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									                                          Word Play
Building Healthy Families Through Play                                                                March 2010

   What's Inside                                                                Winter's end
                                                                                    If you were starting to feel like
    Food bank                4                                                  winter was never going to end,
                                                                                you’re not alone! Hopefully the
    Playgrounds              5                                                  excitement of February’s
                                                                                snowstorms will soon seem like a
    Doulas                   8                                                  distant memory. In the meantime,
                                                                                please know how much we

    Family events            10                                                 appreciated everyone’s patience
                                                                                and understanding during the
                                                                                week that the PTLL was closed
    Haircut tips             13                                                 due to the weather conditions.
                                                                                    For those of you who haven’t
                                                                                seen it yet, please be sure to stop
    The art studio at the Toy Lending                                           by the PTLL soon to check out our
        Library provides a bounty of                                            new entryway! It’s one of the
    materials for creative exploration.                                         major improvements to our space

Spotlight on Pittsburgh:
                                                                                made by the First United
                                                                                Methodist Church during their

the Cathedral of Learning
                                                                                renovation project. The new glass
                                                                                double doors offer us improved
                                                                                visibility of our entryway from the

and Heinz Chapel
                                                                                street and the parking lot and
                                                                                better temperature control (no
                                                                                more arctic blasts whenever
    Standing tall at 42 stories, the      celebrate diversity and               someone walks in!). You’ll also
Cathedral of Learning is the              understanding,” said Nationality      notice that the old entryway has
highest educational building in the       Rooms tour coordinator Michael        been covered by a new wall; the
Western hemisphere and the                Walter.                               church will be using the old door
second tallest university building            In 1926 then­chancellor John      and the space behind the wall for
in the world. The architect who           Bowman began the Nationality          storage.
designed the building,                    Room program in to involve the            As always, we’d love to hear
Philadelphian Charles Klauder,            community in constructing the         from you about your experiences
fused the idea of a modern                Cathedral, which opened in 1937.      at the PTLL. If you’ve got
skyscraper with the tradition and         Each Nationality Room celebrates      questions, suggestions, or ideas to
ideals of Gothic architecture.            a different culture that has          share, please email
    The Cathedral, located at             influenced Pittsburgh's growth., talk to a board
Bigelow Boulevard between 5th                 “Anytime is good to visit as we   member (the list of board
Avenue and Forbes Avenue,                 have several different touring        members and their contact
houses various offices,                   options and some special events       information is on the bulletin board
classrooms and a food court. But          scheduled through the year,”          by the front desk), or come to a
most visitors are drawn by the 27         Walter noted. All weekends            board meeting (generally held at
Nationality Rooms on the first and        through the year (except the          the PTLL on the first Saturday of
third floors.                             weekend after Christmas), audio       each month at 9:30, though April’s
    “The rooms are colorful and           tape tours are available at $3 for    meeting will be held on April 10th
inspirational to a child's                adults, $1 for children aged 8­18.    due to the Easter holiday).
imagination, but they also remind         Tape tours are also available         —Megan Spak
us of our shared cultural heritage        weekdays when Pitt classes are        President, PTLL Board of
here in the USA. As such, they            not in session—summer (May            Directors

                                           (cont. page 3)
Board of Directors                                            Rummage sale
                                                                  Thanks so much to everyone – from those
                                                              who donated items to everyone who made a
                                                              purchase – who helped make our final
President ­ Megan Spak ­                 rummage sale a success! The PTLL brought in
                                                              over $550 from this sale. Due to the
Vice President ­ Tonya Campbell ­                             requirements of the Consumer Product Safety                                        Improvement Act (CPSIA), the PTLL Board of
                                                              Directors has decided to stop having our annual
Treasurer ­ Elizabeth Pitard ­           rummage sales as fundraisers, and we are no
                                                              longer accepting donated toys. We’re exploring
Secretary ­ Genevieve Hower ­                                 other ideas for fundraisers, though, and would                                     love to hear any ideas that you have for ways to
                                                              raise money for the PTLL. Please email
Newsletter Coordinator ­ Marissa Morrison ­          with any questions,                                     comments, or fundraising suggestions.

Website Coordinator ­ Heather Starr Fiedler ­
                                                              Board news
                                                                  We are so appreciative to Aaron & Katie
Volunteer Coordinators ­ Elizabeth Glowczewski ­              Secrest, departing Treasurers, for all of the hours, Jaime Horst ­                             they put into keeping the PTLL’s finances running                                            smoothly, but we’re happy to say that Elizabeth
                                                              Pitard (former Membership Coordinator) was
Membership Coordinator ­ Laura McCarthy ­                     willing to take over as our new Treasurer. Laura                                       McCarthy (former Outside Volunteer Coordinator)
                                                              has kindly volunteered to pick up where
Party Coordinator ­ Kim O’Donnell ­                           Elizabeth left off as Membership Coordinator                                            (check out this month’s member profile to learn
                                                              more about Laura and her family).
Toy Coordinator ­ Joey Smith ­                                    We also welcome Elizabeth Glowczewski and                                     Genevieve Hower to the Board of Directors.
                                                              Genevieve is taking over as Secretary; our VODs
Arts & Crafts Coordinators ­ Darlene Galambos ­               will recognize Elizabeth’s name from scheduling, Shawn Alfonso Wells ­                    emails, as she is the new Volunteer Scheduling                                         Coordinator.
                                                                  The PTLL Board is looking for members to fill

Supplies/Snack Coordinator ­ Open                             two positions (Snacks & Supplies Coordinator
                                                              and Outside Volunteers Coordinator); if you or
                                                              someone you know would be a good fit for either
                                                              of these openings, please contact Megan Spak
The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library continues as an all­       ( or Tonya Campbell
volunteer, cooperative organization to provide young          ( to learn more about
children (birth through age 6), their parents and             serving on the PTLL Board!
caregivers with a safe, fun place to play and access high­        Finally, please note that our April meeting has
quality, age­appropriate toys for home play.                  been moved to the second Saturday of April

  Publication Statement
                                                              (4/10) due to the Easter holiday the weekend
                                                              before. As always, all are welcomed to join us!

