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									                          Turf Grass Times
                                   NEWSLETTER OF THE TURFGRASS ASSOCIATION OF WA
                                          VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3 SEPTEMBER 2004

                                          From the President
    SPRING                             Dear Members,                                    Challenger TAFE last year and he
                                                                                        intends to undertake part time studies in
                                       Welcome to the spring issue of Turf Grass
                                       Times. I’d like to thank members for             turf management next year to improve
                                                                                        his qualifications. TGAA (WA) will cover
  Inside this issue:                   supporting our AGM in July and making it a
                                       successful and worthwhile event. The             Glen’s tuition fees for the year.
                                       Maylands Peninsula golf course is an ideal
                                       venue for the AGM and we would like to           I was delighted to announce at the AGM
Editorial                     2                                                         that 16 existing sponsors renewed their
                                       continue to hold the event there. However,
Bronze Level Sponsor                   we may consider changing the format for          sponsorship of the association for
MEY Equipment                 3        next year to have the meeting, lunch and         2004-5. I was also pleased to welcome
                                       then golf in the afternoon.                      Globe Australia and Mowfix Mower and
Bronze Level Sponsor                                                                    Chainsaw Centre, as Bronze Sponsors. All
Globe Australia               3        I welcome Peter Maclachlan onto the              sponsors are listed on the back page of the
                                       committee in the position of secretary. The      Turf Grass Times and also on the
Bronze Level Sponsor                   TGAA (WA) committee for 2004-5 is as             association letterhead.
Mowfix                                 follows.
Mower & Chainsaw Centre       3                                                         Our membership continues to grow and at
                                       President:                                       last count we had 138 members.
TGAA                                   Peter Ruscoe, Sports Turf Technology             Membership renewals were issued in July
AGM Report                    4        Vice-President/Treasurer:                        and I encourage members to renew as
                                       Tony Guy, All Saints College                     soon as possible. We will produce a new
Lin Hambleton                                                                           member’s directory for 2004-5, issue
Bursary Award 2005            4        Secretary:                                       membership cards and update the
                                       Peter Maclachlan, Baileys Fertilisers            membership list on our web site.
Machinery Safety & Operational
Maintenance                            Events Officer:                                  We have some interesting events
by Tony Guy                    5       Steve Burke, Aquinas College                     organised in September. There is a field
                                                                                        trip to Scotch College, Hale School and St
Groundsmanship                         Nick Bell has taken on the new role of           Mary’s Girls School, to inspect the grounds
                                       TGAA (WA) Coordinator, which is a                and look at machinery safety, operation
by Tony Guy                   6        non-committee     position.   Nick    will       and maintenance with some of our spon-
Silver Level Sponsor                   continue to produce the Turf Grass Times         sors. The annual WACA seminar will focus
                                       newsletter, promote membership of the            on the management of multi-purpose
Lovegrove Turf Services                association, and provide support to the
Round and About with Peter Mac 7                                                        sports turf facilities. The guest speaker is
                                       committee as required.                           Peter Devlin, Grounds Manager at the
Gold Level Sponsor                     I’d also like to thank TGAA (WA)                 famous North Sydney Oval. Turf Fest 2004
Lawn Doctor                   8        members Adam Whyte from Wesley                   will be held in October at Challenger TAFE
                                       College and Kerry Coates from MLC for            Murdoch and is shaping up as a great
                                       offering to assist the committee with the        event. TGAA (WA) is helping to promote
                                       organisation of events.                          Turf Fest as a member of the Turf and
                                                                                        Landscape Industry Association (TLIA),
  COMING EVENTS                        Congratulations to Glen Burwood from             which is organising the field day and trade
                                                                                        show. I encourage all members to support
                                       ATI, the winner of the 2004-5 Lin                Turf Fest to make it a successful event.
                                       Hambleton Bursary Award. Glen com-
SEPTEMBER                              pleted the Diploma of Horticulture at                                              Peter Ruscoe
8.30AM - 3.30PM TUESDAY


                                                    TGAA-WA President Peter Ruscoe presents the ‘Lin Hambleton Bursary’
DETAILS TO BE ADVISED                                        to Burswood Resort horticulturist, Glen Burwood.
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                        2
                                                                              ‘THE GREATEST SHOW ON TURF’

