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Excerpt from the The Quest for Annihilation, by Christopher Perello.                                       Gresham Lane                                                           C/1 OH

                                                                                                                6:45 a.m.

                                                                                                                                                                              G/1 MO                                        4 IN


                                                                                                                                                         Gresham Lane
    New regiments were being formed wholesale in the heady early days of the war. No
state had difficulty meeting its quota. More often, the problem was an excess of men:

for example, Pennsylvania and Ohio each had 17,000 volunteers beyond their quotas of                                                  3/2/R   5 IN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     8 WI
83,000 and 67,000, respectively. All told, Lincoln’s call for 500,000 men brought half

again that number.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          2 MN

    Rather than turn away the extra men, states organized them at their own expense                                                                             1/1/R

                                                                                                                                                5 WI
against the day the national government needed them. Pennsylvania’s surplus was absorbed

by two different organizations. The first was the California Brigade raised by edward
                                                                                                             Cow t)


Baker, a sitting senator from Oregon and a close friend of Lincoln. As a practical matter,

California was just too far away for her men to get to the war. Baker therefore arranged                                                                     John                                  e
for Pennsylvania to take over the California quota to fill the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th California                               Liddell
                                                                                                                                                                                               n               olk
                                                                                                                                                                                           r               L.P
(the 4th never finished forming). In contrast, B Company of the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry                                                                                         b
was composed of Californians caught on the east coast by the outbreak of the war; though                                                             C   l              e

known as the “California Hundred,” the men counted toward the Massachusetts quota.                    Map from page 125, part of the story of artillery at the Battle of Stones River.
The rest of Pennsylvania’s surplus volunteers went into 15 regiments known as the
Pennsylvania Reserves. Though eventually brought into Federal service, the Reserves               In Texas there were no fewer than 10 cavalry units sporting the designation 1st, each with
retained their unique designation, serving as a complete unit throughout the war.                 an additional identifying name.
    Those were by no means the only anomalies in the naming and numbering of regiments.               Irregularities existed within regiments as well, both as to size and structure. The 1st
Some numbers were skipped when a regiment failed to get enough men to be fully formed             California initially had 15 companies (A through P, skipping J); the excess had transferred
(like the 4th California), or when the regiment was converted to another function; for            to other regiments by the time of Ball’s Bluff. Other regiments had additional companies
instance, the 28th Indiana became the 1st Indiana Cavalry, and no subsequent Indiana              of cavalry or artillery, instead of being all one type or the other. The 36th Illinois had 10
unit was numbered 28th.                                                                           infantry companies (A-K) and two companies of cavalry (Cavalry Companies A and B,
    Duplication of numbers also occurred, forcing several units to be renumbered. Two             which later transferred to the 15th Illinois Cavalry). The South raised numerous “legions,”
Arkansas regiments claimed to be the state’s 1st; one was renumbered as the 15th Arkansas,        containing mixes of all three types of company. Those unwieldy formations were soon
forcing one already designated the 15th to be renumbered as the 21st. Renumbering was             broken up to form separate, “pure” organizations.
not always done. there was yet another 15th Arkansas that kept its designation; the two           As regiments were assembled and sworn in, they were shipped off to one of the field
15th Arkansas were then distinguished by their colonels’ names. South Carolina took a             armies forming along the border. They could be sent anywhere they were needed. Thus
different course for its three infantry units numbered 1st, calling them the 1st South Carolina   the Illinois regiments that went to Washington crossed the path of Pennsylvania regiments
Volunteers, the 1st South Carolina (Provisional Army), and the 1st South Carolina Rifles.                                                                                                                                   continues on page 6
                                                                                        Dispatch #17
Turning the pages of history.
 ● Maps, charts & tables supplement every article
 ● Historical Analysis
 ●	 Media Review column

S&T Upcoming Features
#257 Chosin: 1950 campaign in northeastern Korea, Chinese versus UN forces. Make that epic advance to the rear with the Marines.
#258 Santiago Campaign: join the Rough Riders for the Spanish-American War campaign in Cuba.
#259 Battle for China: the Sino-Japanese War of the 1930s on the strategic level.
#260 The Black Prince: break a lance on the battlefields of Crecy and Navarette using the classic SPI system from Great Medieval
#261 Kaiser’s War: World War I, 1918 with an option to take the fighting into 1919.
#262 Frederick’s War: multiplayer War of the Austrian Succession using the 1066 system.

WaW Upcoming Features
#6 The Greater East-Asia War. A strategic look at WWII on the Asian mainland using the system from Twilight of the Ottomans.
#7 Greek Tragedy. The Italian invasion of Albania in 1940, with historic and alternative history scenarios.
#8 Arriba Espana! The entire Spanish Civil War, using the same system as S&T 259’s Battle for China.
#9 The Destruction of Army Group Center. The decisive historic east front campaign of 1944, using the system from #3’s Bulge game
       and offering several what-if scenarios.
#10 Coral Sea Solitaire. Refight this decisive 1942 aero-naval battle using purpose-designed solitaire rules in which the system commands
       the Japanese.
#11 Afrika Korps: Decision in the Desert. All the classic excitement of the 1941-42 Western Desert campaigns, presented using the
       well-liked system from no. 5’s Finnish Front game.
                                                                                                                #258 The Santiago
                                                                                                                       Campaign, 1898

                                       #9 Destruction of
                                          Army Group

                                   #8 Arriba Espana!

                                                             Dispatch #17
Dear Fellow Wargamers:
   Our launch of World at War magazine has been a tremendous success, so much so that every issue has sold out!
World at War magazine provides a sharp focus on WWII with the same in-depth format as Strategy & Tactics. Each
issue includes a feature article from the Western and Mediterranean Theater, the East Front, the Pacific Theater,
and a category for other battles and campaigns (actual battles and campaigns not fitting a specific theater such as
the Battle of the Atlantic, the Spanish Civil War, or what-if battles such as Sealion or Moscow 1941). Games also
rotate through these four categories.
   We’re offering a special subscription deal: get both S&T and World at War for 1 year each (12 total issues) for
$199.97 (US rate); that’s $100 off the cover price (it’s buy 8 get 4 free!).

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Adv. European Theater Ops.   $110.00   Operation Kremlin                 $35.00         amount or more:                                       Discount
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Pacific Battles, vol. 1      $48.00    Beyond the Urals                  $25.00                     $400                                        $140
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The Forgotten War            $40.00    Lightning: D-Day                  $20.00      Basement offer (page 19) only. Double discount may not be combined with regular
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Over the Top!                $38.00    Lightning: Midway                 $20.00
30 Yrs War Quad              $35.00    Lightning: North Africa           $20.00
Empires at War               $35.00    Lightning: War on Terror          $20.00
Napoleon’s Last Battles      $35.00    Firefight                         $15.00
                                                                      Dispatch #17
                                    last chance to pleDge for 2009 games

P#4   D-Day at Omaha Beach
          D-Day at Omaha Beach recreates America’s most bloody and heroic day of World War II. In
      this solitaire game from the designer of the solo classics RAF and Ambush, you control the forces of
      the us 1st and 29th Divisions landing under fire on the Normandy shore, and struggling desperately
      to establish a viable beachhead. The game is also great for two players playing cooperatively, each
      controlling one US division.
          US units include assault infantry, amphibious tanks, artillery, engineers and HQs. The game system
      controls the hidden German defenders in Widerstandsnest resistance points on the bluffs overlook-
      ing the beaches. US forces that manage to break through the deadly coastal defenses and reach the
      high ground must then contend with German mobile reinforcements in the bewildering hedgerows of
      Normandy’s bocage. An innovative diceless combat system highlights unknown enemy deployments
      and the importance of utilizing the right weapons and tactics.
          Event cards keep the action flowing and the rules simple, while controlling German strategy and
      introducing extensive historical detail. The game includes amphibious landings, German artillery
      and rocket barrages, US naval bombardment, tides, engineer operations, and intangibles such as US
      leadership under fire and the initiative of the American GIs.

P#5   RAF
          France has fallen. England stands alone against the might of a triumphant Germany,
      defended only by the Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons of the Royal Air Force. Hitler orders
      his mighty Luftwaffe to destroy the RAF in preparation for Operation Sealion—the invasion
      of England. German fighters and bombers fill the English skies and the RAF responds.
          Now you command the RAF or the Luftwaffe in history’s greatest air campaign—the
      Battle of Britain. Improving on his award winning solitaire classic, designer John Butterfield
      ramps up the historical accuracy, tension and play options with three complete games.
      RAF: Lion puts you in control of British Fighter Command, responding to German raids. The game’s
        unique card system generates targets and forces, which may remain hidden until after you commit
        your squadrons. Your foe is no mindless system: the Luftwaffe has priorities and a strategy. Scenarios
        range from one raid day, taking an hour to complete, to the full campaign, playable in 12 hours.
      RAF: Eagle puts you in control of the Luftwaffe forces raiding England. You schedule raids and assign
        missions to your bombers and fighters, attempting to deliver the knockout blow. Can you take
        out the British radar system and cripple their aircraft production? The game controls the RAF
        response to your strategies. How does a foe so close to defeat keep coming back?
      RAF: 2-Player pits you against a live opponent, one controlling Fighter Command and the other
        the raiding Luftwaffe forces. Historical features include: German high command priorities,
        close escort, free hunt, the Channel Patrol, Jabos, day and night bombing, radar, the Observer
        Corps, weather, ULTRA intercepts, squadron patrols, “big wings,” altitude advantage, ace
        squadrons and flak.
                                                  Struggle for the Galactic Empire
                                                  Struggle for the Galactic Empire is a solitaire science
                                                  fiction game. You assume leadership of the forces of
                                                  the Galactic Empire as it strives to maintain and expand
                                                  its dominion while fighting off the forces of chaos that
                                                  seek to destroy it. You make all the military, political,
                                                  social and economic decisions to deal with the threats
                                                  that arise, keep the far-flung empire stable, and still
                                                  expand and bring new glory through discovery, colo-
                                                  nization and conquest.
                                                  The map shows the entire galaxy divided into sectors
                                                  of star systems. Production is carried out by nano-as-
      semblers to create starships and world-sized weapons. Units include combat and colonization ships,
P#6   control groups and leaders. Units have two types of combat values: weapons and morphogenetic
      systems. Weapons destroy the enemy, while morphogenetic systems change them into friends.
      Loyalties switch back and forth depending on the situation.
      Threats are generated by over 100 randomly drawn chaos markers. They include: rebels, usurpers,
      independent empires, invaders and alien forces, as well as technological, economic, social, political
      and military events. You also launch expeditions to attempt to gain new knowledge and technology.
      Other rules allow you to use psychosocial warfare and propaganda to repress rebellions.

                                                                                          Dispatch #17
                                                                           last chance!
Advanced PTO                                                                                      P#1
    A Pacific Theater, division-level, game of that entire war, featuring all the ac-
curacy and detail of AETO. APTO begins with the invasion of China in 1937,
including the Japanese-Soviet clash of 1939, ending in 1945. It includes every
naval, air and land unit of all belligerents. The counter-set even includes ship
upgrades and refits, as well as ships that were never built, but could have been.
Even naval aviation upgrades are included. Every aspect is covered: Long Lance
torpedoes, A-bombs, Chindits, midget submarines, coast watchers, B-29s, Japa-
nese Army-Navy cooperation, Kamikazes, Magic, mines, defective torpedoes,
famous admirals and generals, etc. APTO is as encompassing as AETO, and the
two can be linked to form a global combined game, covering the entire Second
World War.
Contents: 1,680 Die cut counters, 2 34” x 22” Map, 2 Rule booklets & 1 Scenario booklet, Player
Aid cards & display, 3 Dice and Storage bags.

                                                                          Africa Orientale Italiana & Advanced ETO Expansion Kit                                                           P#2
                                                                              AOI is an East African expansion to AETO, allowing a campaign game to start in 1935 with the
                                                                          invasion of Ethiopia. The new map links with the original AETO maps. This is also a general AETO
                                                                          expansion, with over 400 new AETO units, including over 40 additional rare aircraft types. It also
                                                                          includes all AETO errata-fix counters, rules errata, and 20 new special and optional rules for AETO,
                                                                          plus a bonus Spanish Civil War scenario.
                                                                          Contents: 280 Die cut counters, 1 34” x 22” Map, 2 11” x 17” Maps, 1 Rule booklet, Player Aid cards & display, Storage bags.
                                                                          This is an expansion kit for Advanced European Theater of Operations. You must own
                                                                          the base game to play this expansion.


