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Brian Markham


									Brian Markham
Advertising 432
Strategic Communications Platform
Zion National Park


         When national parks come to mind this park is not the first to pop up. It is one of the

smaller parks located in the United States. Zion National Park was founded in 1909 as a national

park. It is located in the southwest corned in Utah. In this area it is surrounded by many other

parks more notable. It does offer many different reasons that one should visit a place such as


         Some of the activities involve horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, bicycling, and

photography. Zion is known for its photographic scenes. Among these activities is camping.

The park only offers two campsites that have very limited amenities, but for those that would

rather enjoy a good lodge there are a few located not too far outside of the gates.

         The aspect of being a smaller not so traveled park allows those that are seeking to get

away from the busy sites to come to a smaller more quiet and peaceful location. Although it is

small, the park offers many scenic views that are spectacular. Many of these scenes can be

viewed by traveling across the scenic highways they have in place around the park. Zion is also

full of many forms of animal and plant life. Some of these are very rare and allow those

interested in bird watching to come and take in all the diverse life that inhabits the park.

         The park itself is rather inexpensive in comparison to the alternatives such as theme

parks, and attractive city destinations. The cost of a seven day pass is only $25 and for camping

is only $16. This is very reasonable considering all the many activities and views one can

experience. The major downfall in visiting the park is the rising price of gas. The fact that it is

rather cheap once one gets to the park can be a great benefit to those that are already considering

Target Audience

       As given in class, our target audience will be individuals 55+ that are active in outdoor

activities and travel. Among these the target should be interested in camping and visiting places

such as National Parks. Upon looking further at the target audience, I found that they tend to be

more conservative and make traveling a part of life.

       Other interesting facts that were found about the target are that they are more likely to

have graduated high school, and have some, if not completed, college. This fact will help in

forming the copy of the advertisement. Also, the target is rather outdoorsy and wants to share

this with their grandchildren or close friends and relatives.

Goals and Objectives

       The goals and objective is rather straight forward. Given the target audience we have to

identify the problems. With Zion the main problems are that is it small. As for the travel

problems we find that gas prices are and issue along with the drive time to reach the location.

These are not large issues to overcome but need to be analyzed in order to address the issue.

       The goals for the campaign should get the customers to try a new product. The target

audience should be persuaded to try out a different place to visit or camp that their usual place.

They should also become more aware of Zion as a product. The many scenic views and the

diverse plant and animal life located within the park. With the goals in place our objective is to

increase the visitation and camping at Zion National Park.

       This smaller, less known park has much competition. In the area surrounding the park

there are many better know parks such as Bryce Canyon and Arches. Both of which are famous

and have much more to offer. On the other hand with being more known and visited it becomes

more crowded. This along with the many other National Parks located around the United States

make up Zion’s direct competition.

       On the other hand, Zion also has indirect competition. These consist of other forms of

entertainment, such as Broadway shows, zoos, nightlife, and museums in more urban areas. This

category also includes theme parks and coastal vacation sites with elaborate hotels.

       The target consumer’s views on some of the competition tend to be more that they are too

crowded and busy. They want more of a relaxing vacation without being rushed and no time

limits to restrict them or cause them to rush in order to not be late. This would give Zion an

advantage in that perspective.

Creative Strategy

       In the positioning statement the main target will be 55+ individuals that are outdoor

enthusiasts who enjoy camping, relaxing, getting away from their hectic life, searching for

freedom, and looking for a hassle free environment. The main proposition will be to visit the

park and enjoy the relaxation and freedom it offers. These should be experienced because the

park is inexpensive, open, not crowded and have plenty of activities to share with loved ones.

       In the creative strategy the campaign will be focused on selling the products main

features and benefits. The features are all the breathtaking views and choices of things to do

along with the diverse life that inhabits the park. Another feature is the money that will be saved

taking this vacation versus going to a theme park. The activities as well as the entry fee are very
inexpensive in comparison. This is combined with the unique upcoming event that the park is

having its 100 year anniversary.

       The appeal of having less crowded open areas in which to relax is a major benefit

associated with the target consumer. In order to convey this perspective, the campaign will use a

friendly- warm tone. The appeal of the park will be represented through the beauty of the images

chosen for the advertisement. This beauty will not only show what the park is like, it will

display the open freedom the traveler can experience. The final urge to action will come in the

form of suggesting visiting the website and experiencing all what Zion has to offer.


       The mandatories are limited in consideration to the park. The website will be located on

the ad as well as contact number and logo.


       In order to achieve all this I will first start by choosing a medium that best fits my target

audience. In this case it will be magazines. The two magazines that have been chosen are AARP

with an index of 57 and National Geographic Traveler with and index of 124, as found on MRI+.

The plan is to design and configure two separate ads to be placed in each magazine appealing to

the topic of the magazine.


       The campaign will be successful if Zion National Park has an increase in the amount of

visitors along with an increase in camping within the park. This can be determined by taking

into account the previous amount of visitors compared to those found after the ads have run.

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