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I'm feeling a whole LOT LOT LOT better. My arm feels great. My mobility is much improved.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve been dealing with the pain for years.

I got the news yesterday that my liver count dropped from 200 in February down to 96 in late
March - after your healing touch session. THANK YOU!!!

Namaste - Barbara
I would like to take a minute and tell the both of you what a great feeling I had meeting the
both of you. Meeting you truly was a blessing and I know I have a journey ahead of me that
will make a difference in my world, as well as others. Again thank you for spending time with
me yesterday.

I can't tell you how much I gained from Friday's session. Saturday I felt so incredibly 'light'
and Sunday I was able to handle a difficult situation so much better than I would have before.
I am looking forward to continuing to work with you! Last night I began a new ritual that I
hope to work towards developing and using every night. I will be printing out the stuff you
sent and using it as well. Thank you again for the gift of your time and energy! Thanks.

Thank you for the gift that you and Greg are! I feel great, have slept better and am less
stressed about getting everything done. I will hold on to the healing that you administered. I
really appreciate the angel information, especially the affirmations. I feel a shift and an
opening up starting to present itself. I do hope that it won’t be too long before we see each
other again and have time to just chat, so I can hear you both speak your wisdom. Love and

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me! I know I did much work myself, but your
hands, mind, and heart led me in the right direction. You are one amazing woman Cinda and
I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know I have a lot of work yet to do, I think we all
do no matter what; but I already feel as if so much has been lifted from me. It's wonderful.

I still have been feeling wonderful with no neck ache. If I feel a slight ache coming, I tell
myself to "let it go"! Sometimes I am walking and I am almost skipping instead of walking. I
have been getting "bursts" of joy! Thank you so very much!!!

I am so grateful you have blessed my life....I am feeling so much better.... I have more
energy than ever and my will to live is stronger than ever....Your touch is indescribable.... I
feel you have entered my soul.....

Thank you so very much for your readings, phone calls, and helping me in my spiritual
journey. Your words, wisdom, and sharing have truly helped me and I just wanted to share
with you my heartfelt appreciation. Your words of kindness, have kept me at peace, hopeful,
and serene. I am healthier and stronger, more positive, and have changed my entire outlook
because of my spirituality. I know I am on the right path. Thank you..

Amazing things have transpired since you did long distance Emotion Code.... I can tell you
after you called me with the results of your session, I went for a 2 ½ hour walk, sat at a tree
for about ½ hour and journaled, read the bible, embraced the tree and nature and the people
in the area. The next day I gave a friend a massage, then he returned the favor and in the
middle of my massage, he said there was a brown feather on my back and he touched it. He
said, "Sometimes Spirits drop feathers." I started bawling! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a
true blessing you and Greg are to the community!!!!

So much has happened since the session it's amazing....I feel excited about what is going to
happen next...... Love and blessings,

I wanted to tell you what the Summer Solstice 2008 meant to me. Between the celebration of
life, the energies of the people that were there, the ceremonies, and the affect it has had on
Mother Earth, it’s hard to put down in words.

It wasn’t just the individual energies of the souls that were invited, or the accumulation of the
energy that was so evident. The universe certainly knew what it was doing when it brought so
many evolved spirits together to share and make a change. And I attribute it all to your
energies and personalities that brought people from afar for this gathering.

Ceremonies that involve all participants to perform an activity together is special, but the
heartbeat of the earth through the drums, the cleansing rain of the rattles, and the dancing
spirit of the flute brought a togetherness unlike other ceremonies. I might suggest an
occasional chime or gong to indicate the presence of other spirits in attendance that want to
―chime in‖. Truly inspirational.

I realize that from your perspective, you two are merely the impetus for the energies the
universe has to offer, but you know the truth behind my words – thank you from the depth of
my soul for this wondrous gift that you have been the driving force behind – for myself, my
mate, and all those touched by your spirits.

Love from your Brother Don and Sister Sue
I've been healing my vocal cords all week from the Summer Solstice 2008 Gathering.... a BIG
LESSON for me....the lodge did what I had hoped ....I feel better, and clear and the
anger/resentment is disappearing quickly. WOW....what a great healing! Keep you energy
strong and filled with clarity....and I shall do the same! With great love, strength, and light!

You both are very kind…I have been wanting to drop you a note, but have been in deep
thought these past few days. The sweat lodge was WONDERFUL! Of course, the whole day
was just a delight! Thank you for including me, it was so special… and I can’t wait to do it
again! What a beautiful, peaceful ceremony. I think everyone should do it regularly—wouldn’t
the world be a much better place? The people you gathered were really cool—I look forward
to getting to know them better. I have been observing things very closely since the sweat, as
I had asked for my intention. It is like my senses are hyper alert since then. Colors, sounds,
energy colors, information downloads, etc. It was a very neat ceremony, and Greg did an
excellent job leading it.

I was sitting under the big tree in your back yard and was imaging myself as part of the tree.
However, the top of the tree stopped at my heart! So my understanding was that we are to
live, see, love, and give from our heart. God Spirit does not see our ego intellect, he/she sees
the intent of our heart, and that is where our actions are to come from.

I also received another confirmation today in my readings that we are to see not with our
physical eyes, but with our inner eye (to me that is our heart essence). Thank you for the
Summer Solstice event! Sunday morning I had had a dream of a doll inside a box, and when
the doll opened her mouth there was another doll inside her trying to talk. Talk about the
inner child imagery from the meditation that we did!!! It was a meaningful retreat for me.
Thank you! Blessings be to you both -

SWEAT LODGE '08. I had such an amazing time. I am barely able to express my gratitude
towards the both of you. You are both such amazing and wonderful people. Thank you SO
MUCH. This visit to your home provided a wonderful and insightful opportunity for accelerated