  Editorial                                                               Turfest 2004 being very well received by the
                                                                          Turf Industry, and sales of exhibition sites
                                                                          are going well. Nearly all of the 150m2 sites
                                                                          have been booked and the small and
                                                                          medium size sites are in demand.Brochures
                                                                          have been given to exhibitors for distribution
                                                                          to their customers, and are being sent to
                                                                          grounds and facility managers, government
                                                                          departments, councils and commercial turf
                                                                          managers throughout Western Australia.
                                                                          Large posters advertising ‘The Greatest
                                                                          show on Turf’ have been placed in strategic
                                                                          places and electronic copies of the poster
                                                                          and brochure as PDF Files have been
                                                                          posted on industry websites and in
                                                                          electronic newsletters. Turfest-2004 is being
                                                                          advertised in Western Australian Trade
                                                                          Commissions in Singapore, Hong Kong and
                                                                          other Asian Capitals and we are working
                                                                          with all sectors of the turf industry to attract
                                                                          large crowds of prospective customers to
                                                                          the show. The Murdoch TAFE Campus has
                                                                          been surveyed and the exhibitor sites have
                                                                          been designed and located for maximum
                                                                          effect and ease of navigation. Turfest-2004
                                                                          is being held between the third and fourth
                                                                          semesters when the students are on holiday
                                                                          so that there will be more car parking
                                                                          available for visitors, and some of the
                                                                          college’s resources can be utilised for the
                                                                          benefit of the turf industry. Turfest-2004 is
                                                                          being held in conjunction with the University
                                                                          of Western Australia’s Turf Research
                                                                          Seminar, “Latest Developments in Western
                                                                          Australian Turf Research”. Seminar speaker
                                                                          include Prof Bob Carrow, Professor of Turf
                                                                          Grass Science from the University of
                            Highly respected TAFE Lecturer, Lin           Georgia, Dr. Don Loch, Research Scientist
                            Hambleton supported by relevant               from the Queensland Department of
                                                                          Primary Industry, Dr. Louise Barton and Dr.
                            memorabilia provided by the inaugural         Tim Colmer from UWA, Ken Johnson and
                            C. H. Bailey ‘Best Student of the Year        Peter Ruscoe from Sports Turf Technology,
                            Award Winner’ Jim Clements, was the           John Forrest from Murdoch TAFE, Leon
                            guest speaker at a reunion dinner held at     English from the WA Department of
                            Challenger TAFE in Fremantle to mark the      Environment Water Allocations and the Turf
                            22nd successive year of the award.            Industry, and Nick Turner from the WA Water
                            Previous winners of the award, Robert Hill,          Seminar attendees will be able to see
                            Brad Anderson, Robert Heyworth, Wayne         demonstrations of how modern machinery
                            Webber, Sam Franco, Chris Marsh, Jenny        and techniques can deal with the turf
                            Sutton, Peter MacLachlan, Des Bevan,          problems discussed by the speakers. And
                            Larry Muir, Dixi Joy, Fred Maartenz and       Turfest-2004 will provide an excellent
                            Phil O’Neil were accompanied by               opportunity for turf managers to meet
                                                                          exhibitors and see how new machinery;
                            Challenger TAFE, Director Horticulture,       products, services, and techniques are able
                            Environmental Science and Rural Studies,      to greatly improve the quality and durability
                            Keith Bodman, and current lecturers, Steve    of turf grass without increasing the use of
                            Dargie and John Forrest.                      fertiliser, water and pesticides.

                            The dinner prepared and served by TAFE             Turfest-2004 is Western Australia’s
                                                                          premier turf and landscape industrial field
                            students from the Hospitality Faculty, was    day and brings together the training,
                            a great success and paid a tribute to the     practice and research that guarantee the
                            continued contribution to the Turf and        future sustainability of the turf industry.
                            Landscape Industry by Baileys Fertilisers,
      Jim Clements          and Challenger TAFE.                                                     Nick Bell - Editor

       PRESIDENT                           Co-Ordinator
         Peter Ruscoe                         Nick Bell
        51 Ripley Way,                 13 Swan Bank Road
                                                                             See us on the
      Duncraig WA 6023                  Maylands WA 6051
                                      Tel/Fax: (08) 9370 4775
                                                                                web . . .
     Fax: (08) 9203 5379
    Mobile: 0419 211 114            Email: nickbell@iinet.net.au            www.tgaa.asn.au
Email: peter@sportsturf.net.au
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                     3