Word Play is the official publication of the Pittsburgh Toy
                                                              Bulletin boards
Lending Library. It is published six times per year.             The PTLL is happy to post parenting and
                                                              community­related flyers on our bulletin boards.
          Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library                      Please give submissions to the VOD for posting
                                                              approval. The PTLL reserves the right to
              5401 Centre Ave., Rear
                                                              approve all bulletins, and remove postings as
               Pittsburgh, PA 15232                           deemed appropriate. Any posting displayed
        412­682­4430                         without approval of the PTLL will be removed

 Page 2
    Cathedral and Chapel (continued)
    through August), spring break           chapel is open to visitors for free.
    (second week of March), and                 Ketchup maker Henry John
    occasional holidays.                    Heinz donated the chapel to the
       Groups of ten or more people         University of Pittsburgh as a tribute
    can reserve private tours by prior      to his mother. It was built in the
    arrangement any day except the          1930s.
    day after Thanksgiving, the first           Heinz Chapel has 23 stained
    Sunday of December, and                 glass windows, which measure
    December 27­31.                         approximately 4,000 square feet
       Visitors are welcome to see any      and contain nearly 250,000 pieces
    Nationality Rooms not in use as         of glass. The windows depict 391
    classrooms free of charge when          identifiable figures, a large
    classes are in session, Mondays         supporting cast of anonymous
    through Fridays. This free option       individuals, and an extensive variety
    does not include the audio guide.       of flora and fauna. The iconography
        Klauder also designed Heinz         combines traditional religious figures
    Chapel, located just north of the       and symbols with historic and
                                                                                     A Cathedral visitor enjoys the view.
    Cathedral at Bellefield Avenue.         cultural figures that extend from
    When not in use for weddings,           biblical times through the middle                          photo by Amie Powell
s   concerts and religious services, the    ages to the late 19th century.             

                   Volunteer Opportunities at the PTLL
               Over the last 35 years, the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library has become the success story that it is
           through the generosity of its volunteers. Did you know that we’ve always been a volunteer­run co­
           operative? Please help us keep the co­op spirit alive—if you have a special skill, talent, or training that
           you would be willing to use on our behalf, we would love to hear from you! From help with advertising,
           marketing, and finances, to helping out at community events and with toy selection, we have lots of
           opportunities for people to help out at the PTLL without making the time commitment of joining the
s          Board of Directors. Please email Megan Spak ( or Tonya Campbell
           ( to tell us more about how you can contribute!

                                                                                             The joy of
                                                                                                 Word Play loves
                                                                                             showcasing creative
                                                                                             works by kids in the
                                                                                             community. Please
                                                                                             submit short pieces of
                                                                                             your child's writing and
                                                                                             pictures of your child's art
                                                                                             to Marissa Morrison at
                                                                                             com. If your child has a
                                                                                             favorite joke or recipe,
                                                                                             send that along, too!

       Page 3
Teaching young children how
to help our neighbors in need
By Becky Abrams, MSW, Squirrel             adults. To accomplish this work we        Children also can donate their own
Hill Food Pantry                           rely on more than 380 volunteers.         dollars to the Pantry, whether you
    One of the most important values            Looking for a way to get started     determine together that a certain
that my husband and I have taught          volunteering with your family?            portion of their allowance regularly
our two young daughters is to help         Check out these opportunities at the      be designated to a charitable
others. Becoming good citizens             Squirrel Hill Food Pantry!                cause, or if they set aside part of
starts in our own community. No                 1. Packing bags: If your children    their birthday money to make a
matter how or where you live,              are 4 or more years of age, you can       donation. We recognize Pantry gifts
chances are there’s another family         volunteer as a family at a Sunday         of any amount, so even smaller
nearby who’s having a tough time           packing. On two Sundays every             sums from younger children will be
making ends meet. It’s never too           month, Pantry volunteers pack more        acknowledged in a thank you note
early to start volunteering, and there     than 400 bags of nonperishable            sent to the child.
are many ways that you and your            food and fresh produce. (Pre­                 Another idea: Hoping your family
children can help struggling               scheduling is recommended.)               and friends don’t purchase any
neighbors.                                      2. Donating food: When               more “stuff” for your toddler?
    As the director of the Squirrel Hill   shopping, let your child pick out a       Suggest that in lieu of gifts,
Food Pantry, I work with families          favorite food and buy an extra one        birthday party attendees make a
looking to volunteer together              to donate. Together you can deliver       donation to the Squirrel Hill Food
through a hands­on experience. The         it to the Pantry. Young kids can learn    Pantry in your child’s name. Or if
Squirrel Hill Food Pantry is a             that any food donation – even one         they insist on gifts after all,
member agency of the Greater               box of Cheerios – makes a                 encourage them to bring kosher
Pittsburgh Community Food Bank             difference.                               canned goods to the party, which
and serves all low­income people                All food donations to the Squirrel   you then can donate.
living in zip code area 15217, who         Hill Food Pantry must be marked               5. Getting creative: Even your
qualify for supplemental food.             with a kosher symbol, and our staff       budding artists can help! Let your
Although you do not have to keep           is happy to help you learn to identify    children make colorful pictures for
kosher to benefit from our Pantry,         them (it’s easy!).                        our Pantry clients. We’ll add their
we are the only kosher pantry in all            3. Organizing a food drive:          warm wishes as special notes in our
of Southwestern Pennsylvania.              Children and families can organize a      food bags to brighten a client’s day.
    Last year the Squirrel Hill Food       traditional food drive at their school        Your own volunteering and
Pantry served more than 730 people         or place of worship; with their sports    charitable giving can set an
– the highest number in our 11­year        team, arts class or other                 amazing example for your children.
history. Each month we distribute          extracurricular activity; or as a group   With your help and encouragement,
14,000 pounds of kosher food,              of friends or neighbors. Collecting       giving becomes second nature to
including 3,000 pounds of fresh            one specific food, like cold cereal or    them as they grow and develop.
produce, to seniors, working families      canned tuna, is an easy way to            Besides learning what a critical role
with children and laid­off or disabled     involve young children. We even           volunteer service plays in our
                                           can lend you one of our giant,            society, children who begin
                                           yellow collection barrels to use          volunteering at a young age also
                                           during the drive.                         learn that what they do as
                                                4. Making a financial                individuals makes a difference.
                                           contribution: Dollar donations of any     That’s a wonderful self­esteem
                                           amount help us to purchase and            builder that benefits both the child
                                           distribute food. Using our virtual        and our community.
                                           food drive is an easy and fun way             To learn more about volunteering
                                           for families to sit down at the           with your family, contact the Squirrel
                                           computer together and decide what         Hill Food Pantry at 412­421­2708.
                                           to give by pledging dollars toward        Thanks to the support of volunteers
Becky Abrams, director of the Squirrel     specific fresh produce items. For         and donors of all ages, we’re able
Hill Food Pantry, with her parents,        children especially, placing the items    to provide food and supportive
husband and daughters.                     into the online shopping cart can         services to those living in our
                                           make quite an impact. Try it online       community who, without our help,
              photo by Joshua Franzos      at           would go to bed hungry.

