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The Bulletin Volume 63 - Number by fjhuangjun



Vol. 63 - No. 16                                                                                                                                                                                       May 8, 2009

                                                                                                                                   Annual Joint NSLS/CFN
                                                                                                                                   Users’ Meeting, 5/18 - 20
                                                                                                                                The annual Joint National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS)/Center
                                                                                                                                for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) Users’ Meeting will be held May
                                                                                                                                18-20. Hear the latest about the NSLS, CFN, and NSLS-II through
                                                                                                                                workshops, talks, the poster session, and exhibits. This year, the
                                                                                                                                Main Meeting and Plenary sessions on Tuesday, May 19, will be
                                                                                                                                open to all, and free. BNL employees and guests are also welcome to

                                                                             Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                                                register for workshops and other meeting events (registration and a
                                                                                                                                nominal fee are required). For more information, go to: http://www.

                                                                                                  Plant Gene Mapping for Better Biofuel

                                                                                                  By creating a “family tree” of
                                                                                                  genes expressed in one form of
IEEE Honors Veljko Radeka                                                                         woody plant and a less woody,
                                                                                                  herbaceous species, scientists at
For Detector Development                                                                          BNL have uncovered clues that
                                                                                                  may help them engineer plants
The IEEE’s Long Island Section          tronics for germanium gamma
                                                                                                  more amenable to biofuel produc-
has honored Veljko Radeka, head         ray detectors used for basic studies
                                                                                                  tion. The study, published in the
of the Instrumentation Division,        in nuclear physics has enabled
                                                                                                  April 2009 issue of Plant Molecular

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Roger Stoutenburgh
with the Harold Wheeler Award.          Brookhaven Lab to play a leading
                                                                                                  Biology, also lays a foundation for
IEEE, formerly known as the Insti-      role in many detector develop-
                                                                                                  understanding these genes’ evo-
tute of Electrical & Electronics En-    ments. An example is develop-
                                                                                                  lutionary and structural proper-
gineers, Inc., is the world’s leading   ment of optical sensors for the
                                                                                                  ties and for a broader exploration
professional association for the        Large Synoptic Survey Telescope,
                                                                                                  of their roles in plant life.
advancement of technology, and          the world’s largest telescope due to
                                                                                                      The work was supported by
Wheeler was a world-famous engi-        be operational by 2017.

                                                                                                  the DOE-Department of Agri-
neer who made important techni-                                                                                                                                                                        Chang-Jun Liu
                                                                                                  culture joint Plant Feedstock
cal contributions at Wheeler Labs

                                                                                                  Genomics program and by BNL’s
and Hazeltine Corporation.                   For outstanding                                      Laboratory Directed Research &        current postdoc. By searching           “Wood and other biofibers
    Radeka received a plaque
                                              leadership and                                      Development program. Funding          the genomes of woody Poplar          made of plant cell walls are the
from IEEE with the citation: “For
                                                                                                   was also provided by DOE’s Of-       trees and leafy Arabidopsis, the     most abundant feedstocks for
outstanding leadership and                 accomplishments in                                       fice of Science.                    scientists identified 94 and 61      biofuel production,” explained
accomplishments in detector
development which enabled                 detector development                                          “We are studying a very         genes they suspected belonged to     Liu. “One of the first steps of bio-
                                                                                                     large family of genes that in-     this family in those two species,    fuel production is to break down
discoveries in many areas of sci-             which enabled                                          struct cells to make a variety     respectively. They then looked at    these biofibers, or digest them, to
ence and technology in a career
of sustained productivity span-
                                           discoveries in many                                      of enzymes important in a           how the genes were expressed —       make sugar.”
                                                                                                   wide range of plant functions,”      activated to make their enzyme          But plants have strategies to
ning over 50 years.”                         areas of science

                                                                                                  said Chang-Jun Liu of the Biol-       products — in different parts of     inhibit being digested. For ex-
    “I am honored to receive this            and technology                                       ogy Department, who led a             the plants. Of particular interest   ample, Liu explained, small mol-
award,” Radeka said, “and I am
                                                                                                  group including Xiao-Hong Yu,         to Liu’s group were a number of      ecules called acyl groups attached
particularly proud of the achieve-
                                                                                                  a former postdoctoral research        genes expressed at high levels in    to cell-wall fibers can act as
ments of my colleagues in the
                                                                                                  associate, and Jinying Gou, a         the woody plant tissues.                       See Plant Genes on pg. 3
Instrumentation Division and
the recognition that they have re-          Radeka and his colleagues in In-
ceived at BNL and elsewhere.”
    Under Radeka’s direction, the
                                        strumentation also developed neu-
                                        tron detectors for studies of biologi-
                                                                                                  451st Brookhaven Lecture, 5/13
                                                                                                  A Tale of Two Hemispheres
Instrumentation Division devel-         cal molecular structures used at the
ops state-of-the-art instrumenta-       Spallation Neutron Source at DOE’s
tion required for experimental          Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
research programs at BNL and            DOE’s Los Alamos Laboratory and
maintains expertise and facili-         other neutron research facilities. A
                                                                                                  Field Studies of Aerosols and Marine Stratocumulus Clouds
ties in specialized high-technol-       major current activity is develop-                        The greenhouse gases                                                                16 and older must carry a
ogy areas. The division’s research      ment of x-ray detectors used in syn-                      warmed the Earth, the                                                               photo ID while on site.
also has a significant impact on        chrotrons, such as BNL’s National                         aerosol particles cooled                                                                During the lecture,
programs throughout the world           Synchrotron Light Source.                                 the Earth. While car and                                                            Lee will discuss his ex-
that rely on state-of-the-art ra-           Veljko Radeka earned a Ph.D. in                       power plant exhaust                                                                 periences and findings
diation detectors and low-noise         engineering sciences from the Uni-                        fumes contain green-                                                                from studying clouds
electronics.                            versity of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1961,                      house gases such as car-                                                            over the oceans of both
    Radeka and his colleagues have      at the same time he was working                           bon dioxide, the exhaust                                                            the northern and south-
developed numerous state-of-            on nuclear instrumentation at the                         also contains aerosols                                                              ern hemispheres. He will
the-art detectors that are used in      Institute Ruder Boskovic in Zagreb.                       that are essential in the                                                           also explain how clouds’
major facilities at BNL and around      Radeka came to BNL as a visiting                          formation of clouds,                                                                natural cooling mecha-
the world. For example, in the          scientist from 1962 to 1964 and                           which cool the Earth.                                                               nisms, such as reflecting
1970s, he worked with William           joined the Instrumentation staff                          Best or worst, scientists                                                           the sun’s light, may have
Willis, formerly of Yale University     in 1966.                                                  are studying the balance                                                            disguised the true impact
                                                                                                                                                                                  Roger Stoutenburgh