  Bronze Level Sponsor
  MEY Equipment
Strong steady company growth, combined with informed efficient administration
by Tana Bailey, and inspirational design engineering by Bob Johnson have made
M.E.Y Equipment a force to be reckoned with. The design, performance, and
finish of the company’s ‘Signature-Yellow’ cylinder mowers, vertimowers, edgers,         Bob Johnson explains the fine points of
                                                                                              lubrication and engine care.
grass planters, rollers and aerators are world class. The M.E.Y ‘Camcore’ is
marvellous manoeuvrable and highly recommended fro elevating compacting
and aerating home lawns and confined intensively managed turf areas. Bob
Johnson is a real Turf Entrepreneur importing and modifying innovative
machinery and equipment that fills a special need for turf and landscape
managers. M.E.Y Equipment make cylinders and bottom blades for all sizes and
makes of mowers, and can repair and service all makes of machinery and
                                M.E.Y Equipment
     200 Collier Road, Bayswater 6053 Telephone:9370 1110 Fax:9370 2566
                Email: bj@mey.com.au Website:www.mey.com.au

  Bronze Level Sponsor
  Globe Australia
 When it comes to Turf Management, Globe’s Western Australian Sales
 manager, Danny Hambleton is a great friend to have. He is operates a
 one-stop-shop for all turf management needs carrying a complete line of
 chemicals, fertilisers, grass seed, golf course accessories, tools and application     David Ahern and Jyrie Kaapro from Bayer
 equipment. Danny has a complete knowledge of his extensive range of turf-care         Environment Science, gave strong support to
 products and he goes out of his way to provide consistently reliable                   Globe Australia’s, Danny Hambleton at the
                                                                                                    ‘Destiny’ launch.
 professional customer service. Globe Australia a re constantly researching,
 testing and introducing outstanding new products. ‘Destiny’ Herbicide, which is
 registered for selective control of Guildford Grass, Ryegrass and Clover in
 Couch and Kikuyu turf recently launched in Perth by Bayer Environmental
 Science, is producing very good results. For more information about this
 Group-B herbicide have talk with Danny.

                            Globe Australia Pty Ltd
           Telephone:9258 7773 Fax:9356 1343 Mobile:0438 702 200

  Bronze Level Sponsor
  Mowfix Mower and Chain Saw Centre
 Mowfix and Chainsaw Centre have established itself as a leading provider of
 Stihl and John Deere equipment and mowers in WA. With three qualified
 mechanics, a fully equipped workshop, and good stocks of spare parts Mowfix          Father and son team, Paul and Michael Beacon
 are able to cater for all turf and landscape industry service requirements.
 Mowfix are primary dealers for John Deere, Stihl, Silvan, Aussie Pumps,
 Rover and Victor and their business is expanding. Contact Sales manager, Paul
 Beacon to arrange free pick up and delivery. TGAA-WA members will be given
 priority in the workshop to minimise downtime and maintain work schedules.
 For prompt attention telephone Paul Beacon.

                     Mowfix Mower & Chain Saw Centre
          Telephone: 9455 2101 Fax:9455 1704 Mobile:0438 925 127
                        email: mowfix@eepo.com.au

                                                                                            Unit 16, South City – Cnr South St
                                                                                             And Bannister Rd, Canning Vale
                                                                                             Tel: 9455 2101 Fax: 9455 71704
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                               4

