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									Wedding & Celebration Cakes
Wedding & Celebration Cakes at Bettys                                                                                               Sweet Pea Cascade
We have been making Wedding Cakes for over 80 years and pride ourselves on having a strong                                          This pretty cake was first introduced
sense of tradition and craftsmanship. Our founder, Frederick Belmont, was a skilled Swiss                                           in the 1920s by our founder, Frederick
confectioner who instilled in us a passion for craft, which we have kept alive ever since.                                          Belmont, and it has been one of our most
Every cake is a labour of love which can’t be hurried. Our bakers use only the finest ingredients                                   popular designs ever since. Each round
in our recipes, and our special Celebration Fruit Cake is matured for three months to allow                                         cake is covered in soft icing, decorated
the rich flavours and moist texture to develop. It can take one of our cake decorators over                                         with delicate beadwork and narrow satin
seven days to decorate a single cake because each individual petal, rosebud, lily and leaf                                          ribbon. It can be made with one, two
is skilfully crafted by hand.                                                                                                       or three tiers.
To make ordering a Wedding Cake easier for you, this brochure features four of our most                                             Handmade sugar sweet peas work
popular designs. We offer a very personalised service, so please ask for an appointment to                                          beautifully on this classic Bettys cake.
discuss your requirements in detail.
                                                                                                    Our founder Frederick Belmont   Each flower is carefully moulded and
                                                                                                    in the 1920’s
                                                                                                                                    shaped before being wired together with
This brochure also includes our range of Celebration Cakes, which can be ordered for birthdays,
                                                                                                                                    dark green ivy leaves. The posies are
christenings and anniversaries, and features our Party Desserts. For more information, or to place an order please
                                                                                                                                    hand-dusted to mirror the subtle shades
enquire in our shops, or telephone us on 01423 814010.
                                                                                                                                    of nature and then gently entwined
                                                                                                                                    around each tier.

Bettys Craft Bakery                                                   Our cake decorating team                                      Hand-making sweet peas
White Lily Cascade                                 Classic Lacework
This simple, yet stunning Wedding Cake is          Continuing the skills first perfected by
larger than the Sweet Pea Cascade, to              Frederick Belmont, this classically
accommodate the beautiful life-sized lilies.       elegant Wedding Cake is our most
The longiflora flowers are so skilfully crafted,   traditional design.
they look almost real, and give a dramatic         The incredibly detailed decoration is
finishing touch to this elegant cake.              made by piping the icing onto waxed
It is available to order with one,                 paper, which has been placed over
two or three tiers.                                specially made wooden blocks. Once the
                                                   icing has dried, the delicate lacework
                                                   panels are carefully attached to the cake.
                                                   Shell piping and beadwork add the
                                                   finishing touches.
                                                   This cake can be made with up to four
                                                   tiers, sufficient for two hundred guests.

                                                   Detail of one of the lacework panels
Rosebuds                                        Our Recipes
This unusual petal-shaped cake is delicate      Our classic Celebration Fruit Cake
and romantic. Tiny sprays of white              is baked in small batches and left to
rosebuds are individually crafted and           mature for several months to allow the
dusted, then wired together with hand-          rich flavour to develop. We use
moulded leaves and positioned around            traditional ingredients including
each tier. Finally, the cake is finished with   muscovado sugar, unbleached wheat
narrow satin ribbon and intricate               flour, butter and ground almonds. The
beadwork.                                       vine fruits and cherries are steeped in
This cake can be ordered with up to             sherry and lemon juice to make them
four tiers.                                     plump and succulent.
                                                We also make wonderfully light,
                                                Genoese Sponge filled with
                                                raspberry preserve and buttercream,
                                                or rich dark Chocolate Sponge with
                                                fresh cream chocolate ganache. All of        Celebration Fruit Cake   Royal Icing