and BNL and currently at Colum-             Radeka rose through the ranks                         between them.                                                                       of greenhouse gases in
bia University, to develop noble        to become head of Instrumenta-                               Throughout the past                                                              the Earth’s atmosphere.
liquid argon calorimeters — detec-      tion in 1972. Under his leadership,                       four years, Yin-Nan Lee,                                                                Lee earned a bach-
tors used in high-energy physics        his division became the foremost                          a chemist in the Atmo-                                                              elor of science degree in
experiments at most major fa-           resource in radiation detector and                        spheric Sciences Division                                                           chemistry from Taiwan’s
cilities, including CERN, the Eu-       microelectronics research and                             (ASD) of the Environ-                                                               Tunghai University in
                                                                                                  mental Sciences Depart-                                                             1969. He then earned a

ropean Organization for Nuclear         development among DOE labora-
Research in Geneva, Switzerland.        tories. Radeka has authored or co-                        ment, has collaborated       Yin-Nan Lee                                            masters’ degree in chem-
This early work led to BNL’s con-       authored about 170 peer-reviewed                          with fellow-ASD scien-                                                              istry in 1972 and a Ph.D.
tributing key components to the         papers, and several of his papers                         tists and scientists from other        On Wednesday, May 13, join          in physical organic chemistry in
ATLAS detector in CERN’s Large          have been reprinted in books as                           institutions to study the effects Lee for the 451st Brookhaven Lec-        1976 at Washington University
Hadron Collider, the world’s most       classic contributions.                                    of aerosol particles on expan- ture, titled “A Tale of Two Hemi-           in St. Louis, Missouri. He began
powerful particle accelerator.              Radeka is a Life Fellow of IEEE                       sive, low-hanging stratocumulus spheres: Field Studies of Aerosols         as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale
Continuing these developments,          and a Fellow of the American                              clouds over the coastal waters and Marine Stratocumulus                    University in 1976 and came to
Radeka and his colleagues are           Physical Society. He received the                         of California and Chile. Under- Clouds.” All are invited to attend         Brookhaven Lab in 1979.
working on the technology for           1983 Merit Award of the Nuclear &                         standing the properties of these this free talk, which is open to the         To join Lee for dinner at an
large neutrino detectors to be used     Plasma Sciences Society, and he is                        clouds will shed new light on just public and will be held in Berkner      off-site restaurant following the
in the future.                          also a recipient of the IEEE Centen-                      how much the aerosols’ cooling Hall at 4 p.m. Refreshments will            lecture on Wednesday evening,
    Similarly, the development of       nial Medal.                                               effects have masked the warming be offered before and after the            contact Nancy Warren, nwarren@
highly sensitive low-noise elec-                         — Diane Greenberg                        effects of greenhouse gases.        lecture. Visitors to the Lab ages, Ext. 7548. — Joe Gettler
The Bulletin                                                                                                                                                               May 8, 2009

     2009 BSA Scholars
                                                                                 Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) has announced the 15 winners of
                                                                                 the annual BSA Directors’ Scholarships, which go to children of BNL
                                                                                 employees in continuation of a tradition instituted at BNL in 1965.
                                                                                 Each BSA Scholar is a high-school senior who will receive $2,500
                                                                                 per year for up to four years of study at the college or university of his
                                                                                 or her choice.
                     1.                       2.                       3.        1. Matthew Benjamin, a senior at Long-            will major in architecture and engineering at
                                                                                 wood High School, is the son of Fred Ben-         Northeastern University, Boston, with the
                                                                                 jamin of the Fiscal Division. To pursue a ca-     goal of a career in architectural engineering.
                                                                                 reer in teaching, he will major in education at
                                                                                 Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri.     9. Angela Hackenburg, who attends William
                                                                                                                                   Floyd High School, is the daughter of Donna
                                                                                 2. Marisa Braverman, daughter of Joseph           Hackenburg of the Budget Office and Robert
                                                                                 Braverman, Energy Sciences & Technology           Hackenburg of the Physics Department. She
                                                                                 Department, attends Half Hollow Hills High        has decided to major in biology at the Uni-
                                                                                 School East. To prepare for a career in public    versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
                                                                                 relations, she will major in communications
                                                                                 at the University of Arizona.                     10. Brooke Johnson of Shoreham-Wading
                                                                                                                                   River High School is the daughter of Deborah
                     4.                       5.                       6.        3. Christine Cummings, daughter of Wayne          Johnson, Nonproliferation & National Secu-
                                                                                 Cummings, Procurement & Property Man-             rity Department, and Christopher Johnson,
                                                                                 agement Division, and granddaughter of re-        Facility Operations Office. She will major in
                                                                                 tiree Franklin Snell, is a senior at St. John     mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute
                                                                                 the Baptist Diocesan High School. She will        of Technology.
                                                                                 major in pre-med studies at Cornell Univer-
                                                                                 sity with a view to specializing in obstetrics    11. Yulia Malitskaia, daughter of Nikolay
                                                                                 and gynecology.                                   Malitsky of the National Synchrotron Light
                                                                                                                                   Source II, is a senior at Shoreham-Wading
                                                                                 4. Steven Danseglio, who attends East Islip       River High School. She will study statistics
                                                                                 High School, is the son of Dennis Danseglio,      and economics at the Leonard N. Stern
                                                                                 Modernization Project Office. He will major       School of Business at New York University
                                                                                 in marine and environmental science at the        for a career in mathematical economics.
                                                                                 United States Coast Guard Academy.
                     7.                       8.                       9.
                                                                                                                                   12. Ana Martinez-Casas is the daughter of
                                                                                 5. Susana Debbe, daughter of Ramiro               Gerardo Martinez-Guridi of the Energy Sci-
                                                                                 Debbe, Physics Department, attends Miller         ences & Technology Department. After grad-
                                                                                 Place High School. She will major in biology      uating from the Tecnologico de Monterrey,
                                                                                 and pre-med studies at New York University        Mexico, she will major in biology at Stony
                                                                                 and make a career in medicine.                    Brook University.

                                                                                 6. Lindsay Giacalone, daughter of James           13. Devon Sadloski, daughter of James
                                                                                 Giacalone of the Maintenance & Fabrication        Sadloski, Site Services Division, will gradu-
                                                                                 Services Division and Pat Webster-Giacalo-        ate from Westhampton Beach High School.
                                                                                 ne of the Budget Office, attends Shoreham-        She will attend the University of Vermont to
                                                                                 Wading River High School. To teach math-          prepare for a career in medicine.
                                                                                 ematics, she will major in education and
                   10.                       11.                     12.         mathematics at the State University of New        14. Jeffrey Spiletic is the son of John Spi-
                                                                                 York at Geneseo.                                  letic, a retiree from the Computational Sci-
                                                                                                                                   ence Center. After graduating from Harbor-
                                                                                 7. Emily Graham, daughter of Thom-                fields High School, he will major in business
                                                                                 as Graham, Nonproliferation & National            at the Honors College, State University of
                                                                                 Security Department, will graduate from           New York at Albany.
                                                                                 Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn. She will
                                                                                 attend Yale University to major in interna-       15. Kevin Spiletic is also the son of Com-
                                                                                 tional studies.                                   putational Science Center retiree John
                                                                                                                                   Spiletic. He will graduate from Harborfields
                                                                                 8. Michael Green, who is a senior at Long-        High School and major in business at the
                                                                                 wood High School, is the son of Tim Green         Honors College, State University of New
                                                                                 of the Environmental Protection Division. He      York at Albany.
                   13.                       14.                     15.

