WORSHIP TEAM ROSTER Aug to Oct by lindayy


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									                                    WORSHIP TEAM ROSTER                             Aug to Oct
            Aug 2nd      Aug 9th     Aug 16th   Aug 23     Aug 30th       Sept 6th           Sept 13th          Sept 20th
Leader      Tyla         Phill       Phill      Mel        Tyla           Phill              Les                Benn
Lead GuitarPhill         Phill       Phill      Phill      Phill                             Christy            Benn
Acc' Guitar              Cathy       Benn       Cathy      Christy        Cathy                                 Cathy
Bass Guitar              Christy
Piano       Bek          Shirley                           Shirley        Bek                Kerensa
Drums       Caroline     Kim         Kim        Caroline   Kim            Kim                Caroline           Kim
Flute                                Jodie                                                   Jodie

Vocalists   Nat          Kerry       Elo        Nat        Elo            Bek                Nat                Elo
            Elo          Les         Mel        Bek        Mel            Les

Sound       Joe          Brad        Jodie      Joe        Benella        Brad               Benella            Jodie
Words       Jodie        Benella     Mel        Lucy       Shirley Cook   Greg               Cathy              Benella

            Sept 27th    Oct 4th     Oct 11th   Oct 18th   Oct 25th                     Remember: If you are not available when you are
Leader      Tyla         Phill       Mel        Phill      Les                   rostered on, it is your responsibility to organise a replacement,
Lead Guitar              Phill       Phill      Phill      Phill                 (where possible.) Please contact Phill or Mel to advise of any
Acc' Guitar Cathy        Benn        Christy    Cathy      Benn                   change in the leadership, or if you can't find a replacement.
Bass Guitar                                                Christy
Piano       Shirley      Bek                    Shirley
Drums       Kim          Caroline    Kim        Kim        Caroline
Flute       Jodie                                                                  Practice is 8.15 am Sundays unless otherwise notified
                                                                                          (8am for Leaders and Sound Operators)
Vocalists   Kerry        Nat         Mel        Kerry      Nat                               *** Please be on time or early!! ***
                         Elo         Les        Mel        Elo

Sound       Joe          Brad        Jodie      Benella    Joe
Words       Shirley Cook Mel         Lucy       Greg       Cathy                       Thankyou for your willingness and passion to be involved in this

                                                                                  exciting ministry. We really appreciate your commitment. God bless you!!
      WATT will be on:   Monday 10th Aug                                            Please contact us aytime with any queries, comments or concerns.
                         Monday 14th Sept                                                          Phill & Mel Thomas
                         Monday 12th Oct                                                                                                Worship Directors

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