Waldecks beautiful pot plant project by lindayy


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									       Waldecks beautiful pot plant project.
Creating a beautiful is getting easier these days. I’m looking to create a stand out
feature in a small court yard garden but the feature I’m planning would be
brilliant in a garden of any type and particular spectacular as an entrance
feature but can be removed when I wish. The key is as you’d expect selecting
only the highest quality pottery and plants and we have ended up at Waldecks to
get them.

The hottest trend today is to use glazed pots and whilst the main reasons are for
there gorgeous looks the pottery originating from South Vietnam is world
famous and it has a lot to do with the incredible craftsmanship and unique
properties of the clay. These pots are design and manufactured by hand and
then heavily glazed and fired in wood fueled kilns. They are extremely tough
capable of withstanding freezing weather conditions and when glazed inside and
out they make superb water features. The best way to identify a high fired top
quality pot is to flick the side of it with your finger and listen for a ting sound. If
it’s a dull resonance it will likely deteriorate in wet conditions so always get high
quality pots like these. The one I’ve chosen is just one of the many available from
the waldecks range called Lampion and it describes the shape and is available in
a wide range of colours.

The next thing is to identify a feature plant and one of the trends is growing
succulent plants because they are waterwise and have special adapted features
for harsh dry conditions. I want something architectural and I’ve chosen the
gorgeous Aloe bainesii or Madagascan Aloe because of its unique shape and
upright habit. They are very hardy and grow well in hot sunny conditions as well
as performing well in shady positions.

The key to success with all potted plants is growing then in a very good soil.
Always look for the red ticks, they are your guarantee of a great start, don’t
skimp on potting mix because you will pay for this dearly with a sad looking pot
plant. Its also critical that you add some slow release fertilizer like this. It keeps
the supply of nutrients going after the basic amounts provided in the potting soil
are used.

With spiky plants its essential you wear gloves to protect yourself and once
you’ve placed it in the top of the pot firm the soil around the roots removing air
spaces. Don’t compact the soil just firm it down. Add your controlled release
fertilizer and water it in with Seasol to stop transplant shock and get the roots
growing strongly through the soil.

This is a superb garden feature and two of these either side of an entrance to a
house makes a striking feature. This pot plant will need no attention at all for at
least a year. Make sure you water it regularly and popping a saucer under the pot
is one way to keep the soil moist longer and a great way to save water.
         For more information contact your local waldecks garden centre.

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