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                                            Newsletter of the
                                            Pee Dee Land Trust                                                          VOLUME 1        ISSUE 1

                                        What Does a Land Trust Do?
   There are lots of preservation groups,                                                          voluntarily give up certain land uses that
each with its own specific mission and                                                             he or she believes are inappropriate for
way of approaching it. Some are advocacy                                                           a particular site after identifying what
groups; some are education organizations;                                                          is important to protect on the site. The
others collect documents or restore old                                                            landowner continues to own the land but
buildings or lobby legislators. They may                                                           chooses not to exercise certain property
work on the national level, the state level,                                                       rights that would destroy a place’s natural
regional, or local levels.                                                                         beauty, historical significance, habitat or
   A land trust is a non-governmental public                                                       agricultural productivity. The landowner
charity (aka: 501c3 nonprofit) whose                                                               asks a third party, the land trust, to ensure
primary purpose is to own or manage                                                                that this agreement is kept over time, even
land in a way that is consistent with its         interested in conservation. Some examples        if the land is sold or given away to another
mission. That typically means protecting          of those include the most obvious: buying        individual. A conservation easement works
natural resources. In the case of the Pee         land or accepting donations of land. Other       in much the way that a powerline easement
Dee Land Trust (PDLT), the mission                tools include providing funds or helping         or sale of timber rights does in that it does
defines historical, agricultural and natural      with negotiations for other groups involved      not necessarily convey public access, but it
resources as appropriate for conservation.        in land protection. A land trust can help        does separate various property rights from
   As a public charity, a land trust represents   find and encourage conservation buyers.          a piece of property.
all of us, the taxpayers, and it can accept       It can also acquire (through purchase or            So, at its core, a land trust is in the land
tax-deductible donations in the form of           donation) specific development rights on a       acquisition and management business for
land for conservation or money to spend           parcel of land, even though it remains in        the purposes of conservation for public
on land conservation. The donor gets tax          private ownership. This sort of transaction      (our) benefit. Because land protection is
benefits and the public gets the benefits of      is handled through the legal document            done strictly on a voluntary basis by the
protected land.                                   known as a conservation easement.                landowner, the land trust’s conservation
   Land trusts have been given a toolbox             Conservation      easements      provide      efforts are non-regulatory.
full of options to help landowners who are        an innovative way for a landowner to

                           What Does The Pee Dee Land Trust Do?
  We are an organization that enables a           make this a permanent decision. That way,          Our work takes us into the 8 counties
landowner to voluntarily and permanently          the landowner can give away or sell his or       that border the Great Pee Dee River:
protect his or her land for its natural beauty    her property and know that it will still be      Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence,
and function, its agricultural productivity       protected. When a piece of property has a        Georgetown, Marion, Marlboro, and
and/or its historical significance. This          conservation easement on it, the Land Trust      Williamsburg, and our board has up to
means that we can accept donations of land        works with the current landowner.                three members per county.
or donations of easements on privately              But we don’t stop there in terms of our          If you know of conservation projects
owned land in order to protect it. The            land conservation work. PDLT provides            that the PDLT should be involved in,
public benefits from protected land, even         information and educational resources on         please contact us. With a staff of one, we
when public access is not granted, because        conservation issues, and we collaborate          rely heavily on the community to be the
of the value of scenic beauty, water and air      with other organizations and agencies to         eyes and ears for the organization.
quality, potential for local crop production,     identify historical, agricultural, and natural
habitat for flora and fauna, and much more.       resources in the region or to help compile
A landowner needs a land trust in order to        that information.
    1999 FounDing boarD
    Darlington                 Dillon
     Kent Segars
    CK Dunlap, III
                          James L. Alford, Jr.
                            Hartsell Rogers      “Displaying a portion of a 1773
                             Billy Rogers
                                                   map of South Carolina, drawn by
    Cherry McCoy
     William Perry
                             Jasper Eaddy             James Cook.
     Mike Smith               Pete Rogers
               William Rogers                             This map is available in its
               Marion Wright                                entirety from the Florence
    Current boarD MeMbers                                      County Library.
     (The PDLT is now governed by a board
       of up to 24, three seats per county)