   Annual General Meeting

The Turf Grass Association of Australia WA held its Annual General Meeting for
2003 – 2004 on Wednesday 14 July 2004 at the Peninsular Golf Course
Clubrooms. Once again it was pleasing to see a respectable turn out for the
meeting. Approximately 35 members were present of which 20 played an early
round of 9 holes Golf.
           Peter Ruscoe began the meeting with an address to the members
describing how the association has developed professionally by providing quali-                    “Different Strokes perhaps”?
ty, informative seminars and workshops while continuing steady membership               Stephen Bright Grounds Manager of Corpus Christi
growth during the last 12 months. The seminars and workshops organised in the          College and Andrew Newman from Holman Industries
past year have attracted excellent attendances averaging from 65 to 85 people               were excellent company on the golf course.
including a respectable number of non-member organisations. It was this
repeated participation from non-member organisations such as the metropolitan
local government councils that were indicative of the associations’ success as a
professional training provider.
           Peter also took the opportunity to publicly thank his fellow committee
members for their dedication, commitment and constructive efforts during the
year. He then declared the executive committee positions as vacant and
proceeded to hold elections.
The elected executive committee for the 2004 – 2005 year were;
   ✥       Association President - Peter Ruscoe – from Sports Turf Technology.
   ✥       Vice-President / Treasurer - Tony Guy from All Saints’ College.
   ✥       Secretary - Peter Maclachlan from Baileys Fertilisers.
   ✥       Events Officer - Steve Burke from Aquinas College.
Nick Bell released his final financial report in his role as association treasurer.
This task will be taken up by Vice–President Tony Guy. The report demonstrated
                                                                                      TGAA-WA members enjoyed the early morning round of
that once again the TGAA (WA) has been able to operate in a not-for-profit            golf and the AGM at the Maylands Peninsula Public Golf
capacity and return all monies during the year to member-based programs whilst        Course. The Manager and staff of the golf course and the
still remaining financially stable.                                                        Riverview function centre were most hospitable
           Peter also advised members that Nick Bell of Turf Grass Plus had
accepted the recently established position as TGAA (WA) Co-ordinator.
Further progress has also been made toward the establishment of a national
executive of the TGAA. This objective, which has been idealised since the
founding of the Turf Grass Association of Australia is now increasingly possible
with active state associations in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia
and Western Australia. Southeast Queensland and Tasmania each also have
strong links with the TGAA through their respective Grounds Managers
           Representing the TGAA-WA sponsors Dave Parker from Gold Sponsor,
The Lawn Doctor spoke of his close personal affiliation and respect for the
association saying its objectives and the camaraderie of the members were
things that he valued close to his heart.
           Immediately following the meeting and just prior to lunch, prizes were
awarded for the mornings golf challenge. Peter Fleming and Murray Rogers each
received a bottle of wine for their first and middle place efforts respectively and
the wooden spoon prize of a copy of Turf Sustain publication was awarded to
Stephen Bright.                                                                          Competition winner, Peter Flemming Golf Course
                                                                                      Superintendent of Burswood Golf Course, received the
           Our thanks once again go Golf Course Superintendent, Mark Costa and        winner’s prize from Events Officer Steve Burke Grounds
his staff for his presentation of the Peninsular Golf Course, Maylands and to Brian                 Manager of Aquinas College.
Wood for the sumptuous catering and excellent meeting facilities in the Riverview
Function Centre.

   “Lin Hambleton Bursary Award 2005”
The recipient for the “Lin Hambleton Bursary Award” for 2005 was Glen Burwood of Australian Turf Industries. Glen works within
the Burswood Casino Resort Complex and having completed his Diploma of Horticulture and Certificate of Turf Management, has
plans to further his studies in turf. Glen will receive one year’s tuition at Challenger TAFE in Murdoch paid by TGAA (WA). The
runner-up applicant for the bursary award was Jules Bulleid. Jules will receive an honorary student membership to the Association
for the 2004-2005 year.
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                                           5

