal (provided by the church)
 followed by a program on dreams and journaling. We will be making Dream
Journals (or „regular‟ journals). Please save magazines with pictures suitable
                       for cutting out to cover our journals.

  There are two healing stations at the back of the church every Sunday during
communion at the 10 am service. If you wish the laying on of hands and prayers for
 healing, please go to the healing station on the side of the church on which
                   you are seated after receiving communion.

Precautions (starting 10/25) for flu season:
   1. Refrain from shaking/holding hands during the Peace or the Our Father.
   2. Use the hand sanitizer found in the pews and elsewhere in the Church.
   3. Wash/sanitize your/your children‟s hands before Coffee Hour eating.
    4. If you intinct (dip your bread in the wine at communion) please be sure
       your/your children‟s fingers do not touch the wine.

                                             Prayers of the People
*We offer our prayers for the Church and the world. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we pray
for the unity of the Anglican Communion. In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we pray for St.
Paul’s, Lewiston and St. John’s, Youngstown. In the Parish Cycle of prayer we pray for our
renovation project, and we pray for Katharine, our Presiding Bishop, Michael, our Bishop,
and for all who serve the Church. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
*We pray for President Obama and all the leaders of our nation, and we remember all those
serving in war zones, especially those known to us: William, Jessie, Christopher,
Anthony, Bryan, Jack, A.J., Greg, John, Ray G., Dustin, Billy, Aaron, Danny, and
Dominic. We pray for victims of all ages of every country whose lives have been
permanently changed by the emotional, spiritual and physical injuries of war, including
those at Walter Reed Army Hospital and other VA facilities and their caregivers. And we
pray for all countries being torn apart by war and violence, especially Iraq, Afghanistan, the
Congo, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
* We offer our prayers for the Bishop’s Election process in our Diocese. Be with us and
guide us, Holy Spirit of God, as we seek your will for the future of our Diocese. Help us to
discern the needs and hopes of your people in Western New York, so that our search for a
bishop may proceed with clear vision and joyful obedience. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
* We offer our prayers for all whose needs are in the Prayer Box in the Narthex, for the
prayers in the Rite 13 prayer boxes, and for all those who suffer from flu, and other
infectious diseases. We pray for: John, Monica, Father Joe and Linda, Mary, Luke,
Sue, Cathy, Harlan, Bea, Wilma, Angela, Eugene, Jean, Joyce, Kaitlin, Arthur,
Danielle, Melissa, Rick and Sandy, Jim, Ron, Frank and Barb, Isabel and Marnie,
Adam, Dave and Peggy, Steve and family, Judy, Coleen, Win, Megan, Sister
Jeanne, Elysse and Elijah, Theresa, Laurie, Kristen, Pat, and Michael and for any
others whom we name either silently or out loud. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
* We thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of this life, especially for Michael Baumgartner,
Stew Martin, and John Guzda, who celebrate their birthdays today, and for Tori Paradise
and Betty Huffman who celebrate their birthdays this week. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
* We pray for all who have died, especially those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, and
their suffering families. Hear us, Holy Spirit.
                                                 Parish Leadership
Wardens – John Lopat, Carolyn Bongi
Vestry – Carma Miccoli, Tori Paradise, Damon Piatov, Jerry Mohr, Kristie Payne, Richard Arquette, and Betty Peters
Treasurer – Merrie Hill                          Vestry Clerk – Sue Curry
Organist – Sheila Fournier                       Chime Choir Director – Sheila Fournier
Pastoral Care – Damon Piatov                     Deacon – The Rev.Tom Tripp
Rector – The Very Rev. Barbara J. Price
January 24th , 2010                                        January 31st , 2010
8:00 am – Damon Piatov                                     8:00 am – Merrie Hill
Crucifer – Mike Taube                                      Crucifer – Bradley Taube
Chalice – Deacon Tripp and The Rev. Alton Plummer          Chalice – Deacon Tripp and Al Price
Acolytes – Betty Peters and Megan Fiutak                   Acolytes – Lukas Hardy and Shawn Mohr
Lectors – Carma Miccoli and Mike Taube                     Lectors – Ruth Ann Palmer and Bradley Taube
Ushers – Dorothy Talbot and Cathy Reynolds                 Ushers – Annabel Paradise and Cheyenne Mohr
Altar Guild – Ed Hill and Becky Peiffer                    Altar Guild – Della Harris and Karen Miller
Counters – Jerry Mohr and Betty Peters                     Counters – Kristie Payne and Sue Curry
Healers – Becky Peiffer and Carolyn Bongi                  Healers – Carma Miccoli and Damon Piatov

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