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                        PROFILE OF THE HOSTEL

         Khajamian Hostel is one of the largest hostels in Tamil Nadu located
in a serene and tranquil atmosphere inside the college campus. When the
college was established, in 1951the hostel accommodation was given to 91
inmates in rented buildings around the college. Prof.E.W.P.Thomas, the then
Vice-Principal was the first Deputy Warden of the hostel.

         The College Management allotted 30 acres of land for the
construction of the hostels and Dr. A.L.Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar, the then
Vice Chancellor, University of Madras laid the foundation stone on 16th
October 1955 and the hostel was named after Janab N.M. Khajamian
Rowther, one of the founders of the college. There were only 80 rooms in
the beginning, and rooms were added in the subsequent years. Currently,
Khajamian Hostel has 321 rooms with 1575 inmates.

         Mosque Hostel: This hostel, with 20 rooms, is meant for poor, down-
trodden and deserving students. The inmates are accommodated at free of
rent. 73 inmates are admitted in this segment of the Khajamian hostel.

         Al-Ameen Sports Hostel: A separate hostel for the athletes and
sportsmen is also maintained. 80 inmates having outstanding performance in
sports are admitted in the Al-Ameen sports hostel. The inmates are granted
full and partial concession in room rent and food charges according to their
      P.G. New Hostel: Since many Post-Graduate Courses were offered
under the self-financing stream, the Management felt the need for a separate
P.G. Hostel and it become a reality with the financial assistance of the Jamal
Alumni Association; that P.G.New Hostel was started in the year 1998 with
a massive building containing 77 rooms. At present, there are 156 rooms
which provide accommodation for around 400 inmates. From this academic
year (2008-09) onwards hostel facilities are also extended to the women
students in a separate block of the hostel. A new hostel exclusively for
women inmates is under construction.

Building                                            Year of construction
Burma-Malaya Building                                            1960
Administrative Building                                          1973
Khajamian Hostel New Block                                       1973
Thangachiammal Building (Mosque Hostel)-Ground Floor             1979
Brunei Block                                                     1995
Hajee Abdul Khader
      Over head Tank                                             1993
      Generator 62.5 KV                                          1996
SAS Hameedia Hall (Mosque Hostel)- I Floor                       1995
KMH – Western Wing                                               1998
New Hostel                                                       1998
Old Block containing 4 floors with 77 rooms                      1998
Sanarpatty K.Asan Rawther Hall – Library                         2000
New Hostel Mess with all facilities like Gas and Steam etc       2000
New block with 57 rooms                                          2000
Guest House                                                      2001
Hostel Auditorium                                                2003
STD Booth with Coin Boxes                                        2004
MBA Hostel (I & II Floors)                                       2004
An administrative block containing hostel Office, Deputy Warden Room,
Prayer hall and Guest room                                       2004
3rd floor in the new block with 20 rooms                         2004
Internet Browsing Centre                                         2005
Night soil based bio-gas plant                                   2005
Kilakkarai M.K.S.Mohamed Fathima Memorial
                    (Mosque Hostel II Floor)                     2006
Students’ service centre consisting of an Auditorium, library hall
Indoor game and internet centre                                  2006
Namaz Room                                                       1990
Clinic & Ambulance Room                                          2005
Mosque Hostel Block-II (Ground & I Floor)                        2006
Mosque Hostel Block-II (II & III Floor)                          2007
Hajiani Sulaika and Haji Abdul Kareem Memorial
              Sports Hostel (I & II Floors)                      2005
              Sports Hostel (II & III Floors)                    2006
Generator 62.5 KV                                                2008
Note: Sports Hostel is used for accommodating I UG students since
2008.Sports Hostel is run in Al-Ameen Khajamian I.T.I. Premises a leased

         There are six dining halls, four in the Khajamian Hostel, one each in
the P.G. New Hostel and Sports Hostel. Each dining hall has its own cook-
house with 13 staff - one Supervisor, a head cook, two assistant cooks and
nine suppliers. Food is prepared under hygienic conditions. Each Mess is
having water cooler, insect repellent, fire extinguisher, weighing machines
and grinders. Uniform menu is followed in every cook-house. Sub-wardens
dine with the students in the dining halls. Dividing system is followed in the

