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					                           INTEROPERABILITY MONTANA
                             GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE
                                 January 7, 2008 ● MINUTES
                                                Helena, MT

Bill Fleiner*                IMGC Chair, Department of Corrections (DOC) Quality Assurance
Mark Adams                   NG
Kevin Bruski*                MDOT
Chris Christensen            Public Safety Services Bureau (PSSB)
Chief Alan Michaels *        Eastern Tier Interoperable Consortium (ETIC) Project
Cindy Mullaney *             Flathead County, Emergency Services
Roger Smith*                 MDOT

Cheryl Liedle*               IM Project Director (IMPD) Chair, Lewis & Clark County Sheriff

Warren Dupuis                Dept. of Admin., ITSD, PPSB
Carrie Castle                PSSB
Bob McWilliams               IMTC Vice Chair, I-15/90 Corridor Consortium
Wing Spooner                 PSSB
* Denotes voting members

Welcome and Introductions: The meeting began at 12:49 pm. Introductions were complete.

Approval of December Minutes: At the bottom of page one under NGA, the amount for printing should
be $3500. Bottom of page two, ITF should be IT. Alan Michaels motioned to accept minutes as
amended. Cindy Mullaney seconded. The motion carried.

NGA - Final Report: Chris Christensen reported. A series of questions need to be answered for the
final report. Bill Fleiner will be meeting with several IMGC folks on January 25 to complete this. Chris
also reported that the folks from NGA have reviewed Montana’s plan and are very impressed. Lastly, of
the $50K, all but $7.11 was expended. Printing for the Policy Review will cost $2300 and cost for SCIP
is $3500.

Second Vice Chair Nominees: There were two nominees for second vice chair. From Flathead
County, Joe Brenneman, Chairman for County of Commissioners; and Sheriff John Walsh, Butte
Silverbow County. The ballot will be put together and a luncheon sponsored with results announced at
end of the IMPD meeting tomorrow. The position will be assumed at that time.


Sub Committee Reports:

Bylaws: Cindy Mullaney reported a few changes were made to the bylaws. One item was in regard to
whether or not the chair can be considered a vote for IMPD, therefore Section 3.4.1 was added as new.
After discussion with Bill Fleiner, Section 3.4.2 was added due to a tie breaker issue that needed to be
included. Section 4.1 was changed to state that the IMPD would need to meet a minimum of six times
per year. Per Mark Adams, for Section 4.5, Montana School Board is diligent about executive sessions,
therefore, it was suggested and decided to change wording to refer to that statue.
Several other grammatical and wording changes were made and it was decided that the bylaws will be
reviewed yearly rather than monthly from now on.

Definitions of Levels of Participation: Bill explained and a handout was disseminated. Levels of
Participation have been part of the watermarks on all past agendas and need to be incorporated into
bylaws. From where the Governance Committee began, a decision as to where they fit now and how
they will be defined needs to be discussed. Under System Manager, Cindy Mullaney stated this title may
pose some confusion with system managers on the TreSap level. In depth discussion ensued regarding
titles and how to alleviate such confusion. Cindy will incorporate the changes into bylaws.

MOU Report: Bill Fleiner reported. The MOU requires only four more signatures which should be
obtained at the IMPD meeting tomorrow. Joe Lamson with DNRC is moving his department forward and
getting them more actively engaged in IM, as this is crucial. As an entity, Rocky Boy is missing from the
Central Montana Consortium according to Wing Spooner and Cindy Mullaney. Mark Adams asked about
tribes who have not signed the ILA, and Bill Fleiner explained that all counties are part of a consortium
whether the ILA is signed or not, and the structure of consortia will not be changing, so the ILA can be
signed at any time. Mark Adams inquired as to whether DES has a consortia formed and if checks and
balances are in place for funding. For the PSIC and 07 funding, DES is not renewing MOU’s with local
jurisdictions so this will have to be done.

Finance Committee: Chief Alan Michaels reported and a draft of today’s meeting minutes were
disseminated and reviewed. Topics of discussion included the IMPD budget presentation; the Northern
Tier budget; the 7.4 upgrade and maintenance contracts; solicitation of new members; general fund
appropriations; DES grant for legal and accounting work; and budget presentation. Several motions
were made throughout the meeting all of which passed.

Chris Christensen inquired about unspent funds that may appear at the end of a budget term and the
need to be aware of these ahead of time before it’s too late to spend the amount. He suggested to sign
a subscriber unit agreement with Motorola in order to cover this. Bill Fleiner suggested asking for an
extension through the end of August to which Dan Sullivan had followed up on. According to DES, no
extension is allowed due to the fact that they are not being requested. Bill suggested having Mark
Canton present at the next Finance meeting in order to discuss this issue. A “stranded fund” ITPR was
also suggested, and this will be looked into as well. By the March finance meeting, a decision needs to
be made for approval by IMPD. From now on, all Finance committee meetings will now be held at
Northrop Grumman from 9:00 am to noon.

MOTION: Cindy Mullaney moved to accept finance sub committee minutes as amended and Roger
Smith seconded. The motion carried.