               Jim Crawford
               Jimmy Lofton
               Heath Ruffner

               Meredith Coxe
               Eddie Drayton
                 Bob Pitts

                Earl Dutton
                Kalli Norton
               Hartsell Rogers

                 Tres Hyman
               Alva Whitehead
                 Ben Zeigler

                Tony Shank

                 Jule Conner
                Jasper Eaddy

                  Jeff Dudley
              Elisabeth McNiel
               Marion Wright

               Bill Chandler

                 John Alford

           executive Director
             Jennie Williamson

              office Contact
             PDLT main office is
              on the campus at
          Francis Marion University
                Florence, SC

        our mailing address is:
               Po box 4
         Darlington, sC 29540

2                                                                      Spring / Summer 2006
             A brief history of the Pee Dee Land Trust
  Summer 1998              Pee Dee Resource Conservation and Development Council (PDRC&D) sets up steering
                           committee to consider creation of a land trust and wetland mitigation bank for 5 counties:
                           Chesterfield, Marlboro, Dillon, Darlington and Marion.

Winter 1998-99             Land Trust gets official designation as a public interest organization (501c3 nonprofit),
                           assisted by Palmetto Conservation Foundation and the PDRC&D. Community leaders and
                           county officials are recruited to serve as board members.
  Summer   1999            First meeting of the Pee Dee Land Trust Board of Directors. PDRC&D Executive Director
                           Wylie Owens and Sharon DeWitt, in their roles with PDRC&D, assist the Land Trust; David
                           Arthur succeeds Mr. Owens as PDRC&D director and continues role with Land Trust.
           2000            Community meetings held in each of the 5 counties, hosted by the board members and
                           led by Ken Driggers of Palmetto Conservation Foundation.
           2001            Acquire first conservation easement from Jackie Segars of Hartsville.

           2002            Accept gift of 668 acres of land in Lamar from the Scarborough family. Donors retain a life
                           estate. The Palmetto Conservation Foundation assists with gift.

           2002            Add Florence to PDLT focus area.

           2002            Sponsor conservation and agriculture forum with the American Farmland Trust.

  Summer 2003              Host event at Kalmia Gardens featuring Naturescene host, Rudy Mancke.

           2003            Add Georgetown and Williamsburg to Land Trust focus area, so that all 8 counties that
                           touch the Great Pee Dee River from the state line to the Atlantic Ocean are included.

      Fall 2004            Host conservation symposium with speakers from state and national organizations such
                           as The Nature Conservancy, American Farmland Trust, SC Conservation Bank, Upstate
           2004            Develop and adopt vision statement and strategic plan with help from Lumpkin and
                           Associates, funded by a grant from Windham Foundation.

           2004            Progress Energy donates $25k to establish Riparian Buffer Protection Program.
    Spring 2005            Receive half-million dollar pledge from Pee Dee native Bruce Richbourg in order to hire
                           full-time permanent staff.
      Fall 2005            Hire first full-time director and establish new PDLT headquarters at Francis Marion

                           See “PDLT Projects and Plans” for more about what is happening.