   Tony Guy’s Wrap - of the Machinery Safety and Operational
   Maintenance Excursion
                                                            Wednesday the first of September was a copybook spring day to start off the season.
                                                         About 35 TGAA (WA) members and colleagues enjoyed a relaxing bus trip throughout
                                                         Perth’s western suburbs on a day of training and exhibition. The tour, beginning and
                                                          ending at Kings Park included visits to Scotch College in Swanbourne, St. Mary’s Anglican
                                                         Girls School in Karrinyup and Hale School, Wembley. At each site, participants received
                                                         professional advice, instruction and training on key elements of safe machinery operation
                                                         and maintenance.
                                                              At Scotch College, Michael Beacon and his eldest son Paul of Mowfix Mower and
                                                         Chainsaw Centre from South City, corner of South Street and Bannister Road, Canning
                                                         Vale were the first demonstrators of the day. Here they provided invaluable demonstration
                                                         and instruction on the operation, mainte-
                                                         nance and most importantly sharpening of
                                                         chainsaws. This was followed up by a
                                                         professional demonstration of a small
                                                         selection of Stihl equipment and an exam-
   The West-Wide bus kept the group together and
   facilitated the sharing of ideas on the excursion.
                                                         ple from the large range of John Deere
                                                         domestic ride-on mowers. Mowfix is a
                                                         successful dealer in Stihl equipment and
domestic John Deere mowers as well as light machinery repairs and maintenance. At
present Mowfix cater to the machinery maintenance requirements of many grounds
management organisations including private schools and universities in the southern
suburbs. A family owned and operated business as well as Bronze sponsors to the
TGAA(WA), Mowfix invites any member to contact them for personal attention in relation to
                                                         any grounds care equipment needs on
                                                         9455 2101.
                                                              After morning tea, the bus tour contin-    Geoff Hayes from Boya puts the tracked Kanga to
                                                         ued onwards to St Mary’s School in               work effortlessly loading and shifting sand in soft
                                                         Karrinyup. Here Geoff Hays and Phillip                                 terrain.
                                                         O’Neill from Boya Equipment demonstrat-
                                                         ed equipment from the versatile Kanga
                                                         range. These small machines are capable
                                                         with an assorted array of attachments to
                                                         perform many earthwork and grounds
                                                         related tasks, specialising in those
                                                         situations where access for larger
                                                         machinery is limited. Also on demonstration
                                                         was the new ‘Soil Reliever’ from Southern
                                                         Green. A large 1.83m wide tractor mounted
                                                         aerator that drives solid or hollow coring
Boya’s deep penetrating soil reliever attracted a lot of tines quite quickly into the soil to a
                        attention.                       maximum working depth of 33.6cm. Boya
                                                         Equipment, a family business owned by by
                                                         Peter and Michelle Boyanich has been
servicing the needs of market gardeners, horticulturalists and turf managers for the past 25
years. The list of specialised machinery and equipment is much too long and varied to
mention here, so I encourage readers to visit the showroom at 16 Foley Street in Balcatta                   Grounds managers and grounds staff from
or call 9345 3633.                                                                                                metropolitan and country schools
                                                                Following a welcome lunch the party         appreciated the machinery demonstrations.
                                                         boarded the bus for the next leg of the
                                                         journey to Hale School in Wembley. At Hale we were met by Bob Johnson, co-owner of
                                                         MEY Equipment Collier Road Bayswater. Bob and business partner, Tana Bailey have an
                                                         extensive knowledge of the equipment and machinery used in the grounds care
                                                          industry. Bob demonstrated several pieces
                                                         of purpose-built grounds-care equipment
                                                         including an MEY Vertimower, an MEY
                                                         motorised discing roller, the ‘Camcore’
                                                         Pedestrian Aerator and introducing the all
                                                         new “Muck Truck”, an-all wheel drive
                                                         all-terrain motorised barrow. Almost all the
                                                         equipment on show is built or modified in
                                                         the MEY Equipment workshop to Bob’s
  The versatile walk behind prime mover from M.E.Y       exacting engineering standards. An
                  impressed everyone.                    advantage of which is being able to
                                                         introduce specific modifications and
                                                         improvements to selected machinery. Bob
                                                         stressed the importance of using the
correct oils and grease products for specific purposes and explained the frequency with Field-wise grounds take advantage of the shade to
which they should be applied for optimum lubrication. MEY Equipment have a well set out                     concentrate on Bob Johnson’s enlightening
workshop and showroom where they service, repair and display the equipment that they                                          discussion.
make themselves, and the specialised machinery that they import or buy from other
dealers and manufacturers. I encourage all readers, especially apprentices, to contact
MEY Equipment on 9370 1110 and arrange a visit with Bob or Tana. It was then back on the bus for the return to Kings Park and the
close of a most enjoyable way of receiving instructional training in a relaxed, scenic, and varied way. The TGAA-WA offers its grateful
thanks and appreciation to grounds managers, Mr Alan Brown from Scotch College, Mr Ian Clark from St Mary’s Anglican Girls School,
and Mr Mike Daley from Hale School for their generous time and assistance. We also acknowledge the efficient and friendly service
provided by Les and the West- Wide Bus & Coach Hire Company.
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                         6

   Groundsmanship - By Tony Guy
   Grounds Manager All Saints College
      For the past 18 years my chosen career has been as a groundsman at private schools within the Perth metropolitan area.
Recently the question, what is a groundsman was asked? Why need it have a different label to that of gardener, horticulturalist or
maintenance person? And how secure is this position in the everchanging technological advances of the third millennium? Is the
title ‘Grounds Person’ just being politically correct or is it only HR-speak for ‘the men’ or just ‘staff’? Or does a grounds-person
actually hold a position that fulfils a specific specialised field that can be readily recognised as distinct from the gardener, or the
person who does the maintenance?

