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Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink


Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To Drink

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									                              Wonderful Water – November Edition 09
                              “You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone”. How apt as I sit here desperately
                              hoping it will rain soon! We have had to buy water in and short of going out and
                              doing a rain dance, we are at the mercy of Mother Earth and Father Sky just
                              hoping that they will grace us with some rain. Now, when I haven’t got the water I
                              am doing all the ‘right’ things – short showers, bigger loads in the washing
                              machine and dishwasher, leaving the car coated in dust. It is a reminder not to
                              get complacent with our precious commodities and water is certainly one of them.
                              Respecting the water needs to become an everyday occurrence and a long term
                              one. It is no fun being caught out with shampoo in my hair and no water in the

‘A lake is the                            Natalie
landscape's most
beautiful and expressive      Water, Water Everywhere and Not A Drop To
feature. It is earth's eye;   Drink
looking into which the        By Dave Vower
beholder measures the
depth of his own nature.’     Water is probably one of the oldest resources of our planet and as believed by
                              legend as well as scientific research it was the medium in which the first seed of
Henry David Thoreau           life was unfolded to multiply and evolve eventually to resemble the diverse flora
                              and fauna which inhabits our planet today.
  In this issue…              Water is the most essential constituent of our body since 70% of the human body
                              consists of water in the medium of blood, brain, muscles and bones. Since water
  Water, Water                is required by the body to dispense with its daily functions as well as to conduct all
  Everywhere and not a        the important chemical reactions, all human beings must maintain a sufficient
  Drop To Drink               intake of water on a daily basis.
                              The quantity of intake of water as well as the loss of water from the human body
  Eco Tips About Saving       varies from one individual to another and depends on a number of factors. The
  Water                       various factors which determine the water intake of an individual are body weight,
                              dietary habits, daily exercise routine as well as the general health condition.
  Feng Shui Placement Of      Likewise, water loss in the human body occurs due to urination, sweating, while
  Water Features.             passing stool as well as through our breath in form of water vapour.
                              The first step towards maintaining good health is to be aware of the loss of water
                              occurring in our body so that it can be replenished through various means. In
                              order to enjoy the fruits of good health, an individual should adhere to the
  What’s new?                 following guidelines as regards the intake of water on a daily basis:
                              It is a general rule that every person should drink a minimum of eight glasses of
  Links –                     water every day. The only exception to this school of thought is that for every two
                              pounds of body weight one must drink at least one ounce of water.
  http://www.womensnook.      Since an individual is prone to dehydration while sitting in a air-conditioned room
  com                         or while travelling by flight, the water intake should be increased in such
  Workshops / Events–
                              Intakes of beverages like tea, coffee and aerated drinks should always be
  M.A.D breakfast 10th        accompanied by intake of more than normal quantity of water in order to maintain
  November                    a good balance.
                              In addition, one must distribute the intake of water throughout the day so as to
  Business Chicks Lunch       ensure proper even consumption without the load falling on a particular time. A
  and Learn 18th              glass of clean and fresh water has its own importance which remains unmatched
  November                    in the world to this day and who else can verify this better than a group of sea-
Discipline from the Inside       faring men?
Out 18th November
                                 Dave has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Not only does this author specialize in
"The Connection" at 4 star       health, fitness and relationships you can also check out his latest website on 8 foot trampolines which
                                 reviews and lists Trampoline Safety Nets as well, for safe summer fun and enjoyment.
eco retreat in glasshouse
20th November

Mastering the art of
bouncing back 25th
November                         Eco Tips About Saving Water
Terry Oldfield Sound             By Matthew Sorrow
Journey Concert 28th
November                         Saving water might be pretty easy and not only a money saving task but also
                                 friendly to the environment. If you are aware of water saving problem and have a
High Fashion Clothes Swap        lot of information about it take a look at the bullet point below and make sure that
- Shop for FREE for Charity!     you know and have done everything to make usage of water as much efficient as
28th November                    it can be.