Pee Dee Land Trust Newsletter                                                                                            3
          Thank you to those who support our work. Note that membership has grown from 13 people in 1999 to 40 in 2005
              to nearly 300 as of June 20, 2006. Our thanks to everyone who supports conservation work, especially:
IN HONOR OF                          Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Calhoun Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Burton Finklea           Mr. and Mrs. John R. Loftin
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kammer          Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Callicott            Mr. David Finklea                     Mr. Jimmy Lofton
in honor of Philip Booth Ross, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cantey                 Forget Me Not Garden Club             Mr. and Mrs. John Long
Ms. Maizie-Louise Rubin              Mr. Jim Canup                             Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fort              Ms. Anita Longan
in honor of Sadie Want               Ms. Joann Carr                            Miss Susan Fox                        Ms. Angela Lorenz
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Carroll                  Ms. Joyce Franklin                    Ms. Julia Love
IN MEMORy OF                         The Honorable and Mrs. Lee Chandler       Ms. Dana Gaines                       Mr. Chip Lowman
Ms. Katie Lewis                      Mr. and Mrs.W. H. Chandler                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Galloway, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lowry
in memory of Ben Lewis               The Reverend and Mrs.Winston Charles      Ms. Gail Gandy                        Mr. Kevin Lowry
Plain Dirt Garden Club               Mr. and Mrs. John Chase                   Ms. Elizabeth Gaskin                  Mr. and Mrs. Hank Lyles
in memory of Mary Carroway Rice      Mr. and Mrs. Russell Chase                Mr. and Mrs. John Gentry              Ms. Virginia P. MacDonald
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Chorak            Ms. Paula Gibbs                       The Honorable and Mrs. Gerald Malloy
CONTRIBUTORS AS OF 1999-2006         Mr. and Mrs. Finley Clarke                Mr. Charles Gilbert                   Mrs. Donald Marchette
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alford            Mrs. J. Rutledge Coleman                  Ms. Dixie B. Godwin                   Marlboro Conservation District
Mr. James Alford                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Commander            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goodson           Mrs. Clara Maxwell
Mr. John Alford                      Mr. and Mrs. Joe Commander, III           Reverend and Mrs. Fred Gough          Mr. and Mrs. P. L. McCall, Jr.
Mrs. Lucta Allen                     Mr. Joe Commander, IV                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gray          Mr. Charles McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ames             Mr. Jule Conner                           Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Greene             Mr. and Mrs. Billy McCown, III
Mr. B. W. Anderson                   The Reverend and Mrs. Charles Cooper      Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gunter               Mr. Ken McCutcheon
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Anderson       Ms. Lyles Cooper                          Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Hale           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. David Andrews           Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cooper            Mrs. E. E. Hall, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Malloy McEachin
Mr. and Mrs. John Asman              Mr. Campbell Coxe                         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ham, Jr.        Dr. and Mrs Edwin McGee
Mr. Anthony Atkins                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Coxe              Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harper              Mr. and Mrs. John and Barbara McInnis
Ms. Catherine Atkins                 Mr. and Mrs. W. M.Coxe                    Mr. Robert Hart, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Laurence McIntosh
Ms. Jean Avent                       Mr. Jim Crawford                          Ms. Jill Heiden                       Mr. and Mrs. Grainger McKoy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Babb            Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dailey                 Dr. Ernest L. Helms, III              Dr. and Mrs. David McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bagwell           Mr. William C. Dailey                     Dr. and Mrs. Hal W. Herbert, Jr.      McLeod Farms, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Barfield          Ms. Annemarie Dargan                      Mr. Ken Hiers                         Mr. Mike McMillan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnett          Mr. and Mrs. Benton D. Dargan             Dr. Sam Hill                          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. McNiel
Ms. Nadine Barrett                   Mrs. E. E. Dargan                         Mr. and Mrs. Reid Hipp                Mr. and Mrs. Robert McWatty
Mr. and Mrs.William A. Barron, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dargan                 Mr. J. P. Hodges                      Mrs. Catherine Medlin
Mrs. Bernice Bascom                  Mr. and Mrs. Ellerbe G. Dargan            Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hoole              Dr. and Mrs. Cheney Meire
Drs. Carolyn and Louis Bashaw and    Mr. and Mrs. Ned Dargan                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Howard        Ms. Adeline Merrill
Mr. Frank Terry                      Mr. W. E. Dargan                          Mr. Chase Howard                      Ms. Dolores Miller
The Honorable J. Michael Baxley      Darlington County Historical Commission   Ms. Nita Howard                       Mr. Jerry Moody
Ms. Alice Beaty                      Mr. Russell David                         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Howle               Ms. Katherine Moore
Ms. Mary Kay Belissary               Mr. and Mrs. John DeBerry                 Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Hubbard         Morning Glory Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Belk             Mr. Nicky Demetrious                      Mr. Reginald Hubbard, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mottern, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bell              Mr. and Mrs. David DeWitt                 Mr. and Mrs. Rex Huggins              Mrs. Howard Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bell                Mr. and Mrs. Theron DeWitt                Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hupfer               Reverend and Mrs. Waymon Mumford
Mr. Charles J. Bethea                Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Donald                 Ms. Jane Douglas Hyatt                Mr. David and the Honorable Denny Neilson
Mr. Toby Bethea                      Mr. Jay Dowd                              Mr. and Mrs. Tres Hyman               Ms. Patricia Norris
Mr. Breeden Blackwell                Mr. Eddie Drayton                         Mrs. Bryan Jackson                    Mrs. Kalli Norton
Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Bolick         Mr. and Mrs. Danny Driggers               Mr. A.L. James                        Mr. Jimmy Norwood
Ms. Diana Bolton                     Mr. Jeff Dudley                           Mr. Albert L. James                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bonnoitt        Mr. Kirk Dunlap, III                      Mrs. John James                       Mr. and Mrs. T. A. O’Neal, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Bottomy           Mr. and Mrs. C. Kirk Dunlap, Jr.          Mr. Robert E. James                   Mr. and Mrs. John Orr
Mr. Todd Bourell                     Ms. Sandra DuRant                         Mr. J. J. James, II                   Mr. Douglas O’Tuel
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Brand, II         Mr. Earl Dutton                           Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jeffers             Mr. Dwight Parker
Ms. Dorothy Branyon                  Mr. Jasper Eaddy                          Ms. Jo Jeffers                        Mr. and Mrs. David Boyd Parr
Ms. Roseanne Brasington              Mrs. Joyce Eaton                          Mr. W. H. Jeffers                     Dr. and Mrs. Hudnall Paschal
Mr. Harold Brasington, III           Mr. Philip L. Edwards                     Mr. Pete Johnson                      Mr. and Mrs. Bill Paulson
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Bridges, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellerbe, Jr.           Miss Dargan Jones                     Dr. and Mrs. Jay Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Furman Brodie           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellerbe, III           Mr. Baron Jordan                      Dr. William L. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryant          Ms. Elizabeth S. Ellett                   Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kampiziones       Dr. Lisa Pike
Mr. Ronald Bryant                    Mr. and Mrs. John Carter Ellington        Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Key             Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pitts
Mr. & Dr. Jonathon Burnett           Dr. Frances Elmore                        Mr. Mike King                         Dr. and Mrs. Carroll Player, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Burns             Dr. and Mrs. Dan Ervin                    Mr. W. W. Kirven, III                 Mr. Buddy Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Butler             Dr. and Mrs. Dewey N. Ervin               Ms. Nancy Klug                        Mr. D. J. Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Buyck, Jr.      Ms. Florence M. Ervin                     Mr. and Mrs. Bob Knowlton             Mr. Paul Quattlebaum
Ms. Cora Byrd                        Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ervin                Mr. Tom Kohlsaat and Ms. Mary Bryan   Dr. Avie Rainwater
Mr. Lane Byrd                        Miss Martha Ervin                         Dr. Julia Krebs and Mr. Roger Hux     Dr. Birch Rambo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cagle              Mr. Robert W. Ervin                       The Honorable John C. Land, III       Dr. and Mrs. William M. Rambo
                                     Mr. and Mrs.Van Ervin                     Mr. and Mrs. Marvin I. Lawson         Dr. William M. Rambo and Dr. Lydia Engelhardt
                                     Mr. and Mrs.W. C. Ervin                   Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D. Lewis          Mr. John Ramsburgh
Mr. Steven M. Calcutt                Mr. Jay Ervin                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lochocki        Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Ramsburgh