       Then & Now
       The Child Development Center
       In May 1991, when the present BSA           six weeks to five years old. The older
       scholars (see above) were infants,          children now attend class in the Lit-
                                                                                                                                                                                    Roger Stoutenburgh

       the Lab’s Child Development Center          tle Red Schoolhouse, also in the on-
       (CDC) was also in a developmen-             site apartment area. Program Direc-
       tal stage, in fact, not quite built. Yet    tor Joann Faberlle has succeeded
       on September 3, 1991, the official          the first Director, Deborah O’Neill,
       school year kicked off at the CDC           and as parents regularly confirm, the
       with 61 children from eight weeks to        CDC children are still getting a great
       four years old whose parents were           start on the enjoyment of learning.

       within the Lab community. Four of           For more information on the CDC,
       the above BSA scholars — Christine          go to
       Cummings, Lindsay Giacalone, An-            ChildDevCntr.asp.
       gela Hackenburg, and Brooke John-
       son — were among the infants on that        Photos at right:
       opening day. In 2009, still managed         May, 1991: At the CDC, BNL’s CDC
       by Child Care Management, Inc. and          architect John Castro (left) and con-
       licensed by the New York State De-          struction superintendent Gene Corco-
       partment of Social Services, the CDC        ran of Fortunato Sons, Inc., Bohemia;
       is accredited by the National Asso-         Christine Cummings with Santa;
       ciation for the Education of Young          Baby Lindsay Giacalone;
       Children and accepts children from          Angela Hackenburg on a CDC slide.

                                                                                                                                                                  Roger Stoutenburgh          D3160507
The Bulletin                                                                                                                                                                                                                May 8, 2009

Taking Our Children to Work                                                                                                                                    Plant Genes from pg. 1
                                                                                                                                                               barriers to hinder conversion of
                                                                                                                                                               the fibers to sugar. Acyl groups can
More than one hundred boys                                                                                                                                     also form cross-linked networks           — WEEK OF 5/11 —
and girls visited BNL for the                                                                                                                                  that make cell walls extra strong.              Monday, 5/11
annual “Take Your Children to                                                                                                                                      “Our long-term interest is to
Work Day,” held on April 23.                                                                                                                                                                            GE Low-Voltage Products
                                                                                                                                                               find the enzymes that control
After a morning spent in the                                                                                                                                                                            9 a.m.-2 p.m. Berkner Hall
                                                                                                                                                               the formation of cell-wall-bound         parking lot. Visit General
departments and divisions,                                                                                                                                     acyl groups, so we can learn             Electric’s 45 ft trailer in which
learning about the work being                                                                                                                                  how to modify plant cell walls           representatives will showcase
done by the family breadwin-                                                                                                                                   to increase their digestibility,”        GE’s new line of low-voltage
ners, the children had lunch                                                                                                                                                                            products in the “Low-Voltage

                                                                                                                                          Roger Stoutenburgh
                                                                                                                                                               Liu said. “The current study, a          Revolution Tour.”
in the cafeteria, then gathered                                                                                                                                thorough investigation of an
in Berkner Hall for a warm wel-                                                                                                                                acyl-modifying enzyme family,                   Tuesday, 5/12
come from Lab Director Sam                                                                                                                                     provides a starting point for us to      Verizon Wireless Discounts
Aronson, who was introduced                                                                                                                                    pursue this goal.”                       11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Berkner
by Ernie Tucker of the Human                                                                                                                                       In fact, some of the genes the       Hall lobby. Representatives
Resources & Occupational                                                                                                                                       scientists found to be expressed at      from Verizon Wireless will dis-

Medicine Division (HROM).                                                                                                                                                                               cuss services available. Also,
                                                                                                                                                               high levels in woody tissues may         BNL employees who contact
    A talk on addiction fol-                                                                                                                                   carry the genetic instructions for       Mavi Baig at (917) 881-2748 or
lowed, given by Stephen Dewey       At the National Synchrotron Light Source, children used light to find                                                                                     
                                    fingerprints for a forensics demonstration.                                                                                making the enzymes the scien-
of the Medical Department. An                                                                                                                                                                           can get 15 percent of Verizon
                                                                                                                                                               tists would like to control.             Wireless monthly service and
internationally renowned ex-        La Salla and his colleagues wel-                        returned to Berkner at 3 p.m. to                                       “Our next step will be to use        25 percent off accessories.
pert on addiction research and      comed them at the Fire Depart-                          attend a Lab-wide talk on “Pack-                                   biochemical and biophysical ap-
treatment, with an extraordi-       ment, CEGPA’s Gail Donoghue                             ing a Garbage-Free Lunch,” by                                      proaches to characterize these                Wednesday, 5/13
nary ability to “get through” to    and her staff led them in experi-                       Rosemary Wiesner, Community                                        individual genes’ functions to           451st Brookhaven Lecture
young listeners, Dewey is con-      encing the fun of science at the                        Relations Director for the Town                                    find those directly or indirectly        4 p.m. Berkner Hall. Yin-Nan
stantly in demand as a speaker      Science Learning Center, Site Ser-                      of Brookhaven’s Department of                                      related to cell-wall modification.       Lee, Environmental Sciences De-
at local schools and shares his     vices Division Head Tom Lam-                            Waste Management.                                                                                           partment, will talk on “A Tale of
                                                                                                                                                               Then we could use those genes            Two Hemispheres: Field Studies
leisure time generously to help     bertson introduced them to the                              Said HROM’s Liz Gilbert,                                       to engineer new bioenergy crops,         of Aerosols and Marine Stratocu-
children avoid addiction.           excitement of giant machines,                           who, assisted by many Lab and                                      and test whether those changes           mulus Clouds.” All are welcome
    Divided into groups accord-     and Doug Paquette and Vinnie                            parent volunteers, organized the                                                                            to this free talk. Visitors to the
                                                                                                                                                               improve the efficiency of convert-       Lab of 16 and over must carry a
ing to age, the children then       Racaniello of the Environmental                         event, “This was a wonderful                                       ing biomass to biofuel,” Liu said.       photo ID. See story, pg. 1.
mounted buses to visit different    Protection Division explained                           opportunity for the children, as                                       For more information on this
work areas around the site. The     the importance of profiling our                         well as all the volunteers, to par-                                research, see:                 Thursday, 5/14
schedule, coordinated by Elaine     water table. In addition, Gary                          ticipate in such an educational                                    gov/bnlweb/pubaf/pr/PR_display.          *Talk: Managing Family Conflicts
Lowenstein of Community, Ed-        Conte of the National Weather                           and fun-filled day. We appreci-                                    asp?prID=928.                            Noon. Berkner Hall, Room B.
ucation, Government & Public        Service showed the children                             ate everyone who offered their                                              — Karen McNulty Walsh           Social worker Diana Barnett,
Affairs (CEGPA), allowed each       how to check out “wild weath-                           time, efforts and knowledge to                                                                              ACSW, will talk on family con-
child to learn about several        er” in time to be prepared.                             help make the day a success.”                                                                               flicts. See notice at left.
different kinds of work: Chuck         During this time, everyone                                               — Liz Seubert                                                                           Talk on Nanotechnology
                                                                                                                                                               TIAA-CREF One-on-One                     4 p.m. Berkner Hall. Vicki Col-
                                                                                               Arrivals & Departures                                           Retirement Counseling
                                                                                                                                                               A TIAA-CREF consultant will
                                                                                                                                                                                                        vin, Rice University’s Kenneth
                                                                                                                                                                                                        S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor
                                                                                                           — Arrivals —                                                                                 of Chemistry and Professor of
                                                                                                                                                               visit BNL on Thursday, May               Chemical & Biomolecular Engi-
                                                                                            Daron Chabot ................... NSLS-II                           21, and Friday, May 22 to                neering, will talk on “Nanotech-
                                                                                            Matthew Di Leone .... Maint. & Fab                                 answer employees’ questions              nology: Its Promise and Chal-
                                                                                                                                                                                                        lenges.” Go to
                                                                                            Emily Krsnak ........... Staff Services                            about understanding the im-              gov/bnlweb/pubaf/bulletin/2009/
                                                                       Roger Stoutenburgh

