PREPARING TO WRITE A RESUME According to surveys conducted by by trevorbowman



According to surveys conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers [Spotlight, 23(8), 2001], these are the top five qualities on which candidates are rated:
• • • • • Communication skills (verbal and written) Honesty/integrity Teamwork skills (works well with others) Interpersonal skills (relates well with others) Motivation/initiative (employers are interested in people who do not always need to be told what to do)

Skills that are desirable and can be applied in a variety of careers and work settings are considered “transferable” skills, such as:
• • • • • • • • • • Budget management Public speaking Supervising Writing Public relations Organizing/managing/coordinating Coping with deadline pressure Interviewing Negotiating Teaching/instructing

As you prepare to write a resume, conduct your own personal inventory of the skills and qualities listed above. If you need to expand your skills or acquire more of the qualities desired by employers, you can participate in the following types of experiences:
• • • • • • Internships Part-time and summer jobs Participation in college and community activities Volunteer work Study/work/travel overseas Specific skill courses/workshops  

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