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									Course in Wound Closure and Suturing

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th May 2009

          The Benchmarque Group in association with WentWest
               are pleased to offer the Nationally Accredited
                 Course in Wound Closure and Suturing.

 Limit 14 Participants                   Course in Wound Closure
 The Course in Wound Closure and Suturing is a short course designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for
 Nurses & relevant allied healthcare workers to safely assess the need for and perform this procedure in a variety of set-
 tings. It is particularly relevant to Practice Nurses, Emergency Nurses, Community, Regional, Rural & Remote Nurses,
 and Indigenous Health Care Workers.
 Pre requisites (Minimum requirement):
 Registered Nurses (Division 1), Enrolled Nurses (Division 2) and Indigenous Health Care Workers.
 Aims of the Course:
 This course aims to provide participants with the required theory and knowledge for undertaking wound closure by basic
 suturing and wound closure techniques. Participants will be provided with a pre course learning package prior to the
 course study day, where they undertake the theoretical component, and complete a examination comprising of multiple
 choice and short answer questions prior to the study day workshop. During the course study day students participate in
 further theoretical lectures, demonstrations, simulated wound closure, practical techniques and
 simulated assessment tasks.
 Finally, the participant s complete supervised practice in the clinical environment by a nominated mentor completing five
 supervised procedures. Participants are deemed competent to suture a variety of wounds independently once this final
 task has been signed off by the supervising mentor and completed forms returned.
 Course Delivery:
 Total Hours of Learning - approx. 30 hours. Hours include self directed learning and two (2) days of delivery including
 lecture, demonstration and practical workshop sessions prior to assessment taking place.

           The Benchmarque Group Pty Limited are an Authorised Provider of Endorsed Courses by the Royal
                    College of Nursing, Australia. All programs delivered will accrue CNE Points.
                                            Course Details

                             Registration 8.30am
            Course Commences at 9.00am sharp Friday and Saturday
                 Concludes approx 4.00pm Friday and Saturday

                      Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May 2009

                                     WentWest Office
                               Level 3 - 20 Wentworth Street
                             Paramatta New South Wales 2150

   The course is limited to 14 Participants and bookings are essential.

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                    Full Payment is required prior to distribution of self directed learning package.

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