                                                                                                              Page 4
    Time for outdoor fun: Parks and playgrounds

    A playground structure in Shadyside's Mellon Park                                         photo by Amie Powell

          Now that Pittsburgh’s winter of record­breaking snowfalls is finally behind us, families are flocking to the
      area’s parks and playgrounds.
          Ann from the North Hills loves taking her children Beatrice and Henry to Carnegie Grove playground at
      North Park. “It's small enough to see kids while they play,” she said. Ann appreciates Carnegie Grove’s fun
      equipment and lack of crowds. “It's on a fun walking loop with trails in the woods too!”
          Naomi Canella is a fan of Mt. Lebanon Park. “It has two levels of play equipment (one is for older kids). The
      park is well­maintained and there are trees on either side, which make the setting really beautiful,” she said.
      “My son Vincent loves to try everything at the park, but lately he really enjoys the spinning rings at the older
      kids' section.”
          Families looking for new favorite outdoor play spaces will benefit from the following list, provided by
      Heather Starr Fiedler at The goal of the Pittsburgh Mom website is to help
      parents raising young children quickly find local resources and information they need in their daily lives.
      Pittsburgh Mom can also be found online as part of the Post­Gazette's website.

g   Downtown                                  North                                Camp Horn Road
    Point State Park                          Allegheny Commons Park               Has Kids Kingdom play area, pool,
    downtown at the Point                     North Pittsburgh, PA 15122           trails and large shelters for rent
    The park provides recreational            Arsenal Park                         Blueberry Hill Park
    space for workers, visitors, and          39th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201       Franklin Twp, PA
    residents in downtown Pittsburgh          Aspinwall Recreation Field &         87 acre park in Franklin Township.
    and also acts as the site for major       Park                                 Take the little ones for a day of fun
    cultural events in the city, including    During the summer, there is a        at the “Blueberry Patch” playground
    the Three Rivers Arts Festival and        fountain for kids to run through.    or one of the other two playgrounds
    Three Rivers Regatta.                     Avonworth Community Park             located in the park
Parks and playgrounds (continued)
Deer Lakes Park                          sand volleyball courts (great            The medieval castle­like Anderson
1090 Bailey Run Rd., Tarentum, PA        sandbox), pretty pond in the center      Playground includes ladders,
15084                                    with ducks, basketball courts, hiking    turrets, and slides surrounded by a
1,180 acres located in Frazer and        trails                                   landscaped moat of uneven timber
West Deer Townships. 3 Fishing           Riverview Park                           rounds, evergreens, and perennials.
lakes, disc golf course, walking         Riverview Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15122      Brontosaurus paw prints cast from
trails, children's play area.            This 251 acre park, located 4 miles      the fossil collection of the Carnegie
Emmerling Park                           north of downtown has a public           Museum of Natural History help
off of Route 910, Indianola Twp, PA      pool, a playground, the only             lead children from one play area to
multipurpose fields, fishing, sand       equestrian (bridle) path in the City     the next.
volleyball courts (make a great          Park system, various shelters, the       Schenley Plaza
sandbox), children's play area, nice     Allegheny Observatory, and               Once the grand entrance to
trails through the woods easy            summertime concerts and movies.          Schenley Park, Schenley Plaza
enough for kids.                         South                                    spent much of the 20th century as a
Harrison Hills Park                      Farmhouse Playground                     parking lot between Pitt’s Cathedral
5200 Freeport Rd., Natrona Heights,      West Mifflin, PA 15122                   of Learning and Forbes Field.
PA 15065                                 Phillips Park                            Restored as a park by the
500 acres located in Harrison Twp.       Parkfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15122       Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in
Children's play area, soccer fields,     Round Hill Park                          2006, this emerald gem in Oakland
walking trails                           651 Round Hill Rd., Elizabeth, PA        is a hive of activity during the
Hartwood                                 15037                                    summer months. With food kiosks,
200 Hartwood Acres, Pittsburgh, PA       1,101 acres, soccer fields, visitor's    free wifi, a tent with free lunchtime
15238                                    center, trails                           music (M­F), and the beautiful PNC
Guided tours, summer theatre,            South Park                               carousel operating daily, Schenley
trails, off­leash dog areas, free        Buffalo Dr., South Park, PA 15129        Plaza is the go­to place in Oakland
summer concerts                          1,999 acre county park, wave pool,       for family entertainment. For an
Karrington Woods Park                    golf course, ice skating rink, sports    updated list of activities, visit
Pine Township, PA                        fields, tennis courts, picnic groves­
7 acres, children's play area, multi­    East                                     music
purpose field, picnic tables             Bloomfield Playground                    Swisshelm Parklet Onondago
Knob Hill Park                           408 Ella St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219       Whipple St., Pittsburgh, PA 15122
Marshall Twp, PA                         Boyce Park                               White Oak Park
116 acre facility offering the Jaycees   675 Old Frankstown Rd., Pittsburgh,      3 Muse Lane, McKeesport, PA
and Overlook pavilions, the Elias        PA 15239                                 15131
Fry Barn, a baseball field, the          Frick Park                               10 acres, rabbit farm, wedding
Whitey Soergel little and pony           Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15122        garden, groves, walking trails, off­
league fields, a sand volleyball         Park is the largest of the city's four   leash dog areas
court, sledding hills, horseshoe pits,   parks, covering 600 acres. Park          Wightman Playground
the Sean DeArment Nature Trail, the      users love the extensive trails          Wightman St., Pittsburgh, PA 15122
Country Castle Playground, an 18         throughout the park's steep valleys      West
hole disk golf course and a trail        and wooded slopes that are ideal for     Banksville Park
system.                                  hikes. The Blue Slide Playground         off Greentree Rd.
North Park                               offers kids a great place to swing,      swimming pool, a playground,
off of route 19, Pittsburgh, PA 15122    slide, and play.                         tennis courts, ballfields
largest man­made body of water in        Highland park                            Moon Park
the county, bordered by four miles of    N. Highland Ave.                         Ewing Mill Rd.
woodlands. Plenty of children's play     2 large water reservoirs, ideal for      Nice play areas, playing fields,
areas, five mile walking/biking loop     fishing. Great new wood "Super           shelters, clean facilities, hiking trails
around the lake. Good duck/goose         Playground" as well as Farmhouse         Robinson Twp Clever Rd Park
feeding by boathouse                     playground with toddler area and         swimming pool, tennis courts,
Pine Community Park                      water feature                            basketball courts, ballfields, shelters
105 acres, trails, basketball court,     Mellon Park                              Settlers Cabin Park
sports fields                            5th Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206           1225 Greer Rd., Oakdale, PA 15071
Squaw Run Valley Park                    Schenley Park                            wave pool, diving pool, tennis
Fox Chapel Road, Fox Chapel, PA          101 Panther Hollow Rd., Pittsburgh,      courts, groves and shelters, trails,
nice playground with toddler area,       PA 15122                                 log cabin