The following facilities are provided for the benefit of the hostel

    Hostel library is well equipped with 3694 volumes of books on
         different subjects. The library is kept open between 2.30 p.m and 8
         p.m on all weekdays and between 10 a.m and 1 p.m, 3p.m and 5 p.m
         on Saturdays.
    Reading room in the auditorium is kept open from 7 a.m to 8.30 a.m
         with leading newspapers in English and Tamil on all days. The library
         subscribes many important magazines for the benefit of the inmates.
    Namaz Room with an accommodation of 40 persons is provided.
 STD and ISD facilities with two service connections. No service
   charge is levied. Two coin box phones are also made available for 24
 Clinic with visiting doctor and basic medicines is functioning on all
   working days. Ambulance room is also annexed with the clinic.
 Computer center with 8 systems, web camera, scanner, DVD writer
   and laser printer is made available for the use of inmates.
 The inmates are provided with the uninterrupted supply of water and
   electricity. The hostel has two 62.5 KV generator as a stand-by
   whenever there is a power failure.
 Bio-gas plant at a cost of Rupees 4.5 lakhs, which supplies 28
   cylinders per month, is also functioning.
 A Guest House, with the capacity of 3 beds and attached bathroom,
   has been maintained for accommodating alumni, parents and relatives
   of inmates.
 Courts for Volley Ball, Ball-Badminton, Shuttle Badminton, grounds
   for Cricket, Football are available. The inmates are encouraged to
   participate in sports and games. The annual budget for sports activities
   is Rs.1, 50,000/-.
 Washing and Dry Cleaning facilities are also provided to the inmates.
 Water coolers are maintained in all the four messes for providing
   purified drinking water. Mineral water is supplied in hostel library and
   Hostel Office. Drinking Hot water facility is also available for the
   benefit of students.
 A well-built auditorium is available with all audio-video and seating
    capacity of 400 students to conduct programmes and functions to
    enrich student’s talent.
 The hostel has a canteen which supplies tea, coffee, milk, snacks and
    cool drinks to the students.
 Cycle stand, Air Compressor station and such other facilities are also
    available in the campus.
 Since the college works from 8.30 am to 1.45 pm for the Day College,
    the inmates, who are free in the afternoon, are encouraged to use their
    time usefully by learning typewriting, shorthand, computer courses,
    communication skills, car driving etc. A special feature of the hostel
    is that the fees for these classes are paid by the hostel and inmates are
    permitted to pay in easy installments along with their mess bill.
 Useful advertisements about competitive examinations, entrance
    examinations for higher studies, employment opportunities or any
    other important informations displayed on the general notice board
    and also in the dining hall notice boards.
   The students are encouraged to participate in various club activities
 The obstacles court has been constructed recently for the benefit of
    the NCC students.
   Our college management is helping economically poor but meritorious
students by providing with free lodging and boarding facilities in the hostel.
They are also given the opportunity to work, for which appropriate
remuneration is paid. The following students are getting benefits under this
“Earn While Learn” Scheme during this academic year.
Name                                         Major
1. M.L. Abuthaheer                           I      B.Sc Physics.
2. A. Asik Raja                              II     B.Sc Botany.
3. S. Ajmeer Ali                             I      B.Sc Mathematics.
4. S. Imran khan                             I      B.Sc Chemistry.
5. A. Kaja maiden                            III    B.Sc Mathematics.
6. M. Kadhar basha                           I      B.Sc Mathematics.
7. M. Azarudeen                              I      B.Sc Physics.
8. A. Noorul ameen                           I      BBA
9. K. Mohamed sulthan ibrahim                II     B.A Arabic.
10. Sherif Rahman                            I      B.A. English.
11. Azad Mohamed                             I      B.A. English.
12. Jaheshi                                  II     B.Sc Chemistry.
13. Ramesh                                   II     M.Sc Botany
Blood Donation by the Inmates:
       The inmates of the college are rendering a great service by donating
blood as and when approached. At the beginning of each academic year,
blood grouping camp is held in the campus by the Leo Club of Jamal
Mohamed College.      After the blood grouping camp is over, a list of
voluntary blood donors is prepared. The copy of the list is, with the co-
ordinator, the Deputy Warden and the student in-charge of the blood
Donation. Verification is made for the genuinity, before our students are
asked to donate blood. The following figures will provide the volume of
blood donated year-wise by the inmates of the hostel:

                   2001-2002 -        60 Units
                   2002-2003 –        80 Units
                   2003-2004 -        238 Units
                   2004-2005 -        420 Units
                   2005-2006 -        650 Units
                   2006-2007 -        1180 Units
                   2007-2008 -        370 Units (till October)