   4                                                                                                                        Spring / Summer 2006
Continued From Page 4               Mr. John Snow                            Mrs. George F. Thrower              Ms. Agnes Willcox
Mr. Peter C. Ray                    Ms. Beverley Spears                      Mr. and Mrs. William Timberlake     Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Willcox
Ms. Sarah Rice                      The Honorable and Mrs. John Spratt       Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tomlinson        Mr. Lloyd Willcox
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Riddle           Mr. and Mrs. James A. Spruill            Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tucker            Mr. and Mrs. Walker H. Willcox
Mrs. Frank E. Rogers                Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stedman                Dr. and Mrs. Howard Tucker          Mr. James E. Williams
Mr. Hartsell Rogers                 Mr. and Mrs. Porter Stewart              Dr. and Mrs. Duncan W. Tyson Jr.    Mrs. B. F. Williamson
Mr. T. Lynn Rogers                  Ms. Jane Stirling                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vance          Mr. and Mrs. Ben Williamson
Mr. Tom Roop                        Dr. and Mrs. Hunter Stokes               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vassy, Jr.      Ms. Bess Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rose           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stone, Jr.              Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Vaught         Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Ross            Mr. Tony Stuart                          Ms. Amelia Vernon                   Mr. and Mrs. David W. Williamson
Mr. Heath Ruffner                   Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Stukes               Ms. Frances Wallace                 Mr. Frank Williamson
Mr. Bradley Russell                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sundeen             Mr. and Mrs. Billy Want             Ms. Jennie Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Saleeby            The Honorable and Mrs. Skip Swearingen   Dr. and Mrs. B. K. Ward             Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. George Sawyer          Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Swink              Mr. J. Ronald Ward                  Dr. and Mrs. T. Bright Williamson
Ms. Margaret E. Scarborough         Mrs. James W. Swink                      Mr. and Mrs. Reid Warder            Mr. and Mrs. Bright Williamson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott             Mr. McCall Swink                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen West, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Woodard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Munford Scott          Ms. Ruth G. Swintz                       Mr. and Mrs. David White            Mr. Marion Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Goz Segars             Mrs. Mary Tallevast                      Dr. and Mrs. Alva Whitehead         Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Yarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Shank             Mr. Jody Tamsburg                        Dr. Maria Whitehead                 Mr. and Mrs. Belton Zeigler
Ms. Doris Sills                     Mr. Joel Thayer                          Mr. Van Whitehead                   Mr. and Mrs. Ben Zeigler
Mrs. Sara Simons                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas              Dr. and Mrs. Weave Whitehead        Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Zeigler
Mrs. C. W. Smith                    Dr. Hugh Thompson                        Mrs. Betty Wiggins
Mr. Mike Smith                      Mr. Alex Thrower                         Mr. Walter Wilkinson