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Member profile: Laura McCarthy
    Laura McCarthy grew up in New       working outside of the home at                 the kids busy in other ways, too.
Kensington (a small town north of       WPIC very little. Laura also serves            “We love to hold playgroups at our
Pittsburgh) and went to Carlow for      as a co­leader of Pittsburgh                   house since we have waaay to
college. “I loved being in their        Babywearers, a support group for               many toys due to very generous
woman centered environment and          parents who want to try baby­                  relatives! In nicer weather we love
made life long friends there,” she      wearing. The group holds monthly               parks and taking walks. There are
said. She studied social work and       meetings and can be found online at            so many playgrounds in this city, we
continued her education at Pitt         http://www.pittsburghbabywearers
where she earned a master’s in          .com.
social work in 2003.                        “Other than time with the wee
    Laura has worked for Women's        ones I try my hand at baking and
Center and Shelter, Bloomfield­         occasional sewing,” she said.
Garfield Corporation and most               “I currently live in Greenfield
recently UPMC Braddock/WPIC.            where we moved to be near some
    “I've been married for almost 6     good public schools and to be in
years to Helder Vicente, who helps      walking distance to grocery stores
me see the funny side of life,” Laura   and whatnot,” Laura said. “Pre­
said. “I had both of my children at     kiddos we lived in Bloomfield and
the Midwife Center which has            loved all the great restaurants
piqued my interest in a variety of      (and lack of hills!).”                         rarely get tired of any particular one.
topics including natural childbirth,        Laura and her children spend a             In the summer and fall months we
babywearing and breastfeeding. I        lot of time at the Toy Lending                 also love to visit the local farms/
can't say enough about how              Library. “We are grateful for its              orchards. Soergel's has a nice little
wonderful my experiences were with      existence during the dead of winter            playground and cafe, and we loved
the midwives.”                          especially.” She has been a member             berry picking at Reilly's.”
    Laura’s children, Sam and Betsy,    for two and a half years. “I                        Laura also takes time for adult
are 3 1/2 and 17 months old. She        discovered the TLL when Sam was                activities. “My husband and I met at
spends most of her time with them,      about 8 months old but didn't really           a gothic/industrial dance club and
                                                               visit much until        used to attend industrial music
                                                               he was walking.         shows a lot before the kiddos came
                                                               What a great            along. Now we are just thrilled to get
                                                               place to be a           out for dinner! I do my best to see
                                                               young toddler!”         adult friends a few times per month,
                                                                   Laura enjoys        and I attend an evening kid­free
                                                               meeting other           mom's group once per month. We
                                                               families at the         look forward to more traveling when
                                                               Toy Lending             Sam and Betsy are a bit older.”
                                                               Library. “I'm a             In August of 2009, Laura joined
                                                               very social             the board of the Toy Lending
                                                               person and tend         Library. “The more I go to the TLL
                                                               to feel isolated if I   the more amazed I am that it is run
                                                               spend too much          by volunteers 100 percent and that
                                                               time at home.           everything somehow works out. I
                                                               The social aspect       felt that I should try to help keep this
                                                               of meeting other        excellent organization going any
                                                               parents has been        way I can. I recently took over as
                                                               a blessing for me       Membership Coordinator, and I'm
                                                               and I've made           slowly getting adjusted to that work.
                                                               some wonderful          I also manage outside volunteer
                                                               friends there. My       groups that come to clean toys,
                                                               kiddos take after       make crafts with the kids, et cetera.”
                                                               me and get antsy            Laura said that she enjoys
                                                               if we don't get         solving problems and thinking about
                                                               out from time to        ways to make things easier on
                                                               time. It's perfect      members and volunteers. “I always
                                                               for our family.”        want to do more to help but try not
                                                                   Laura keeps         to bite off more than I can chew!”

                                                                                                                 Page 7
Doula options                               By Jan Mallak, 2LAS, ICCE­CD­CPD­IAT, CD­CPD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA)

    Since the doula movement              postpartum and breastfeeding are            light housekeeping, meal
began in 1992, the initial definition     going. Fees range from about $350           preparation and limited errand
and roles have changed a bit. Aside       ­ $850 dependent on the                     running. She may even go to the
from birth doula certification there      experience/skill of the individual          hospital to assist with early
are now several professional              doula. Trained doulas sometimes             breastfeeding if requested. Fees are
organizations offering programs to        provide pro bono services until             usually hourly with rates being
become a certified postpartum             certified and there are grant paid          dependent on whether the doula is
doula.                                    doulas available for some women             certified and how many children she
    So, what types of doula services      on medical assistance. Women                is helping with. Expect to pay about
are currently available in Pittsburgh?    using midwives often wonder why             $20 per hour. Postpartum doulas
There are established groups that         they might need a birth doula – even        are not just glorified babysitters –
provide a variety of assistance to        though their roles may overlap, a           they are specially trained women
women at any point in their               doula does not provide medical              who facilitate communication,
pregnancy, birth and beyond. Here         care, advice or interpretations. She        organizational and time
are the types of doulas to consider       is strictly responsible for the             management skills. They also look
and what their basic roles are:           women’s social support. So she can          for physical/emotional red flags in
    • Birth doula – She connects with     REALLY be devoted to just the               the family … like a mom heading for
the clients beforehand through            mother without having that extra            postpartum depression or a baby
meetings and phone calls. She then        responsibility midwives have. And,          looking jaundiced or a sibling
attends the birth and provides 5          she is not on shift work or                 showing signs of serious rivalry
types of support – physical,              responsible for other clients like          issues.
emotional, informational, spiritual       midwives. Plus doulas offer “wrap               • Antepartum Doula – This doula
and mediatorial. In other words, she      around care” which is not provided          specifically connects with a high risk
is the ‘Queen’s’ personal                 by any other member of the                  mom who needs assistance. She
handmaiden, a caring friend, a            professional birth team. These              provides mother care, sibling care,
walking textbook, a nurturing             aspects make the doula and the              light housekeeping, meal
companion and a skilled negotiator        midwife quite different.                    preparation and limited errand
all rolled into one. Birth doulas             • Traditional PP Doula – She also       running. Most postpartum doulas
generally visit the new family after      connects with the clients before the        can handle these responsibilities as
the birth at home and provide a           birth to see if it is a good fit and to     well and get hourly rates
detailed birth report and small gift.     assess their individual home needs.         commensurate with their
Occasional phone calls for up to 6        After the baby is born, the post­           professional credentials. An
weeks is the norm to see how              partum doula generally provides             antepartum doula may also be hired
                                          mother care, baby care, sibling care,       by a woman who has no family in

