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									A Dropped Stitches Wedding
Steeple Hill Café

Author: Janet Tronstad

My almost sister-in-law thought I, Lizabett McDonald, would be the first of the Sisterhood of the Dropped
Stitches to marry? True, I've confided to my friends that I've had a crush on Rick Keifer since childhood.
But will he ever see me as more than his best friend's kid sister? The Sisterhood wants to give me a
beauty makeover to catch his eye. I've been preoccupied with a spiritual makeover, and with starting my
own wedding planning business--no time for romance. Yet with Rick as best man, maybe as I give
Marilee her dream wedding, my own dreams will also come true!
Author Bio
Janet Tronstad
One of Janet Tronstad's favorite childhood memories is of borrowing Zane Gray novels from her
grandfather's bookshelf."There probably weren't more than fifty titles there," she recalls. "It was only a
shelf of old books in the back bedroom. But it was the call to adventure for me. I still remember what it
felt like to start reading a new book. It's the same excitement I feel today when I start writing a new
book."Janet, one of five children, grew up on a family farm near Fort Shaw, Montana, a small town with a
population of fewer than 200. This small town and the thriving church she attended have been an
inspiration for her popular Dry Creek series of novels published by the Steeple Hill line. "People respond
to the characters I have in my Dry Creek series," says Janet, "and a lot of that is because of the sense of
community they share. I think we all hunger to be in a place where people know us and accept us."Janet
likes to write books that show people struggling with issues in their life and in their faith. "We all
struggle," she says. "That's why we like to read about other people who are facing problems."In addition
to the Dry Creek series, Janet is also currently writing books that are set in urban locations. "The rural-
urban switch is one I've been conscious of in my own life since I grew up on a farm and then, with
graduate school and various jobs, lived in several large cities before settling in Pasadena, California,"
says Janet. "I often have a character that grew up in a small town and just moved to a big city or the
other way around."In her upcoming novel Going to the Chapel, Janet writes about a young woman who
grew up in the relatively small town of Blythe, California, and then moved to Hollywood, hoping to find not
only an exciting job but also the respect of her family. Janet holds a master's degree in journalism from
the University of Wisconsin and was published in various national magazines before she started writing

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