                                                                                                    The Quest for Annihilation
                      now available                                                                 The Role & Mechanics of Battle in the American Civil War
War in Europe, Windows Edition                                                                          Civil War came to the United States when the first
    War in Europe is the computer-moderated simulation of our War in Europe board                   shot was fired at Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861. Most
game covering the WWII European theater of operations. Players control ground, air, sea,            people, including the military and political leaders of both sides, thought the war
strategic forces, production and politics to change or recreate the events of the entire war        would be won or lost quickly in the Napoleonic tradition, with a great battlefield
in Europe. The game features brigade-size to corps-size ground units, fleets of surface             collision. Instead, the war ground on for four increasingly bloody years, inching
ships, U-Boats, transports and amphibious assault vessels, along with both tactical and             steadily but slowly into the Southern heartland. Battles were frequent, but rarely
strategic air power.
                                                                                                    decided more than the control of a single town or a few blood-soaked fields.
    There is no “computer player” in the game. Players make all critical decisions,                     The Quest for Annihilation examines the nature of those battles and the reasons
including when and on whom to declare war, planning campaign strategies, and executing              they failed to produce a decisive end to the war. The book is loaded with detail—
the sweeping movements, blitzkriegs, bombing raids, airborne drops and amphibious
                                                                                                    and copiously illustrated with more than 220 maps, plus more than 100 diagrams,
assaults. The software implements all of the rules of the game and provides the results
of all combat and other randomized events using the charts and tables from the board                photographs, orders of battle, and data tables—describing the war’s unique com-
game.                                                                                               bat, fought on the cusp between the era of single-shot muzzle-loaders to that of
                                                                                                    automatic weapons.
    Players can play any of a dozen scenarios and campaigns, the whole war, or create
their own scenarios. There are also over 20 optional rules to modify the game and add                   Each chapter uses the events of a single battle or campaign to describe the
additional detail not available in the original. Games can be played on one computer or             component parts of one aspect of the war: how armies were formed, trained, and
players can send files to each other via e-mail. War in Europe is a great way to play               moved; how commanders decided whether to fight or avoid battle; the men, their
the popular monster wargame without having to set aside a room for weeks or months.                 weapons and drill; the leaders and the techniques they used to bring it all together
$60                                                                                                 at the right place and right time.
                                                                                        Dispatch #17
                                       Decision Pledge Program
Pledge Program Overview                                      To pledge your support, select the game                  to be released in the UK in March and in the US
    The Decision Games Pledge Program is an              proposals you wish to pledge by either using the             in May. When this project does reach the go-ahead
advance order system in which gamers may “pledge”        form in the current Dispatch, or use the on-line             point, we’ll review the situation again with the book
their support for future games thereby directing our     form in the pledge area of the Decision Games web            publisher and see if we can offer a book included
efforts to the games customers have the most interest    site. You can check your list at anytime by going to         version at that time.
in seeing published. Pledges are a commitment to         the Decision Games web site, click on “Pledges,”             Books. We will be publishing The Quest for
purchase a game when published and payment               then click on “Pledge Status” (lower left side of            Annihilation (Chris Perello) and Crowns in the
information is required in order to make pledges,        any Pledge area page) and send your request, or              Gutter (Ted Racier) in 2009. Looking ahead to
however, payment will not be collected until a           a paper copy can be requested through Customer               2010, we expect to publish the Custer book (Robert
game starts collating in our warehouse.                  Service. Questions about the Pledge Program and              Burke) and the WW2 book (Joseph Miranda). We
    As pledge support builds, we’ll add more detailed    the games are handled by Doc at ccummins@bak.                have four different authors, all of whom have written
descriptions, sample artwork, and rules drafts to the    rr.com.                                                      for S&T and/or Command in the past. The books
web site. Pledge orders will receive up to a 25%         Pledge Program Update                                        will include many maps and illustrations in our
discount from the final retail price. We will provide                                                                 S&T style. A sample of the Quest for Annihilation
                                                         (16 Mar 09)                                                  book is featured on the front page of this Dispatch
estimated pricing based on the latest information we
                                                             War in Europe Windows Edition will be shipping           (#17).
have about the game components and print pricing
                                                         by the end of March! Our first book, The Quest for
however the final price is subject to change (largely                                                                 Science Fiction games. Struggle for the Galactic
                                                         Annihilation, is at the printer and expected to release
due to the variable costs of paper and shipping).                                                                     Empire is a great solitaire science fiction game.
                                                         in April. The rest of the games to be published later
    When a project is ready to go to our printers,                                                                    Depending on its success and your pledges, we’ll
                                                         in 2009 are in the first section of the pledge list to
we send out an e-mail or letter indicating a project                                                                  continue on with Free Mars and the Star Force
                                                         make them easy to find. Pledging will end once
is close to completion. This is to confirm payment                                                                    Trilogy. Joseph Miranda is the designer for SGE and
                                                         individual games are ready to start shipping, so
methods, credit card number and expiration                                                                            the update developer for Free Mars and Star Force.
                                                         make your last minute pledges today. Our projected
dates in case customers need to make last minute                                                                      Essentially, you are getting some of Miranda’s most
                                                         shipping schedule is below. We intend to ship one
adjustments. It is critical to the pledge program that                                                                creative game design ideas unfettered by historical
                                                         boxed game (plus one book or zip-lock game) per
customers respond immediately to this notification                                                                    constraints.
(our “final boarding” call). Credit cards are not                                                                     Special Editions. These are double sized games
charged and checks not deposited until a project is                                                                   like we did in S&T before World at War started
in our warehouse being collated and prepared for         Apr:     Quest for Annihilation: American Civil War book     publication. These games will go into production
shipping.                                                May-Aug: Advanced PTO, AOI/AETO Expansion Kit, D-Day at      for S&T when they get to around 500 pledges. Two
    The Decision Games Pledge Program has                         Omaha Beach, RAF Deluxe, and Struggle for the       of the proposals are half way at this point.
published many games. For your convenience,                       Galactic Empire                                     Computer Games. The development teams are
we are listing the projects already in the works for     Sep:     SPW Ottomans/Mid-East Campaigns, Crowns in the      already busy working on these games and we
the next year in the first section of the pledge list.            Gutter: World War I book                            expect to announce a launch of this new line in 2010
Beyond the next year, there is no specific timeframe     Oct-Jan: Excalibre Games: The Conquerors, Mighty Fortress,   however we need your pledge support to determine
for publication as each game varies significantly in              Ancient Conquest, and Battle for Stalingrad, and    the titles and build up the production pipeline.
size and complexity, and the availability of outside              Storm of Steel Expansion Kit
part-time developers to work on some titles means
a longer timeframe. We generally expect to publish
                                                             After the 2009 games is the regular list of pledge
two to four games each year with the priority given to
                                                         games. There are special sections towards the end
the games with the most pledges. We may publish a
                                                         for books, SF games, S&T Special Editions, and
game from further down the rankings when we need                                                                      Conclusion from front page. Pledge #11,
                                                         computer games. Five new proposals have been                 The Quest for Annihilation.
a good fit to optimize component gang-printing.
                                                         added to the list and are marked as NeW (J). A
    The pledge games are divided into the same eras      few proposals have been withdrawn for lack of                heading for Tennessee, and Texas regiments were shipped
we use for Strategy & Tactics and World at War                                                                        to Richmond while a Virginia regiment would fight on the
games. Many of the proposed games have longer                                                                         Mississippi. For the most part, though, regiments served at
                                                         The Lost Battles Project. While the pledge response          the front nearest their home state. Ball’s Bluff would be a
descriptions or a complete web page with sample
                                                         was good, it was not to the level that was needed to         microcosm of that practice. The Southern force occupying
artwork. Games that earn sufficient support work
                                                         put it on the fast track. This means we have moved           the area consisted of two regiments from Virginia and three
their way up the rankings until they are in the top
                                                         it down to the regular listing in the pre-gunpowder          from Mississippi. The approaching Federals consisted
10 and begin the process of design, development,                                                                      of the Pennsylvania Reserves in the southern group,
                                                         section. It also means we will not be offering the
artwork, and printing. Game proposals that are not                                                                    while the northern group had four regiments from New
                                                         book included version- all pledges for the book
making sufficient progress are dropped to make                                                                        York, three each from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
                                                         version have been converted to game only pledges.
way for new game proposals.                                                                                           (Baker’s “Californians”), and one each from Michigan
                                                         Those who pledged for the book included version              and Minnesota.
                                                         are encouraged to purchase the paperback edition
                                                                             Dispatch #17
2009 Games, Books & Kits                                 3. Storm of Steel Expansion Kit includes an              7. The Quest for Annihilation. the Holy grail
1. Advanced PTO (SPI/TSR). The long-awaited              additional counter sheet with iconic naval counters      sought by American Civil War generals was the
Pacific Theater, division-level, strategic game of the   and additional variant counters. Also included are       decisive Napoleonic battle, yet it happened only
entire Pacific war, featuring all of the same renowned   updated rules and charts plus new logs for tracking      rarely. This book analyzes the mechanics of battle,
accuracy and detail of AETO, Advanced PTO                mobilization. Bob Medrow and Doc. Est. retail:           from raising and training armies to planning the
is thoroughly comprehensive, beginning with the          $30 (Est. pledge: $24).                                  campaign to fighting the battle. Each chapter looks
Japanese invasion of China in 1937 (including the        4. D-Day at Omaha Beach. A solitaire study of            at one part of the process with a detailed account of
Nomonhan campaign...the Japanese-Soviet clash            America’s most bloody and heroic day in WWII. The        a particular battle or campaign, liberally illustrated
in 1939) to the end of the war in 1945. Advanced         player controls the US forces landing along the five     with maps and diagrams. Christopher Perello. Est.
PTO includes every single naval, air and land unit       mile stretch of Omaha Beach on D-Day and their           retail: $35 (Est. pledge $28).
of all belligerents during the war in the Pacific        desperate struggle to establish a viable beachhead.      8. Crowns in the Gutter analyzes the Great War
Theater...all individually researched and rendered       The game covers the entire first day at a time scale     strategic decisions, campaigns, weapons, tactical
to historical specifications. In fact, the counter-set   that varies from 20 minutes per turn (during the         innovations, and other factors. For example,
even includes ship upgrades and refits (e.g., the        initial landings) to one hour per turn later in the      the book looks at how Germany’s unrestricted
“Shinano” can be built as either the next Yamato-        day. Units are companies and include assaulting          submarine warfare may have hurt Germany more
class super-battleship or as an aircraft carrier), as    infantry, engineers and amphibious tanks. The game       than Great Britain. The book also provides some
well as ships that were never built, but could have      system controls the hidden German defenders in           interesting speculation on how the Central Powers
been (such as the USS Utah). Even naval aviation         their Wilderstandsnest resistance points, revealing      might have won the war in 1918. Ted Racier. Est.
upgrades are included (such as the USS Intrepid’s        the defenders and their reserves as the American         retail: $35 (Est. pledge $28).
upgrade from F6F Hellcats to F4U Corsairs).              survivors of the first landing waves make their way      9. Middle East Campaigns (SPW 2009) covers
Boasting an exactingly researched OOB, every             up the bluffs. Rules cover amphibious landings,          all three Ottoman fronts (Trans-Caucasus,
aspect of the Pacific Theater is covered...from Long     German fields of fire, artillery, tidal movement, and    Mesopotamia, Palestine) plus an addition to the
Lance torpedoes to A-bombs, from the Chindits to         intangibles such as US leadership under fire and         Serbia game extending it south to Salonika and
Japanese Midget Submarines, from Coastwatchers           the initiative of the American GI. One map, two          covering the rest of the war in Greece, Serbia,
to B-29s. Moreover, the rules address Japanese           large counter sheets, 55 cards. John Butterfield.        and Bulgaria extending Der Weltkrieg Series to
Army-Navy cooperation problems, Kamikazes,               Est. retail: $55 (Est. pledge $42).                      the Ottoman Empire. Four maps, three counter
“Magic” intelligence, naval mines, Defective             5. RAF Deluxe. An update and expansion of the            sheets. Dave Schroeder. Est. retail: $70. (Est.
Torpedoes, etc, etc, etc. With Admirals (e.g.,           innovative solitaire game on the Battle of Britain,      Pledge $53).
Tanaka), Generals (e.g., MacArthur), HQs (e.g.,          originally published by West End Games. This             10. Battle for Stalingrad (SPI/Excalibre 2009)
14th Army), Advanced PTO is as encompassing as           elegant operational level study of the campaign will     will be a graphics and errata update plus some
AETO, and is fully linkable to the popular AETO          use the card driven target and detection system from     additional material compiled and developed by
to form a total global combined game, covering the       the original release, but will allow a solo player to    Don Johnson. One map, two counter sheets. Est.
entire Second World War with a realism and detail        look at the struggle from either side—playing the        retail $56 (Est. Pledge $42).
unmatched by any other two-game set. Two maps,           British RAF or the German Luftwaffe. Rules for a         11. The Conquerors (SPI update/Excalibre 2009)
6 counter sheets (1,680 counters). Eric Harvey. Est.     two-player game have also been added. Rules cover        covers the campaigns of Alexander the Great,
retail: $120 (Est. pledge $90).                          radar, green pilots, Hitler’s strategic decisions and    Rome’s Second Macedonian War. Two maps and
2. Africa Orientale Italiana/Advanced ETO                escort formations. Units are squadrons and Gruppe,       four counter sheets. (Est. retail: $80; est. pledge:
Expansion Kit. AOI is an East African Theater            including special units such as Erprobunsgruppe          $60).
expansion to Advanced ETO so that a campaign             210, German pathfinders and the RAF night fighter
                                                                                                                  12. A Mighty Fortress (SPI update/Excalibre 2009)
game can start in 1935 with the Italian invasion         interception unit. Two maps, one medium counter
                                                                                                                  is a 2-6 player game of military and diplomatic
of Ethiopia. AOI includes all the new counters to        sheet, 165 cards. John Butterfield. Est. retail: $75
                                                                                                                  conflict during the Reformation period (1532-
simulate the entire campaign in East Africa from         (Est. pledge: $57).
                                                                                                                  1555). The update focuses on a graphics and rules
the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 to the very     6. Struggle for the Galactic Empire. this is a           update—one map, one counter sheet. (Est. retail:
end of the war. The new East Africa map links            solitaire game in which the player assumes the role      $48; est. pledge: $36).
with the original AETO maps. Moreover, this is           of the Emperor of the Galaxy and must contend
an AETO expansion, with over 400 new AETO                                                                         13. Ancient Conquest (Excalibre 2009) is a 1-4
                                                         with a wide range of threats and opportunities.
units and order-of-battle addendums, including                                                                    player game of the epoch until the Persian and
                                                         The map shows the Galaxy divided up into sectors,
over 40 additional rare aircraft types (e.g. Me-163                                                               Peloponnesian wars. Battle with Egypt, Medes,
                                                         each with a marker representing the level of system
Komet). This expansion will also include all AETO                                                                 Arameans, Urartu, Assyria, Mitanni, Lysdians,
                                                         development within it. The player has access to
errata counters, rules errata, and 20 new special                                                                 Hittites, Elamites, Jews, Cimmerians, Caldeans,
                                                         several types of star fleets he can build, as well as
and optional rules specifically for AETO, plus a                                                                  Kassites, Phyrgains, and other ancient nations. The
                                                         other special units. Hostile forces include rebels,
bonus Spanish Civil War scenario! There is one                                                                    update focuses on a graphics and rules update—one
                                                         mutinying fleets and a wide array of aliens. Also
full-sized map, three mini-maps, 280 counters, two                                                                map, one counter sheet. (Est. retail: $48; est.
                                                         possible are galactic quests in which the player can
new OB cards, and a rules booklet. This kit will be                                                               pledge: $36).
                                                         find new technology that can enhance his power,
published along with APTO and will be available by       and it is possible to speed up evolution to create
pledge only as the kit material will be incorporated     enhanced humans. The game includes several
into AETO2. Thus this kit is only for those who          scenarios showing the rise, fall and resurgence of the
prefer an upgrade kit for their AETO or want the         Galactic Empire. One map, two large counter sheets.
AOI/Spanish Civil War material only. Eric Harvey.        Joseph Miranda. Est. retail $50 (Est. pledge $38).
Est. Retail $35 (Est. pledge $27)