                                          Exercising kids' bones
                                              We all know that exercise helps         your kids make “deposits” and
                                          tone muscles, improve flexibility,          “withdrawals” of bone tissue. During
                                          regulate weight and strengthen the          childhood and adolescence, much more
                                          heart and lungs. Don’t forget that          bone is deposited than withdrawn as the
                                          keeping active also promotes bone           skeleton grows in both size and density.
                                          health!                                         For most people, the amount of bone
                                              Osteoporosis, a disease that            tissue in the skeleton (known as bone
                                          leads to thinning of bone tissue and        mass) peaks by their late twenties. At
                                          loss of bone density over time, has         that point, bones have reached their
                                          been called "a pediatric disease with       maximum strength and density. Up to 90
                                          geriatric consequences." That’s             percent of peak bone mass is acquired
                                          because the amount of bone mass             by age 18 in girls and age 20 in boys,
                                          attained in childhood provides a            which makes youth the best time for
                                          strong indicator of how healthy a           your kids to “invest” in their bone
                                          person’s bones will be later in life.       health.
                                              Bones are the framework for your            —National Institute of Arthritis and
                                          child’s growing body. Bone is living        Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
Dancing is a way to build strong bones.
                                          tissue that changes constantly, with bits   (NIAMS)
                   photo by Amie Powell   of old bone being removed and replaced          Prescribed activity
       by new bone. You can think of bone as a         Just as muscles get stronger
                                          bank account, where (with your help)        when used, bones benefit from a
   Page 8
)   the area to help her prepare for the        parenthood by other women. The           famines start their life journey
    baby. In this case, the doula may go        doula movement is trying to bring        together.
    shopping with her, help set up the          back those successful times.
    nursery and guide her in ways to            Research shows that doulas help              Jan Mallak has been in the baby
    feel better educated and ready to           reduce interventions (like drugs and     business for over 30 years. She is
    handle motherhood.                          cesareans) at births, improve            the founder/coordinator of “Heart &
        • Childcare Doula – She watches         breastfeeding success and help           Hands” Doula Service which is the
    siblings at their home or the birth         lower the rate of postpartum             largest, oldest and most
    facility during the actual birth. So,       depression. It also shows that           comprehensive doula group in
    she is ‘on call’ like a birth doula. Her    mothers are more satisfied with birth    western PA. All types of doula care
    only function is to provide sibling         outcomes and feel more positively        mentioned above are available
    care. It is critical for her to meet with   towards their baby. Research also        through “Heart & Hands” as well as
    not only the parents but the siblings       reveals that fewer babies are taken      educational classes, belly casting
    she will be responsible for so there        to NICU for septic workups when a        and blessing way consultation. Jan
    is comfort on all sides. Her fee            doula is involved. These are huge        is also a certified childbirth educator,
    would be similar to a birth doula’s         findings!                                a certified birth doula (by 2
    since she needs to be ready at a                Until recently, doulas have not      organizations) and a certified
    minute's notice.                            been covered by insurance. But, a        postpartum doula (by 3
        • Overnight Doula – This doula is       code has been created and now            organizations). In addition, she is an
    hired to spend the night so the             doulas need to get provider status to    approved doula trainer (DONA and
    parents can catch up on their sleep.        be covered. This will probably mean      ICEA) and is currently initiating
    Mostly, she provides mother care            specific standards being established     ICEA’s Postpartum Doula
    and baby care. A mother can have            for doulas to comply with. So, time      Certification program.
    the doula bring the baby to her to          will tell. But even the insurance            Jan is a well known speaker
    nurse and then go back to sleep, for        companies can no longer ignore the       (both locally and nationally) and has
    instance. Most families provide a           obvious benefits – and they will         been published over 30 times. In
    space for the doula so she can rest         soon take advantage of the cost          March, her new book – Douals’
    when not tending to the baby and so         savings doulas provide overall.          Guide to Birthing Your Way ­ will be
    she will not interrupt the family’s             As a doula myself, I can honestly    published by Hale Publishing, a
    usual routine. The fee is hourly as         say this has been a calling for me.      company that is particularly
    well, like a postpartum and                 Some refer to it as a ministry; others   recognized for their breastfeeding
    antepartum doula.                           feel it’s their personal mission to be   books.
        For hundreds of thousands of            in service to other women. What­             Jan can be reached at 724/327­
    years, mothers have been attended           ever draws a woman to this career, I     6063, or
    to, guided by and assisted with their       can guarantee her that she will feel     visit her website at
    pregnancy, birth and early                  honored and privileged to help new