      Hostel Administrative team is headed by Dr. M. Sheik Mohamed,
Principal and Warden of all Hostels. He is ably assisted by Dr. S. Ismail
Mohideen as co-ordinator of Dy-wardens, Dr.S.Mohamed Salique, as Dy
Warden of P.G.New Hostel for both men and women, Prof.A.Mohamed
Saleem, Prof.M.Mohamed Surfudeen and Prof.A.Khaleelur Rahman as other
Deputy Wardens of Khajamian Hostel.
      The hostel administration is further strengthened by the services of the
Sub wardens namely Prof.A.Mohamed Ismail, Prof.A.Abbas Manthiri,
Prof. L.Asid Ahamed, Prof. Mohamed Irsath, Prof. Ashik Hameed, Prof.
A.Prasanna, and S.Abbas Manthiri. Mr.Nainar Mohamed Rifai serves as the
full time sub warden.
The former Deputy Wardens and Co-ordinators of Khajamian
          Name                               Period
     Major S.A. Shah                         1958-1962
     Prof. S. Victor                         1962-1964
     Prof. S.A. Razack                       1964-1966
     Prof. K.J. Abraham                      1966-1969
     Major S.A. Shah                         1969-1979
     Dr. C. Nainar Mohamed                   1979-1982
     Prof. Syed Nathar Khalander             1982-1984

    Name                                     Period
     Prof. K. Abdullah Basha                 1984-1987
     Dr. P. Shahul Hameed                    1987-1988
     Dr. P.N.P. Mohamed Sahaputheen          1988-1991
     Dr. P.M. Mansure                        1991-1998
     Prof. K. Shahul Hameed                  1998-2001
     Dr. A. Dastageer                        2001-2004
     Dr. R. Khader Mohideen                  2004-2008
     Dr. S. Ismail Mohideen                  Since 2008

Office Staffs: Name                        Designation
    1       Mr. M.Ajmal Khan          Manager
    2       Mr. K.M.Nagoor Meeran     Cashier
    3       Mr. P.M.Nizar Gani        Computer Programmer
    4       Mr. O.A.Balaguru          Supervisor
    5       Mr. S.Paramasivam         Supervisor
    6       Mr. S.Zahir Hussain       Supervisor
    7       Mr. S.Abdul Rahman        Supervisor
    8       Mr. V.Neelamegam          Supervisor

      Keeping in mind that our hostel is Home Away From Home, the inmates
are given due counseling on personal and academic problems. It becomes a basic
duty of the inmates to know the rules and regulations of the hostel and follow
them accordingly.

1.    Apart from the hostel inmates, nobody (friends, relatives or parents) is
      allowed to enter into the Rooms, at anytime.
2.    Silence hour should be observed by the inmate’s everyday from 8.30.p.m. to
      6.30 a.m.
3.    Study hour is observed everyday from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. During these
      hours, inmates are expected to remain in their seat compulsorily and read
      their lessons silently. No inmate is allowed to loiter around in the verandah
      or discuss anything. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against such
      students who violate this rule.
4.    If any inmate wants to go out of the hostel, he must get prior permission
      from the
      wardens. Leave letters should not be kept in the room or handed over to
5.    The main gate of the hostel will be locked at 8.45 p.m. inmates who got
      prior permission from the Deputy Warden, should show their hostel identity
      card to the Security/ Watchman and make entries in the register. Only
      then the Inmates could re-enter the hostel.
6.    Inmates must lock their rooms with proper protection. While going out,
      inmates should switch off the fan and tube light. Defaulters will have
      to pay fine for it.
7.    Pasting of pictures, or writing anything on the Hostel walls or doors is
      strictly prohibited such inmates who violate this rule will be fined
8.    Inmates should not keep or use iron box in their rooms.
9.    Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hostel campus. Other bad habits, if
      found among the inmates, strict disciplinary action will be taken
10.   Usage of Cell phones inside the campus is prohibited.
11.   Inmates should maintain cleanliness in their respective rooms and behave
      in a friendly manner with their roommates, which are part of hostel
12.   Muslim students asked to perform five times prayer every day.
13.   Severe action will be taken against inmates who stay in the hostel during
      the working hours of the college.
14.   Inmates are allowed to keep Walkman and Pocket Transistor only. They
      should not have Tape Recorder or any other electronic entertainment
      devices in their rooms.
15.   Those who want to install computers in the room must get prior
      permission from the hostel authorities and it should not be used during
      study hour. Moreover, Computers must be used for educational
      purpose only.
16.   Permission is not given for making out station trips continuously on
      Saturdays and Sundays.
17.   The dividing system is followed in the hostel mess without aiming at any
      monetary benefits. Every month, the Mess bill must be paid within 10
      days from the date of announcement by the Deputy Warden. Inmates must
      behave with the mess servants in a kind manner.
18.   Admission to hostel in the consecutive years of the Degree Course will be
      made, only on the basis of the student's academic progress, discipline
      and leave period availed.

      Discipline, decent behaviour of the inmates and the support of the parents
alone are responsible for the healthy growth of the hostel. Inmates should follow
these guidelines. The co-operation of everyone concerned is solicited for the fine
progress of our hostel.

      We feel reasonably proud that the administration has not witnessed
any student unrest due to hostel related grievances for the past several years

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