How to use Twitter for your Business by OMLogic


The report provides an insight as to how Twitter can be used to promote and create a goodwill for your business.It also lays down the guidelines and tips which should be followed while building your network on Twitter.

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									                    How to use Twitter for your Business

Twitter is a micro blogging tool, and if you have not heard about it yet, you are either living under a rock or
never went online (Now’s a good time to subscribe-twit twit.)

                            Twitter is a micro-blogging site that has millions of people writing what look like
                            encrypted messages that combine #hashtags, @replies, text-speak and shortened
                            URLs to broadcast messages to their followers, and to create searchable mini-
                            websites with every tweet they send.

                            As a service to our readers, and so they get the most benefit of “Branding Your
                            Business via Twitter”, we have the below handy tips:

                            OMLogic’s 10 tips for using Twitter:

                            There is a culture on Twitter just as there is on any social media site. It is
important that businesses follow the “unwritten” cultural rules in order to maintain the best image online.
 Make your profile look active, add link to your website not only in your posts, but also in your profile.
  Using a nice professional template brings more visibility to your twitter profile; make sure it doesn’t look
  too funky. It should complement your business.
 Be genuine with tweets. Don’t try to be something you are not.
 Don’t send a direct link to your product. Send a link to your blog or a general informational website. Don’t
  be so blatant about trying to get a sale.
 Be Active: Not only should you post your own comments, but reply to other people’s comments. Follow
  people in your industry. Make friends and grow your network
 Do include plenty of contexts in @replies to give readers an idea of what’s going on even if they are
  coming in at the end of a conversation. Respond directly to tweets that mention your brand with @replies.
 Promote Twitter on your site and invite others to follow you: You can’t get followers if no one knows you
  exist. Display your Twitter URL on your site and ask to be followed.
 Don’t try to use Twitter to generate leads, or sell anything directly. Instead, count on the company website
  to do that.
 Offer live “Twittering” of a special event or breaking news related to your company. But only if you think it
  adds value to your customers.
   Do use relevant hash-tags; tweets with #tags appear in twitter trends and search results.
   Offer advice or tips on using your product or service or directing people to one. Consider it an extension
     of your customer service department.

“Do not spam. Spam is a big violation on Twitter. You may find your account banned. If that wasn’t bad
enough, think about the consequences. Your name, website, and products may be attached to your messages,
resulting in a bad reputation”.

Do use clever forms of advertising. Spamming is prohibited on Twitter, but advertisements are allowed in
moderation. If you do not abuse the privilege, you will not find trouble. Even still, use clever forms of
advertising. Instead of highlighting your services as a professional web designer, ask readers to review your
samples or give you input on your rates. Be sure to include a link.

Best of Luck with Twitter……!!
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