                                                                           Dispatch #17
Ancient                                                        challenge that expansion determines the game’s winner.               for Glory and 280 small counters for Manifest Destiny
14. Lost Battles. In his book Philip Sabin details his         Maps cover Europe from Britain to the Northern coast of              and Crisis & Compromise, 220 cards. Barry Altshuler.
analytical approach to the study of ancient warfare and        Africa and from Spain to Parthia (Persia). Pieces represent          Est. Retail: $160 (Est. Pledge $120).
describes his “dynamic model.” His model is drawn              the Great Leaders, infantry, legions, and cavalry of the era,        20. Intentionally Left Blank
from his study of ancient warfare and utilizes basic           as well as an assortment of markers and strategy cards.
                                                               Two maps, two counter sheets, one deck of 110 cards.                 WW1/Early 20th Century
mechanics from board and miniature gaming and is readily
                                                               Barry Altshuler. Est. Retail: $120 (Est. Pledge $90).                21. Grand Campaign (SPW) covers the strategic and
converted into a rules set which he provides at the end
                                                                                                                                    production aspects of Der Weltkrieg Series for WWI
of his book. What Decision Games will provide gamers           Gunpowder & Americana                                                and completes the Weltkrieg series. Dave Schroeder. Est
with are full color game components and a rules booklet        18. Nelson’s Victory: The Royal Navy at War, 1793-                   retail: $80. (Est. Pledge $60).
in the customary gamer-oriented format. Lost Battles           1805. The Anglo-French naval struggle combining                      22. First World War (NEW/SPI Update) covers all of
provides significant simulation detail with a variety of       elements of SPI’s CA, TAHGC’s War at Sea and                     J   World War I at division level. This project will update the
combat units including heavy infantry (with subtypes           XTR’s Red Sky Morning. The map will cover from the
of hoplites, phalangites, and legionnaires each with                                                                                original SPI module for War in Europe to a stand-alone
                                                               Caribbean to the eastern Mediterranean. Combat will use              game. Emphasis will still follow the War in Europe model
special capabilities), light infantry, archers and slingers,   an evolution of WaS’s and CA’s simple systems, with
heavy and light cavalry, cataphracts, chariots (including                                                                           with ease of game play primary but include elements for
                                                               modifications to account for the tactics of the age of               naval warfare, air operations, guerrillas, and more. Nine
scythed), and Indian and African elephants. All combat         sail. Annual game turns are driven by RSM’s system of
units are rated as veteran, average, or levy. Leaders                                                                               maps, 16 counter sheets. Joseph Miranda. Est. retail $300
                                                               impulses that shift unpredictably from player to player,             (Est. Pledge $225)
and Commanders are rated on a scale from uninspired            depicting the uncertainties of the era’s naval warfare.
to brilliant and impact movement, rally, morale, and           Three large-size counter sheets (528) will depict the                World War II Global & Theater-wide
combat. Battles are won by eliminating enemy units             ships-of-the-line (64 guns and up) of 11 navies, plus a              23. Board War in Europe (SPI). An update will bring
through combat and resultant routs and morale loss.            sheet of markers. (Est. retail: $64; est. pledge: $48).              this game into the 21st century. Not a replacement for prior
Units become spent as the battle wears on. While the                                                                                editions but a focused update to improve the dynamics
                                                               19. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory (aka Glory). the
map itself is chessboard-like, the terrain tiles and combat                                                                         of the game, decrease predictability of play, and improve
                                                               designer has added two new elements to the game that will
units provide players with the ability to create historical                                                                         the historicity. Nine maps, sixteen counter sheets. Est.
                                                               make this a truly unique ACW game. First, he is adding
scenarios as well as endless hypothetical scenarios. One                                                                            price: $300 (Est. Pledge $225).
                                                               Manifest Destiny, a Mexican-American War mini-game
map sheet, one set of terrain tiles, four counter sheets,                                                                           24. Global War: The Sun and the Swastika (SPI). All
                                                               that will serve as an introductory scenario. This short
rules booklet. Philip Sabin. Est. Retail: $60 (Est. Pledge                                                                          of WW II in one game! Global War has received an
                                                               campaign will give new players an excellent place to start
$45). Note the Lost Battles paperback edition has just                                                                              extensive update and remake with scenarios for Europe,
                                                               playing and veteran players will have a game that can be
been published. For further details, including a sample                                                                             the Pacific, and the whole war. Event cards have been
                                                               finished in an evening. The second element is Crisis &
sub-chapter, visit <http://www.kcl.ac.uk/schools/sspp/                                                                              added to spice up the action and make every game
                                                               Compromise, a card play oriented game of the period
ws/staff/ps-lostbattles.html>                                                                                                       different. Four counter sheets, three maps, and 330 cards.
                                                               from the end of the Mexican-American War to the start
15. Art of Siege Quad (SPI update/Excalibre) includes          of the Civil War. Though little combat occurs (guerrilla             Est. Retail $180 (Est. Pledge $135).
four famous sieges: Acre, Tyre, Constantinople, and            warfare in Kansas, etc.), the card play covers the actions
Lille. This would include an update of the graphics, plus
                                                                                                                                    ETO/PTO Series
                                                               inspiring events, leaders and regional positions (Border
the naval variant for Constantinople. (Est. retail: $120;                                                                           25. Advanced ETO (2nd edition) will be a thorough
                                                               States) that affect the allegiance of states to a region and
est. pledge: $90).                                                                                                                  update of the popular AETO, with new updated graphics
                                                               the ability of military leaders at the start of the Civil War.
                                                                                                                                    and artwork! (a whole new look, plus all incorporated
16. Barbarian, Kingdom, & Empire (Excalibre) is                Crisis & Compromise can be played alone or used to
                                                                                                                                    errata, and an overall improvement to the artwork design
a 1-6 player game that includes scenarios for Fall of          create alternative starting situations for Glory.
                                                                                                                                    style). AETO2 will feature an improved map set, updated
the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, Pre-Roman,                  Glory is a grand strategy game of the American Civil             OOB cards, streamlined rules...plus the complete AOI
Roman Expansion, Western and Easter Roman Empires,             War in the style of Krieg! Maps of the Eastern and Western           add-on (see #34). Also, AETO2 will be fully compatible
Byzantine, Viking, Magnar, and Saracen. The game               Theaters include terrain, Strategic Objectives, roads/rail,          with Advanced PTO for a full global combined game,
depicts the transition from nomadic tribes to settled          naval zones, navigable and non-navigable rivers, cities              encompassing the entire decade leading up to and during
kingdoms to vigorous empires and their decline. The            and locales, supply centers and other features affecting             the war, from 1935 to 1945. 3 maps, 10 counter sheets
update will focus on the graphics of the one map and two       the game. Counters represent the corps and armies of
counter sheets. (Est. retail: $56; est. pledge: $42).                                                                               (2,800 counters). Eric Harvey. Est. price: $140 (Est.
                                                               the war. Cards provide the strategic-political-economic
                                                                                                                                    Pledge $105).
17. Rome and the Barbarians is a grand strategic-level,        direction for each side. Strategies are many and varied but
Krieg!-style game describing the era of Rome’s expansion       the ultimate goal is to demoralize the opposing faction’s            Krieg Series
and later decline across Europe and Africa, from 300 BCE       population through military, economic and political                  (Note also that #18 and #22 utilize Krieg-inspired
to 500 CE. The game centers on the Roman wars with the         victories while sustaining your own population’s will                systems)
Barbarian Tribes and Civilized Nations from the time of        to continue the fight.                                               26. Dai Senso: Axis Empires. At last, the popular Totaler
Rome’s first consolidation of the Italian peninsula, through       The players each choose a Strategy Card and an                   Krieg system travels to the Pacific! Dai Senso is the
its expansion as a Republic and later as an Empire, to         Addendum Card before each new season and may opt to                  long-awaited game on the war against Japan—it can be
the Fall of Rome at the hands of the Barbarian tribes.         play an additional card as a diplomatic response to certain          linked with Totaler Krieg: Axis Empires to play out
Multi-step legion and infantry units are built by adding       events. These cards lead to new military units, leaders,             all of World War II, from the 1937 China Incident to the
together basic infantry one-step units. Many special           and replacement steps and result in socio-economic                   1945 A-bombs ... and even beyond. Dai Senso also takes
units exist including cavalry, heavy cavalry, siege units,     and political events. The events include the declaration             a very different look at the Pacific Theater. Other games
fortress (entrenched camps), archers and naval units. A        of Emancipation, the elections of 1862 and 1864, and                 focus on the war’s air-naval operations from 1941 on. In
basic turn represents 25 years, but periodic Leader Turns      the possible intervention by European nations. Events                the Krieg! system, those battles are handled abstractly
dominated by Great Leaders, compress turns into 5 year         are often double-edged swords, sometimes providing a                 which leaves Dai Senso free to focus on the strategic
periods. Strategy Cards provide replacement steps, units,      military advantage while negatively affecting the popular            decisions and historical alternatives. What if the 1937
leaders, markers and also political events. These may          will to fight. In addition, both sides may attempt to develop        China Incident hadn’t become a full-scale war? What
result in conflict between Rome and other factions as          and manufacture new technologies, both historical and                if Japan renewed its treaty with Britain? What if the
well as unintended political, economic and social events,      speculative, such as ironclads, submarines, torpedoes,               1939 border clashes with Russia had led to war instead?
including the possibility of Roman Civil War. Rome’s           observation balloons, repeating rifles and Gatling guns.             What if the war in Europe had unfolded differently?
ability to create a road network determines both unit          Both sides can introduce espionage and even sabotage,                Now you can explore all of these questions and more.
supply and movement. The success of Rome’s control of          which can have many unexpected consequences,                         Commencing in the Spring of 1937 when Japan was the
the map, compared with the Barbarian player’s ability to       including assassination. Three maps, 352 large counters              first Great Power to emerge fit to fight from the Great