                                             PDLT Projects and Plans
    Whether you are a landowner, business owner, outdoorsman,                PRESENTATIONS
  teacher, economic development or other local government official,            We also have a 15-20 minute presentation about the land trust
  or someone who simply cares about the future of the Pee Dee                which we are happy to give to community groups that want to
  region, chances are high that you are interested in the enhanced           learn more about the organization and about innovative land
  quality of life that land conservation brings to our area. This year,      protection tools such as conservation easements.
  one of the primary goals of the Land Trust is to make conservation
  information more accessible to everyone who is interested.                   Land Protection is at the core of what we do as a land trust.
                                                                             Discussions about land preservation options are confidential
  To that end, we have several projects in the works:                        between landowners and the Land Trust. The Land Trust, as a
                                                                             nonprofit organization, represents the public interest when it
  BOOkS TO LIBRARIES                                                         receives donations of land or easements. Donations must protect
    PDLT is providing a set of 8-10 books about conservation for             natural, historical, and/or agriculturally productive properties of
  each branch library in our 8-county focus area. The books cover            our region.
  information about the value of conservation to a community, the              We work closely with other organizations and entities to find
  tax benefits, financing options, South Carolina-specific regulations       the “best fit” for a landowner’s goals. Palmetto Conservation
  and incentives, and general information on how conservation                Foundation assisted PDLT in our initial land transactions and
  easements work. Check your library in August.                              we have formed a partnership with The Nature Conservancy for
                                                                             management of protected properties. PDLT continually looks for
  CONTINUING EDUCATION                                                       ways to collaborate with other organizations and agencies.
    The Land Trust sponsors continuing education programs for
  professionals whose work may involve land protection projects:               Thanks to ACS Technologies for their expertise in logo and
  realtors, estate planners, foresters, appraisers, for examples.              website design and hosting. The tree depicted in the logo
  Contact Jennie Williamson (843-661-1135) to arrange a program.               is the Cypress (Taxodium sp.), a genus characteristic of our
                                                                               area’s swamps and riverbanks.
    We are in the process of creating a website for the Land Trust             Thanks to Francis Marion University for their support of
  which will provide information about conservation tools and links            the nonprofit community, especially for providing facilities
  to other important resources, organizations, and people. It is a             for the Land Trust.
  dynamic site in its early stages, and we will be adding information
  frequently over the next several months.                                     Thanks to Beverley Spears who helped create this newsletter
                                                                               and to Jeff Dudley and Gail Gandy for photos.

