; tri fold Jan to June 2010 Holiday Calendar
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tri fold Jan to June 2010 Holiday Calendar


tri fold Jan to June 2010 Holiday Calendar

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Recreation Unlimited Victoria provides a
complete person-centered package,
                                            For all bookings and enquires please
commencing with the Recreation              call:
Manager meeting each individual, and
their family and carers, at a convenient    Recreation Unlimited Victoria
                                            Mark Hulbert                               Recreation Unlimited
During this meeting we:                     Telephone:        8650 7040
• Assist participants in completing their   Mobile:           0421 916 461
  support profile and match the             Fax:              8650 7077
  participant with a holiday of their       Email: mhulbert@interactaust.com.au
  choice and support needs.
Once participants have booked a             Stacy Jory (Tuesday & Thursday Only)
holiday they are sent a holiday pack        Telephone:          9479 3444
which includes:                             Fax:                9497 2511
• Service Agreement                         Email: sjory@interactaust.com.au
• Itinerary
• Clothes list
• Contact numbers                                  Mail Correspondence:
• Times of pick-up and drop-off                          Po Box 346
                                                        Fairfield 3078
All paperwork will be sent to the
participant several weeks prior to the            For further information on
holiday and the Service Agreement and          Recreation Unlimited please visit
payment is required to be                                 our website:
completed and returned at an agreed              www.interactaust.com.au
time, prior to the holiday.

Recreation Unlimited offers:

•    Peace of mind
•    Positive outcomes
•    Value
•    Person-centered activities                                                    Recreation Unlimited, a division of
                                                                                   Interact Australia – Community Services,
                                                                                   provides leisure and supported holiday
                                                                                   opportunities to people with disabilities
                                                                                   and from disadvantaged backgrounds.
                                                                                   Recreation Unlimited Victoria does not
                                                                                   receive funding to provide these services.
January 4th to 7th                     February 16th to 18th                 May 11th to 15th
Echuca          4 Days, 3 Nights       Warburton                              Lakes Entrance/Metung
        Price Approximately $1580             Price Approximately $1170                     5 Days, 4 Nights
•    Port of Echuca—Horse and          •    Try your luck at Tommy Finns            Price Approximately $1700
     Cart Ride                              Trout Farm                       •    Cruise the Lakes on the
•    Paddle Steamer Ride on the        •    Admire the surrounds at               Lonsdale
     Murray                                 Stephens Falls                   •    Try your luck with Mini Golf
•    Great Beer Shed                   •    Enjoy a relaxing lunch at Wild   •    Visit the Wyungara Nature
•    Dinner at the Irish Pub                Thyme.                                Sanctuary
                                                                             •    Night
                                       March 16th to 20th
January 11th to 15th                   Bendigo      5 Days, 4 Nights
Sandy Point 5 days, 4 Nights                  Price Approximately $1700
       Price Approximately $1680                                             June 15th to 19th
                                       •    Visit the Chinese Gardens        Healesville    5 days, 4Nights
•    Day trip to Wilsons                    and Museum
     Promontory and Squeaky                                                         Price Approximately $1680
                                       •    Take a ride on the Talking       •    Day at Healesville
     Beach                                  tram
•    Train Trip on Gippsland Tourist                                              Sanctuary
                                       •    Tour the Central Deborah         •    Try your luck in Hedge End
     Railway                                Gold Mine
•    Visit Coal Creek Historical                                                  Maze
                                       •    Visit the Science and            •    Spend the day in the Snow
     Village                                Technology Centre
•    Dinner at the Foster Pub                                                     at Lake
                                                                             •    Explore
                                       April 13th to 17th
January 12th to 15th                   Apollo Bay      5 days, 4 Nights
Ocean Grove 4 Days, 3 Nights                   Price Approximately $1700     PLEASE NOTE PRICES ARE AN
       Price Approximately $1450       •     Take a tour of the Cape         APPROXIMATE GUIDE AND ARE
•    Day trip to Torquay—Bells               Otway Light Station             INCLUSIVE OF:
     Beach, Shopping, Surf Mu-         •     Visit the Cable Station         •      ACCOMMODATION,
     seum                                    Historical Museum               •      TRANSPORT,
•    Spend the day exploring           •     Spend time exploring the        •     ACTIVIITES,
     Queenscliff                             Otway National Park and         •     FOOD &BEVERAGES
•    Dinner at Barwon Heads Pub              Otway Fly.
                                                                             •     SUPPORT BASED ON A 1:3 RATIO.

                                                                             PLEASE CONTACT THE MANAGER TO
                                                                             CONFIRM PRICES AND FOR ANY
                                                                             ENQUIRIES REGARDING INDIVIDUALS
                                                                             WITH HIGHER SUPPORT NEEDS.

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