City of Concord’s
Accessibility Program

 Human Relations Commission
       July 10, 2006
ADA Coordinator

Julia DosSantos,
Engineering Services
(925) 671-3170

1)   ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan
2)   New Website for Blind and Visually Impaired
3)   Special Recreation and Senior Programs
4)   Parking Enforcement
5)   Tripping Hazard Removal Program
6)   Traffic Signals
7)   Developer Installed Improvements
8)   Capital Projects – Sidewalks, Parks, Facilities
Transition Plan

    Plan for achieving
   program accessibility.

ADA Self Evaluation and
Transition Plan
   Americans with      Disabilities   Act   (ADA)
    effective 1992
   City prepared and implemented the required
    ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan
   Plan included a complete evaluation of City
    programs, services, facilities, policies,
    practices, and procedures
   Highest priorities have been completed
Update to ADA Self Evaluation and
Transition Plan
   Sidewalks now need to be added to the
    Transition Plan
   Will completely re-evaluate City
    programs, services, facilities, policies,
    practices, and procedures
   Curb ramps and pedestrian features of
    signalized intersections to be included
Update to ADA Self Evaluation and
Transition Plan (continued)
   Two public meetings held in June to receive
    input on work needed
   Can contact ADA Coordinator until the end of
    September to provide input (or go to
   Draft ADA Transition Plan Update available
    early 2007 for public review
   Will include work locations, cost estimates,
    and schedule of work
    Website Update
   City’s website will be readable by blind
    and visually impaired persons using
    assistive technologies (screen readers)
   Expected to be made active late this
   Input form for ADA Transition Plan
    Update is already compliant
 Special Recreation Programs
         and specialized recreation
 Inclusive
 programs for people with disabilities
 Call(925) 671-3171 for more
 Includes    Adapted Swim Lessons

New Lift at Concord Community
Pool on Cowell Road:

Senior Programs
 Many Senior Programs and Services
 at Senior Center at Baldwin Park
 Call(925) 671-3320 for more

Parking Enforcement
   Parking citations issued for violations
    related to disabled parking spaces
   Number of citations increased in 2005-06
    over the previous year
   Expect further increase in FY 2006-07
    due to improvements in Parking Services

Tripping Hazard Removal Program

   Apply asphalt “ramps” or grind sidewalk to
    eliminate sidewalk tripping hazards (over 2,100
    constructed in FY 2005-06)
   Low cost; effective; quick response time
   Call Public Works/Infrastructure Maintenance at
    (925) 671-3050 to report
   If problem can’t be eliminated, Engineering
    Services will be notified to evaluate for possible
    inclusion in Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Traffic Signals
   Installed 3 audible signals last year upon
   Install Countdown pedestrian indicators at
    about 3 to 5 intersections a year
   Call Public Works/Transportation at (925)
    671-3132 for more information

Developer Installed Improvements

   City requires accessibility improvements with
    development permits
   Last year, City updated Standard Plans to include
    3 types of ADA-compliant driveways (the sidewalk
    stays level when it crosses them, rather than
    tilting at the sometimes severe cross slopes)
   In FY 2005-06, developers installed 21 ADA-
    compliant driveways, 3,800 linear feet of sidewalk,
    and 18 curb ramps

Capital Projects (FY 2005-06)
Over $973,000 in ADA-related work, including:
   Hillcrest Park - Restroom Replacement and ADA
    Improvements in East parking lot and pathway
    next to bridge
   Golf Course Patio Replacement for access to pro
    shop and new ADA-compliant restrooms
   New Police Valley Field Office with community
    meeting room
   New sidewalk on Treat Boulevard from San
    Miguel to Contra Costa Canal Trail
Capital Projects (FY 2005-06)
   Bus bench pads for Bus Bench Program
   Senior Transportation
   New sidewalk on Parkside Drive from Concord
    Blvd. to Euclid Ave. (pictured below):

        Before                  After             17
Capital Projects (FY 2006-07)
Over $4,300,000 in ADA-related work, largely due to
successful grant application efforts. Projects include:
   Hillcrest Park All-Abilities Playground (joint effort
    with citizens and community groups)
   Concord Blvd. Sidewalk Installation from Farm
    Bureau to Sattler (2,800 linear ft of new sidewalk
    to complete 3.1 continuous miles of sidewalk)
   Concord Blvd. Park and Ygnacio Valley Park
    Restroom Replacements

Capital Projects (FY 2006-07)
   Willow Pass Road at Sutter Street ADA
    Improvements (curb ramps and sidewalk
    improvements at Park and Shop entrance)
   Landana Sidewalk Improvements (new sidewalk
    on Village to access schools)
   San Miguel Rd. Sidewalk Gap Closure (Cowell Rd.
    to Systron Dr.)
   Commerce Ave. Bridge Project includes pedestrian
    bridge; 2,000 linear feet of sidewalk; and 1,300
    linear feet of 10-ft wide multi-use trail
Capital Projects (FY 2006-07)
   Civic Center ADA Doors (Council Chambers and
    Permit Center)
   Bus Bench Installation (approx. 35 benches)
   Senior Transportation
   Camp Concord ADA Restroom Improvements
   Pavement Rehabilitation Projects on Clayton Road
    and Grant St. (curb ramps and sidewalk


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