  You may have noticed tarmac workers at major airports use the same job title, however these people may only ever use a lawn
mower or secateurs when at home on the weekends.

   Who then can claim to be the real grounds-person? Is it possible to conclude that despite the vast disparity of tasks between
those two types of employment, that they share the same tenet of ‘Groundsmanship’? That is focusing attention toward the
continued safe operation of a business, at the ground level. The shared dedication and commitment in maintaining a key
essential element of a multi-faceted organisation. Often the most visible representation of the success or failure of a business is
the quality and extent to which the grounds-staff presents the appearance of that business. If the grounds-staff is not performing
well, the results are readily apparent to the layman. That’s quite a responsibility for a job sometimes regarded as just ‘the
gardeners’ or ‘the men.’

      Supporting industries recognise the need for safe sustainable grounds for active sport and passive recreation. They are
continually improving and developing machinery, equipment, and products specifically designed for this market. In previous
articles the notion of working smarter has been brought up and it is through the combined effort of the thinking grounds-person
and the entrepreneurial attitude of these companies that advances have been made.

    The job is very different now as compared to one hundred years ago, but how different will it be in another 100 years? In the
late 1950’s the world-renowned science fiction author, Isaac Asimov relegated the role of manual working in the gardens and fields
to robots. In his novels of a futuristic world, man was greatly distanced from the environment. Knee-jerk reactionaries may well
agree because of rising incidence of skin cancers; pollution generated allergies, drought and increasing metropolitan populations.
If we can’t care for the health of the environment we must look to insulation to safeguard our own health.

      Fortunately, however, there are more and more cases of sociologists and psychologists working hand-in-hand with
environmentalists. There is a direct and immediate link between human mental health attitudes and behaviour, and the living
environment. For example, when psychologists recommend that you take a walk to relax away the stress, they generally don’t
intend that you pace up and down the corridor. Enjoyment of well-tended gardens and landscapes, and participation in outdoor
sport are highly valued recreational activities and the preparation and presentation of these facilities is the domain of the Grounds
Manager and staff.

   At my place of work I am continually fielding requests for indoor plants to be placed in offices and function rooms. This is seen
not just as a means of decoration but the direct understanding of the effect that living plants have on how people feel.

    From this perspective it would appear that if we want a happier as well as healthier future, the position of the professional
grounds person is increasingly important, if not vital.

                Mater Dei College provide the venue, morning tea and lunch for an informative seminar on grounds management by TGAA-WA
                           Coordinator Nick Bell that was attended by many of the schools and colleges in the northern suburbs.
VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                             7

  Silver Level Sponsor
  Lovegrove Turf Services

Lovegrove Turf Services is family business in the very best
sense of the word.

Dick and Ann Lovegrove started the business over 25
years ago and have always kept it at the forefront of the turf
and landscape industry. Dick dares to be different!

He considers how traditional jobs can be improved,
searches the world to find solutions to turf maintenance
problems and then, imports or manufacters the high
performance machinery that will do the job better.

Delegation is a strong Lovegrove family trait and Dick
encourages his son Jarad, daughter Lara, and Brother-in
Law Mike Harness to develop sections of the business so
that its range of activities provide the turf and landscape                 Jarad, Dick, and Lara Lovegrove with Mike Harness are the warm
                                                                               and friendly management team at Lovegrove Turf Services
industry with an integrated range of services.

Jarad manages the turf farm and has introduced new soil
preparation, nutritional programs, storage facilities, and
quality controls that ensure that premium grade turf for all
requirements is always available.

Lara is a creative and talented graphic artist and produces
attractive informative leaflets and brochures that provide
accurate details of the company’s range of products and

Mike Harness has a penchant for organisation and he
manages the mowing of Education Department Facilities,
and Private Estates superbly. The Lovegrove family is
supported by a team of professional carefully selected
                                                                              When its time to get heavy! The combination of the ground
staff that are committed to ethical value for money service.                 shattering surface massaging, ‘Aggravator’ and Brian Burgess
                                                                                  and the indomitable ‘Kiwi’ provide the brute strength

  Out and About with
  Peter Mac
                                      On my visits to regional areas I come into contact with many of our somewhat forgotten
                                      faces within the industry. Although many have trained and honed their skills in the big
                                      smoke, they have taken up positions in the bush.