                                                                                    Dispatch #17
    Depression, the land of the rising sun faces many crucial          counter sheets. Joe Youst. Est. retail $200 (Est. Pledge        The Allied player could choose to intervene with just US
    decisions for achieving Hakko Ichiu (Japanese world                $150).                                                          special forces, or mobilize for an all-or-nothing invasion
    domination). As the Japanese government goes through               34. Wacht am Rhein upgrade kit. Same as #33 but only            of Communist sanctuaries in Laos and Cambodia. Game
    internal struggles, alternately supporting military and            the counters, rules, and charts (no box or maps as these        units will be brigades/regiments and divisions/Viet Cong
    political solutions, the single end goal must remain the           are not being changed and just one counter sheet with           fronts, rated for their conventional and unconventional
    same—Japanese supremacy in Asia and the Pacific. DS                all fixes plus loads of variant counters). Allows owners        capabilities. The map will cover all of Indochina. A
    will have two maps, 560 counters, 220 Option cards,                of the first printing to upgrade their set. Est. retail: $40    semi-abstract system will model air operations. Joseph
    charts, and that familiar TK design simplicity. Alan               (Est. pledge: $30).                                             Miranda. Est. retail: $68. (Est. Pledge $51).
    Emrich, Thomas Prowell, Sal Vasta, et al. Est. Retail                                                                              43. Insurgency. Covers the first two years in Iraq
    $140 (Est. pledge $105).                                           WW2 Mediterranean                                               following the ground campaign, as the American-led
    27. Totaler Krieg: Axis Empires. this third edition has            35. Med War. S&T’s The Italian Campaign updated                 Coalition attempts to quell armed Iraqi resistance.
    been expanded even further to give players more strategic          and remade with new graphics and a comprehensive                American, British and multi-national military units
    options to let them explore the critical pre-war period            redevelopment of the game and editing of the rules.             are presented on a brigade level. Insurgency combines
    from 1937 to ’39 ... and most intriguingly, to link up with        Scenarios include Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, and the whole         stratagems, a hexagonal grid map, and a unique city grid
    its new Pacific sister game Dai Senso: Axis Empires                campaign with alternative invasion sites to explore. Four       system to highlight the importance of urban centers in
    for a look at all of World War ii, as only the wild and            maps, four counter sheets. John Schettler. Est. retail $120     Iraqi guerilla uprising. The Coalition player can invest
    unpredictable Krieg system can provide. What would                 (Est. Pledge $90).                                              resources into troop increases, infrastructure rebuilding
    have happened if the Republicans had won the Spanish               36. Mare Nostrum. A mini-monster boxed game covering            or act to reach political solutions. Meanwhile, the
    Civil War? What if Germany and Russia hadn’t signed                WWII in the Mediterranean, focusing on sea and air              Insurgent player seeks to ally guerilla factions, while
    the Pact; if France had modernized its army instead of             power, from Italy’s entry to the fall of Tunisia. Each ship,    waging a war of attrition on Coalition forces. Each game
    building the Maginot Line; if Japan had attacked Russia            down to individual destroyers, is represented by its own        play is unpredictable, and explores numerous scenarios
    in 1941? You can explore all of these questions and more.          counter, as are all aircraft squadrons, etc. Ground units       with the introduction of randomly-drawn stratagems.
    TK:AE will have two maps, 840 counters, 220 Option                 are represented as divisions and brigades. The campaign         george carter.
    cards, charts, and that familiar Krieg! design simplicity.         game will take most gamers months to play, but short            44. Intentionally Left Blank
    Alan Emrich, Thomas Prowell, Sal Vasta, et al. Est. Retail         scenarios will also be included. Two large-hex map sheets
    $140 (Est. pledge $105).                                           and eight counter sheets. Mike Bennighof. Est. retail:          Strategy & Tactics Special Edition
                                                                       $120 (Est. Pledge $90).                                             S&T Special Editions will be published in an S&T
    WW2 Eastern Front                                                                                                                  format with a magazine with 3-4 feature articles about
                                                                       37. Hitler Moves South. An alternative history for
    28. Operation Typhoon (SPI). Some minor design                     1941-1942 based on the Axis focusing on clearing the            the game topic, plus a game with two map sheets and
    changes and a graphics update for this monster, or Ty              Mediterranean and forcing the British out of the war            two counter sheets. Estimated cover price is $50. When
    Bomba’s Drive on Stalingrad system (those pledging will            while building up forces in the East to invade Russia in        sufficient pledges are accrued (about 500), game will go
    get to decide which system when the proposal makes the             1942. Spain and Turkey may join the Axis or the Allies          into the S&T schedule as a double issue.
    top 10 list). Three maps, three counter sheets. Est. Retail:       depending on events and circumstances, and Russia might         45. Thirty Years War Quad 2 (SPI) features four
    $80 (Est. Pledge $60).                                             attack at any time. Two maps, three counter sheets. Est.        more battles of the 30 Years War: Fleurus, Alte Veste,
    29. Barbarossa Deluxe (NeW). This would be the                     retail $68 (Est. Pledge $51).                                   Wittstock, and Lens (others from the era may be added
J   ultimate boxed upgrade of the Barbarossa game that                                                                                 or substituted).
                                                                       38. Campaign for North Africa (SPI). This nearly
    recently appeared in World at War’s first issue. There will        unplayable monster game will get a fix to the air system        46. Sun Never Sets 2. This will be a sequel game to DG’s
    be two extra-large-hex maps along with 352 large-size              and streamlined logistics and asset assignment to make          Sun Never Sets, covering the wars of the British Empire
    (5/8”) NATO-style counters. The extra counter space                this the ultimate North Africa game. Est. Retail $200           in the 19th century. Units are battalions for “civilized”
    will be filled with add-on counters (German fortress               (Est. Pledge $150).                                             armies and war-bands for others. Each unit is rated for
    city garrisons, Soviet artillery corps, etc.), an optional                                                                         its weapons, type, strength, morale and movement. A
    add-on air combat system, and control markers. New                 39. Desert Fox Deluxe (SPI). Adds the Torch landings
                                                                                                                                       unique quasi-tactical combat resolution system catches
    historical short scenarios would have start dates of July          on a third map to the original Desert Fox/Trail of the
                                                                                                                                       the spirit of the era with everything from Gatling guns
    ’43, June ’44 and Dec ’44. A May ’41 “Stalin Strikes               Fox games. Orders of battle will be recompiled with new
                                                                                                                                       to bayonet charges. There’s always the chance to break
    First” alternative history scenario would also be included.        data. Three maps, two counter sheets. Ulirch Blennemann
                                                                                                                                       a British square, or rout a superior enemy force. All
    Ty Bomba, Est. Retail: $65 (Est. Pledge $49).                      Est. Retail $68 (Est. Pledge $51).
                                                                                                                                       major leaders are included, as well as random events,
                                                                       40. Anzio Beachhead (NeW). A Bn level look at the initial
J   30. Zhukov’s Offensive (NeW). The 1942 Soviet                  J   Allied landings and the German counterattack using the
                                                                                                                                       supply, engineers and railroad building. Game scale is
    offensive aimed at destroying the 9th german Army at                                                                               operational, with the entire theater of operations covered.
    Rzhev. This game would use the DG Cobra system.                    dg Wacht system. Map scale would be either one mile or          Roger Deal and Joseph Miranda.
    Map scale would be 2-3 miles per hex with game turns               two kilometers per hex. Two maps, three counter sheets.
                                                                                                                                       47. Hindenburg’s War: France, 1918. WWI’s Western
    representing two days per turn. Two maps, 3 counter                Joe Youst Est. Retail: $75 (Est. Pledge $57).
                                                                                                                                       Front from 21 March to 11 November 1918 in weekly
                                                                       41. Breaking the Gustav Line (NeW). A regiment/
    sheets. Joe Youst Est. Retail: $75 (Est. Pledge $57).          J   division level game using the DG Cobra system covering
                                                                                                                                       turns. An alternative history “Plan 1919” scenario would
                                                                                                                                       also be included, along with short historic scenarios.
    WW2 Western Front                                                  the battles for Cassino and the Anzio landings (with the        ty Bomba.
    31. Atlantic Wall (SPI). The new Wacht am Rhein                    Allied attempt to link up and take Rome). Turns would           48. Russian Civil War (SPI). Some additions and
    system will be applied to the update of this game. Four            be three days per turn, with periods of inactivity being        streamlining to the original game. More map to cover
    maps, 10 counter sheets. Joe Youst. Est. Retail: $200              telescoped. Two maps, three counter sheets. Joe Youst           Central Asia. Chit play will be added to simulate the
    (Est. Pledge $150).                                                Est. Retail: $65 (Est. Pledge $49).                             changing fortunes of war, but the game will still be a nail
    32. Hurtgen Forest (WAR system). A prequel and addition            Modern                                                          biter right down to the end. Joseph Miranda.
    to the Wacht am Rhein game that can be played alone                42. Vietnam. Players would choose Campaign Cards that           49. Famous Divisions. The Famous Divisions series
    or as part of expanded Wacht am Rhein scenarios. Two               would generate reinforcements and political events. The         has been consolidated into one pledge selection, as all
    maps, six counter sheets. Joe Youst. Est. retail $100 (Est.        Campaign Cards would replace the complex political              three volumes will be published once we start printing.
    Pledge $75).                                                       rules often required to simulate the Vietnam conflict.          Follow the exploits of the Guards Armor Division, Gross
    33. Wacht am Rhein. The first print run of Wacht am                Players can choose different levels of escalation that          Deutschland and the Big Red One. Famous Divisions is
    Rhein sold out in just one year so we decided to do an             will generate different levels of forces, at a trade-off in     a new Quadri-game system featuring a specific division
    updated edition. This edition will include updated rules           political support and military efficiency. The Communist        in battle against opponents at four points of WWII. Most
    and counters, and mate with Hurtgen Forest for an                  player could choose between low level terrorism, mid            scenarios would be 100-140 counters and a half map sheet
    expanded look at the Battle of the Bulge. Four maps, 10            level guerrilla warfare, or a full scale Tet style offensive.   (and thus four in each set). Company and platoon sized
                                                                                           Dispatch #17
units and a command driven system. Guards Armored               57. Joint Warfare is an analysis of the history and practice   Computer Games
scenarios include: Operation Goodwood, Joe’s Bridge,            of joint operation: the integration of all military forces     (These are conversions of existing or future board games.
Operation Veritble, and Bonning Hardt Ridge. Gross              into a single instrument of warfare. The book will include     Most games will retail $20-$30 ($15-23 for pledge
Deutschland scenarios include: Kursk, Mischurin Rog,            several historical case studies, such as the Roman use of      customers). Mini-games as low as $10, games with more
Akhtyrka and Lutchessa Valley. John Schettler.                  combined land-naval forces; the Guadalcanal campaign           than two maps and/or AI may range up to $40, monster
50. Panzers East. Units are primarily division for              in World War II; the US SEALORDS campaign in the               (four maps or more) games up to $60.
both sides, with some separate brigades, regiments and          Mekong Delta; and current operations in the Middle East
                                                                                                                               61. Barbarossa (World at War #1)
battalions. Germans are multi-step, Soviets are one-step        conflict. The book will look at land, sea and air forces, as
                                                                well as special operations forces and other instruments of     62. Solomons Campaign (WaW #2)
with unknown strengths. The map covers the border to
Moscow at 16 miles per hex. No ZOCs, special rules for          national power. One aspect will be the development of          63. USAAF (WaW#4)
Guderian, Rollbahns, Hitler’s interference, variable phase      “bottom-up” joint operations, where local commanders           64. Finnish Front (WaW#5)
sequences, supply attenuation, airpower, the Stalin Line.       decide work out their own command relationships, as            65. Greater East Asia War (WaW #6)
Can you take Moscow before Hitler turns AGC south?              opposed to “top-down” situations. The book will include
                                                                                                                               66. Operation Cobra (S&T#251)
One map, two counter sheets. Ty Bomba                           numerous maps and orders of battle. Joseph Miranda.
                                                                Est. retail: $35 (Est. Pledge $28).                            67. Drive on Kursk (S&T#253)
51. Axis of Evil: North Korea. A hypothetical attempt
                                                                                                                               68. Drive on Moscow (S&T#244)
at “regime change” war. The maps cover the Korean               Science-Fiction
peninsula down to Seoul at eight miles per hex. The system                                                                     69. Drive on Stalingrad
                                                                58. Free Mars (SPI). From the colonies of Mars to the
is from Back to Iraq, allowing for solitaire play. Scenarios    orbital stations of Earth and to the outposts on Jupiter,      70. Blue & Grey I
include a Chinese/US offensive and a Coalition-only             the cry is heard, Free Mars! is a science fiction wargame      71. Blue & Grey II
campaign. The North will go down, but can they hold             of revolt across the Solar System in the late 21st century.    72. Blue & Grey Seven Days Battles
out long enough to score sufficient “Media Perception           Earth’s colonies are rising up against an oppressive Terran    73. Blue & Grey Atlanta Campaign
Points” with their SAMs, SCUDs and No-Dong-1 nuclear            Federation. The system is based on SPI’s Battlefleet
missiles. Bomba and Miranda.                                                                                                   74. Blue & Grey III (Richmond, Vicksburg, and two
                                                                Mars, but with additional forces and units representing
52. Holy Land: The Next Arab-Israeli War. the                   several types of spaceships, ground units and special
two maps cover from Beirut, Damascus and Amman                  forces. Special weapons include artificial intelligence        75. Napoleon’s Last Battles
southwest through the Sinai and Cairo at 7.4 miles              missiles, cybernetic attacks and enhancement of human          76. Napoleon at War Quad
per hex. The Israelis attempt regime-changes against            warriors via nano-technology. Cards representing the           77. Twilight’s Last Gleaming (S&T #s
all the “confrontation states,” while also pacifying the        various military-political-economic groups that are            78. Moscow Campaign
Palestinians. The Arabs will most likely be defeated, but       maneuvering for power are included. The map shows the
                                                                                                                               79. Turning Point Stalingrad
can they first stage sufficiently large enough battles to       Solar System out to Jupiter, with displays for each planet.
“win” with “Media Perception Points”? Nuclear options           Joseph Miranda. Est. retail $80 (Est. Pledge $60).             80. Invasion: America
included in this boxed game. Bomba & Miranda.                   59. Starforce Trilogy (SPI) (new). A deluxe version of         81. North Africa Quad
53. Intentionally Left Blank                                    the SPI science fiction opus: Star Force, Star Soldier,        82. Island War Quad
                                                                Outreach—three games covering interstellar warfare on          83. Westwall Quad
Strategy & Tactics Press Books                                  the strategic, tactical and galactic scales. The systems is
54. With Custer at the Death: A Tactical Analysis of                                                                           84. War Between the States
                                                                based on psionically crewed starship who can teleport
the Battle of the Little Bighorn. This book, with over                                                                         85. Nine Navies War
                                                                instantaneously. Games will include a new module
30 maps, presents exactly what it promises: a detailed,         simulating differing alien psychologies and providing          86. Red Dragon Rising (S&T#250)
minute by minute, tactical analysis of “Custer’s Last           advanced ships systems. (Est. retail: $120; est. pledge:       87-90. Intentionally Left Blank
Stand.” Though it’s one of the most famous engagements          $90).
in all of US history, few realize it was actually a huge
                                                                60. Intentionally Left Blank
                                                                                                                               Computer Games with AI
battle, filled with purposeful maneuver by both sides,                                                                         (computer opponent or solitaire system)
which was fought over the course of seven hours across
                                                                                                                               91. Bulge (WaW#3)
an area of more than 23 square miles. Drawing on every
survivor account—Indian as well as those of the Reno/                                                                          92. Lost Battalion (S&T#2
Benteen command—the author has compiled a sweeping,                                                                            93. First Blood Second Marne (S&T#249)
entertaining and informative study unlike anything that’s                                                                      94. RAF Deluxe
appeared before in the immense field of “Custeriana.”                                                                          95. D-Day at Omaha Beach
Robert F. Burke. Est. retail: $35 (Est. Pledge $28).
                                                                                                                               96. Struggle for the Galactic Empire
55. Devil’s Due: Hitler’s Strategic Decisions in WWII
                                                                                                                               97. Operation Olympic
uses new data made available since the end of the Cold
War, as well as the analytical techniques developed in                                                                         98. Leningrad
wargaming. For example, a close study of the Stalingrad                                                                        99. Fall of Rome
campaign reveals that Axis forces actually outnumbered                                                                         100. Would you buy a subscription to S&T computer
Soviet, and it was superior Red Army operational art that                                                                      games as described in the introduction?
won. The book also provides some interesting speculation
on how the Germans could have gained a victory in 1943
had they concentrated against the Western Allies instead
of the east. there are also some new looks at Hitler
as military commander, Allied grand strategy, and the
impact of secret weapons. Joseph Miranda. Est. retail:
$35 (Est. Pledge $28).
56. Barbarossa. Ty Bomba takes the lead in analyzing the
decisions that shaped the first 18 months of the Eastern
Front. Major what-if possibilities are reviewed including
an earlier start to the campaign, an earlier drive to capture
Moscow, a Soviet first strike, and alternative plans to 1942
campaign. Est. retail: $35 (Est. Pledge $28).
                                                                                    Dispatch #17
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         1 AdvancedPTO                    21 SPWGrandCamp     41 GustavLine                 61 C Barbarossa            81 C North Africa
         2 AOI/AETO                       22 FirstWorldWar    42 Vietnam                    62 C Solomons              82 C Island War
         3 StormExpKit                    23 BoardWarEurope   43 Insurgency                 63 C USAAF                 83 C Westwall
         4 Omaha Beach                    24 GlobalWar        44                            64 C FinnishFront          84 C War States
         5 RAF Deluxe                     25 AETO2            45 SE 30YWQ2                  65 C EastAsiaWar           85 C Nine Navies
         6 StruggleGalEmp                 26 DaiSensuo        46 SE SunNever2               66 C Cobra                 86 C Red Dragon
         7 Bk Quest/ACW                   27 TotalerKrieg     47 SE Hindenburg              67 C Dr/Kursk              87
         8 Bk Crowns/WW1                  28 Typhoon          48 SE RussianCivil            68 C Dr/Moscow             88
         9 SPWMidEast                     29 BarbarossaDlx    49 SE FamousDivs              69 C Dr/Stalingrad         89
         10 EBattleStalingrad             30 Zhukov’sOff      50 SE PanzersEast             70 C Blue&Gray I           90
         11 EConquerors                   31 AtlanticWall     51 SE NorthKorea              71 C Blue&Gray II          91 C Bulge
         12 EMightyFortress               32 Hurtgen          52 SE HolyLand                72 C BG Seven              92 C Lost Bn
         13 EAncientConquest              33 Wacht2           53                            73 C BG Atlanta            93 C Second Marne
         14 Lost Battles                  34 Wacht2 Kit       54 Bk Custer                  74 C Blue&Gray III         94 C RAF Deluxe
         15 ESiegeQuad                    35 MedWar           55 Bk Devils/WW2              75 C Napy Last             95 C Omaha Beach
         16 EBarbKingEmp                  36 MareNostrum      56 Bk Barbarossa              76 C Napy at War           96 C Struggle
         17 RomeBarbarians                37 HitlerMovesSo    57 Bk JointWar                77 C Twilight’s            97 C Olympic
         18 NelsonsVictory                38 CampNoAfrica     58 FreeMars                   78 C Moscow Camp           98 C Lenningrad
         19 MineEyes                      39 DesertFoxDlx     59 StarForce                  79 C Turning Point         99 C Fall of Rome
         20                               40 AnzioBeachhd     60                            80 C Inv:America          100 Yes, I’m interested

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                                         Dispatch #17
                                                             available now!
China: The Middle Kingdom
    China: The Middle Kingdom covers the full scope of Chinese history, from
its beginnings as a collection of warring feudal states, to the current cold war
between China and Taiwan. In this epic game based on the classic Avalon Hill
Britannia system, four players each control several factions simultaneously, with
each faction having their own objectives and situations, such as conquering certain
provinces. The winner is the player who scores the most points by the end of the
game. This breathtaking game unfolds on an illustrated map of China with 432
counters, covering 50 separate countries and peoples, including all of the major
dynasties of Chinese history, the arrival of the European powers, both World
Wars and the Japanese invasion, right up to the end of the civil war between the
Communists and the Nationalists. The game occurs over 24 turns, starting from
403 BC, during the “Warring States” period as China begins to rise from its feudal
age. The game has two shorter campaign scenarios covering the first half and
second half of the full campaign game.
    Battles between armies can be dramatically affected by the presence of
mountains, emperors, heroes, new inventions, and even the Great Wall. Rebellions,
barbarian invasions, and uprisings may spring up from anywhere, and signal the
end of one dynasty and the birth of a new dynasty. Diplomacy is as important as
military strength. Each player continually must defend against multiple enemies on
multiple fronts.                                                          $60

Flying Circus:                                                                        War in the Pacific
Aerial Combat in WWI                                                                  Extension Kit
Flying Circus: Aerial Combat in WWI depicts
the fun and flavor of World War I aerial                                                This Extension kit extends WITP into
dogfighting. You fly the colorful and agile                                           late 1945 and 1946 making it possible
aircraft of WWI as you make history in the                                            to explore the possibilities of the war
world’s first use of aircraft in a military role.
                                                                                      continuing without atomic intervention.
    This is the basic game. You have everything
you need to play single aircraft duels to multi-
                                                                                      The kit includes a new counter sheet for
aircraft dogfights. Each aircraft has its own                                         planes, ships, and other units scheduled to appear after August 1945.
unique characteristics reflected in its ratings                                       It also includes an additional set of the aircraft counter sheets for a
and special abilities. The basic game rules cover all the maneuvers that made         total of five counter sheets, plus two more tactical island maps. the
WWI aerial combat: barrel rolls, stall turns, Immelmanns, vertical rolls and          rules and charts booklet covers the additional rules needed to continue
Chandelles. Outmaneuver your opponent to line up your guns and watch his
planes go down in flames!
                                                                                      the war.                                                        $40
    Gamers who have played the Down in Flames game series will find many
similarities in game play, however, previous experience is not necessary. The             This is the deluxe game. You will need the basic game card deck to play
basic game rules can be read in less than 20 minutes and you can play your first       this expanded version. Then you will have everything you need to play
game immediately. Includes: 110 full color playing cards & rules sheet. $23            single aircraft duels and team play with multiple flights in swirling dogfights.
                                                                                       This deluxe game adds rules for altitude, pilot abilities—including a deck
                                                                                       of 25 pilot cards for historical campaigns—bombers, rear gunners, scouts
                                                                                       and other optional rules. This deluxe game also includes cards and rules for
                                                                                       playing multi-mission games of famous WWI campaigns such as Cambrai
                                                                                       and Meuse-Argonne, along with a “Campaign Analysis” article detailing the
                                                                                       development of the aircraft, their tactics and strategy.                  $40
                                                                                                              110 Deluxe deck cards (bombers, scouts, plus more fighters & action cards)
                                                                                                              Deluxe Game rules booklet
                                                                                                              6 Campaign Cards
                                                                                                              Pilot Log
                                                                                                              36 Pilot & altitude cards
                                                                                                              Dice marker

                                                                          Dispatch #17
                                                                available now!
Highway to the Reich
Highway to the Reich is a tactical simulation of the largest airborne operation in          All the activities of each formation are completed before those of another
history. Over 35,000 men belonging to 1st Allied Airborne Army dropped from             are begun. Attacks start with a preliminary barrage, followed by fire attack by
the skies of Holland. Their objective: capture and hold a highway. The result:          maneuver companies, and then close action with tanks and assault troops. All
a salient into German territory that lacked only the last objective, and was thus       activities involve comparisons of involved units’ capabilities. Optional rules
a tragic defeat.                                                                        focus on hidden movement and multi-player variations, as well as giving the
    The 2,000-plus counters detail Gen. Brereton’s airborne corps of three divi-        Allied player the opportunity to execute his own operational plan. The revi-
sions, the units of 30th Corps, and Model’s scattered and disheveled forces at          sions have made this classic game easier and faster to play than ever before.
company level for infantry; battery level for artillery, anti-tank and anti-air, and    $160
troop-level for tanks and armored cars.
    The four maps cover from the front along the Meuse-Escaut Canal to the
area, nearly 200 hexes away, surrounding Arnhem Highway Bridge. Each map
is positioned to cover the operational area of one airborne division in order to
allow one-division scenarios.