    workout. To build strong bones, kids        be active. According to the Nemours      wheels), and supervised water play.
    need to get lots of exercise.               Foundation, 2­year­olds should be           Make fitness a family affair
    According to the National                   able to walk, run, and jump in place        Children who engage in lots of
    Association of Sports and Physical          with both feet. By age 3, most kids      physical activity are more likely to
    Education, each day toddlers                can run and jump well. In addition,      stay active and be physically fit in
    should:                                     they'll learn to balance briefly on      the future. To give them—and their
        * get at least 30 minutes of adult­     one foot, climb well, kick the ball      bones—the gift of health, keep the
    led structured physical activity            forward, throw the ball overhand,        whole family walking, playing,
         * get at least 60 minutes              and pedal a tricycle.                    dancing and exploring the outdoors.
    unstructured physical activity (free            For
    play)                                       children ages
        * not be inactive for more than 1       2 to 5, the
    hour at a time                              Mayo Clinic
        Weight­bearing exercises—               recommends
    including running, hiking, jumping          running,
    rope, dancing and gymnastics—are            climbing,
    especially helpful for increasing           kicking,
    bone density. Older children’s bones        tumbling,
    also benefit from organized sports          playing catch,
    like as basketball, soccer, and             pedaling a
    tennis.                                     tricycle (or a
        It is important to keep kids’ skills    bicycle with
    in mind while encouraging them to           training
                                                                                                                    Page 9
Upcoming family events
     Special Events                         28, 2:00 p.m. Enjoy a unique musical            center members is $2 per person or $5
                                            performance that fuses jazz piano with          per family; for non­members it's $4 per
Kids Create: Pittsburgh Heroes and          traditional klezmer and join the action as      person and $10 per family. (412) 741­
Landmarks ­ Squirrel Hill Library Wed.,     you experiment with rhythm and                  7536.
March 24, 4:30 p.m. Create artworks         improvisation in a group workshop.              Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Company ­
that will be included in a Pittsburgh       World Kaleidoscope: Amethyst Bellydance         Byham Theater Sat., April 10 through
Neighborhood Kids Gallery on the            Group ­ Carnegie Library (Oakland) Sun.,        Sun., April 11. Ideal for kids ages 3 and
library's web site. Grades K­5. FREE        March 28, 2:00 p.m. Amethyst                    older, this show presents artist Fred
Maple Madness ­ Beechwood Farms Nature      Bellydance Group will perform world             Garbo’s inventive inflatable creations.
Reserve Sat., March 27, 10:00 a.m.          fusion bellydance and provide a short           These blow­up shapes move in sync
Audubon Society of Western presents a       educational session. FREE                       with the music across the stage, and
pancake brunch and guided living            Cartoon Breakfast ­ ToonSeum Fri., April 2,     before long, the audience is playing
history trek. The entire family can         9:00 a.m. Have fun with the most                catch with the giant inflatable objects.
investigate the sweet mystery of turning    important meal of the day with a cereal         (412) 456­1390.
sap to syrup after digging into a stack of  bar, live cartooning performance                Saturday Outdoor Hike ­ Regional
pancakes. Cost: $6 per member; $10          surrounded by a great exhibit of cereal­        Environmental Education Center (Upper Saint
per nonmember                               box characters. Admission is $5; kids           Clair) Sat., April 10, 10:00 a.m. Perfect
Family Dance Party ­ Children's Museum      age 2 and younger are free.                     for all ages and a great for family
Sat., March 27, 1:00 p.m. The               Amphibians Of The Night ­ Fern Hollow           activity, this one­hour hike covers a
museum’s theater will be transformed        Nature Center Fri., April 8, 7:00 p.m. Join     specific topic while following the many
into a family­friendly dance club with      Naturalist April Claus to learn about           beautiful trails around the center. The
disc jockey Raw­Z.                          everyone's favorite four legged                 fee is $3 per person. (412) 838­0064.
Ortner/Roberts Duo Musical Fusion           amphibians: salamanders, toads and              I Made It: Spring Arts & Chili Festival ­
Workshop ­ Children's Museum Sun., March frogs. Start at Fern Hollow Nature                 SouthSide Works Sat., April 10, 2:00 p.m.
                                                                     Center for a short     More than 60 regional crafters will join
                                                                     program and a          together to create a pop­up marketplace
                                                                     chance to get up       inside the former Joseph Beth
                                                                     close and              Bookseller space, on the corner of 27th
                                                                     personal with          and Carson Streets, which will also
                                                                     different              include a Kids Korner. A stage outside
                                                                     amphibians; then       will feature live entertainment.
                                                                     the group will         Carnegie Mellon University Spring Carnival
                                                                     venture over to        Thurs., April 15 through Sat., April 17
                                                                     Sewickley Heights      Families with young children will enjoy
                                                                     Borough Park for       buggy races and the Midway.
                                                                     a night hike to a      Thumbelina ­ Andrew Carnegie Free Library &
                                                                     vernal pond to         Music Hall (Carnegie) Fri., April 16 through
                                                                     listen to frog calls   Sat., April 17. This charming play is
                                                                     and look for           based on Hans Christian Andersen's
Danica (age 3), playing the drums on a visit to her aunt's           amphibian egg          classic tale of a tiny girl no bigger than
house. "We think she showed some aptitude, and she                   masses.                the tip of your thumb. Tickets are $12 for
definitely showed enthusiasm!" her mother Gina Peirce said.          Admission for          adults, $10 for students and seniors.