    Pee Dee Land Trust Newsletter                                                                                                                 5
          Pee Dee Land Trust Celebrates Spring With a Picnic…

  June 4th was a bright, sunny, Sunday          by Dr. Maria Whitehead, an ornithologist       others volunteers who, with the Coxes and
afternoon, a perfect day for a picnic. At       who teaches at The Citadel and works           the staff at Roblyn’s Neck, helped make
the invitation of the Pee Dee Land Trust,       with the International Center for Birds of     the event a delicious success. The day’s
nearly 200 members and guests gathered at       Prey. Others joined the plant tour with Dr.    volunteers included: Robbie Ervin, Gail
Roblyn’s Neck Trophy Club in Darlington         John Nelson, curator of the A. C. Moore        Gandy, Jay Ham, Jammie Harris, Daniel
County to enjoy the fine afternoon together.    Herbarium at the University of South           McEachin, Jeff Murrie, Carl Tucker, Louise
Jennie Williamson, the Land Trust’s new         Carolina and author of Plant Communities       White, Weave & Emily Whitehead, Ann &
executive director, welcomed the group          of South Carolina. Those who preferred a       Ben Williamson, and the PDLT Board of
and introduced Campbell Coxe, host of the       trip deeper into the Great Pee Dee Swamp       Directors. We also thank all who attended
event, who explained his family’s natural       joined Campbell Coxe on the hay ride.          for showing such enthusiasm and support
resource management along the Pee Dee              Throughout the afternoon, author Dr.        for land conservation.
River. Earl Dutton of Dillon, who is PDLT       Suzanne Linder Hurley was graciously
vice-chair and a forester, gave an update       available to sign copies of her book A            *Dr. Charles R. May (1872-1947) came to
                                                                                               Blenheim as plantation doctor for Alexander
on the land trust and explained how the         River in Time. And Jammie Harris, owner
                                                                                               Matheson, a large landowner. He thought the
organization works with landowners.             of Jammie’s Café and Carolina Joggling         waters of Blenheim Spring were beneficial to
Stuart Greeter of the Department of Natural     Boards, donated a joggling board for a         health, but the taste of the water was unpleasant
Resources told the group about the state-       drawing, to the great delight of all. Jammie   to many patients. He combined the spring water
level efforts at land conservation, including   was also invaluable in planning the entire     with sugar and Jamaica ginger to make it more
the recent purchase of 25,000 acres along       event, contributing untold amounts of time,    palatable. His formula was later used to make
Britton’s Neck in Marion County.                enthusiasm, event-planning experience,         Blenheim gingerale. In the early 1900s, there
  A highlight of the event was a fourfold       and supplies to the occasion.                  were no vitamin or mineral supplements, so it
                                                                                               is possible that the mineral water was indeed
selection of activities: history buffs             The afternoon ended with a delicious        beneficial to some conditions. Later, Dr. May
gathered for a presentation by Darlington       chicken bog meal made with the Coxe’s          operated a home for recovering alcoholics and
native “Chip” Helms, a physician who            locally grown Plantation Rice, and served      used the ginger ale as a substitute for alcoholic
is renowned in the Pee Dee for his              with tea, lemonade, or Marlboro County’s       drinks. Information from Medicine in Marlboro
knowledge of local history. The more            spicy Blenheim’s Gingerale* (courtesy of       County, 1736 to 1980 by Suzanne Linder.
outdoorsy or science-minded had several         Piggly Wiggly in Florence).
choices. Some went on a bird walk led              Our thanks to the speakers and many