                                                                                                                                                Four 22” x 34” maps
                                                                                                                                                2,520 die-cut counters
                                                                                                                                                Rule & scenario books
                                                                                                                                                6 Organization Charts
                                                                                                                                                Player Aid Cards
                                                                                                                                                Campaign Analysis
                                                                                                                                                Six-sided Dice

                             a fast & easy PlayinG series of carD Games
Now Available                                                                           Currently AvAilAble GAmes in the series
Lightning: Poland
   This game depicts the German campaign against Poland in Sep-                         War on Terror. You have been charged with hunting down terrorist-aiding
tember, 1939. Historically, it was a stunning victory but the blitzkrieg                   regions around the world and toppling their corrupt governments. To ac-
strategy was untested and Poland expected to hold on long enough for                       complish that, you’ve been given command of the latest weapons and best
                                                                                           personnel America has to offer.                                   $20
other countries to intervene. In the game, the Germans strive to force
the Polish surrender quickly by capturing Polish cities including the                   D-Day. You command the Allied and Axis armies as each struggles to control
Polish capital, Warsaw. The Polish fight to defend their cities and stop                   the five key beaches along the Normandy coastline. You make vital com-
                                                                                           mand decisions that send troops into battle, assault enemy positions, and
the German advance. Cards depict the combat forces, objectives, and
                                                                                           make heroic sacrifices so others can advance to victory!            $20
events of the campaign.                                         $23
                                                                                        Midway. From 4 to 6 June 1942, a massive battle raged around the tiny Pacific
                                                                                           island of Midway that changed the course of World War II. You command
                                                                                           the US and Japanese fleets and their squadrons of fighter planes, torpedo
                                                                                           bombers and dive bombers in this epic battle!                       $20
                                                                                        North Africa. Covering the great battles of Erwin Rommel from 1941 to
                                              All games include 110 full color             1943, as he fought his way back and forth across the deserts of North Africa.
                                               playing cards and one sheet                 The game features: the Afrika Korps, Tobruk, the Desert Rats, Malta, anti-
                                                         of rules.                         tank guns, resupply from Europe, minefields and more.                  $20

                                                                                                    Special Price! All 5 games for $79
                                                                                 Dispatch #17
 Collectible Games                               Collectible Games                                Collectible Games                          Collectible Games
AH Acquire (1995)                      $40      EGD   EVO                                  $35   MIH Triumph & Fall (zip)             $30   RGG Toscana                                        $30
AH Acquire (1999)                       40      EGD   Fantasy Business                      17   MIH Lodz 1914 (zip)                   49   RGG Vampire                                         35
AH Advanced Squad Leader                50      EGD   Gouda! Gouda!                         15   MIH Pierce the Reich                  35   RGG Vino                                            40
AH Anzio                                35      EGD   Lawless                               18   MIH Tunisia 43 (zip)                  44   RHINO Decision France (zip)                         30
AH Blitzkreig                           35      EGD   Montgolfiere (2nd ed)                 20   MIH Turning the Tables (zip)          30   SDI 1862                                            20
AH C&O/B&O Railroading                P100      EGD   Mystery on the Nile                   27   MIH White Ensign (zip)                35   SJG Car Wars                                        25
AH Diplomacy                            40      EGD   Phoenix                               15   MMP Bloody Ridge                      34   SJG Coup                                            30
AH Foreign Exchange                     50      EGD   Savanah Cafe                          15   MMP Op. Watchtower                    35   SMCN Battle Ship (zip)                              25
AH Fortress Europa                      20      EGD   Tony & Tino                           15   MMP Screaming Eagles                  51   SMCN Battlestations (zip)                           25
AH Fortress Europa 1st Ed.              35      EGD   Tyrus                                 35   MMP Shifting Sands                    60   SMCN Line of Battle (zip)                           25
AH Gladiator (zip)                      35      EGD   Valley of Mammoths                    25   MMP So. Mountain                      48   SMCN Man of War (zip)                               25
AH Naval War                            45      EGL   Age of Mythology (ship=4U)            45   MMP This Terrible Sound              132   SMCN Naps Last Triumph                             P25
AH Origins of World War II              50      EGL   Attack! (ship=3U)                     30   MMP Tunisia                           45   SMCN Ortona (zip)                                   25
AH Platoon                              25      EGL   Attack! Expan.                        30   MMP Warriors of God                   42   SMCN Power & Resolution (zip)                      P25
AH Source of the Nile                   65      EGL   Conquest of Empire (ship 5U)          90   NVA Ace of Aces (inc metal planes)    75   SPI Across Suez (STMPD)                             25
AH Struggle of Nations                  55      EGL   S.Meier's Civ. (ship=4U)              60   NVA Axis & Allies                     50   SPI Air-War                                        P50
AH Tac War                              45      EGL   American Civil War (ship 4U)         P50   OMGA 1864                             35   SPI Alamo                                           45
AH Outdoor Survival                    P40      GDW   Air Superiority                       40   OMGA Desert Victory                   25   SPI American Revolution (STMPD)                     75
AH Third Reich                         P50      GDW   Battle for Moscow (zip)               15   OMGA Eastern Front Solitaire          28   SPI Austerlitz-(zip)                               P45
APL Avalanche: Invasion Italy           38      GDW   Battle of Alma                        35   OMGA Main Battle Area                 32   SPI Battle for the Ardennes                         25
APL Eagles: Eylau                       35      GDW   Battle of Lobositz                    35   OSG 1806: Rossbach                    48   SPI Berlin '85 (STMPD)                              35
APL Granada                             40      GDW   Battle of Prague                      35   OSG Devils Den                        40   SPI Bulge (zip)                                     15
APL GWAS: Med, vol I                    60      GDW   Blood & Thunder                      $40   OSG Last Days -Grand Armee            40   SPI Bulge (zip,STMPD)                               15
APL GWAS: North & Baltic Seas           75      GDW   Europa III Marita-Merkur              75   OSG Napoleon at Bay (2nd ed)          54   SPI Bull Run                                        33
APL Imperium                            25      GDW   Harpoon                               45   OSG Rommel in Tunisia                 54   SPI Bundeswher                                   Z/P15
APL Napleon in Desert                   42      GDW   Last Battle                           40   OSG Sun of Austerlitz                 52   SPI Bundeswher (zip,STMPD)                       Z/P15
APL Op. Cannibal                        20      GDW   Napoleon's Bat Borodino, 1812         60   PWG Kanev                             40   SPI CA-(STMPD, zip)                                 35
APL PG: Edelweiss                       18      GDW   Sands of War Exp Kit (P) &                 QD Royal Navy                        P85   SPI Cassino                                        Z40
APL PG: Heroes of Soviet Union          50            The Sands of War                      60   QD Ironbottom Sound                  P75   SPI Cassino (STMPD)                                 30
APL PG: White Eagles                    20      GDW   Suez '73                              60   RALPARTH Caverns Deep                 75   SPI Chickamauga                                     20
APL Red Parachutes                      42      GDW   Team Yankee                           36   RALPARTH Final Frontier               55   SPI Commando (STMPD)                                45
APL Red Steel                           38      GDW   Urals                                 60   RAMP War for the Motherland           85   SPI Conquistador (STMPD, zip)                       50
APL Res Publica (card)                  10      GDW   Beltstrike                            25   RGG Adam & Eva                        25   SPI Crimean War-Alma (zip)                          35
APL Winter Fury                         30      GDW   Boots and Saddles                     50   RGG Aladdin’s Dragons                 40   SPI Dallas (RPG)                                    30
APL PG: Airborne                        20      GDW   Brilliant Lances                      35   RGG Andromeda                         40   SPI Dark Ages (zip)                                120
APL PG: Arctic Front                    18      GDW   Command Decision                      35   RGG Australia                         30   SPI Deathmaze (zip)                                 24
ATTX Fight for the Sky                  40      GDW   Command Decision 2nd ed.              35   RGG Canyon                            25   SPI Delta Vee (zip)                                 30
AZW La Rev France                       30      GDW   Double Star                           25   RGG Doge                              35   SPI Drive on Stalingrad                             45
CG Dixie/Bull Run (card packs)           4      GDW   Fire & Steel Mini Rules               75   RGG Dragonland                        35   SPI East is Red (zip)                              P30
CG Dixie/Shiloh (card packs)             4      GDW   Operation Market Garden               35   RGG Edison & Co.                      30   SPI Eylau Dresden (zip)                             40
CG Quebec 1759                          40      GDW   Southern Front                        35   RGG Evergreen                         20   SPI Firefight (STMPD)                            P/Z35
CG Victory blocks (black)                5      GDW   The Third World War                   35   RGG Frank's Zoo (card)                10   SPI Flying Circus                                P/Z80
CG Victory blocks (blue)                 5      GDW   Twilight 2000                         25   RGG Friedrich                         60   SPI Foxbat & Phantom (STMPD, zip)                   30
CG Victory blocks (orange)               5      GDW   Twilight Encounters                   25   RGG Ido                               44   SPI Frederick Great (STMPD, zip)                    40
CG Victory Elite blocks (black)          5      GMT   Across the Rappahnnock                30   RGG Indus                             35   SPI Great War in the East                          120

                                                  Desert Fox
CG Victory Elite blocks (blue)           5      GMT   Africanus (zip)                       16   RGG Industria                         35   SPI Kaiser's Battle (STMPD)                         40
CG Victory Maps (blank)                  5      GMT   Attila (zip)                          16   RGG Java                              45   SPI Korsun (zip)                                    20
CHX Battlemat Vinyl- blank hex          14      GMT   Austerlitz                            65   RGG King's Breakfast (card)           12   SPI La Grand Armee                                  80
CHX Glass Stones tube-asst colors        3      GMT   Blue vs. Gray Dlx                     29   RGG La Ciatta                         40   SPI Lee at Gettysburg (zip)                         75
COA Borodino 41                         34      GMT   Borodino                              40   RGG Magna Grecia                      30   SPI Lee Moves North                                 48
COA Camp of Robert E Lee                45      GMT   Caratacus (zip)                       16   RGG Maya                              28   SPI Leipzig & Ney vs Wellington                     60
COA La Bat. Armee Nord (2nd/zip)        44      GMT   Corsairs & Hellcats                   30   RGG Pizarro & Co                      30   SPI Mech War (zip)                                  30
COA La Bat. d’Albeuera-Espagnol         75      GMT   Flagship: Coyote (cards)              15   RGG Samarkand                         30   SPI Mod Btl2-Bund & Jerusalem
COA La Bat. Espagnol-Talavera (zip)     60      GMT   Flagship: Promo. (cards)              15   RGG Siesta                            40        (STMPD, zip)                                    25

