Spirituality and Education by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Spirituality and Education
Author: Andrew Wright
Table of Contents

1. Introduction; 2. Researching Spirituality; 3. Spirituality and Self-Identity; 4. Types of Religious
Spirituality; 5. Types of Secular Spirituality; 6. Spiritual Development; 7. Spiritual Education as Nature;
Spiritual Education as Sensitisation; Spiritual Education as Critique

Spirituality and Education introduces the basic contours of current debate in a form accessible to both
classroom teachers across the curriculum range, and to school managers. It covers all key areas,
including:* problems of defining spirituality* government legislation and supporting documentation *
relevant empirical research* the social dimension of spirituality* secular and religious manifestations of
spirituality in contemporary society* theories of childhood spiritual development* contemporary
approaches to spiritual education, including collective worship and cross-curricular teaching. A variety of
different perspectives and approaches will be offered, and readers are encouraged to be reflective through
a number of tasks which relate all issues raised directly back to their own specific circumstances. The
author includes questions, quotes and lists of further reading.

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