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									                              WALIS e-News
                               March 2005

1. What’s Happening in the WALIS Community

   -   New Minister for WALIS
   -   Employment Opportunity in the WALIS Office
   -   WALIS Custodianship Policy Review
   -   WALIS Metadata Working Group Update
   -   Innovation in Community Engagement Conference
   -   Spatial Interoperability Workshop, Perth 6 May

2. WALIS Stakeholders in the News

   -   DPI: Department's nautical chart data in demand
   -   Fisheries: To Map Activities of Protected Grey Nurse Sharks
   -   WALGA: EPA Commends Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines

3. Australian Angle

   -   ASIBA Announces Board for 2005
   -   New ACT Map to Aid Future Regional Emergency Responses

4. News from Around the Globe

   -   From GIS to the Desktop
   -   Tracking in Locations Where GPS Won't Go

5. Upcoming Events

1. What’s Happening in the WALIS Community

New Minister for WALIS
The WA Premier, Dr Geoff Gallop, has appointed The Hon. John Bowler MLA as the new Minister
for Land Information, and as such, the new Minister for WALIS. Other areas included in the
new Minister’s portfolio are Local Government and Regional Development; Goldfields-
Esperance and Great Southern.

Employment Opportunity in the WALIS Office
Mark Taylor, Senior Projects Manager in the WALIS Office, has moved to FESA for 12-18 months
(on secondment) to work on the Emergency Management component of SLIP. We wish him well
in his new role. As a result, we are looking for someone to take up the opportunity act in this
position and join us in the WALIS Office. The job description and application process can be
found on www.jobs.wa.gov.au. Applications for this position close on 21 March at 5:00pm.

WALIS Custodianship Policy Review
The data management guidelines and template are currently being developed and will be on
the agenda for discussion at the next WALIS Council meeting on 20 April. The draft guidelines
will be distributed to WALIS Council members prior to the meeting. Please contact Luke
Edwards at the WALIS Office for further information (lukee@walis.wa.gov.au).

WALIS Metadata Working Group
WALIS Office is leading the development of a National Metadata Profile on behalf of ANZLIC.
The New Zealand Government has already agreed to help develop and to adopt the same
profile as Australia. This work is expected to be completed by September this year. Please
contact David Lee-Steere at the WALIS Office for further information (davidl@walis.wa.gov.au).

DPI: Innovation in Community Engagement Conference
In Western Australia we have taken a leading role in exploring innovations in community
engagement, with 21st Century Town Meetings (Dialogues), Deliberative Surveys, Citizens'
Juries, Multi Criteria Analysis Conferences and Consensus Forums. Now we are taking the next
giant step forward by assembling here in Perth some of the most progressive innovators and
experts from the USA and Australia, to lead a unique experiment in community engagement.
DPI will be hosting the Innovation in Community Engagement Conference at Burswood
Convention Centre. May 30-31, 2005. For more information or to register go to

Spatial Interoperability Workshop: Working Together to Manage Real-World Emergency
The Spatial Interoperability Demonstration Project (SIDP), a joint government and private
sector initiative to show how vital on-demand access to interoperable spatial information is to
emergency management, has scheduled a series of presentations around the country.
Using three highly probable scenarios – a fire threatening powerlines in WA, an insurance
company dealing with hailstorm damage in Sydney and emergency services tackling a cross-
border bushfire in SA/Vic – these presentations will show participants, in real-time, how to use
the on-demand infrastructure and share spatial information.
Two sessions will be held in Perth at the Celtic Club on 6 May 2005:
8am – 10am: Executive Briefing for elected officials, executives and managers that will
introduce spatial interoperability and enact the three live scenarios to demonstrate
interoperability at work
10.30am – 12.50pm: Seminar for technical managers and officers that will enable participants
to ‘look under the hood’ of the spatial interoperability demonstrations to see how the solutions
were put together.
There is no cost to participate in the SIDP roadshow sessions, but places are limited so
registration is essential. For more information and to register online, go to
http://www.sidp.com.au or contact the SIDP project manager, Maurits van der Vlugt, on (02)
9928 2551 or Mvandervlugt@skm.com.au.

Local Government GIS Focus Group
Following on from the very popular “The Wonderful World of WALIS Data” at the recent WALIS
Forum, the Local Government GIS Focus Group is holding a workshop on 22 March with
presentations from data providers of data typically used by local government. This workshop is
expected to be followed by at least one other to assist those working with local government to
better understand the range of datasets available. For further information, please contact Rex
Ballard at the City of Swan (ballard@swan.wa.gov.au).
2. WALIS Stakeholders in the News
DPI: Department's Nautical Chart Data in Demand
On March 11, The Department for Planning and Infrastructure announced that it has joined
forces with one of the world's leading producers of electronic navigation systems to ensure
vessels in WA waters have access to up to date information about the hazards off our coastline.
Manager of Spatial Information Wayne Winchester said the licence agreement with the Italian
based company Navionics would see the company given access to the Department's detailed
hydrographic data. http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/publications/mediast/mediast_110305.html

Fisheries: To Map Activities of Protected Grey Nurse Sharks
If you have seen a grey nurse shark lately, Department of Fisheries scientists want to hear from
you. The shark research team has received funding from the Australian Government’s Natural
Heritage Trust to study this protected species, which is still relatively common in WA.
The study aims to identify sites where the sharks gather so monitoring programs can be
developed. The grey nurse, with its pointed head and bulky shoulders, will be familiar to many
people as a common large shark in public aquaria.