For information click on the     1. Don't let the water flow when shaving, washing face or teeth. It's simple but
events calendar!                 people usually do this without thinking.
                                 2. Try not to use the water only once - you can use it again to cleaning, watering
                                 garden or flushing the toilets. Sometimes you can even use your water from the
This Month’s                     3. Check your pipes and taps - one drop per second can bring you even 12
                                 thousands litres of wasted water per year. Leaks will surely be expensive for you.
Recipe                           4. Avoid unnecessary flushing toilet - there is no need to put everything in there.
Deep Fried Watermelon            For some things with have a bin.
                                 5. Replace a long bath with fast shower. This can be nice too and if you don't
                                 want to forget about taking a bath you can make it a wonderful weekly habit and
Watermelon is dipped into a
                                 every weekend have a little bit of pleasure for yourself.
light batter, fried, and         6. Make sure that dishwasher and washing machine are full before you turn them
topped with powdered sugar       on. It's the only way to make those appliances efficient and worth working.
for a unique dessert or          7. Wash your car with a brush - this can save a lot of water. Stop flushing it all
snack. Like most fried           over. The water won't flow constantly.
foods, this is best served       8. If you do not have a closed-loop water, avoid installing a fountain. This won't be
immediately while crisp.         a good idea for your garden and for your pocket.
Prep Time: :15                   9. Irrigate your lawn in the morning. The wind speed is the lowest at this time of
Cook Time: :45                   the day and water won't be lost on the street.
                                 Easy things - aren't they? So don't hesitate and make those points real.
•1 (6 to 8 pounds) seedless
watermelon                       Everything depends on you!
•3 cups vegetable or canola
oil for deep-frying              You can find interesting articles at home improvement blog - you can find
•1/2 cup cornstarch              something about water and water treatment there
•2 egg whites, beaten
•2 teaspoons water
•3/4 cup flour
                                 Feng Shui Placement Of Water Features
•Powdered confectioners'
                                 By David Goldfarb
sugar for garnish
                                 Would you like to use the water element in Feng Shui to create balance, harmony
                                 and health in your environment? Feng Shui is the study, understanding and
Cut watermelon in half
                                 manipulation of wind and water energy. Placing a water feature indoors is very
lengthwise. Cut each half        much a modern day practice with ancient principals.
again lengthwise into 2. You     There are some important factors to consider when placing your water features
should have 4 long               around your space. The front door is important in Feng Shui. It is the main
triangular-shaped pieces.        entrance a house and whatever energy comes through effects the rest of the
Remove the rinds, cut into       house, the people in it, and your fortune. To protect the front door from being hurt
1-inch thick slices, then cut    by bad external energy, have a water feature positioned nearby. When placed on
the flesh into about 1-inch      the left near to your front door the water feature can bring good luck. Never have
triangles. Heat oil in a deep-   a water feature facing out of your home or office or have water on both sides of
                                 your main door.
fryer or wok to 350 F.
                                 There are three directions which can benefit from water, the east, southeast and
Whisk cornstarch with egg
                                 north. To enhance luck position your water feature in the southeast area of your
whites and water until
combined.                      home or office. Make sure that your water, river, ponds, or drains are in full view
Dredge watermelon chunks       of the front door as much as possible. Try to keep the positive Chi created from
in the flour, then coat with   fountains, ponds or bodies of water from escaping outwards from your house or
the cornstarch batter. Deep-   yard. If you have a river or stream on your property water flowing past the back of
fry in batches, leaving room   the property suggests missed opportunities. Try to have the water follow a
                               meandering course rather then flowing off your property like an arrow taking
in between pieces to
                               beneficial energy with it. It is not advisable to place a water fountain in the south
properly brown, until          which is connected to fame and reputation as well as the fire element. Moving
watermelon chunks are          water is more masculine Yang while still water is more feminine Yin. In general
golden.                        never put Yang water into an environment where there needs to be Yin energy,
Remove from oil and drain      and vice versa, or it may cause problems.
well. Sprinkle deep-fried      Fast moving water has little place in the bedroom for sleeping. However near the
watermelon with a dusting      front door Yang water attracts good luck, conversation and lively energy. A gazing
of powdered confectioners'     bowl of still water makes little sense when used by a cash register if you are trying
sugar to serve.                to create more activity and movement. These are general guidelines of fountain
                               placement that can be used as springboards for your own cures. If you feel that a
                               fountain would work well in a particular space your feelings on the matter are
                               more important then any rules you may have read.
                               Water features can be very powerful cures when used appropriately in your home
This Month’s                   or business. With a little planning and forethought they will bring good luck, health
                               and prosperity to the people and places near where they are placed.
Last Night the Rain
Spoke to Me
by Mary Oliver

Last night the rain
spoke to me                    Watery Words
slowly, saying, what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,        Hidden Messages in Water
to be happy again              By Masaru Emoto
in a new way on the earth!
That’s what it said            Water Gardens, Pools, Streams and Fountains: Ideas, Plans, Instructions
as it dropped, smelling of
iron, and vanished             By Denny Schrock (Edited by)
like a dream of the ocean
into the branches              Water and Salt: Your Healers from within
and the grass below.           By F. Batmanghelidj
Then it was over.
The sky cleared.
I was standing under a tree.
The tree was a tree with
happy leaves,
and I was myself,
and there were stars in the
sky that were also
themselves at the moment
at which moment my right
hand was holding my left
hand which was holding the
tree which was filled with
and the soft rain –
imagine! imagine!
the long and wondrous
journeys still to be ours.

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