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					                                                  ENTRY FORM


                                     SUNDAY 7th February 2010
Please enter me in the Event ticked below. Sailing vessels, motor boats and dinghies are welcome to join
in the fun, but all participating vessels must have wood as their principal construction material.

        Yachts, spinnaker (Division 1)

        Yachts, non-spinnaker (Division 2)

        Rowing vessels

        Motorboat Parade

         Sailing Dinghies

Helmsman’s Name              ______________________________________

Name of yacht/boat           _______________________________                   Sail Number ____________

Club (If Applicable)         _____________________________________________

Class or Type of Boat        _______________________________ Year of Construction ____________

LOA     ________________             Beam      ________________           Draft ________________

Hull Colour ________________ Rig_______________________

Propellor Details (2/3 blade or folding) ____________         Other identifying features _____________________

By entering the Kettering Wooden Boat Rally and signing the following declaration, owners/skippers of all Division 1 and
Division 2 yachts are declaring that they meet YA Category 7 Safety Requirements and have a Third Party Liability Insurance
Policy (minimum $5,000,000). Powered Vessels must comply with MAST safety requirements, and carry a Third Party Liability
Insurance Policy (minimum $5,000,000).

Declaration for all entries: I agree to be bound by the 2009 - 12 Racing Rules of the International Sailing Federation, the
Prescriptions and Special Regulations of the Australian Yachting Federation and the current sailing instructions published by the
Kettering Yacht Club.

I acknowledge that ISF Rule 4 Decision to Race places sole responsibility for deciding to participate in a race, or to continue
racing, on the individual skipper.

Name:                                                             Signature: ___________________________________
                                                                                                     (Don’t forget to fill out page 2)
Owner/representative Contact Details:



       Home:                           Mobile:


Entry Fees:
All vessels: $20.00 if received before January 25.
Please include cheque for entry fees, or Credit Card details with your entry form.
Cheques should be made payable to Kettering Wooden Boat Rally.

Card Type (Visa or Mastercard only):     ________________

Card Number: _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

Expiry: _ _ / _ _        Cardholder Name :       ________________

Social Events:
Please indicate the likely number of participants from your vessel taking part in any of the following:

      Saturday night barbeque at Kettering Yacht Club

       Sunday morning breakfast at Kettering Yacht Club

       Dinner and presentation night

       Monday morning breakfast at Kettering Yacht Club

If you will require a berth at Kettering on Saturday or Sunday night, circle one or both: Saturday Sunday

Entry Forms should be forwarded by 25 January 2010 to: WOODEN BOAT RALLY
                                                                         KETTERING YACHT CLUB

                                                            PO BOX 280


                                                            TAS 7155

The Committee may accept late entries, up to Saturday 6 February. A late fee of $20 will be levied.

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