   Page 10
Spanish Fun with Patricia Galetto ­ Carnegie     appearances by the Litter Bug and Zoo           cold, thirst, and even sunburn. Family
Library (Oakland) Sat., April 17, 10:30          mascot. Meet with local organizations           program, ages 4–8. FREE
a.m. Stories, songs and rhymes in                that will show you all of the ways you          Dr. Seuss World Oceans Day ­ Pittsburgh Zoo
Spanish for native speakers and                  can help protect the environment.               & PPG Aquarium Sat., June 5 through
beginners alike. FREE                            El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros ­      Sun., June 6. Celebrate the 50th
Origami­Beginner Class ­ Squirrel Hill Library   Carnegie Library (Oakland) Sun., April 25,      anniversary of Dr. Seuss' children's
Sat., April 17, 12:00 p.m. Come and fold         2:00 p.m. Celebrate Children's Day/Book         book "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish,
magical creatures. FREE                          Day with stories, songs, rhymes and             Blue Fish" and learn about the condition
Fiddlesticks Family Concert: Musical             more! This program will feature Spanish         of our oceans and how each one of us
Celebrations Around The World ­ Heinz Hall       and English material. FREE                      can make a difference.
Sat., April 17, 11:15 a.m. Bring the kids        World Kaleidoscope: Takeaki Miyamae ­           10th Annual Summer Reading Extravaganza ­
to enjoy the day with Pittsburgh                 Carnegie Library (Oakland) Sun., April 25,      Carnegie Library (Oakland) Sun., June 6,
Symphony Orchestra and discover how              2:00 p.m. Takeaki Miyamae, Chiseko              12:00 p.m. Join other children, teens
music from around the world is a big             Hayakawa and Tamiko Iida perform                and adults singing and dancing as the
part of special occasions. Tickets cost          traditional Japanese music for flute,           excitement builds to summer reading in
$16­$19. For more information, call              piano and the Japanese harp called              a fun­filled day of free activities and
(412) 392­4900.                                  koto. FREE                                      entertainment. FREE
Talk­n­Walk: Spring Birding ­ Regional           CarKids: Boneshaker! ­ Frick Art & Historical   English Country Dancing ­ Friends' Meeting
Environmental Education Center (Upper Saint      Center (Point Breeze) Sat., May 1, 11:00        House (Oakland) Sat., June 12, 7:15 p.m.
Clair) Sun., April 18, 8:00 a.m. Beginning       a.m. Learn all about early bikes. Family        Families and individuals of all ages are
and intermediate birders will benefit            program, kids ages 4–8. FREE                    welcome at these monthly, traditional
from this program. Bring binoculars and          Annual Puppet Show: The Little Red Hen ­        Anglo­American folk dances. Admission
a field guide. The fee is $8 for adults          Carnegie Library (Oakland) Tues., May 4,        is $5; all dances are taught and no
and $3 for children under 12. To register,       through Fri., May 28. FREE                      partner is necessary. Please wear
please email                                     Mother's Day Brunch ­ Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG      comfortable clothing; soft­soled shoes                        Aquarium Sat., May 8, 10:00 a.m. Bring          are required to protect the dance floor.

                                                                                                       Weekly events
Pittsburgh Flea Season Opening ­ Pittsburgh      mom to celebrate her special day with
Flea (Strip District) Sun., April 18, 8:00       great food, a special animal
a.m. The city's premier flea market              presentation and caricature portraits.
officially opens, offering an eclectic mix       Pre­registration required. For more             Mondays
of items in a unique shopping and                information, call (412) 665­3640.               Beginner Spanish Play Group (FREE)
gathering place.                                 SuperMedia Mother's Day At The Zoo ­            Woods Run Library (North Side), 10:30
Game­O­Rama: Preschool Bingo ­ Carnegie          Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Sun., May         a.m.
Library (Oakland) Tues., April 20, 7:00          9 Moms receive free admission when              Tuesdays
p.m. Is your child learning the ABCs?            accompanied by their children and can           Kids Create: Toddler Art Club (FREE)
This is a great way to learn to identify         also enjoy free chair massages, beauty          Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh
the letters of the alphabet and have fun         tips and child safety info.                     (Oakland), 10:30 a.m.
at the same time. FREE                           Pittsburgh Folk Festival ­ Monroeville          Wednesdays
Earth Day Celebration ­ National Aviary          Convention Center Fri., May 14 through          Story Time (FREE)
Tues., April 20. Staff will bring out            Sun., May 16. Celebrate the region's            S.W. Randall Toyes & Giftes (Squirrel
feathered friends for guests to meet,            rich cultural diversity with this annual        Hill) 10:30 a.m.
and kids will enjoy a green­themed story         festival featuring activity booths,             Thursdays
time. Guests will also learn ways to help        vendors, live entertainment and great           Mommy & Me Yoga (FREE)
the environment at home, in the                  food. More than 35 ethnic groups will be        Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh (North
community and in the workplace.                  presented. Tickets are $8 in                    Side/Allegheny), 10:00 a.m.
National Puppetry Weekend ­ Children's           advance/$10 at the door for adults and          Join other mothers and their children (6 weeks to
Museum of Pittsburgh Sat., April 24              $5 in advance/$6 at the door for                3 years) for a class that promotes healing from
through Sun., April 25. Enjoy live               students aged 13­17.                            delivery and bonding with your baby. This class
performances, puppet making                      School­Age Fun: Nature Detectives: Owls ­       is designed to help new moms regain strength
workshops and other fun.                         Carnegie Library (Oakland) Sat., May 15,        and flexibility while connecting with other moms.
Panther Hollow Earth Day Volunteer Event ­       2010, 2:00 p.m. Explore the mysterious          Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move
Schenley Park Sat., April 24, 9 a.m.             world of owls and investigate their             and bring a yoga mat.
Activities include tree planting, garbage        habitat, owl senses and diet. We will           Kids Create: Toddler Art Club (FREE)
collection and invasive plant removal.           also view specimens from the Carnegie           Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh (Oakland), 10:30
Food and music in Schenley Plaza will            Museum of Natural History and learn             a.m.
wrap up the day.                                 what's inside an owl pellet. FREE               Fridays
Party for the Planet & Green Marketplace ­       GreenKids: Welcome to My Green House ­          Kinder Klimb at REI (South Side Works),
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Sat., April        Frick Art & Historical Center (Point Breeze)    1:00­2:30 p.m.
24, 11:00 a.m. Celebrate Earth Day with          Sat., June 5, 11:00 a.m. Explore how            Climbing wall open for children of the store's
recycling games, eco­crafts and                  greenhouses keep plants comfy against           members. Lifetime memberships cost $20.