                                                                                            Charles Langhorne ...Staff Services                                portance of protecting your              bb050109.pdf for more detail.
                                                                                            Wei Lin .............................. Biology                     assets against inflation, finding        All are welcome to this free talk.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Visitors to the Lab of 16 and
                                                                                            Peter Ragone ............ Maint. & Fab                             the right allocation mix, learn-         over must carry a photo ID.
                                                                                            Rahul Sharma ................... Physics                           ing about TIAA-CREF retire-
                                                                                                                                                               ment income flexibility, and                     Friday, 5/15
                                                                                                         — Departures —                                        comparing lifetime income vs.            *Blues Musician Roy Book Binder

                                                                                            Donald Gates .............................. ITD                    cash withdrawal options. For             8 p.m. Brookhaven Center.
                                                                                            Edward Brosnan ......................... ITD                       an appointment, call 1-800-              Sponsored by the BNL Music
                                                                                            John Usher.................Quality Mgmt.                           732-8353.                                Club. All are welcome. Tickets
Children’s Summer Science at BNL                                                                                                                                                                        $15 at the BERA Store, $20 at
BNL employees are invited to reg-   research done at BNL. In addi-                          Celebrate APA Heritage Month at SBU, 5/9                                                                    the door. See pg. 4.

ister their children for the 2009   tion to our Science Educators,                          BERA’s Asian Pacific American Association is a sponsor of the “Asian                                         — WEEK OF 5/18 —
Summer Science Explorations         teaching participants include                           Pacific American Heritage Month” celebration at the Charles B. Wang
Program, a free offering from the   research staff and pre-service                                                                                                                                           Monday, 5/18-20
                                                                                            Center at Stony Brook University, tomorrow, Saturday, May 9, 1-8 p.m.
Science Learning Center in the      teacher interns.                                        The program will feature cultural dances and musical and vocal perfor-                                      *Joint NSLS/CFN Users’ Meeting
Lab’s Office of Educational Pro-        The weeks of June 29 (Mon-                          mances, arts and crafts displays, a tea ceremony, and more. Admission                                       See pg. 1 and http://www.nsls.
grams. The three-day summer         day through Wednesday) and                              is free from 1 to 6 p.m. The Wang Center theater seating opens at 3:30                            
camp will be held 8:30-11:30        August 3 (Tuesday through                               p.m. and is first come, first served. For more information, see http://                                     aspx?id=home.
a.m. for students entering 4th –    Thursday) are reserved for the                 sets/docs/Asian_Pacific_Heritage_Month_                                           Wednesday, 5/20
6th grades.                         children of the BNL commu-                              0213.43125137.pdf/.
    The focus of the camp is        nity. Space is limited, so register                                                                                                                                 Talk: Archimedes’ Oldest Writings
astronomy. Through various          your child/grandchild early.                            Sign Up for Summer Swimming Lessons                                                                         4 p.m. Berkner Hall. Uwe
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bergmann, SLAC National
games and activities, students      Contact the Science Learn-
                                                                                            Children’s swimming lessons will begin on July 6 and run until                                              Accelerator Laboratory, will
will explore our solar system       ing Center Office, Bldg. 400,                                                                                                                                       talk on “Archimedes’ Oldest
                                                                                            August 21. Classes meet one day per week (according to skill level)
and the Sun’s energy. The en-       Ext. 4495. Students must attend                                                                                                                                     Writings Under X-ray Vision.”
                                                                                            from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. Children should be at least 42 inches tall                                           Sponsored by Brookhaven
vironmental day will focus on       all three days; parents of partic-
                                                                                            and between the ages of five and 13. Swimming lessons cost $80                                              Women in Science (BWIS) and
life cycles of frogs and dragon-    ipating children are welcome                                                                                                                                        QuarkNet, the talk is free and
                                                                                            per child. To register, send a check to the Recreation Office (Bldg.
flies. These programs center on     to attend.                                                                                                                                                          open to the public.
                                                                                            400) no later than June 5. For more information, call Ext. 2873.
Talk on ‘Managing Family Conflicts,’ 5/14                                                                                                                                                                — WEEK OF 5/2 5 —
As part of the Employee Assistance Program’s Family Con-                                       Retirees Get-Together Luncheon, 6/4                                                                             Monday, 5/26
nections series, Diana Barnett of the Academy of Certified                                     All retirees are warmly invited to come to the Annual Lun-                                               Lab Closed to Honor Memorial Day
Social Workers will talk on “Managing Family Conflicts,                                        cheon to be held at the Bellport Country Club on Thursday,
 in Berkner Hall, Room B, from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, May
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tuesday, 5/26
                                                                                               June 4. You do not have to be a member of the Brookhaven
14. All the Lab community is welcome. Topics to be addressed will                              Retired Employees Association (BREA) to join in the fun and                                              IBEW Meeting
include understanding the reasons for family conflict, identify-                               meet old friends and new acquaintances. The cost is $35 per                                              6 p.m. Centereach Knights of
ing your personal conflict style, ten rules for fighting fairly, and                                                                                                                                    Columbus Hall, 41 Horseblock
                                                                                               person. Just fill out the form below and send it with your                                               Rd., Centereach. A meeting
techniques for resolving problems with your children and partner.                              check to BREA, BNL, Bldg. 421, P.O. Box 5000, Upton, NY                                                  for shift workers will be held
To register, contact Linda Di Pierro, or Ext. 4567;                           11973.                                                                                                   at 3 p.m. in the union office.
however, walk-in participants are also welcome.                                                                                                                                                         The agenda includes regular
                                                                                                                                                                                                        business, committee reports,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        and the president’s report.
                                                                                               Name __________________________________________________
Get Fresh Organic Veggies All Summer Long
