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LTC Gary Morgan by mifei


									                          LTC Gary Morgan
                     11407 Chancellor Park Drive
                      Fredericksburg, VA 22407

                              (May 2001)

   Greetings from Fredericksburg. Yes, the rumor is true, in a fit of
temporary insanity I volunteered to be the class agent. At least I‟m
consistent. I volunteered to go to the “I”, on active duty, to airborne
school, and serve with the 82nd Airborne Division. You would have
thought by now that I would have learned my lesson. I‟m still in the
Army, who would of thought? I am teaching Investigations at the
Army Inspector General School at Ft. Belvoir.

    First, I would like to thank Bill Griggs for his tremendous efforts
over the past five years. He has given countless hours of himself, his
family and his time to support the class, and the school we all have a
deep affection for. I‟m sure Lisa will appreciate the diminished phone

   What a great weekend. Over 85 BRs showed up to celebrate 20
years. (From the looks on some of the faces Saturday and Sunday
morning, some of you were trying to be twenty-something vice forty-

    We started off bright and early Friday morning with the Reunion
Scramble. 29 BRs, and Annette Bigger teed it up for a picture
perfect day. The course was in the best shape I‟ve ever seen, too
bad the golf wasn‟t. The Scramble was won by the team of John
Ferry, Jeff Davies, Bruce Kitchens (Bruce you can stop feeling so
guilty about your sandbagging. We know you‟re a 24 (not!!!)) and
Annette Bigger. Second place went to Brian Quizenberry, Tim
Nitz, Dave Openshaw and Grover Outland. Third place was the
team of Andy Jackson, Brian McCue, Sam Woolwine and myself.
(Hey, I set the thing up I had to win something!!!!). Last place was
hard fought. But, the team of Tom Albro, Ron Mislowski, Bob
Munno and Mark Gonsalves came through in the end. Other prizes
for Closest to the pin went to Bill Stamm and Jeff Davies. Longest
drives went to Bill Stamm, Tim Nitz, Harry Moore and John
Cawthorne. Finally, the team with the fewest Putts was John
Bigger, Johann Cooper, John Aulbach and Brummie (Sorry Mark,
I have problems with big words). All agreed that the day was a
success. Thanks to Carole Greene at the Alumni office, the folks at
Lexington Golf and Country Club, and Jeff, “the official scorer”,
Davies for your help.

    The festivities moved to the Livery on Main Street for “Heavy Hor's
D‟vors” and catching up. It was great to see everyone. I‟ll try to
mention as many as possible, please excuse me if I leave you out.
Who could miss Bob Munno, his red car and his hairdresser? Bob
hasn‟t change a bit. He‟s still in “The Big Apple” running RAMCOM
and his Cigar Bar. The Basketball team showed up, minus Tom
Savage (somewhere in upstate New York), Dennis Johnson (In
Atlanta overseeing Peachtree Asset Management) and Jeff
Hinchelwood (In VA Beach with his Chemical Company). Bernie
and Lisa Banas, Bernie is with Hershey in PA, Andy and Geri
Kolsar, Andy is practicing law in Ohio, John and Carol Ann Goode,
John is with IBM, living in Connecticut, and Marty Cristo. All looked
like they could still lace „em up and go 40 minutes. There was also a
Mack Spears sighting, but I‟d have to shoot you if I divulged any
further information.

   The Richmond crowd was there in force; Bruce and Kimberly
Gottwald, V. and Mary Wood, Hank and Teresa Lee, John Locker,
Jim Migliarese, Tim and Kim Nitz, Mark David, Jeff and Cindy Gill,
Clinker and Betsy Moss (nice beard Clinker!), Mark Vasco, Harry
and Donna Moore, Mike and Katherine Denton, and Mark
Gonsalves just to name a few.

  Northern VA was well represented with Bruce Kitchen, Clarkson
Meredith, Andy and Suzanne Jackson, Ken and Sally Herbert,
Jeff and Ann Davies, Dave Saunders (well Fredericksburg is almost
NVA), George and Robin Depaoli, Trip and Anne Lloyd, and John
and Julie Williams.

 Bart and Patty Price, Ron and Koy Mislowski, Scot and Susan
Marsh, Sam and Kim Woolwine and Brian and Jessica
Quizenberry represented the Shenandoah Valley.
   The Maryland contingent was strong. Casey and Katie O'Neil,
Annapolis residents Grover and Mellissa Outland and Dave and
Lily Openshaw were in fine form. Bill and Shelly Stamm, Bill is still
in Poolesville playing a lot of golf and when he has time he runs a
lighting contract business. Tom Albro, Tom is now an Executive VP
working with "Bugs and Gas", Bogey, and Robert Silverman all live
close in Bel Air.

   The Armed forces was also present in good numbers. Ltc Keith
Baron who is a Communications Squadron Commander at Lackland
AFB in TX. Small world, my oldest daughter Liepha, will be in
Lackland this fall for her Basic Training with the Air Force. Keep me
posted Keith. Ltc John and Lisa Cawthorne, John is a Squadron
Commander at Pope AFB in NC. Ken Herbert, still at the Pentagon.
LTC Steve Tennant gets the award for furthest traveled. He flew in
from Germany were he is the Deputy Commander, European District
for the Corps of Engineers (thanks for the cannon ball decoration) .
Jim Frishkorn could be a close second; he flew in from Ramstein
AFB where he works as a civilian. LTC Jeff Davies, with Space and
Missile Command in DC. Jeff we always knew you were a space
cadet. Jeff is on his way to Ft. Bragg. He said that the next golf
outing is on him at Pinehurst. LTC Glenn and Charlotte Zaramba,
Glen is with the Reserves in the Northeast. MAJ Adrian T. Bogart III
is still in the bowels of the Pentagon doing Consequence
Management. LTC Bob Cody is with the Connecticut National
Guard. CDR Gerry Manley represented the Navy. Gerry and
Catherine are in PA. The Marines also had a rep with LTC Bill and
Tate Leftwitch. Bill was on short final, he‟s going to retire and take
over the English Department at Hardgrave Military Academy in
Chatem, VA. Last but not least LT Ken and Dianna Pierro. Ken is
with the Coast Guard.

    Saturday's festivities started with the Alumni Parade and Old Yells
in the Quad. Gerry Manley and Grover did us proud. Where were
you Bob Morris, we all missed you. After a relaxing afternoon of
Sporting Clays, sleep or attendance at the Lee Jackson LAX Classic,
the class adjourned to Zollomans for a Pig Pick and Music from MLC.
Everyone reminisced about the old "Wet Beaver" parties. Tom
Boldon's son, a fourth classman, was encouraged to replicate
"Gator" Underwoods hanging from the rafters stunt. With "Gators"
expert guidance he pulled it off with out a hitch. A.T Funkhouser
seemed right at home. A.T. is now in North Dakota turning coal into
gas. Chip Chipley was cutting a rug, looks like he was having
flashbacks from the last HD Daytona rally. Tim Nitz joined the band
for a stirring rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" which was well
received by all.

     That's about all I can remember. One of my first priorities is to
update the e-mail addresses and get everyone reconnected. Please
take a few seconds and blast me a note at so I
can get started. If you have the addresses to your roommates and
BRs that didn't make it, please include them also. Rich Nelhs where
are you??? I will also be working with the VMI Webmaster to get a
class page up. So, any news or pics you want to share please send.
It's not too early to start thinking about the 25th. Lets get the class
alumni participation over 50% (We were only at 27% this year). If
everyone would just send $25 to help cover the cost of your Alumni
Review it would help.

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