                                                                                                                                  Page 11
Recall news                                                                  info from
* Do It Best Bicycle Bells due to violation of   * Children’s Bracelets by Chandigarh           * Allreds Design Baby Bracelets and
lead paint standard                              Fashion due to violation of lead paint         Pacifier Clips due to risk of lead exposure
* Lumetique DayNa Decker Botanika                                                               * Pull­A­Long Friends Toucan™, Pull­A­
Candles due to fire and laceration hazards       * Boys’ Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings by     Long Friends Alligator™, and Pull­A­Long
                                                 Ten West Apparel due to strangulation          Friends Sharky™ Toys by Manhattan Group
* Konrad and Loft Office Chairs due to fall      hazard; sold at Burlington Coat Factory        LLC due to choking and aspiration hazards
hazard; sold exclusively at Cost Plus/World
Market                                           * Children's Scooby Doo, Tweety and            * Britax “Blink” Umbrella Strollers due to risk
                                                 Batman Fork and Spoon Sets by Peachtree        of fingertip amputations and lacerations
* Graco Harmony™ High Chairs due to fall         Playthings due to choking hazard; sold at
hazard                                           Dollar Tree and Deals                          * Tiny Love Wind Chime Toys due to
                                                                                                puncture and laceration hazards
* Haselson International Trading Children’s      * Commercial Ice Cube Machines by
Hooded Sweatshirts with Drawstrings due to       Scotsman due to fire hazard                    * Innovage LLC Discovery Kids™ Animated
strangulation hazard; sold exclusively at                                                       Marine and Safari Lamps Lamps due to fire
Burlington Coat Factory                          * Climate Control Footrests by Fellowes due    and burn hazards
                                                 to fire hazard
* Mobile Power Packs By Tumi due to fire                                                        * Generation 2 Worldwide and
hazard                                           * Sportime BigBox Children’s Floor Hockey      “ChildESIGNS” drop side cribs; three infant
                                                 Sets due to lead paint hazard                  deaths reported
* Remote Control Kits for Electric Fireplaces
and Stoves by Dimplex North America due          * Copco and Wild Leaf Tea Co. Bristol model    * Dollar General Special Forces and Police
to fire and burn hazards                         and Martha Stewart Collection® Enameled        SWAT Toy Gun Sets due to choking hazard
                                                 Steel Tea Kettles due to burn hazard
* Fluke VoltAlert® Voltage Detector by Fluke                                                    * Tiny Tink and Friends Children’s Toy
due to shock or burn hazard                      * Arctic Cat Recalls Snowmobiles due to fire   Jewelry Sets by Playmates Toys; charms
                                                 hazard                                         violate the total lead standard
* Coil Nailers by Hitachi Koki due to serious
injury hazard                                    * Pumptec Electric Motor Controllers for       * Children’s Jackets with Drawstrings by
                                                 Submersible Pump Systems by Franklin           GTM Sportswear due to strangulation
* Byer California Girls’ Cargo Pocket            Electric due to shock hazard                   hazard
Jackets with Drawstrings due to
strangulation hazard                             * Children's Hooded Sweatshirts with           * Children’s Hooded Sweatshirts with
                                                 Drawstrings by Baycreek due to                 Drawstrings by New Mode Sportswear due
* Girl’s Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings by      strangulation hazard                           to strangulation hazard
Regaliti due to strangulation hazard; sold
exclusively at Burlington Coat Factory           * Franshaw Children’s Hooded Jackets Sold      * Children’s Papyrus Brand Greeting Cards
                                                 Exclusively at Burlington Coat Factory due     with bracelets due to violation of lead paint
* Telebrands Therma Scarf with                   to strangulation hazard                        standard
Microwaveable Heat Packs due to fire and
burn hazards                                     * Girls’ Hooded Sweatshirts by Weeplay
                                                 Kids due to strangulation hazard
                                                                                                Infant slings warning
* Brand Evolution All Over Boys’ Hoodies,
                                                                                                    The U.S. Consumer Product
All Over Skaters Boy’s Hoodies and Rock          * GE Telaire Airestat and Carrier Single
                                                                                                Safety Commission (CPSC) is
Mask Boy’s Hoodies due to strangulation          Beam Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and
                                                                                                advising parents and caregivers to
hazard                                           Temperature Sensors due to fire hazard
                                                                                                be cautious when using infant slings
                                                                                                for babies younger than four
* Gerber Legendary Blades Gator Machetes         * Bobens Trading Girls’ Hooded Sweatshirts
                                                                                                months of age. In researching
due to laceration hazard                         With Drawstrings due to strangulation
                                                                                                incident reports from the past 20
                                                 hazard; sold exclusively at Burlington Coat
* LELE & Company Children’s Hooded               Factory                                        years, CPSC identified and is
Sweatshirt Sets with Drawstrings due to                                                         investigating at least 14 deaths
strangulation hazard                             * Kikkerland Design Foldable Easy­Fold and     associated with sling­style infant
                                                 Easy­Store Step Stools sold by QVC due to      carriers, including three in 2009.
* Outdoor Lighting Fixtures by American          fall hazard                                    Most of the deaths inolved babies
Electric Lighting due to shock hazard                                                           under four months.

   Page 12
Haircuts for kids:
Tips for safe scissoring
     When your child’s overgrown hair      clippers. They can really frighten
blocks his vision, and your mother­        children (especially if a child has
in­law has dropped her umpteenth           sensory issues),” she said.
hint that the kid’s looking “shaggy,” it       "For children over 2, honestly?
may be time for that first haircut.        Bribery. Chocolate, a toy, et cetera.
Whether you plan on a do­it­yourself       Dangle that carrot and ‘git er done!’”
“do” at the dining room table, or an           Zima recommends scheduling
outing to a salon, safety is the main      toddler haircuts at times when kids
concern.                                   are calm and well rested. “I would
     “It can be very dangerous to cut      say this is a no­brainer,” she said,
kids' hair, especially if they are         warning parents to not plan haircuts
fussy, crying and in general moving        after children have been running
about,” said local hairdresser Erin        around all day and are cranky or
Zima. “The rule of thumb                   need a nap.
hairdressers usually follow                    It may be better to wait until true
(particularly for very young children)     toddlerhood has set in before
is if it isn't happening in 15 minutes,    getting that first haircut. “I personally
it isn't happening at all.”                refuse to cut anyone under 1 year           Don't monkey around with toddler
     For children under 2 who are          old,” Zima said. “I think it's unsafe       haircuts.
visiting the salon, Zima suggests          and unnecessary.”
having the child sit on Mom or Dad's           Zima, who lives north of the city,                          photo by Amie Powell
lap, with both parent and child            provides cut and color services in              
wearing a cape. “I would NOT               clients' homes. She especially likes
recommend a stylist (or parent) use        working with adults, and can be             reached at

                                                                 Easy baking:
                                                                 Fast, tasty wheat bread
                                                                  2 cups whole wheat flour
                                                                  1 cups all­purpose flour
                                                                  2 teaspoons bread machine yeast
                                                                  2 teaspoons salt

                                                                  1. Combine ingredients in a bowl. Add 1 1/4 cups of
                                                                  warm water, stirring with a wooden spoon.
                                                                  2. Transfer dough to a greased loaf pan. Let it rise in a
                                                                  warm place, covered, for an hour.
                                                                  3. Preheat oven to 425 F. Bake for about 30 minutes.

                                                                                           with us
                                                                    Word Play welcomes advertisers. For rates, please contact
                                                                    Marissa Morrison at

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