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                                                                        (Part B)
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                                                               “Wising up and making
                                                                sensible decisions.”

James 1:5 (tev) If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding
fault, and it will be given to him.

If we don’t ask then we won’t receive! Whenever we need wisdom for a specific need or situation we can
pray and ask God and He will generously supply what we need.

Christians don’t need to stumble upon or around for answers and solutions; rather, we just need to pray and
ask God.

It is important to ask and believe that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us a word or message of wisdom when
facing a situation when wisdom is required.

What is the Word of Wisdom?

The Word of Wisdom is –

       - is the right use of knowledge.
       - is how to handle the facts!
       - is knowing how to apply knowledge correctly and effectively.

Just as general wisdom is knowledge rightly applied. The Spiritual gift of the word of wisdom is the
supernatural ability to apply knowledge. It is knowledge rightly applied by God’s Spirit.

It is God showing the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW of a problem. It is the supernatural solution to

The Word of Wisdom brings responses like;

“What made you think of that?”
“That’s the very thing I needed to hear.”

This wisdom is not natural wisdom but a particular revelation given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of God
for a particular situation.

Each time a Word of Wisdom is brought forth, it is a new flash of God’s wisdom given to a response of faith.
It is a Word of Wisdom imparted by the Holy Spirit into the heart, spirit or mind of a person to meet a
particular need! By the gift of the Word of Wisdom we can know what to do, where to go, when to do
something, how to go about it.

The word "wisdom" comes from the Greek word "Sophia." It was used to describe an inner intuitive or inner
understanding. Here James uses ’sophia’ wisdom. ’sophia’ wisdom it’s where we instinctively know what the
Lord wants.
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The Gift of the word of wisdom carries the mark of the wisdom of God!
And God's wisdom beats all other wisdom known to man.

The word of wisdom is needed, therefore, in our lives to enable us to share the other Gifts of the Spirit

For example, it is one thing to receive a word of prophecy, knowledge, faith, healing, etc., but it is entirely
another thing to deliver that gift in such a way as to allow it to have its fullest impact.

Many people do receive information and gifts in the Holy Spirit, but do not always know how to deliver, nor to
whom. If we do not minister in God's wisdom we can make mistakes, and cause disrespect to other people.

Biblical Examples of the Word of Wisdom


Matthew 21:23-27

When Jesus was confronted by the chief priests and elders with a difficult question,

v 23(b) “….by what authority are you doing these things?”

Jesus replied to their surprise with an equally difficult question. See vs 24-25.
The Pharisees demanded to know where Jesus got His authority.

If Jesus said His authority came from God, they would have accused Him of blasphemy.

If He said that He was acting on His own authority, the crowds would then be convinced that the Pharisees
had the greater authority.

But Jesus answered them with a seemingly unrelated question (a flash of divine wisdom) that exposed their
real motives. They didn’t really want Jesus to answer their question they only wanted to trap Him.

Jesus showed that the Pharisees wanted the truth only if it supported their own views and causes.

We too can receive God’s wisdom when we need to answer difficult questions, especially when sharing about
Jesus to someone who is on the journey in discovering who Jesus is.


The Apostle Paul in dealing with the spirit of divination in a young lady
(Acts 16:16-18)

Paul did not "rush in" straightaway and deliver the girl. He waited "many days" before confronting it.
That was wisdom.

This example does not mean that a similar case would necessarily be handled the same way. We may need to
act today, or tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Godly wisdom gets the timing right!

So often in decision making we can rush into a decision only to find it was premature.

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                         Series: Hot Tips for Christian Living – Practical advice from the book of James!

This can cause a lot of pain, misfortune and at times embarrassment. We need to trust in God’s ability to get
the timing right. He will let us know the how, the when and the why through His divine wisdom – timing is


The Apostle Peter in dealing with Ananias and Sapphira
(Acts 5:1-10)

Note the word of knowledge used here by Peter in Vs 3-4.

Peter used the word of wisdom to make sure that Sapphira exposed her own evil doings and so suffered the
consequences of her own actions. He did not accuse Sapphira on the confession of her husband alone, but
wisely heard from her as well. Note the word of wisdom used by Peter in Vs 8.


Solomon passing judgment on a child
(1 Kings 3:16-28)

A good Old Testament example is that of Solomon passing judgment on the women who were arguing over
their two children - one dead and one alive. Both women were claiming that the remaining live child was
theirs and the dead child was the other women’s.

Note the word of wisdom used here by Solomon in Vs 24.
Solomon called for a sword to divide the remaining live child in two, so the women could have half each!

When Solomon made that decision known, the true mother of the living child cried out to give her child to the
other woman (in order to save its life). Solomon then knew who the real mother was.

This judgment from Solomon caused all Israel to see that Solomon had the wisdom of God to judge Vs 28.


How will we be known?
How do you want to be known?

We all want to be wise, and known to be wise.
We all want to make sensible decisions in life.
God desires to help us to be wise and to make those sensible decisions.

James 1:5a (tev) If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God,

So why should we ask God for wisdom?

Proverbs 2:6 (cev) All wisdom comes from the Lord, and so do common sense and understanding.

3.          Mike Groom           Pt 2 – Wisdom (B) “Transcript”            21 Sept 2008                www.wpcc.com.au

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