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									Down the Stream of Stars
Author: Jeffrey Carver

A great interstellar migration has begun, down the gateway known as the starstream. Remnant of the
Betelgeuse supernova, the starstream is a grand, ethereal highway deep into the Milky Way. It is also a
living entity: born of the merged souls of the once-living star and the other beings who died in its creation.
Who could have predicted the wonders of the starstream, or the perils it unleashed? Among the perils is
a terrifying race known as the Throgs-shadowy beings that live in the n-space of the starstream. Entire
worlds have died, destroyed by the Throgs. But life goes on, and colonists continue to settle new worlds.
Colony-bound aboard the starship Charity are one Claudi Melnik, a child of uncommon talents-and an AI
named Jeaves, who has his own interest in an encounter with Throgs. When the unthinkable occurs,
Claudi must face alone the challenge from beyond space and time. And no one, not even Jeaves, could
have predicted the final confrontation, or imagined where unexpected friendship would be found. Down the
Stream of Stars, triumphant sequel to the bestselling From a Changeling Star, is a daring journey across
the gulf between human and alien, to the heart of consciousness itself.
Author Bio
Jeffrey Carver
A native of Huron, Ohio, Jeffrey A. Carver has lived in New England since graduating from Brown
University in 1971 with a degree in English. In 1974 he earned a Master of Marine Affairs degree from the
University of Rhode Island. He has been a high school wrestler, a scuba diving instructor, a quahog diver,
a UPS sorter, a word-processing consultant, a private pilot, and a stay-at-home dad. He lives with his
family in Arlington, MA, where he divides his writing time between fiction writing and instructional
design/technical writing. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy writers of America, and The
Authors Guild. His interests include his wife and kids, science, religion, nature, underwater exploration,
and flying.

"Carver's ingenuity is everywhere apparent."

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