COA Napoleon at Leipzig                P40      GMT   Gr. Battles-Julius Caesar (xtras)     60   RGG Techno Witches                    15   SPI Nap Art of War (zip)                             15
DG Across Suez                          30      GMT   Invasion Norway                       30   RGG The Duell                         25   SPI Nap at Waterloo                                  25
DG Adv European Theater Ops.           110      GMT   Kasserine                             30   RGG Time Pirates                      25   SPI Napoleon at War-Marengo (zip)                    27
DG Battles of Ancient World, vol 1      35      GMT   Medieval                              45   RGG Traders of Genoa                  40
DG Battles of Ancient World, vol 2      35      GMT   Paths of Glory                        55   RGG TransEuropa                       28
                                                                                                                                            If your order is this          If you subscribe to S&T
DG Rebels & Redcoats 1                  35      GMT   Paths of Glory (MKD)                  40   RGG Turbo Taxi                        25
                                                                                                                                            amount or more:                OR WaW Game Ed.
DG Rebels & Redcoats 2                  35      GMT   Risorgimento                          65   RGG Who's the A? (card)               13
                                                                                                                                                                           discount is:
DG Totaler Kreig                        80      GMT   ROME                                  39   RGG 6 Billion                         20            $100                                $10
DG War in Europe Map set                99      GMT   Sword of Rome                         65   RGG Cabale                            30
DG World War I (SPI)                    30      GMT   Thirty Years War                      50   RGG Caprice                           30            $200                                $30
EGD Armada                              40      GMT   Three Days Gettysburg (3U)            89   RGG Clash of Gladiators               30
                                                                                                                                                     $300                                $50
EGD Atlas & Zeus                        17      GMT   Zero                                  45   RGG Corsairs                          15
EGD China Moon                          25      GRD   By-Mail play aid kit 6                35   RGG Fossil                            30            $400                                $70
EGD Civilization (w/Eng. rules)         40      HJ    Norway 1940                          200   RGG Klunker (card)                    10
EGD Clippers                            45      JPW   Black Sea Fleet 1914-18 (zip)         20   RGG LotR The Search (box dmg)         10            $500                               $100
EGD Democrazy                           15      JPW   Honour Alone (zip)                    20   RGG Lowenherz                         40   Note: Discount for current subscribers. Subscriptions can be
EGD Draco & Co                          17      JPW   Last Elephant Off. (zip)              20   RGG Meridian                          40   started or renewed at the time an order is placed with Desert
EGD Dragon Delta                        20      MFG   Hell Rail                             20   RGG Mississippi Queen                 40   Fox to receive the discount.
EGD Dragon's Gold                       17      MIH   In Flanders Field (zip)               30   RGG Top Secret Spies                  30
                                      Desert Fox Games • PO Box 21598 • Bakersfield CA 93390 • 661/587-9633 • Fax- 661/587-5031 • www.decisiongames.com
                                                                                          Dispatch #17
   Collectible Games                                       Collectible Games                            Collectible Games                            Collectible Games
 SPI Napoleon at Waterloo-intro                   $33     3W    Lawrence of Arabia            $25     3W Battle of the Ring (WG#1/MKD, zip)   $25   TSR    Line in Sand                      $25
 SPI Nap @ Austerlitz & Waterloo                   20     3W    Modern Naval battles (zip)     20     AH Air Assault on Crete                  50   TTM    Shiloh                             30
 SPI Nordlingen (zip)                              50     3W    Six Against Rome               45     AH Alexander the Great                   65   VG     Open Fire                          25
 SPI October War (zip)                             20     3W    Sword & Shield                 25     AH Arab-Israeli Wars                     55   VG     NATO                               40
 SPI Panzer Battles (STMPD)                        45     3W    War to End Wars                40     AH Battle of Bulge (1981)                35   VG     Panzer Command                     25
 SPI Paratroop (zip, MKD, Xtra)                    24     3W    1944: Second Front             38     AH Empires in Arms                       60   XTR    Fateful Lightning (zip)            30
 SPI Patrol                                        30     3W    Aachen                         28     AH Fire Power                            35   XTR    Smithereens (zip)                  30
 SPI Plot Assassinate Hitler                    P/Z70     3W    Aces High (2nd ed)             25     AH Hitler's War                          35   YAQ    Apache                             35
 SPI Raid                                         P35     3W    Aces High (zip)                50     AH Patton's Best                         40   YAQ    CV                                 36
 SPI Raid (STMPD, zip)                             35     3W    American Aces                  25     AH Paydirt Rules sup (zip)               20   YAQ    Timeship                           20
 SPI Rescue from Hive                              40     3W    Barbarians                     46     AH Republic of Rome                      50   YAQ    Time War                           15
 SPI Road to Richmond (zip)                        20     3W    Battle of the Alma             33     AH Submarine                             65
 SPI Robert at Bannockburn                                3W    Blitzkrieg in the South        35     AH Tac Air                               25    In Print Games
     (folio,STMPD)                                 30     3W    Campaigns of Civil War         27     AH Tanktics                              75   AH      Axis & Allies: Battle of Bulge   $50
 SPI Scrimmage                                     50     3W    Crimean Shield                 35     AH Tobruk                                40   AH      Axis & Allies: D-Day              45
 SPI Sinai                                        P40     3W    Dark Crusade                  P45     AH Uboat                                 40   AH      Axis & Allies: Europe             45
 SPI Sinai (STMPD)                                 45     3W    Defense of Rorke's Drift       30     AH Wizard's Quest                        35   AH      Axis & Allies: Anniv Ed.         100
 SPI Sniper                                        30     3W    Duel for Kharkov               40     AH Wordpower                             24   AH      Rocketville                       35
 SPI Sorceror (zip)                                45     3W    Frederick the Great            28     AH StockMkt (MKD)                        21   APL     Alsace 1945                       20
 SPI SPIES                                         30     3W    Fury on Champlain              33     AH Verdict II                            80   APL     Bitter Victory: Sicily            20
 SPI Spitfire                                   P/Z55     3W    Ironsides                      36     APL PG: East Front                       45   APL     Defiant Russia                    20
 SPI Starforce                                  Z/P40     3W    Last Blitzkrieg                30     COA La Bat. Armee Nord                   25   APL     Gazala 1942                       20
 SPI Starforce (Design Ed)                         75     3W    Light Division                 28     EGL Amer Civil War (part punch)          35   APL     Gettysburg 1863                   50
 SPI Stargate (folio)                              20     3W    Napoleon at Aust.              28     FBI Nuclear War                          30   APL     Great Pacific War                 65
 SPI Starsoldier (STMPD)                           40     3W    Napoleons Later Bat.           35     GDW 1815                                 40   APL     GWAS/SWAS Cone of Fire            80
 SPI Starsoldier (STMPD, zip)                      39     3W    Never Call Retreat             50     GDW 1940 Vol. II (P)                     30   Great War at Sea Series
 SPI Strikeforce (zip)                             20     3W    Panzerkrieg                    33     GDW 1942 & Kamikaze/FM31                 45   APL     GWAS: 1898                        45
 SPI Suez to Golan (STMPD)                         55     3W    Raid on Richmond               36     GDW Assault                              75   APL     GWAS: Airships                    10
 SPI Sword & the Stars (STMPD)                     50     3W    Royalists & Roundheads III     30     GDW Asteroid                             25   APL     GWAS: Cruiser War                 50
 SPI Tamburlaine (zip)                             30     3W    Run Silent, Run Deep           33     GDW Bloodtree Rebelion                   34   APL     GWAS: Dreadnoughts                25
 SPI Tank (no cover sheet)                         30     3W    Salvo                          40     GDW Europa VII Case White                45   APL     GWAS: Jutland                     65
 SPI Titan Strike (folio)                          20     3W    Salvo II                       28     GDW Imperium                             35   APL     GWAS: Med (2nd ed)                60
 SPI To Green Fields Beyond                        54     3W    Scratch One Flat Top           32     GDW Mayday (zip)                         25   APL     GWAS: Plan Gold                   60
 SPI Up Scope                                      45     3W    Sink the Bismarck              28     GDW Road to Rhine (no box)               50   APL     GWAS: Sea of Troubles             25
 SPI Up Scope (STMPD)                              65     3W    Spires of the Kremlin          52     GDW Spain & Portugal                     60   APL     GWAS: Zeppelins                   25
 SPI USN (inc xtra punch ctrs, zip)                80     3W    Spitfire                       36     gdW test of Arms                         32   APL     Island of Death                   30
 SPI War Between the States                       150     3W    Star Force Terra               20     GDW Their Finest Hour                    35   Panzer Grenadier Series
 SPI Warsaw Pact                                   20     3W    Strategy (zip)                 10     GDW Torch (2nd Edition)                  80   APL     PG: Afrika                        60
 SPI Wellingtons Victory                           65     3W    Tahiti                         27     gdW Western desert (2nd Ed)              80   APL     PG: Beyond Normandy               65
 SPI World Killer                                 P40     3W    tarawa                         38     GDW Arctic Front                         35   APL     PG: Blue Division                 18
 SPI WW II                                         30     3W    Tide of Fortune                30     GDW The Great Patriotic War              35   APL     PG: Bulge                         65
 SPI WWI (folio)                                   40     3W    To the Far Shore               36     GDW The Near East                        35   APL     PG: East Front Deluxe             75
 SPI Wreck of the BSM Pandora                      30     VG    Ambush!                        40     GMT Grand Illusion                       30   APL     PG: Iron Curtain                  20
 TF  History of 2nd World War Part 1               40     VG    France 1944                    40     GMT ROME                                 30   APL     PG: North Wind                    10
 TF  Prochorvka (zip)                              25     VG    Mosby’s Raiders               P40     GMT Victory in the West                  60   APL     PG: Red Warriors                  18

                                                            Desert Fox
 TF  Grand Army of the Republic                    40     VG    Omaha Beach                    25     GSP Ace of Aces series                   40   APL     PG: Road to Berlin                75
 TF  Op. Pegasus (folio)                           25     VG    Central America                40     HC Marengo 1800                          45   APL     PG: Semper Fi: Guadalcanal        50
 TF  Starfire (folio)                              25     VG    Gulf Strike (1st ed)           50     HG Campaign                              25   APL     PG: Siege of Leningrad            10
 TSK Hob Lepoard II                                90     VPG   Vanished Planet                35     JED Field Marshal                        60   APL     PG: Sinister Forces               20
 TSR SPIES!                                        40     WE    Desert Steel                   45     MIH Eastwall (zip)                       30   APL     PG: So. Africa’s War              18
 TSR WWII                                          30     WE    Druid                          25     MMPG Marengo                             60   APL     Red God of War                    30
 TSR Battle for Ardennes                           45     WE    Fire Team                      45     MMPG No Better Place to Die              45   APL     Rome at War: Fade Legions         50
 TSR Battle Over Britain                          Z20     WE    Tankleader                     25     MMPG Seven Pines                         60   APL     Strange Def-France 44             20
 TSR Buck Rogers Hi Adv.                           25     WE    Rommel in North Africa         48     OSG Air Cobra                           P25

                                                                                                                                                    Second World War at Sea Series
 TSR Cobra                                         50     XTR   Back to Iraq (zip)             20     OSG Napoleon at Leipzig                  35   APL     SWWAS: Black Sea Fleets           25
 TSR Firefight                                    Z25     XTR   Black Gold (zip)               40     QD Incredible Victory                    30   APL     SWWAS: Bomb Alley                 60
 TSR SPIES                                         35     XTR   Miss. Banzai (zip)             50     RGI Maj Battles Gen Patton               48   APL     SWWAS: East Fleet                 45
 TSR Twilight War (zip)                            30     XTR   Wahoo! (zip)                   20     RHG Legend Begins (zip)                  25   APL     SWWAS: Leyte Gulf (ship 5U)      200
 TSR Wellington's Victory                          55     YAQ   Beachhead                      25     SD   Alamo (zip)                         25   APL     SWWAS: Strike South               50
 3M Acquire (signed by Sid Jackson)                75     YAQ   Marine 2002                    20     SD   Jerusalem (zip)                     25   APL     They Shall Not Pass:Verdun        20
 3M Feudal-Siege & Conquest                        60     YAQ   Market Madness                 70     SG   Drive on Damascus (zip)             40   APL     Third Reich                       60
 3W Battlecry                                      25     YAQ   Pickett's Charge               42     SMCN Assault on Tobruk                   20   APL     Tiger of Malaya                   60
 3W East Wind Rain                                 45     YAQ   Roaring 20s                    25     SPI Alamo (zip)                          25   ASM     Cash N Guns                       43
                                                          YAQ   Superiority                    40     SPI Battle Fleet Mars                    33   ASM     Cash N Guns Yazuka                40
BOLD Indicates a recent price reduction.
                                                          YAQ   Apache                         60     SPI Combat Command                       48   ASM     Formula De                        60
MKD Indicates the item has been Marked on with
                                                          YAQ   Battle                        P25     SPI Desert Fox & Lion                         ASM     Werewolves of Millers Hollow      13
       highlighter or errata added.
                                                          YAQ   Beastlord                      25          of Ethiopa (MKD)                    50   ATG     Beer Money                        20
P      Indicates there is a punched copy available for
                                                          YAQ   Raider                         40     SPI Firefight                           P30   ATG     Cults Across America              30
       40% OFF of the regular price.
                                                                                                      SPI Next War (lam. maps separate)        72   ATG     Let's Kill (2nd ed)               20
STMPD Indicates the item has been Stamped by SPI Art      Punched Games                               SPI Oil War Col. Ed (MKD, Xtra)          35   ATG     Let's Kill A Pretty Corpse        12
       Dept on all components.                            3RDMIL 2nd Galactic War (zip)       $45     SPI Tannenburg                           30
Z      Indicates there is a ziplock copy available for                                                                                              ATG     Lunch Money                       20
                                                          3RDMIL Op Sea Lion (zip, mkd)        30     SPI Battle of Stalingrad (zip, MKD)      25
       10% off the regular price.                                                                                                                   ATG     Lunch Money Sticks Exp            10
                                                          3RDMIL Shiloh (MKD)                  30     TSR Hunt for Red October                 25   ATG     Mad Scientist                     25
                                                Desert Fox Games • PO Box 21598 • Bakersfield CA 93390 • 661/587-9633 • Fax- 661/587-5031 • www.decisiongames.com
                                                                                             Dispatch #17
In Print Games                                          In Print Games                                   In Print Games                              In Print Games
ATG   Recess                                  $25      COA   Lobositz                            $50   DOW     Memoir 44 Terrain Exp           $30   GMT   Savannah                                  $60
ATG   Seismic                                  30      COA   Mighty Midgets                       30   DOW     Memoir 44 Win/Desert map         25   GMT   Silver Bayonet                             30
ATO   1.3 Kesselschlacht (#3)                  35      COA   No Sailor but a Fool                 32   DOW     Shadows Over Camelot             50   GMT   Simple GBoH Rules                          20
ATO   2.3 Dark & Bloody Ground (#7)            35      COA   Operation Spark                      45   DOW     Ticket to Ride                   50   GMT   Successors                                 65
ATO   3.1 Suleiman Magnificent (#9)            35      COA   PanzerKampfe (module)                16   DOW     Ticket to Ride Card              25   GMT   Twilight Struggle (2nd ed)                 57
ATO   3.2 Bear Trap-Chechnya '95 (#10)         35      COA   Rebel Seas (mini rules)              25   DOW     Ticket to Ride Europe            50   GMT   Tyrant (zip)                               20
ATO   3.3 The Big Push-Somme (#11)             35      COA   Samurai & Katana                     48   DOW     Ticket to Ride Marklin Ed.       50   GMT   Under the Lily Banners                     59
ATO   3.4 Chennault's First Fight (#12)        35      COA   SFE: Brute Force                     70   DOW     Ticket to Ride Swiss Map         25   GMT   Veni, Vedi, Vici (zip)                     10
ATO   4.1 Bittereinder: 2nd Boer War (#13)     35      COA   SFE: Mediterranean                   60   DOW     Ticket to Ride USA 1910          20   GMT   War Galley (MKD)                           80
ATO   4.2 War in Aegean (#14)                  35      COA   So Atlantic War                      32   DOW     Ticket to Ride Dice Expan        20   GMT   Wellington                                 65
ATO   4.3 Cactus Throne (#15)                  35      COA   Summer Storm                         80   DVG     Field Commander Rommel           40   GMT   Winds of Plunder                           45
ATO   4.4 La Vallee de la Mort (#16)           35      COA   Supermarina I                        56   EXC     Kaiserschlacht 1918 (zip)        85   GMT   Europe Engulfed                            99
ATO   5.1 Imperial Sunset (#17)                35      COA   Supermarina II                       20   EXC     To Green Fields Beyond           44   GMT   Formula One Motor (card)                   16
ATO   5.2 Golden Horde (#18)                   35      COA   Triumph of Chaos-RCW                 90   EXC     Trajan Dlx Exp                   50   GMT   Gergovia (zip)                             20
ATO   5.4 A Fatal Attraction (#20)             35      COA   Valmy to Waterloo                    36   FFG     Battlestar Galactica             50   GMT   Ran                                        65
ATO   6.1 Kadesh: Day of Chariot (#21)         35      COA   Whistling Death                      80   FFG     Blue Moon City                   40   GMT   Samurai                                    64
ATO   6.2 Paukenschlag (#22)                   35      COA   White Ensign (Harpoon)               22   FFG     Great Wall of China              20   JKL   Scanderoon                                 25
ATO   6.3 Guerra a Muerte (#23)                35      COA   Zorndorf                             56   FFG     Penguin                          15   JKL   Treasure Island                            40
ATO   ANN #1 Toppling Reich                    45      CST   Algeria                              20   FFG     Starcraft (ship=10U)             80   MFG   1856                                       45
ATO   ANN #2 Look Away                         45      cst   Army of ireland                      23   FFG     Tide of Iron (ship=10U)          80   MFG    Australian Rails                          38
ATO   Camp Study #1 Wintergewitter             45      CST   Arriba Espana                        23   FFG     Tide of Iron: Days of Fox Exp    50   MFG   Bang the Bullet (ship=2U)                  40
CAF   Byzantium                                60      CST   Autumn Mist                          23   FFG     Wings of War: Aces               30   MFG   Bang! (card)                               10
CAF   Tempus                                   55      CST   Barnard’s Star                       23   FFG     Wings of War: Burn Drachen       30   MFG   China Rails                                40
CG    Bobby Lee                                45      CST   Byzantium Reborn                     23   FFG     Wings of War: Dawn of WWII       30   MFG   Dodge City (Bang exp)                      11
CG    EuroFront                                35      CST   CSA America’s Civil War              25   FFG     Wings of War: Dog Fight pack     12   MFG   Elk Fest                                   20
CG    MasterFront (zip)                        25      CST   Freikorps                            23   FFG     Wings of War: Immelman pack      12   MFG   Eurorails                                  35
CG    MedFront                                 40      CST   Konarmiya                            23   FFG     Wings of War: Watch Back         30   MFG   Express                                    13
CG    Mid-East Peace                           20      CST   Marcher Lords                        23   GMT     1914: Twilight in East (4U)     107   MFG   Family Business (2nd ed/card)              15
CG    Sam Grant                                49      CST   Op Whirlwind                         23   GMT     Alesia (GBoH v11)                69   MFG   Freight Train                              20
CG    Victory                                  39      CST   Smokejumpers                         23   GMT     Asia Engulfed                    69   MFG   India Rails                                35
CG    Victory blocks (gray)                    12      CST   The Final Frontier                   23   GMT     Barbarian Mod (SPQR)             25   MFG   Iron Dragon                                30
CG    Victory blocks (green)                   12      cst   War Plan crimson                     23   GMT     Barbarossa to Berlin             55   MFG   Leonardo Davinci                           45
CG    Victory blocks (red)                     12      DG    The Alamo (SPI)                      15   GMT     Battle Line (card)               20   MFG   Luca Citta (card)                          10
CG    Victory Desert maps (5 & 6)              10      DG    Antietam Campaign                    35   GMT     Blackbeard                       55   MFG   Lunar Rails                                38
CG    Victory Elite blocks (gray)              12      DG    Battle Cry of Freedom (card)         40   GMT     Burning Blue                     69   MFG   Mega Star (card)                           10
CG    Victory Elite blocks (orange)            12      DG    Battles Ancient World, All Vol       70   GMT     C3I DIF Squadron Pack (zip)      20   MFG   Oriente (card)                             10
CG    Victory Forest maps (15 & 16)            10      DG    Battles/Ardennes(SPI)                38   GMT     Caesar Conquest Gaul             65   MFG   Pillars of the Earth                       49
CG    Victory Island maps (7 & 8)              10      DG    Battle for Germany (SPI)             15   GMT     Carthage (Anc World v2)          65   MFG   Pillars of the Earth Expan                 29
CG    Victory Ocean maps (9 & 10)              10      DG    Blue & Gray (SPI)                    35   GMT     Clash of Giants II               55   MFG   Russian Rails                              38
CG    WestFront                                50      DG    China The Middle Kingdom             60   GMT     Clash of Monarchs                65   MFG   Settlers of Canaan                         30
CG    Wizard Kings                             40      DG    Drive on Stalingrad (SPI)            48   GMT     Com & Col: Exp 1                 55   MFG   Settlers of Catan                          42
CG    WWII Logistics Set (mrkrs)               10      DG    Emperor’s First Battles              35   GMT     Com & Col: Exp 2 Rome            55   MFG   Silverton (2nd ed)                         45
COA   1807: Eagles East                        60      DG    Empires at War                       35   GMT     Com & Col: Exp 3 Rome Civil      30   MFG   SoC Dice Game                              12
COA   6 Days of Glory                          36      DG    Flying Circus (Basic-card)           23   GMT     Combat Commander: Europe         79   MFG   SOC Treasure Chest                        380
COA   Achtung Spitfire                         40      DG    Flying Circus (Expansion-card)       40   GMT     Combat Commander: Med.           79   MFG   SoC/ 5&6 expan                             20