                                      The country can throw up many unique challenges due to its location by way of access to
                                      material supply, water quality, availability and budget constraints. However many of these
                                      enterprising managers through their hard work, experience and ingenuity, manage to
                                      present venues to a very high standard for the locals to enjoy.

                                      This may strike a cord with other turf managers and gardeners who work in similar isolation
                                      in and around the metro area themselves. With this in mind I would encourage you to
consider belonging to an association of like-minded people within the T.G.A.A.-W.A in sharing and networking experiences. We are
please to welcome back to the association,Guy Watson, who has purchased the specialised spraying business,
The Lawn-Care Man. Guy previously worked at Trinity College and Turf Master and has many friends in the industry.
Those who wish to learn more about the T.G.A.A or discuss any experiences or problems do not hesitate to phone me on
0417 990835 or drop a line at macangus747@aol.com.
VOLUME5 ISSUE 3                                                                                                                  8

   Gold Level Sponsor
   Lawn Doctor

The Lawn Doctor is a Western Australian success story with many chapters yet
to be written. The vital ingredients of hard work, planning, self-confidence,
perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence are hallmarks of David
and Liz Parkers turf and landscape contracting business.
                                                                                           David Parker is passionate about the
Starting business as residential lawn mowing contractor over a quarter of a                turf and landscape industry and is an
century ago, Dave and Liz quickly developed a strategy that would enable them                        inspirational leader.
to recognise and take up challenges and opportunities when they became
available. It wasn’t long before David realised that it was just as easy to get
multiple customers rather than individual ones. So he initiated discussions with
the State Housing Commission that resulted in him winning contracts to mow all
the lawns surrounding apartment blocks and estates.

The dramatic increase in output meant that weekend work was needed to
maintain mowing schedules. Dave and Liz astutely solved this problem by
paying young daughters Rebecca and Melanie to do the mowing thus
subsidising the cost of caring for their horses and teaching the girls financial
responsibility. Lawn Doctor continued to grow and expand. Major mowing and
maintenance contracts were won to service government schools and estates.
Large self-propelled and tractor-towed mowers were carefully selected. Turf                Lawn Doctor grown, ‘Sir Walter’ Soft-
maintenance machinery, spraying equipment, and fertiliser spreaders were                   Leaf Buffalo lawn is in great demand
bought so that a greater range of tasks services could be provided, and David              by home gardeners and developers.
continued to look for opportunities that would give his company a marketing
edge over his competitors.

Contract Turf and landscape development and maintenance was given a boost
when councils, government authorities, developers, and facility mangers
realised grounds maintenance costs could be reduced by utilising multi-skilled
well-equipped flexible labour. Outsourcing meant that expensive turf renovation
machinery could be used on a number of sites rather than being kept for
limited seasonal use at one location.
                                                                                             ‘Sir Walter’ was a crowd pleaser at
                                                                                            this year’s Garden Week, and David
This breakthrough encouraged the Lawn Doctor to buy sophisticated turf                      Parker and his family and staff were
renovation machinery that was new to Australia. New imported turf renovation                      inundated with enquiries.
machinery in the Lawn Doctors fleet that have revitalised turf throughout
Western Australia and reduced maintenance costs include the ‘Koro’
Recycler-Dresser and Turf Top-Maker, and the Verti-Drain deep-tine
heaving-action aerator and compaction breaker.

The logical next step for the Lawn Doctor, experts in all aspects of turf
establishment, maintenance, and renovation was turf production. So with his
customary perspicacity Dave Parker purchased land, acquired a licence to grow
of ‘Sir Walter’ Soft-Leaf Buffalo lawn and has added turf farming to his
company’s operations.

In an even more enterprising move in recognition of eldest daughter Rebecca’s
early affinity with lawn mowing and proven financial responsibility, David                         ‘Lawn Doctor ingenuity’
appointed her Lawn Doctor General Manager. Becky is studying for her MBA                   David Parker and his engineer Robby
Degree and is applying her education and inherent skill to drive the company                  have developed a range of highly
                                                                                            productive turf-care implements to fit
                                                                                           the linkage of John Deere machinery.

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