Staffing Committee: Minutes for November 30 and December 14 meetings were provided. Of the four
objectives the committee is dealing with right now (below), they are working on two at this time. The first
is the EIN number for IM and the second is to get IRS form 1024 filled out and returned. Bill Fleiner
reported he has a meeting set up with Jackson, Murdow and Grant in order to talk about engaging them
to complete the corporate process for IM. This contract will run upwards in the amount of $10K. If they
are interested, a contract will be worked out through DMA. Bill has also been instructed by the sub
committee to release a packet of information for the IMPD meeting tomorrow, which will include the four
points from the December Staffing Committee minutes.

The four points include:

    Follow through with the SOW for project management.
    PSSB support for specific areas.

    Establish IM as a public entity as an agent of county government through IRS processes.

    Examine the need for a high level of administration and technical ability to manage the IM project

Bill disseminated a four-page draft of what the budget may look like should the project hire its own staff
which right now, would run around $700K. As the project expands, those costs will continue to escalate
and may exceed $1.5 to $2 million. Other documents in the packet will include a draft organizational
chart, information to explain what is happening to date, as well as the MOU for executive officer and
staffing that was done by Cindy Mullaney and Edward Sypinski. The IMPD will be given time to sort
through the information so in February, the Staffing committee can attend IMPD and explain where they
would like to see the project go in regard to the four points (above) and discuss what IMPD’s intent will

MOTION: Alan Michaels made a motion to accept the staffing committee minutes. Roger Smith
seconded. The motion carried.

Policy Committee: Bill Fleiner provided a copy of the Interoperability Montana Policy Directive for
review/comments and stated that anyone can review this document and provide commentary. This will
be discussed at the February meeting and then taken to IMPD for final approval. Bill explained this is
consistent with the process we want to have in place when all corporate affairs are in order. The
document speaks to conflict resolution, financial matters and grantor conflict issues and what the venue
for resolution may be.

MOTION: Cindy Mullaney moved to approve the Policy Directive. Alan Michaels seconded. The motion

Fleet Mapping: Cindy Mullaney provided the November minutes. She asked the committee to review
recommendations to IMPD and IMGC and referred to the action item requesting that Bill Fleiner set up a
meeting with Jim DeTienne to discuss talk group ID’s. Topics of discussion included programming
standards, system administrators, recommended best practices, SOW’s, recommendations to IMGC and
IMPD and talk group ID’s, (which will be defined as non trunking).

Several new policies were implemented including: 1) non 10 codes which need to be clear text; 2)
naming conventions 3) and DES only regarding encryption. The committee also discussed federal
groups that may need on system. Also discussed was the need for an MOU in order to the access
system and they will be checking with North Dakota on their methods. The fleet mapping checklist was
also discussed and they may put together a booklet with a checklist to include information that will help
folks through the process, as well as the benefit of having a manager. They are also looking at
templates for SOPs that came out of Motorola. Cindy reported that this sub committee’s charge is to
develop procedures for fleet mapping and system utilization for those who will be using the system and
to then keep everything consistent.

MOTION: Alan Michaels moved to accept the fleet mapping minutes. Kevin Bruski seconded. The
motion carried.

Legislature 2009: Bill Fleiner reported there are issues coming to fruition. At the last legislative session,
we asked for $8.5 million which was received. However, Bill suspects not as much will be allotted for the
09 session therefore this needs to be considered and priorities established. If we ask for an additional

two years at the 09 session, we will have to make assurances that a proposal will be made as to how the
system will be sustained. Another priority to consider is how to connect the two master controllers and
this may need to be main priority. A second issue based on recommendations by the staffing committee
and IMPD is looking at how to address issues of executive officer and staffing in the following two years,
for which there is no budget currently.

Retreat Committee Report: The sub committee met and discussed the retreat. A main vision, as well
as goals and objectives were identified as to what, should the IMPD approve and move forward with the
retreat, they would like to see accomplished. The following were identified:

VISION: To improve communication in order to develop the Interoperable Communication Project.

GOALS: 1) Clarify roles of IMPD and consortia; 2) understand expectations of local, state and federal
authorities relative to system build out; and 3) what the greater good is to achieving these.

OBJECTIVES: 1) The need for people to understand; 2) identify team building and a biennial planning
process; 3) recognize the management of the system relative to the IMPD, consortia, committee and
governing bodies and local jurisdictions; 4) establish legislative priorities and communication; and 5)
educate public officials relating to the IM project.

These along with moving forward with the retreat will be the recommendations to IMPD. They would like
to put this together to coincide with the Governor’s Emergency Preparedness Summit from April 21-24
to be held in Billings. Chris Christensen contacted Erin Lee, NGA, and she agreed they would be
present to facilitate the conference. She is also looking for facilitators to assist as well.

MOTION: Cindy Mullaney moved to accept the report. Roger Smith seconded. The motion carried.

Development Reports

MSU Funding Report : The funding report is in regard to county surveys done by MSU and the total
funds each county has put in so far. Bill Fleiner stated the objective of what was started here, has not
yet been met. Deferred to next meeting.

SCIP Plan: Wing Spooner reported. They may not receive information until the end of February. Both
Wing and Scott Bradford have been working with multiple states and are finding out that many are not
very far along in this process. This points to the fact how far Montana has come in comparison.

Next Meeting/Adjournment: February 4, 2008. Cindy Mullaney moved to adjourn. Kevin Bruski
seconded. The meeting adjourned at 4:51 pm.