Fresh organic produce from a local farm is available, delivered                                Street Address___________________________________________
weekly to BNL, for those who join the Community Supported Ag-
riculture (CSA). For 26 weeks, a seasonal selection of freshly picked                          City______________________ State____ Zip________________                                               Oil Change Special On Site
organic produce from the Green Thumb Organic Farm in Water                                                                                                                                            During the week of May 11-
Mill will be delivered to BNL for you to pick up. The fee is $420:                             Telephone _______________ E-Mail________________________                                               15, the Upton service station
pay immediately or in two installments of $285 on sign-up, by                                                                                                                                         on site is offering a cars-only
                                                                                               Spouse/Guest(s) _________________________________________
May 31, and a check for $135, post-dated for July 13, 2009. Deliv-                                                                                                                                    special on oil changes for most
eries run from early June through November. Brochures contain-                                 ________________________________________________________                                               makes of car. The cost for stan-
ing the commitment form are at the BERA Store, or at the BERA                                                                                                                                         dard oil and filter is $24.95 plus
website,                         Amount enclosed _______________________________________                                                tax. Call Ext. 4034 or stop by to
Or, contact Ruth Comas, or Ext. 3545.                                                                                                                                                   make an appointment.
                                                         POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-
                                                         ATE/ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE – Requires
                                                                                                           effects in accelerators. Experience with
                                                                                                           modem computer codes to simulate the ef-
                                                                                                                                                            Blues Musician, Storyteller Roy Book Binder, 5/15
                                                         a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, environ-          fects of wakefields is desired, as is experi-    Blues musician/storyteller/song-
       Advertisements                                    mental engineering or closely related field.      ence carrying out machine studies on stor-
                                                                                                                                                            writer Roy Book Binder will per-
                                                         Hands-on experience in aerosol and/or             age rings. Report to the NSLS-II Accelerator
Placement Notices                                        cloud microphysical measurements and              Physics Group Leader. National Synchrotron       form on Friday, May 15, at 8 p.m.
                                                         skills in instrument development and com-         Light Source II. Apply to Job ID #14852.         at the Brookhaven Center. Spon-
The Lab’s placement policy is to select the
                                                         plex data analysis is also required. Experi-      TOUR WORKERS FOR SUMMER SUN-
best-qualified candidate for an available position.
                                                         ence with aircraft-based studies is desir-                                                         sored by the BNL Music Club,
Candidates are considered in the following order:                                                          DAYS – Requires excellent communica-
(1) present benefits-eligible employees within the
                                                         able, but not required. The research focuses      tion skills – and must be at least 18 years      the concert is open to the public.
                                                         on field studies of the influences of atmo-       of age. Responsibilities include but are         Visitors to the Lab of 16 and
department/division and/or appropriate bargain-
                                                         spheric aerosols on cloud properties. Will        not limited to preparing for the activities
ing unit, with preference for those within the im-                                                                                                          older must bring a photo ID.
                                                         join a research team and play an important        on a Summer Sunday, greeting, assisting,
mediate work group; (2) present benefits-eligible
employees within the Laboratory; and (3) outside
                                                         role in designing and carrying out field ex-      escorting visitors with safety in mind and           In the 1960s, Book Binder
                                                         periments as well as data interpretation.         cleaning up at day’s end. Will be trained to
applicants. In keeping with the Affirmative Action
                                                         Under the direction of J. Wang, Environ-
                                                                                                                                                            learned his craft from the
Plan, selections are made without regard to                                                                meet all Laboratory requirements. Employ-
                                                         mental Sciences Department. Apply to Job          ment will consist of (2) days of training on     legendary blind street singer
age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, dis-
                                                         ID #14860. *See NOTE (above).                     June 25th and 26th and (5) Sundays. Com-         Reverend Gary Davis. Later, he
ability or veteran status. Each week, the Human
Resources Division lists new placement notices,          SCIENTIFIC STAFF POSITION/ASSIS-                  munity, Education, Government and Public         toured across America perform-
first, so employees may request consideration for        TANT/ASSOCIATE/PHYSICIST/LASER                    Affairs Office. Apply to Job ID #14801.
themselves, and, second, for open recruitment.           SCIENTIST(REPOSTING) – Requires a
                                                                                                                                                            ing at the New Orleans JazzFest,
Because of the priority policy stated above, each        Ph.D. in physics, electrical engineering,         Motor Vehicles & Supplies                        the Chicago Blues Festival, and
listing does not necessarily represent an op-            optics or physical chemistry. Postdoctoral                                                         MerleFest. A few years ago, the
                                                         experience is preferred. The successful           08 HONDA CIVIC COUPE – 20K mi. 2dr,
portunity for all people. Except when operational
needs require otherwise, positions will be open for      candidate should have hands-on experi-            black w/gray interior. 4-cyl, a/t, a/c, p/b,     PBS Emmy Award-winning se-
                                                         ence with nanosecond to femtosecond               p/l, p/s, p/w. $15,900 neg. 834-0047.            ries “Arts Across America” doc-
one week after publication. For more information,
contact the Employment Manager, Ext. 2882.               pulse length laser system operating in the        05 TOYOTA COROLLA – 47K mi. 4cyl, 4dr,
                                                                                                           ac, p/w, p/s, p/b, abs, am/fm cass, 100k         umenting his colorful career
Access current job openings on the World Wide            kHz to 100’s to MHz region. Experience with
Web at                             temporal and spatial pulse shaping is also        warr. Ex. cond. $10,000. 821-3368.               in a segment titled “Keeping                   BERA Store in Berkner Hall or
                                                         required. Experience in the development of        05 CHRYSLER 300 TOURING – 82K mi.                Traditions Alive.” Book Binder                 through,
To apply for a position, go to Select                                                         black pearl, mint. cond., 6 cyl., many ex-
                                                         Ti:Sapphire and fiber laser system highly
“Job Opportunities,” then “Search Job List.”
                                                         desirable. Knowledge of commonly used             tras. $9,500 neg. 929-4978 or .                  has been guitar picking, sing-                 or $20 at the door. See also Roy
                                                         electro-optical components is required, as        02 FORD WINDSTAR – 105.5K mi. p/w, p/l,          ing country blues, and telling                 Book Binder go to: http://www.
OPEN RECRUITMENT – Opportunities for                     is the knowledge of techniques such as            a/c, dual sliding drs,excel. cond., runs well,