6                                                                                                                  Spring / Summer 2006
                                        Reflections on the River…
   The following is a passage on the Pee Dee River, excerpted         a flood or freshet which deposited another layer of fine silt,
and adapted from “Mechanicsville” by Chapman J. Milling.              rich in all the elements of natural plant food. When the waters
This was written for the Darlington County Bicentennial               had subsided and the soil was dry enough to plough, the fields
(1976) and includes memories from the turn of our previous            would be alive with the planting of corn, cotton and tobacco.
century. From DARLINGTONIANA, edited by Ervin and                     No fertilizer was needed in growing the crops, and the yield
Rudisill.                                                             was prodigious.
   The river itself furnished an effective means of transportation,     There was just one trouble about all this – every four or five
particularly for freight. In the old days flat barges, propelled by   years a freshet would occur at the wrong season and when
pushing [against the river bottom] with long poles, hauled the        this happened everything was swept away. Not only were all
cotton down the river, returning with coffee, sugar, spices, and      the crops ruined, but stock was drowned, houses and barns
manufactured goods.                                                   destroyed and human life endangered.
   Later small steamboats plied the Pee Dee, stopping at every          I distinctly remember the famous 1908 freshet. My father
plantation landing to exchange cargo. I remember seeing one           had a wonderful crop. It was August and the cotton was just
of these about 1910. It must have been the last of its kind.          getting ready for the first picking.
   Long ago the early planters had erected dikes against the            Everything was ruined overnight.
river, with a remarkable system of culverts at the mouths of            The Negro families were miraculously saved by cutting
tributary streams. These earthworks had been put there at the         through the roofs of their cabins and sitting all night on the
cost of inconceivable toil – slave labor, of course. They had         ridgepoles. A heroic Negro named Ossie Jackson found a
been broken in dozens of places after the War Between the             drifting ferry boat or ‘flat’ as it was called and rescued every
States and had never been repaired.                                   man, woman and child.
   The river bottom lands, a strip of alleuvial plain some three        River farming was a risky business which required a
miles wide, were unbelievably fertile. Each spring brought            venturesome spirit.

Joining the Pee Dee Land Trust demonstrates that you are interested in conservation issues and land
protection in our region. It is a great way to stay informed and connected because you’ll receive our newsletter, be
invited to events and outings, know more about what is going on and find out how you can help.

     New ___ renewing ____
     Your name _______________________________ if different from the mailing label on the other side of this page.
     Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
     City, state, zip _______________________________________________________________________________
     Email ______________________________________________ Phone _________________________________

	                            q	$1,000 Sustainer                q	$100 Patron
	                            q	$500 Sponsor                    q	$25 Individual
	                            q	$250 Benefactor                 q	$10 Student
                                             qanother amount _____

                              Please make your check payable to Pee Dee Land Trust and mail to
                                  PO Box 4 Darlington, SC 29540 or use enclosed envelope.

Thank you very much for showing your support for land protection and conservation in the Pee Dee Region.

    Pee Dee Land Trust Newsletter                                                                                                   
                                           Great Events this Fall
  The following two paddling excursions are being offered on a first-come-first-serve basis by Naturally Outdoors in
Florence. Please call 665-1551 to register; let the staff know that you are with the Land Trust. $55 includes rental. $35 for
boatowners. 2nd person in a tandem boat 25% off.
                                                     Friday, October 13th
                             Paddle Lynches River from Half Moon Landing to Johnsonville.
                                                   Saturday, October 21st
                              Paddle Lynches River from the Hwy 52 Bridge to Friendfield.

                           Conservation Easements for Woodland Owners in the Upper Pee Dee.
                                         Thursday, October 5th, 9:30-11:30am
                                   The Skye Restaurant on Main St., Bennettsville, SC

  Stay in touch… We are planning more excursions all over the Pee Dee region in the months and year ahead. We will also
host a Fall Picnic, date and location TBA.

                                            Are you A Member?
   The Land Trust just hosted our Spring Picnic for members and guests on June 4th. Are YOU a member? Check your mailing
 label on this newsletter. If you are not, send in the membership form soon so that you can stay connected with what’s going on with
 conservation in the Pee Dee. You will help us in the effort to protect our natural heritage. We will also be planning more picnics,
 excursions, and other events in the months and years ahead, and we want you to participate!

     P.O. Box 4
Darlington, SC 29540