                                                         Desert Fox
COA   Army of Heartland                        60      DG    Flying Circus Deluxe (both-card)     55   GMT     Combat Commander: Para.          20   MFG   SoC/Candamir 1st Settlers                  49
COA   Autumn of Glory                          28      DG    Highway to the Reich (4U)           160   GMT     Command & Colors: Ancient        65   MFG   SoC/Card Game                              20
COA   Baltic Arena                             35      DG    Land Without End                     50   GMT     Conquest of Paradise             46   MFG   SoC/Card Game Exp                          20
COA   Baron's War                              40      DG    Leningrad (SPI)                      14   GMT     Deluxe Alexander                 65   MFG   SoC/Cities & Knights 5&6                   20
COA   Battle of Monmouth                       64      DG    Lords of the Sierra Madre            35   GMT     Devils Horsemen                  45   MFG   SoC/Cities & Knights expan                 38
COA   Brandywine & Germantown                  80      DG    Luftwaffe                            50   GMT     Downtown                         35   MFG   SoC/Elasund 1st City                       49
COA   Campaigns of King David                  50      DG    Nap’s 1st/Emp 1st Battles            40   GMT     Empire of Sun                   P75   MFG   SoC/Event cards                             5
COA   Clash of Armor Rules (WWII)              19      DG    Nine Navies War                      50   GMT     FAB: The Bulge                   55   MFG   SoC/Fisherman of Catan Exp                  4
COA   Close Action                             48      DG    NUTS (card)                          40   GMT     Glory III                        50   MFG   SoC/Great River Exp                         3

COA   Comrades Guide (ToC)                     35      DG    Rebels & Redcoats I                  35   GMT     Grand Illusion                  P35   MFG   SoC/replacement cards                       9
COA   Dawn of Rising Sun                       80      DG    Rebels & Redcoats, All Vol.          80   GMT     Great War in Europe Dlx          89   MFG   SoC/Seafarers                              35
COA   Devil to Pay (zip)                       18      DG    Seven Days Battles                   28   GMT     Gringo                           35   MFG   SoC/Seafarers 5&6 expan                    20
COA   Epic of the Pelopen War                  80      DG    Storm of Steel (ship=4U)            140   GMT     Guilford Courthouse              40   MFG   SoC/Stone Age                              49
COA   Fear God/Dreadnaught                     95      DG    The Sun Never Sets                   40   GMT     Here I Stand                     79   MFG   SoC/Struggle for Rome                      49
COA   Fear God/Dreadnaught Bk                  10      DG    Sun Never Sets w/FFL                 60   GMT     Ivanhoe                          25   MFG   SoC/Traders & Barbarians                   42
COA   Flight of the Eagle                      40      DG    War in the Pacific (10U)            420   GMT     Kutuzov                          65   MFG   SoC/Travel Edition                         25
COA   Flint & Steel (AWI rules)                32      DG    War in the Pacific Exten Kit         40   GMT     Manifest Destiny                 55   MFG   Starfarers Catan/Eng                       60
COA   Golan to Sinai (Clash Armor exp)         20      DOW   BattleLore (ship=4U)                 70   GMT     Manoeuvre                        45   MFG   Starfarers Catan-5&6                       30
COA   Harpoon 4                                66      DOW   BattleLore Call to Arms              20   GMT     Men of Iron                      65
                                                                                                                                                     BOLD Indicates a recent price reduction.
COA   Infernal Machines (Landships)            30      DOW   BattleLore Dwarven Bat               20   GMT     Monmouth                         50
                                                                                                                                                     MKD Indicates the item has been Marked on with
COA   Jena                                     48      DOW   BattleLore Epic Expan                15   GMT     Napleonic Wars (2nd ed)          60
                                                                                                                                                            highlighter or errata added.
COA   Joan of Arc                              40      DOW   BattleLore Goblin Marauder           16   GMT     Pacific Typhoon (card)           40
                                                                                                                                                     P      Indicates there is a punched copy available for 40%
COA   La Bat. de Corunna                       44      DOW   BattleLore Goblin Skirmisher         20   GMT     Paths of Glory Player Gude       25
                                                                                                                                                            OFF of the regular price.
COA   La Bat. Lutzen                           80      DOW   Memoir 44                            50   GMT     Prussia’s Glory II               59
                                                                                                                                                     STMPD Indicates the item has been Stamped by SPI Art Dept
COA   La Bat. Mont St. Jean (expan)           $40      DOW   Memoir 44 Air Pack Exp               40   GMT     Red Badge of Courage             55
                                                                                                                                                            on all components.
COA   La Bat. Quatre Bras (1st ed)             60      DOW   Memoir 44 Camp Bag                   45   GMT     Roads to Leningrad               35
COA   Landships                                46      DOW   Memoir 44 East Front Exp             30   GMT     Salamis (War Galley/zip)        P20
                                                                                                                                                     Z      Indicates there is a ziplock copy available for 10%
COA   Lee Takes Command                        30      DOW   Memoir 44 Pacific Theater            30   GMT     Saratoga (2nd ed)                40
                                                                                                                                                            off the regular price.
COA   Leuthen                                  60
                                             Desert Fox Games • PO Box 21598 • Bakersfield CA 93390 • 661/587-9633 • Fax- 661/587-5031 • www.decisiongames.com
                                                                                                Dispatch #17
 In Print Games                                          In Print Games                              In Print Games                             Collectible Magazines
MFG Starship Catan (2 player)                    $30    RGG   Carc exp./Catapult             $18    RGG   Masons                          $40
                                                                                                                                                StrAtegy & tActicS
MFG Station Master                                20    RGG   Carc exp./Count                  6    RGG   Medici vs Strozzi                25
                                                                                                                                                 145   Trajan                                $80
MFG Streetcar                                     30    RGG   Carc exp./Cult & Siege           6    RGG   Merchant of Amsterdam            40
                                                                                                                                                 146   Italian Camp: Sicily                   25
MMP A Fearful Slaughter                           95    RGG   Carc exp./Inns & Cathedral      15    RGG   Message to Czar                  25
                                                                                                                                                 147   Holy War: Afghanistan                  35
MMP Burma                                         44    RGG   Carc exp./King & Scout           6    RGG   Metro                            30    149   Franco-Prussian War                    75
MMP Devil’s Cauldron                             190    RGG   Carc exp./Princess & Dragon     15    RGG   Mu & Lots More                   30    150   Italian Camp: Salerno                  50
MMP Guadalajara                                   32    RGG   Carc exp./River II               6    RGG   Mu & More (card)                 12    151   Vittoria/Friedland                     20
MMPG A Frozen Hell                                59    RGG   Carc exp./Trader & Builder      18    RGG   Nefertiti                        50    154   Russo-Turkish War                      75
MMPG April's Harvest                              60    RGG   Carc exp/ Tower                 18    RGG   Niagara                          50    156   White Eagle Eastward                   35
MMPG August Fury (diff box)                       60    RGG   Carc Hunters & Gatherers        30    RGG   Niagara/Spirit of Exp            25    159   Zeppelin                               30
MMPG Black Wednesday                              60    RGG   Carcassone                      30    RGG   Notre Dame                       45    160   Italian Camp: MedWar                   16
MMPG Champion Hill                                60    RGG   Carcassone Castle               30    RGG   Odin's Ravens                    25    162   Clontarf/Saipan                        25
MMPG Force Eagles’ War                            75    RGG   Carcassone City                 50    RGG   Oregon                           40    166   Savage Station                         40
MMPG Gaines Mill                                  60    RGG   Carcassone Travel Ed            30    RGG   Palazzo                          40    168   Operation Shock Troop                  30
MMPG GD 40                                        45    rgg   cartegna ii                     28    RGG   Phoenicia                        50    171   On to Moscow                           60
MMPG Hunters from Sky                             43    RGG   Cash a Catch                    35    RGG   Pickomino                        25    172   Molotov’s War                         100
MMPG In Their Quiet Fields (2nd ed)               60    RGG   Caylus                          55    RGG   Ponte del Diavolo                25    175   Germania                               65
PHA A House Divided                               45    RGG   Caylus Magna Carta              30    RGG   Power Grid                       45    176   Blood on the Tigris                    80
PHA Age of Discovery                              30    RGG   Celtica                         40    RGG   Power Grid Deck Exp              12    178   First Blood: Guadalcanal              100
PHA Alexander the Great                           45    RGG   Change Horses                   45    RGG   Power Grid Exp (Ben/C Eur)       15    179   First Afghan War                       20
PHA Anasazi                                       30    RGG   Chicken Cha Cha Cha             30    RGG   Power Grid Exp (China/Korea)     15    180   Reinforce the Right!                   25
PHA Before the Wind                               30    RGG   Circus Flohcati (card)          12    RGG   Power Grid Exp (Italy/France)    15    181   The Fall of Rome                      100
PHA Bison                                         30    RGG   Coloretto (card)                15    RGG   Power Grid Replace Deck           5    182   Balkans Campaign of 1941              100
PHA Chicago Poker                                 30    RGG   Crocodile Pool Party            25    RGG   Princes of Florence              40    193   The Crimean War                        40
PHA Emira                                         45    RGG   Cuba                            60    RGG   Princes of Machu Picchu          55    194   Forgotten Axis: Murmansk               40
PHA First World War                               45    RGG   Darjeeling                      50    RGG   Puerto Rico                      45    209   Indochina War                          60
PHA Go West                                       45    RGG   Dawn Under                      35    RGG   Race for the Galaxy              35    212   Rough & Ready: Mex-Am. War             20
PHA Heart of Africa                               35    RGG   Dominion                        45    RGG   Race the Wind                    60    214   Marathon & Granicus                    30
PHA Hector & Achilles (box dmg)                   20    RGG   Dracula                         25    RGG   Rat Hot                          30    216   Asia Crossroads: Great Game            22
PHA Hey That's My Fish!                           25    RGG   Dvonn                           30    RGG   RFTG: Gathering Storm Exp        25    217   The Lost Battlion                      25
PHA Italia                                        60    RGG   Eketorp                         60    RGG   Richochet Robots                 25    218   Chancellorsville/Plevna                22
PHA Justinian                                     45    RGG   El Grande 10 year ed            45    RGG   Robber Knights                   30    219   Span. Civil War Bat, vol 2             22
PHA Mesopotamia +card                             45    RGG   Euphrate & Tigris (card)        25    RGG   Roma                             30    220   Grp Sov Forces (GSOFG)                 22
PHA Naval Battles                                 25    RGG   Fast Flowing Forest Fellers     40    RGG   Royal Palace                     40    221   7 Years World War                      22
PHA Nero                                          45    RGG   Felix the Cat in Sack           15    RGG   Rum & Pirates                    40    222   The Ottomans                           35
PHA Revolution: Dutch Revolt                      85    RGG   Fiji                            30    RGG   San Juan                         30    223   1918                                   30
PHA Waterloo                                      45    RGG   Fjords                          20    RGG   Shadow of Emperor                28    224   Sedan Campaign                         45
RGG 5th Avenue                                    38    RGG   Fruitirelli                     45    RGG   Sole Mio (card)                  12    225   Twilight's Last Gleaming 2             50
RGG Airships                                      40    RGG   Funny Friends                   35                                                 226   Middle East Battles                    35
                                                                                                    RGG   Space Beans (card)              $15
RGG Alexandros                                    33                                                                                             227   CBI: Vinegar Joe's War                 50
                                                        RGG   Galaxy Trucker                  75    RGG   Space Dealer                     60
                                                                                                                                                 228   Old Contemptibles                      22
RGG Alhambra                                      40    RGG   Gloria Mundi                    45    RGG   St. Petersburg                   35
                                                                                                                                                 230   Downfall: Op Olympic                   23
RGG Alhambra City Gates (#2)                      30    RGG   Gnummies (card)                 12    RGG   St. Petersburg Expan             25
                                                                                                                                                 231   French & Indian War                    35
RGG Alhambra Dice Game                            40    RGG   Gone Fishing?                   25    RGG   Stone Age                        45
                                                                                                                                                 232   Catherine the Great (Solitaire)        23
RGG Alhambra Gardens                              40    RGG   Gracias                         20    RGG   Strozzi                          35
                                                                                                                                                 233   Dagger Thrusts: Patton/Mont            23
RGG Alhambra Theif's Turn (#3)                    30    RGG   Guatamala Cafe                  50    RGG   Surf’s Up                        45
                                                                                                                                                 234   Lest Darkness Fall                     23
RGG Alhambra Treasure Chamb (#4)                  30    RGG   Hacienda                        40    RGG   Sylla                            45
                                                                                                                                                 235   Cold War Battles: Angola & Budapest    23
RGG Alhambra Vizor's Favor (#1)                  $30    RGG   Hamburgum                       60    RGG   Tally Ho                         25
                                                                                                                                                 236   They Died w/Boots On!:
RGG Amyitis                                       45    RGG   Hamster Roll                    65    RGG   The Reef                         25
                                                                                                                                                       Vol I-Custer & Quebec                  23
RGG Aqua Romano                                   60    RGG   Hanging Gardens                 35    RGG   Thebes                           60
                                                                                                                                                 237   No Prisoners! Camp Law.                23
RGG Aquaretto                                     50    rgg   Hare & tortise                  28    RGG   Theif of Bagdad                  40    238   Marlborough: Spanish War               24
RGG Architekton                                   25    RGG   Hellas                          25    RGG   Thurn & Taxis                    33    239   Winged Horse: Vietnam 65               23
RGG Ark                                           18    RGG   Hera & Zeus                    $25    RGG   Thurn & Taxis Power & Glory      30    240   1066: End of Dark Ages                 23
RGG Ark Expan                                      5    RGG   Hermagor                        40    RGG   Thurn & Taxis Roads to Rome      30    241   Twilight of Ottomans                   24
RGG Babel                                         25    RGG   High Bohn Plus (card)           15    RGG   Times Square                     23    242   They Died w/Boots On!:
RGG Balloon Cup                                   25    RGG   If Wishes Were Fishes           35    RGG   Tombouctou                       60          Vol 2-Pershing & Mad Anthony           24
RGG Barnyard Critters (card)                      12    RGG   Imperial                        60    RGG   Toppo                            15    243   SEALORDS                               24
RGG Batavia                                       60    RGG   In the Year of the Dragon       45    RGG   Torres                           45    244   Drive on Moscow                        40
RGG Bean Trader                                   40    RGG   Inka                            30    RGG   Tower of Babel                   35    245   Triple Alliance War                    24
RGG Big Manitou                                   25    RGG   Jambo                           25    RGG   Trick R. Treat (card)            12    246   Manila 45                              24
RGG Bohnanza                                      20    RGG   Jambo expan                     12    RGG   Tzaar                            33    248   First Blood, Second Marne              24
RGG Bohnanza Fan Ed                               15    RGG   Kahuna                          25    RGG   Underground                      40    249   Nap Forgot Btls: EC & RSW              24
RGG Bohnaparte (Bohn exp/card)                    15    RGG   Key Harvest                     50    RGG   Ur                               40    250   Red Dragon Rising                      35
RGG Cape Horn                                     30    RGG   Khronos                         55    RGG   Utopia                           60    251   COBRA                                  60
RGG Capt'n Clever                                 25    RGG   Landlord (card)                 12    RGG   Vikings                          35    252   New Mexico Campaign                    25
RGG Carc exp./Abbey & Mayor                       18    RGG   Leader 1                        60    RGG   Where's Bob Hat? (card)          12    253   Drive on Kursk                         40
                                                        RGG   Lost Cities                     25    RGG   Women & Men                      25    254   Hannibal's War                         25
 BOLD Indicates a recent price reduction                RGG   Louis XIV                       30    RGG   Yeti Slalom                      23    255   First Battle Britain                   25
 P    Indicates there is a punched copy available for   RGG   Lucky Loop                      35    RGG   Yspahan                          50
      40% OFF of the regular price.
                                                                                                                                                WAW mAgAzine W/o gAmeS
                                                        RGG   Mall World                      33    RGG   Zooloretto                       45      1, 3, 4, 5                           $5
 Z    Indicates there is a ziplock copy available for   RGG   Mama Mia (card)                 12    RGG   Zooloretto Expan                 10
      10% off the regular price.                        RGG   Manhattan                       40    RGG   Zooloretto XXL                   35
 MKD Indicates the item has been Marked on with
                                                                                                                                                 Complete listing on-line at www.decisiongames.com
                                                        RGG   Manila                          45    SFG   Kung Fu Fighting                 20
      highlighter or errata added.                      RGG   Marco Polo                      28    SFG   Red Dragon Inn                   35
                                              Desert Fox Games • PO Box 21598 • Bakersfield CA 93390 • 661/587-9633 • Fax- 661/587-5031 • www.decisiongames.com
                                                                                            Dispatch #17
                                                                                    If your order is this          Double Discount &
 SHIPPING CHARGES (Rates are subject to change without notice.)                       amount or more:              Bargain Basement                    Supplies
  1st unit   Adt’l units                     Type of Service                                  $100                            $20
   $12           $2        UPS Ground (USPS Priority Mail add $5)                             $200                            $60                                               Wood Dice Tray
    24           4         Canada                                                                                                                                              This octagon-shaped dice tray is
                                                                                              $300                           $100
                                                                                                                                                                               made of light-colored wood and
    34           8         Europe, South America
                                                                                              $400                           $140                                              has a green felt base. It keeps dice
    38           9         Asia, Australia                                                                                                                                     from rolling all over the place and
                                                                                              $500                           $200                                              protects your table from dings and
     6            -        Magazine USPS Priority Mail (1-2 copies)
                                                                                   Note: Double discount may not be combined with regular                                      scratches from rolling dice. It is
    12            -        Magazine Canada Priority Int'l Mail (1-2 copies)        items or subscriber discount. Many items are one of a kind;                      great for dice games like Bunco and Farkle.
    14            -        Magazine World Priority Int'l Mail (1-2 copies)         please list alternates.                                                          This dice tray measures 10” across. $18.00