Lab employees and outside candidates.                                                                                                                       stories behind the microphone        , http://www.
                                                         q-switching, modelocking, and harmonic            cln int, seats 7. $4,200 neg. 987-4281.
*NOTE: [This note applies only to positions              generation. The research program is the de-       99 NISSAN ALTIMA SE – 78K mi. a/c, c/c,
                                                                                                                                                            for more than 40 years. Tick-        
below ending with *See NOTE (above)].                    velopment of short pulse lasers, including        p/w, 4spd, gd. cond. $4,000 neg. Brad,           ets cost $15 in advance at the                                — Jane Koropsak
When applying for a position, please add                 pulse shaping. The laser will be used in a        Ext. 4369, 680-6127 or
                                                         polarized electron source for the proposed
your references’ contact and email ad-
                                                         electron collider with the RHIC beams. The
                                                                                                           98 GRAND MARQUIS GS – 76K mi. blk,               SHIH TZU PUPPIES FOR SALE – ador-              For Rent
dress in the Reference box located on the                                                                  gray int., v/clean w/maintenance records.        able and cuddly. Marie, 745-6721.
                                                         RHIC program is evolving in the direction of      $3,500. 363-2070.                                                                               ORLANDO, FL – 3 bdrm, Condo, 2 bath,
application page. Please note that if you                                                                                                                   WOODEN SWING SET – Creative Playthings,        fully furn., 4 mi. from Disneyland. $700/
have applied for multiple positions under                a polarized electron-ion collider, which calls    CARGO CARRIER – 20”x60” steel plat-
                                                         for the construction of a polarized electron                                                       Lex II, fort w/ canopy, 2 swings, much more.   wk. John, 732-2472.
one application, the same reference infor-                                                                 form, fits 1 1/4” towing receiver, hauls         You take down. $250. 645-1349.
mation is attached to all those positions. If            linac to collide with the RHIC beams. The         500lbs. bulk items, $45. 281-2767.                                                              BELLPORT VILLAGE – 1 bdrm upstairs
                                                         polarized electron source is a challenging                                                                                                        apt in 2-fam home, kit/lr combo, full bath,
you elect to use different referees for differ-
                                                         laser driven photocathode source. The job
                                                                                                           WHEELS/TIRES – Bridgestone Turanza,              Miscellaneous                                  priv., ent/ drway, Village amenities, incl.
ent positions, apply to each position sepa-                                                                P205/55R16 89H, hubcaps/lug nuts, new
                                                         will require the development of a new laser                                                        ANTIQUE CLOCK – sessions wind                  util, no smkg/pets. $1,025/mo. 275-0745.
rately. BNL policy states that Research                                                                    from ‘08 Civic LX, $200. Jay, Ext. 4994.
                                                         source, either of the Ti:Sapphire or fiber la-                                                     up/$10. 581-7656.
Associate appointments may be made to                                                                                                                                                                      EAST PATCHOGUE – 1 bdrm, l/r/kit com-
those who have received their doctoral de-               ser variety, aimed at 50 to 100 watts in the      Boats & Marine Supplies                          BABY ITEMS – Graco Highchair, Playpen;         bo, priv. ent., waterview, no smkg/pets, v/
grees within the past five years.                        long visible regime. Additional tasks will in-                                                     Evenflo Exersaucer. $75/all/obo. Sleigh Crib   nice, quiet, incl. all. $890/mo. 758-1919.
                                                                                                           21’ 2000 SEASWIRL DUEL CON. – 150
                                                         clude the development of 3-D pulse shap-                                                           converts to toddler bed. $175.Ext. 3924.
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-                                                                              johnson o.b.less then 100 hr.full can. trail-                                                   LAKE RONKONKOMA – 1 bdrm, full kit,
                                                         ing and laser-based diagnostics. The job                                                           CAR SEAT BASE – Graco SnugRide In-
ATE/ACCELERATOR TEST FACILITY – Re-                                                                        er great shape $16,500 neg. Ext. 3745.                                                          bath, l/r, d/r, 20 min. to BNL. $1,000/mo.
                                                         will also require hands-on operation of an                                                         fant, $15, excel. cond. 581-7656.
quires a Ph.D. in physics or a related field.                                                              21’ SEASWIRL STRIPER – 270HP Volvo I/                                                           Ext. 3008 or
                                                         existing laser for a high-current, high-bright-
Experience with design and operation of                  ness electron source. A significant amount        O w/trailer, chart plotter, fish/depth finder,   EGGS – organic, free-range eggs from my        MANORVILLE – 1 bdrm, l/r/kit combo, full
photo injectors, linear accelerators, beam               of R&D is part of the job, with publications      v low hrs, excel. $22,000 neg. 987-4281.         hens (supply limited). $2.5/doz, $3.75/18,     bath, priv ent., v/quiet, no smkg/pet., incl all,
transport and relevant diagnostics. Will be              and conference attendance. The level of the       BOAT SLIP – Jamesport, Peconic Bay, deep         $1.25/6. Sandy,               avail. June. $800/mo. Ext. 3849, 591-1315.
involved with wide range of experiments at               position will be based on the background          water, floatg dock, boats up to 25’, parking     EVENING GOWNS – mother of bride de-            MASTIC – 1 bdrm, full kit&bath,den, own
Accelerator Test Facility to study physics of            and experience of the selected candidate.         at dock, no util., $950/obo. 929-6189.           signer gown, Daymor szs 10 & 12, wrn 1ce,      driveway own entr, for one person,all incl 1
high brightness beams. The responsibility                Under the direction of I. Ben-Zvi, Collider-                                                       prof. cleaned, $75/ea., pic avail. 581-7656.   mo sec, no smok/pets. $850/mo. 219-7241.
of this position will be: 1) conduct original            Accelerator Department. Apply to Job ID
                                                                                                           Furnishings & Appliances                         GENERATOR – Craftman, 3K watt, runs
                                                                                                           BABY CHANGING TABLE – High qual                                                                 MASTIC BEACH – 1 bdrm apt, full bath, l/
research; 2) provide scientific and technical            #14849. *See NOTE (above).                                                                         well, $120; computer cable pwr cord for
                                                                                                           solid wood, on rollers, utility drawer, shelf,                                                  r, kit., priv. ent. & drway, no smkg/pets, all
support to researchers at ATF; and 3) to par-                                                                                                               compaq presario. Joseph, 281-2767.
                                                         ASSISTANT          SCIENTIST/ENGINEERING          waterproof mat, grt cond, $35. Ext. 3621.                                                       incl. except cable, sec/refs req’d. $950/
ticipate in the development of new experi-
                                                         – Requires a Ph.D. in civil/structural engi-                                                       GIFT CERTIFS – 2/$50 GCs to Brian              mo. 281-4559.
mental capabilities. Under the direction of V.                                                             DESK – leather top desk and chair. $25.
Yakimenko, Physics Department. Apply to                  neering or engineering mechanics and a                                                             Scotts American Restaurt, Miller Pl., expire   MIDDLE ISLAND – very priv apt. all appl,
Job ID #14855. *See NOTE (above).                        minimum of two years of experience with                                                            3/31/10, sell/$25/ea. Heather, Ext. 4138.      util & cable incl, 3 mi to Lab. $1,400/mo.
                                                         an engineering design or consulting orga-         DRESSER/CHANGER COMBO – natural