WALGA: EPA Commends Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has commended the Western Australian Local
Government Association’s Perth Biodiversity Project on the preparation of the Local
Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines for the Perth Metropolitan Region (the Guidelines)
and encouraged their use. PBP released the Guidelines in June 2004 to describe a consistent,
staged process that can be used by Local Government to prepare local biodiversity strategies.
The process encourages biodiversity targets and criteria to be set, enabling Local Government
to identify biodiversity values and integrate biodiversity conservation into their planning and
decision making processes. http://www.walga.asn.au/news/releases/MR02_03_05.htm

3. Australian Angle
ASIBA Announces Board for 2005
 The Australian Spatial Information Business Association (ASIBA) announced the composition of
its Board of Directors for 2005 on 1 March including all executive positions. To view the
appointments go to: http://www.asiba.com.au/

New ACT Map to Aid Future Regional Emergency Responses
A Geoscience Australia mapping project initiated in the wake of the devastating January 2003
bushfires, has delivered emergency workers and the local community with an updated
1:100,000 scale topographic map of the ACT. The ACT map is part of a cooperative pilot
program being undertaken by Geoscience Australia in partnership with State and Territory
emergency management and mapping agencies.

4. News from Around the Globe
From GIS to the Desktop
Maps published in print or on the Web must communicate visually, and the more visually rich
their symbology, color and graphic technique, the more successfully they will communicate.
Adobe Illustrator’s graphic capabilities provide you many ways of enhancing the visual quality
of your GIS data, as shown in Figure 1, at left. Software programs like Adobe Illustrator and
Photoshop have evolved into sophisticated communication tools, inviting cartographers to add
visual value to their maps using transparency, drop shadows, complex graphic styles, and
layered symbols, among other effects.

Tracking in Locations Where GPS Won't Go
GPS receivers don't work indoors, an inconvenience that seldom poses a problem. GPS is, after
all, an “outdoor” satellite-based technology. But think about a miner trapped underground
after an accident. Or a firefighter who rushes into a smoke- and flame-filled building. Or, more
poignantly, an equipment-laden rescuer walking up the stairs in the doomed World Trade
Center. The NPPTL development team wanted a tracking system accurate to within 6 feet
after 60 minutes of use. Given the gyroscope’s inherent limitations, an approach capable of
more accurate tracking was needed. Fisher called Dr. William L. "Red" Whittaker at nearby
Carnegie Mellon University for advice. Whittaker is the Fredkin Professor of Robotics, Director
of the Field Robotics Center, who suggested using a micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
type of gyroscope. MEMS are mechanical devices built onto semiconductor chips. They are
small enough to be measured in micrometers and are used to make pressure, temperature,
chemical and vibration sensors, light reflectors and switches as well as accelerometers for
automobile airbags, vehicle control, pacemakers and games.

5. Upcoming Events
GeoSpatial World
26-28 April; San Francisco, USA
Attend GeoSpatial World and learn how to enable spatial information for better business
performance, maximize data investments, enhance efficiency, and achieve interoperability in
your organization. No other event can provide you with better resources, tools, training,
insight, and networking contacts. www.geospatialworld.com/about/venue.asp

New Zealand Planning Institute Annual Conference 2005
27-30 April; Auckland, New Zealand
This conference is about ‘pushing the boundaries.’ The role and scope of planning in New
Zealand is expanding. We can now be concerned with assisting communities to plan for a better
society, not just a better environment, using mechanisms such as the Local Government Act,
strategic and social planning economic development planning and other statutory and non
statutory processes to give effect to community values.

4-7 July; Charles Darwin University; Darwin
Over the last decade great technological advancements have been made in the spatial
sciences. As NARGIS goes into the next decade of existence, the spatial sciences are set to
evolve even further. NARGIS 05 attempts to provide a forum which will bring together people
from a range of disciples that will come under the umbrella of the spatial sciences in Northern
NB: Abstract submission deadline extended to 4 March

CoastGIS 2005
21-23 July, Aberdeen, Scotland
CoastGIS 2005 is the sixth International Symposium on GIS and Computer Cartography for
Coastal Zone Management. As a major event, the CoastGIS series attracts an international
audience of coastal researchers, managers, practitioners who use one or more of the geospatial
technologies. CoastGIS 2005 will be held in Aberdeen Scotland at the Aberdeen Exhibition and
Conference Centre (AECC). http://www.gislounge.com/conf/jul05.shtml

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