         barGain basement Games & maGazines                                                                                                           Portable Dice Boot
                                                                                                                                                      Plastic build it on the spot
                                                                                                                                                      dice boot. $15.00
In Print Games                                 Collectible Games                               Collectible Games
COA Castle Lords                    $20        EGD Europa 1945-2030               $30          WOLFSwords of Glory                          $15
COA Courtisans of Versailles         40        EGD Mare Nostrum                    45          XNO Cent. of Glory (min. rules zip)           10              Tweezers
COA Grand Alchemist                  20        EGD Serenissima                     30          XNO Florida                                   15
COA Joan of Arc                      40        EGL Cluzzle                         10
COA Painters Guide WWII Naval        20        EGL Lord of Rings Children's        20
                                                                                               Punched Games
                                                                                               ADI Four Kingdoms                            $45
COA Sea of Dragons (H4 exp.)         46        EGL Age Imper. Mini 1 (Bl/Red)      10
                                                                                               ADV Johnny Reb                                40
                                                                                                                                                       Surgical steel 6 inch pliers in straight.           $5.00
COA Snail Pace                       20        EGL Horses Set 1                    10
                                                                                               ARIEL Kingmaker                               45
COA Space Pigs                       50        ESL Flight Captain                  15                                                                                 Counter Ziplock Bags
                                                                                               BTL Wooden Ships (74)                         50
COA The Apprentice                   15        FASA Taipan                         25
                                                                                               CADACO All Star Baseball                      25         3 x 5 inch ziplock counter bags. Holds up to 100
COA Thieves of Bagdad                48        FBI Berserker                       45
COA Vox Populi                       48        FMG Rainforest (Insecta exp/zip)    10
                                                                                               CADACO Fighter Bomber                         25                         counters per bag.
                                                                                               CADACO King Tuts Game                         40                 only $5 for a roll of 100 bags.
FFG LoTR: Confrontation Dlx          40        FMG Trilobyte (Insecta exp/zip)     10
                                                                                               C-IN-C Stalk-1                                15
FFG LoTR: Trivia Game                20        FPL Iron & Fire                     30
                                                                                               COM Trial of Century                          15
FFG The Hobbit                       43        GAL ATC Moonshot                    40
                                                                                               D&G Volley & Thunder                          25                    Magazine Ziplock Bags
MFG Domaine                          39        GIBSON Great Western Rails          42
MFG Dos Rios: Valley 2 Rivers        39        GP   WWII Expan (zip)               10
                                                                                               DNC Lam Son (zip)                             20                      10 x 12 inch ziplock bags.
                                                                                               EPB Jump in Unknown                           25                 only $10 for a roll of 50 bags.
MFG More Cosmic Encounter            35        GP   WWII Expan 2 (zip)             10
                                                                                               HG Campaign                                   25
MFG Pyramids                         15        OSS Jaunty Jalopies                 25
                                                                                               KMS Buy or Sell                               10
MFG Quo Vadis-Roman Senate           20        OSS Mill. Wars- Iraq                10
                                                                                               LIT Danger Island                             15
MFG Starfarers Catan/Germ            40        OSS Mill. Wars- Kashmir             10
                                                                                               MB Battleship (1971)                          25
OOB Qwitch                           10        PACE Chill (dmg box)                15
                                                                                               MB Illya Kuryakin (card, 1966)                25
PHA Bausack (wood blocks)            55        RAV Marco Polo                      15
                                                                                               MB Game of the States                         25
PHA Maharaja                         35        RAV Shark                           20
                                                                                               MB Go to Head of Class                        25
UBR Hoity Toity                      15        SLS Bells of War                    30
                                                                                               MB Pathfinder                                 45
UBR New England                      35        SMGC Amer. Megafauna (box)          20
                                                                                               MEN Pirateer                                  22
ADG Africa Aflame (zip)              20        SPRHD Bodyguard Overlord            30
                                                                                               METGM Fire When Ready (zip, MKD)              20
ADG Asia Aflame (zip)                20        STGM Cry Havoc & Bk                 65
                                                                                               METGM Olympica (zip, MKD)                     20                            Counter Trays
ADG Days of Decision II (zip)        20        STGM Siege (box dmg)                25
                                                                                               METGM Rivets (zip, MKD)                       20       The tray is 8” x 11” and will fit inside an Avalon Hill-sized
ADG Fatal Alliances (zip)            10        STGM Starship Captain               30
                                                                                               METGM Stellar Conquest (zip)                  15       box. It is 3/4” deep, stacks well and holds about 1,000 coun-
ADG Planes in Flames (zip)           20        TF   Cerebus (zip)                  20
                                                                                               NAID Trade Wars                               25       ters. The 16 compartments measure 2.25” x 1.5” x 0.5” with
ADG Rubout                           15        TF   Columbus (zip)                 15
                                                                                               NED Preventor (kid game)                      10
ADG Ships in Flames (zip)            25        TF   Viceroys                       30                                                                 a hinged lid; tray lays flat when open. $3.00 each
                                                                                               NESS Wagon Wheels Oregon                      20
ADG World Cup Football               25        3M Acquire                          40
                                                                                               NGS Global Pursuit                            15
ADG World in Flames Dlx (85/dmg/zip) 70        3M Breakthru                        20
                                                                                               PB    Castle Risk                             20
ADV Brigadier                        20        3M Executive Decision               30
AFTCH Fighting Gen Patton           150        3M Foil                             30          Collectible Magazines
AH 5 Fleet
                                     25        3M High-Bid                         35                                                                                        Box Bands
AH Battle for Italy                  35        3M Jumpin                           40
                                                                                               BAttle FlAg
                                                                                                3, 4, 10, 26                                 $10        4-way rubber bands. Extra thick for your game boxes.
AH Colonial Diplomacy                40        3M Mr President                     30
                                                                                               BAttlePlAn                                               Sizes: Small (red, 4"/8 pack); Large (blue, 10"/6 pack);
AH Dilemmas                          20        3M Oh Wah Ree                       25
AH Football Strat                    10                                                         2-5, 7, 8                                    $10                Regular (green, 8"/6 pack). $5.00 each
                                               3M Pro Football                     30
AH Operation Crusader                15        3M Quinto                           30          comPetitive edge
APL AirLines (card game)             10        3M Thinking Man's Football          20           1-4, 6, 8-9, 10-13                               $5                    Blank Mapsheets
APL AirLines 2 (card game)           10        3M Thinking Man's Golf              20                                                                                     & Counters
APL Digging (card)                   10        UBR Sunken City                     20
                                                                                                Drive on Frankfurt #1                        $15      The maps (22 x34) are large (19mm) hex in long (length of
ARIEL Seastrike                      50        VG James Bond/007 Goldfinger        10           Lee Invades North #2                          15
BOHN Operation Husky                 10        VPG Vanished Planet                 35
                                                                                                                                                      paper) or short grain (width of paper) or small hex (16mm)
                                                                                                48th Panzer Corps #3 (punched)                10
BTL Airforce                         40        WAD Rat Race                        35           Korea 95 #4 (punched)                         10                               long only.
BTL Alpha Omega                      40        WHY Tenjo                           20           Korea 95 (no mag)                             10                  (Please specify the style you want.)
COA Africa 1880                      56        WIN Adv. Tracks/Telluride exp.      10          euroPA                                                          Additional shipping charge for mailing in tubes.
COMP Chilling Chambers                5        WIN MINE!                           10          7, 17, 19, 30, 35-42, 49, 50, 74, 77-80       $10                      $6 each or 4 maps for $20
DIPCO Chart Wars                     15        WIN Tracks to Telluride             30          gAme neWS                                                Counters are 1/2 inch and 280 per sheet on white only.
DRAG Food Fight (zip)                10        WIN TRANSSIB-Russ Mafia             20           2-6, 8, 11                                       $5                  $5 each or 5 sheets for $20
                                                   Complete listing on-line at www.decisiongames.com
                                                                                        Dispatch #17
The “Place Your Order” Game                                                   Circle term and write total in Total column.
1.0 Writing your order.
                                                                               S&T Game Ed.                      1 year              2 years              3 years                 TOTAL
1.1 Enter each item on a single line using the provided order
form or a separate sheet of paper (photocopies acceptable).                    USA                              $109.97              $219.94              $329.91
Ordering multiple copies of games or subscriptions is denoted                  Canada                           $129.97              $259.94              $389.91
by marking the number in the quantity column and multiplying
the quantity by the single unit price and entering that into the               Overseas                         $139.97              $279.94              $419.91
price column. Make sure to enter all subscriptions on the lines                WaW Game Ed.
provided and game purchases on the remaining lines.
1.2 Total the subscription and game portions of your order
                                                                               USA                              $109.97              $219.94              $329.91
separately, entering them in the boxes noted.                                  Canada                           $129.97              $259.94              $389.91
1.3 California residents compute their local and state sales                   Overseas                         $139.97              $279.94              $419.91
tax (or 7.25%) and enter that amount in the box marked “CA
Sales Tax.” Note that there is no tax on subscriptions, only                   Both Game Ed.
on the product that is purchased.                                              USA                              $199.97              $399.94              $599.91
1.4 Compute the Shipping & Handling amount from the                                                                                                                                                subcripTion
shipping chart and enter the total in the box marked “Ship-                    Canada                           $239.97              $479.94              $719.91                                  ToTal
ping.” Indicate the delivery method by CIRCLING IT, or-                        Overseas                         $259.97              $519.94              $779.91
ders shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise specified (please
provide a street address for this service). If the game portion                QTY                                                                                 PRICE               TOTAL
is more than $100, please add $2.00 for insurance. Note:                               DG Highway to the Reich                                                              $160.00
Subscription rates include shipping.
                                                                                       DG China: The Middle Kingdom                                                         $60.00
1.5 Total your amount and enter this figure on the final line.
                                                                                       DG War in the Pacific Extension Kit                                                  $40.00
Make your check or money order (drawn on a US bank in
US funds; please no Canadian checks) payable to Decision                               DG Lightning: Poland, 1939                                                           $23.00
Games. If paying by Visa or MasterCard, please be sure to                              DG Lightning Series: 5 games (WOT, DDAY, MID, NA & POL)                              $79.00
sign the form and include the full credit card number and
                                                                                       DG Flying Circus Basic                                                               $23.00
expiration neatly printed.
                                                                                       DG Flying Circus Deluxe Expansion                                                    $40.00
2.0 No other offers, coupons, cards or discounts apply.
                                                                                       DG Flying Circus Deluxe Complete set                                                 $55.00             Games ToTal
3.0 Please include your phone number or e-mail address
so we may contact you if there are any questions regarding                             DG War in Europe, Windows Edition                                                    $60.00
your order.
                                                                                 Double Discount & Bargain Basement Games                                         PRICE               TOTAL
4.0 Pre-Publication offers. Orders charged or checks depos-
ited at time of shipping. We prefer two checks one for preor-
ders and one for currently available or subscription orders;
combined checks will be deposited at the time of receipt.

               Please print legibly and be sure to include all information.
                              Offer expires May 22, 2009.
                                                                                                         Desert Fox Games

                                        PO Box 21598
                                Bakersfield CA 93390
                                   fax 661/587-5031

 NAME                                                                                                                           Double DiscounT/barGain basemenT ToTal
                                                                                                                                             DiscounT (from pG 3 or 19)
                                                                                                                                                DesserT fox/Game ToTal

 CITY, STATE                                            ZIP                                                                                       DiscounT (from pG 15)

 COUNTRY                                                                                                                                                       sub ToTal

 PHONE                                                  EMAIL                                                                                   Tax (ca. res. see 1.3)
                                                                                                                             (ups or usps) shippinG from charT on paGe 19
 VISA/MC (ONLY)#                                                                                                                                       subscripTion ToTal
 SIGNATURE                                              ExP.                                                            TOTAL ORDER

                                                                                        Dispatch #17

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