                                                                                                           wood w/3 drawers one side, two on other          JEWELRY DISPLAY – carrying case, velvet        Jim, Ext. 2765 or
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-                            nization. Experience in seismic and struc-
                                                                                                           side, excel. cond, ask/$150/obo. Ext. 3924.      boards, trays, gift boxes rings, bracelets,    MIDDLE ISLAND – 1 bdrm, lg bsmt apt, pvt
ATE/RECYCLING PHOTOVOLTAICS – Re-                        tural analysis, finite element analysis, seis-                                                     etc. can be purchased sep. 581-7656.           ent, drwy, phone, cable, int, strictly no pet/
quires a Ph.D. in metallurgical or chemical              mic probabilities risk assessment (PRA),          KENMORE WASHER AND DRYER – XL
engineering and research experience in                                                                     capacity, gd. cond, $400/set/obo, u/pic/         JFK AIR TRAIN TICKET – 1 Jamaica Station       smkg, quiet, all incl, BNL employee only,
                                                         and structural fragility assessment is also                                                                                                       avail. 6/1, 1 mo sec. $850/mo. 672-2451.
extractive metallurgy and electrochemistry.                                                                up. Tony, Ext. 2601 or         to JFK, expires May 11, orig/$5, ask/$2.
                                                         desirable. Will assist in carrying out struc-
Experience with hydro-lab techniques (di-                                                                  MATTRESS, SPLIT BOX SPRINGS – new qu             Mike, Ext. 2947 or             MIDDLE ISLAND – newly renovated, furn
                                                         tural, seismic and civil engineering projects
gestion of raw samples, preparation of stan-             and deliver project specific products and         sz Sleepy’s Miralux pillow-top. Pd $1800,        SMART CYCLE – w/2 games, barely used,          bsmt studio, incl all, avail immed. $600/
dard solutions, dilution of sample solutions,            services to customers in accordance with          ask $1000. Can help deliver. 764-8001.           $80. Ext. 3008 or            mo neg. Alexey, 846-1913.
and performing wet spectrometric analysis                contractual requirements. In addition, the        OAK ENTERTAINMENT UNIT – like new,               SPRINKLERS – poly pipe, repairs, start         RIDGE – 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath, l/r, d/r, kit, gar,
of metals), hydrometallurgical separation                candidate would assist in identifying op-         have pic, orig/$1,600, ask/$600. Ext. 3438.      ups, complete sprinkler sys. installed.        fin. bsmt, +util/sec. $1,750/mo. Ray, Ext.
techniques and ICP spectrometric analy-                  portunities for expanding programs and                                                             Michael, Ext. 5262, 284-2277.                  3541, 924-4147.
sis of metals is required. Experience with               the best technical approach to assigned           Audio, Video & Computers                         VINYL RECORDS 33’S – Many “Oldies              ROCKY POINT – 1 bdrm apt, 1 sm br/office/
mathematical modeling in metallurgical                   projects. Work would involve assisting in         DIRECT TV HD DVR RECEIVER – used for                                                            spare, l/r, w/w, kit/brkfst nook, full bath, fen.
                                                                                                                                                            but Goodies”, don’t want to throw away,
and materials processing is a strong plus.               planning and conducting research and pro-         4 mo, in box, incl connecting cables and                                                        side yd w/patio, walk to stores/bch, own
                                                                                                                                                            call if interested. Jason, Ext. 3477.
Good writing and communication skills and                viding technical support for projects related     remote control, $100. Melissa, Ext. 2877.                                                       th’stat/drway/prkg.$1,300/mo. 987-3189.
some experience with writing technical pro-                                                                                                                 WEDDING DRESS – Mia Salano Style
                                                         to the safety assessments of existing and         HP SCANJET SCANNER – 5400c series,                                                              ROCKY POINT – 1 bdrm upper unit, kit,
posals are desired. The objective of the re-                                                                                                                #M4870, beautiful, brand new, still in
                                                         proposed nuclear plant facilities. It would       w/software CD, $40/obo, great cond,                                                             bath, l/r, balcy, quiet co-op comm, nr stores,
search is to effectively recover and recycle                                                                                                                wrapping, pd/$800, ask/$500. 445-4027.
                                                         also involve one or more of the following         hardly used. 516-241-4598.                                                                      lndry rm on prem, prkg spot, no smkg/pets,
conducting metals from CdTe and CuInSe2
photovoltaic modules. This is part of the
                                                         programs: a) collaboration with Japan on          MAC COMPUTER – IMAC G3 400                       Yard & Garage Sales                            CAC, incl. gas/water. $1,150/mo. 806-5965.
                                                         seismic issues; b) development of seismic         MHz,wifi, MS Office, more $250 OBO.
PV product and waste recycling activities                capability evaluation technology for de-                                                           MILLER PLACE – Multi-family, Saturday,         ROCKY POINT – 1 bdrm house, eik, lg l/r,
                                                                                                           Don, Ext. 2253, 821-3320.                        May 16th at 17 Redwood Lane, 10am-
of the National Photovoltaic Environmental               graded structures; c) technical assistance                                                                                                        .5 bsmt, oil heat, no smkg/pets, 15 mins.
Research Program operating at BNL since                                                                    PHOTO, 35MM & NEGATIVE SCANS –                   4pm, kit.ware, children’s toys, sm. home       to BNL. $1,100/mo. 744-8919.
                                                         in support of the review of design certifi- 928-6469
1980 under the auspices of the DOE. Re-                  cation and combined license applications                                                           furnishings. Mark, 928-4453.                   SHIRLEY – 1rm studio/furn/stove kitnet/
search will be conducted at the facilities of                                                              or
the Energy and Environmental Science and
                                                         for nuclear power plant designs. Under the
                                                                                                           PRINTER – Hewlett Packard DeskJet                Community Involvement                          full bath/sep ent/cable/ elect/int/1mo sec/
                                                         direction of C. Hofmayer, Energy Sciences                                                                                                         5min to stores/beach/LIRR//no smkng/
Technology Directorate, under the direction                                                                842C in excel, cond. comes w/ software           TEMPLE BETH EMETH BARN SALE –
                                                         & Technology Department. Apply to Job ID                                                                                                          pets. $650/mo. Ext. 2964, 804-8609.
of V. Fthenakis. Apply to Job ID #14856.                                                                   and ref. manual, $20. 281-4459.                  Sun, 5/17, 10a-3 p. Toys, kitchen, clothes,
                                                         #14857. *See NOTE (above).                                                                                                                        SHOREHAM – share a house w/profes-
*See NOTE (above).                                                                                         SYNTHESIZER – virtual analog, Yamaha AN-         bks, records, elctrnics, more. 744-8632.
                                                         ACCELERATOR ASSOCIATE PHYSICIST                   1x, gd. cond, box, extnsv MIDI implementa-                                                      sional, part furn bdrms, 7 mi to BNL, int/
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-                            – Requires a Ph.D. in physics or a related        tion, real-time controls, $400. Ext. 3621.       Happenings                                     tv incl., no smkg/pets, single preferred.
ATE/STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY-BIOCHEMIS-                        field. Also requires postdoctoral experience                                                       AUDITIONS - Reminder: May/30, for              516-380-2650/cell. $650/mo. 744-3543.
TRY (reposting) - Requires a Ph.D. in struc-             and at least five years of relevant experi-       Tools, House & Garden                            HMS Pinafore concert 8/21-23, all sing-