                                                our cakes are covered with a layer of
                                                finest quality marzipan before your
                                                choice of icing is applied.
                                                For a traditional, crisp-looking finish,
                                                Royal Icing works well on both round
                                                and square cakes. The icing is applied
                                                with a palette knife to ensure a perfectly
                                                smooth surface, ready for decorating.
                                                Fondant Icing is also very
                                                traditional. The fondant is skilfully
                                                applied by hand before being decorated
                                                with Royal Icing.
                                                For a slightly less formal finish,
                                                Soft Icing works very well, especially
                                                on round cakes, as it gives them a gently
                                                curved edge. It is also very easy to cut
Hand-dusting the tiny rosebuds                  into portions.                               Fondant Icing            Soft Icing
Handmade Sugar Flowers & Berries
This wonderful collection of flowers and berries are a true testament to the exceptional skills
of our confectioners. Every petal is moulded separately by hand and then carefully formed
into a life-size single bloom. The individual flowers are wired together with handmade leaves
and dusted with colour to replicate nature... it’s difficult to believe they’re not real.
Sprays of roses, autumn berries, lilies, freesias and sweet peas are available on all of our single
tier cakes, and are perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

                                                                                                      Autumn Berries   Lilies

                                                                                                      Freesias         Sweet peas
               Special Occasion Cakes
               No celebration is complete without a cake, and to make a
               birthday or anniversary even more memorable,
               our confectioners can bake a cake and decorate it with
               your own inscription.
               The Bettys Bear is one of our signature designs. Each
               loveable teddy is moulded by hand from ‘pastelage’ –
               a hard sugar paste, which can be kept as a souvenir.
               Our Christening Cake features a beautiful handmade baby’s
               rattle made of icing with tiny sugar crystals inside.
               And for every special occasion, our miniature presents tied
               up with ribbon are sure to fit the bill.

Bettys Bears

                                                                             For that personal touch, we can hand-pipe
                                                                             your own special message onto any of our
                                                                             hand-decorated Celebration Cakes.
Presents       Christenings
 Chocolate Ruffle Cake                                         Party Cakes
         Chocolate lovers will adore this spectacular cake.    For impromptu parties and gifts, the cakes pictured
It is made using rich dark chocolate sponge, layered with      here are available at relatively short notice.
       fresh cream chocolate ganache, and then decorated       Both the Primroses and Parcel Cakes are our Celebration
               with handmade chocolate curls and ruffles.      Fruit Cake recipe and are decorated with marzipan and soft
   The cake can be ordered with one, two or three tiers,       icing. The gift tag on the Parcel Cake can be piped with
        and each tier can be lifted off for ease of serving.   a name if requested at the time of ordering.
                                                               Our Fondant Fancy Party Cake is hugely popular for
                                                               children’s parties as it’s made up of sixteen individual
                                                               Fondant Fancies, tied together with ribbon.

                                                                                                                            Primroses Cake

                   Making the delicate ruffles by hand

                                                               Parcel Cake                                                  Fondant Fancy Party Cake
                                       Wedding Favours
                                       Bettys Wedding Favours make the perfect finishing touch
                                       to your reception tables. We offer miniature gold or silver
                                       boxes tied up with cream satin ribbon, containing either
                                       one or two handmade chocolates.
                                       Our foiled hearts are available in creamy white, smooth
                                       milk, or rich dark chocolate and the lattice heart is available
                                       in rich dark chocolate. All are wrapped in cellophane
                                       and tied up with Bettys ribbon.
                                       Bettys Celebration Tea is an exceptional blend of the finest
                                       Tippy Assam and Single Estate Darjeeling, with the delicate
                                       scent of pink rose petals.

A selection of wedding favours

                                                                                                         Praline Torte                                             Strawberry & Champagne Torte

                                                                                                         Party Desserts
                                                                                                         Our Swiss-trained confectioners have created a range of
                                                                                                         gorgeous desserts which can be ordered for your party.
                                                                                                         From luxuriously elegant tortes made with chocolate
                                                                                                         and fresh cream, through to our signature specialities
                                                                                                         such as Yorkshire Curd or Swiss ChocolateTorte, we have
                                                                                                         something to suit every occasion.
                                                                                                         Please ask one of our shop staff to show you our
                                                                                                         Party Desserts book.
Chocolate Hearts and Celebration Tea   Tying bows on our wedding favours                                                                                           Making our Imperial Chocolate Torte
If you have a special request for a cake,
please telephone telephone 01423 814010
to arrange an appointment

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