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									                    Convert flac music
   Convert FLAC music to another format? (for those, who does not

know what flac music is, please read “what is flac music”) Why

bother? Well, each different file format has its own strength.

Moreover, in some circumstances Flac music file type just does not

fit. For example, for a portable media player with limited space,

obviously mp3 file format is better than Flac file format because of

the mp3 file size is smaller. Moreover, some old media player does

not support Flac music file type. CD-walkmans, old home stereos,

and DVD players etc; therefore, you have to convert flac music file

type to other file type in order to make it work.

   Mp3、wav、ogg、    ape
               aac、 and flac are major file types out there.

Literally, due to the different situation, we need to convert flac music

to anyone of rest file types, and the need is varies according to the
different circumstances. An ideal solution would be much

appreciated if we consider the time and effort we save.

   Fortunately, a software that is called foobar 2000 can just do the

job for us. You can get foobar 2000 here, best of all, you do not have

to pay a penny.

Step 1. Install Foobar2000

Foorbar 2000 installation is typical software setup procedure.
Nothing is fancy about it. Just follow the instructions, you will be

PS: if you share the computer with someone else, let’s say your

brother, you better choose portable installation. In this way,

foobar2000 will keep all your files separately with other users,

otherwise, just choose “standard installation”.
PS:You need to make sure “optional features” - “Converter”

option is chosen, it’s crucial for the task.

            Installation is completed, Just run foobar2000
Step 2: Configure the Preference

PS: When you first time run foobar2000, it will suggest you

configure the preference or you can do it later by clicking “Library”

–> “configure”

Step 3:Import music file that you wish to convert. You can simply do

that by dragging a file into foobar2000 or click “File” -”Add file”,

then choose your designated file.

PS: Let’s extend our focus a little. Foobar2000 can convert basically

any file type to any file type. Instead of showing convert flac music
file type to others, I will randomly choose a file type and convert it

to a randomly chosen file type. At the end of this tutorial, you will

get the whole picture.

Step 4: Select the file that you just added. Right click it, choose

“Convert”  “Convert”
It will take you right into this screen

From “Output” tab, you can choose the file type that you wish

convert your original file type to.
You can leave the “Processing” tab along. However, you could click

“Other” tab, where you could set the file bit number

Step 5: Choose the designated folder that you will store the file
Now, everything is set, just click “Ok”, and watch foobar2000 doing

the magic.

The program starts converting, and it will take some time, depending

on your system and on how many files you've selected. There's no

need to watch the process, as the rest of it is fully automatic.After

the program finishes, you can find output files in the folder that

you've set in Step 5.

You can extend your option by clicking “More Setting” on convert

setup interface
New output formats can be added if you can not find it on the

foobar2000’s default setting.

Basically, besides convert flac music file type, you could use

foobar2000 to convert anyone of the flac、Mp3、Ogg、Aac、Ape or
Wav file types to anyone one of the rest. Sometimes, you will need

to download some special code in order to convert to a specific file

type. Overall, foobar2000 is an all-in-one solution. Best of it, it’s


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