tural biology or biochemistry. Experience in             ence in the field of operating and address-       LAWN MOWER – elect, 19” blade                    ers welcome. leslieluxemburg-music@
                                                                                                                                                                                                           For Sale
X-ray crystallography, protein engineering,              ing operational issues in accelerator sub         Black&Decker Lawn Hog, perfect cond., 3                                     LOS ALAMOS, NM – “L” Ranch ap-
and analytical biochemistry is preferred.                systems including photo injector, magnet          yrs old, new/$250, ask/$125. Eli, Ext. 7179.                                                    prox. 2,700 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, kit,
Will explore the structure-function relation-                                                                                                               CASINO NIGHT – Fund raiser for Kim Haeg;
                                                         system, beam line transport and diagnos-          POOL PUMP – Pump & sand filter for Above                                                        greatrm,den w/fp, clim cntrl sys., 2 car,
ship for the enzymes or enzyme complexes                                                                                                                    daughter of Dennis/ steam plant, she is a
                                                         tics. Experience with design and operation        ground pool. Like new. Hayward1 HP, excel                                                       gar., fin. bsmt., $350,000 neg. 873-7547.
involved in lignocellulosic biosynthesis                                                                                                                    quadriplegic on a ventilator, 5/8, 7-11pm @
                                                         of photo injectors, linear accelerators, beam     cond $250. Will deliver. 298-4121.                                                              MILLER PLACE – well maint old field
and in the related secondary metabolisms.                                                                                                                   Raphael Vineyards, Peconic. Tickets $75;
                                                         transport and relevant diagnostics. Will be                                                                                                       ranch, 3 bdrm, 1 full bath, l/r, w/fp, Ander-
                                                                                                                                                            please call, thanks. Lorraine, 765-6856.
Competitive salary (minimum starting sal-                involved in a wide range of experiments at        Sports, Hobbies & Pets                           THE SOUND OF MUSIC - performed May
                                                                                                                                                                                                           sen wdws, lg .34/acre, 1.5 car det. gar.
ary of 49.5K/yr) will be commensurate                    Accelerator Test Facility to study physics of                                                                                                     w/elec. $285,000 neg. Mike, 241-4166
with relevant experience and qualifica-                                                                    BIKE RACK – Drawtite, 1 1/4” hitch, 2-           14-17, 21, 22-24, 28-31. Thu-Sat 8 p., Sun.
                                                         high brightness beams. The responsibility                                                                                                         PORT JEFFERSON STATION – 4 bdrm
tions. Under the direction of C.-J. Liu, Biol-                                                             bike/lockable. Excel. condition. $35. Da-        2:30 p.m, at N. Fork Community Theatre,
                                                         of this position will be: 1) conduct original                                                                                                     Col. 1.5 bath, in 3Vill SD, gar, fen, 1/3 acre,
ogy Department. Apply to Job ID #14649.                                                                    vid, 467-2691 or                   12700 Old Sound Ave. Mattituck, Tickets
                                                         research; 2) provide scientific and technical                                                                                                     gas heat, cac/igp/igs/fp, sunrm, Jacuzzi,
* See NOTE (above).                                      support to researchers at ATF; and 3) to par-     BIKES – men’s 10spd, 27”, lg. frame/$40;         $20 at or 298-NFCT.
                                                                                                           women’s mountain bike, 21spd, 24”/$50,                                                          want to close. $415,000 neg. 834-8255.
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCI-                            ticipate in the development of new experi-                                                         SPAGHETTI DINNER – Riverhead Moose
                                                         mental capabilities. Under the direction of       both in gd. cond. Walter, 567-9025.              Lodge,Wed., 5/6, 5-8 pm,to support the         SHOREHAM – 3 bdrm Ranch, newly ren-
ATE/ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE – Requires                                                                         BOWLING BALL – pink, ladies w/bag/$10,                                                          ovated, bath, l/r, den, wd flrs, kit/granite
a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, environ-                 V. Yakimenko, Physics Department. Ap-                                                              Rvhd.NJROTC drill team competition in
                                                         ply to Job ID #14854. *See NOTE (above).          shoes size 9, worn twice/$5, all in excel.       Delaware, $8/adv./$10/dr. The kids need        counters, ss appli, gar, lg yd, fam n’hood,
mental engineering or closely related field.                                                               cond. 581-7656.                                                                                 SWRSD. $350,000 neg. 258-4607.
Hands-on experience in aerosol and/or                    ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PHYSICIST/ COL-                                                                yr. support at this time. 645-1349.
                                                                                                           DUMBBELL RACK – Super heavy duty                                                                SHOREHAM – 4 bdrm., 2.5 bath Col., frml
cloud microphysical measurements and                     LECTIVE EFFECTS (S-1/S-2) –- NSLS-II
skills in instrument development and com-                Accelerator Systems is seeking a Physicist
                                                                                                           Polaris dumbbell rack w/20 saddles. Orig         Wanted                                         l/r & d/r, den w/fp, fin. bsmt, 12 x 20 deck,
                                                                                                           $450, ASKING $225. John,           ADOPT-A-PLATOON – Monetary dona-               igs, new granite counters, SWRSD, much
plex data analysis is also required. Experi-             with expertise in analysis, diagnosis and
                                                                                                           GO-PED – Motorized scooter, 2-stroke.            tions gratefully accepted towards postage      more, 7 mi to lab. $499,000. 821-3320.
ence with aircraft-based studies is desir-               correction of collective effects in accelera-
able, but not required. The research focuses             tor systems. The selected candidate will          Runs well, fast. Paid/$350 asking/$150.          to ship items to military overseas. Thanks!
on field studies of microphysical and cloud-             participate in the continuing design and          Ext. 7235, 286-1018 or             Joanne, Ext. 8481 or            In Appreciation
activation properties of atmospheric aero-               optimization of the NSLS- II accelerator          GOLDEN LAB – Purebred, 3 yrd, needs TLC          FIREWOOD RACK – reasonable/ Donna,             My family and I would like to thank our
sol. Will join a research team and play an               systems and play and active role in the           & fenced yard. Grt with kids. All shots & neu-   Ext. 2716, 878-2425 or         BNL family & friends for your support,
important role in designing and carrying out             commissioning of the NSLS-II accelerator          tered. Owner relocating. 570-423-3097.                                                          thoughts and many prayers in our time
field experiments as well as data interpreta-            systems. Requires a PhD in physics, and           MALIBU PILATES CHAIR – like new, all             Lost & Found                                   of need. Miracles do happen and our son
tion. Under the direction of J. Wang, Envi-              at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience,      docus. incl., pd/$250 ask/$150. 921-1413.        CHECK BOOK – Green covered (North              Sean is getting better day by day. Keep
ronmental Sciences Department. Apply to                  and a successful track record in carrying         NORDIC TRACK ‘SKI’ MACHINE – $120.               Fork) with Upton POBox address. Morris,        your prayers going because that is what
Job ID #14858. *See NOTE (above).                        out research on beam intensity dependent          Carol, 744-8632.                                 Ext. 4192, 924-3398 or            keeps us going. Thanks.      — Jim Vaz

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