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YEAR OF THE BLOOD DONOR 2009 Robina Blood Donor Centre Now Open

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					PRINCIPAL’S PATCH                                                         P&C NEWS
Dear Parents / Caregivers,                                                Tuckshop Roster

The middle of term 4 is already here with lots of hard work being         4/10/09- Tammy & Jodie
done in each classroom to reach the goals and levels of achievement       5/11/09 – Kelly & Veronica
strived for. Thank you parents for all that you do on a daily basis to    6/11/09 – Coretta & John
help students be better readers, spellers, number fact whizz kids and
to have their home work and projects done on time.                        Uniform Shop
                                                                          Is open Monday & Tuesdays ONLY between
Triennial School Review and Strategic Operation Plan: The                 8:30am – 9:15am.
Executive Director of Schools, Mr Peter Krugle visited last Friday to
be briefed on the review and forward planning for the next 3 years        Tuckshop Menu
that has been undergoing over the year. I thank Mrs Tammy Grice           A reminder that there is NO hamburgers / chicken burgers
(P&C President), Mrs Jenni Gates, Miss Therese Cronin & Mrs Jane          available for the rest of this term.
Moana (staff reps) for the summation reports they presented and for
all staff, parents and students who gave their feedback and ideas for     P&C Meeting
school enhancement and improvement. I look forward to working             Next Tuesday@ 1:30pm sharp at the Old Pre –School building.
with the school community to realise our vision for making                Everyone is welcome bring your kids.
Coolangatta SS the best place we can for our students. Mr Krugle
congratulated the school on its achievements and its future plans.

Writers Camp: Harvey A & Mahalia C, both year 6 students, were                  YEAR OF THE BLOOD DONOR 2009
successful applicants, in the annual Meanjin Writers camp for                   Robina Blood Donor Centre Now Open
students years 6 -8, held in Brisbane from this Thursday to Sunday,
with Harvey winning one of ten scholarships. They will be working         The Robina Donor Centre is Queensland’s newest donor centre, open
and workshopping with authors to further develop the craft of             six days a week offering donors convenient Saturday appointments as
writing. It will be a great experience. We wish them well.                well as late evening sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays. It also
                                                                          offers the convenience of being located just across the road from
Support – A – Reader Parent / Volunteer Training: We are very             Robina Town Centre situated at Robina Super Centre (next to Pet
excited that our Preps are into reading their own books. This is such a   Crazy).
big step in the life of a child. A workshop is being offered to assist
parents / carers in supporting the emerging reader.                       This new state of the art facility is desperate for donors to come
This Friday, 9:00 -11:00.                                                 forward as currently they are struggling to meet the needs of the
Please come to the school office to sign in and for room direction.       community. Robina Donor Centre is collecting no where near its
The workshop is also for any parent / grandparent who wishes to be        commitments. Sadly, the fact is, we have many more vacant
informed of the strategies that help a child work out unknown words       appointment times than we do have taken. If you are healthy and
and to make meaning from the text.                                        aged 16-70 you may be eligible to donate blood.
Those seeking to be volunteers in the classroom or who are interested     Opening Hours
in future teacher aide employment, are also invited to attend, as                  Monday 9:00am – 4:30pm
participation in SAR can be added to a resume.                                     Tuesday 12pm – 7:30pm
                                                                                   Wednesday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Free After School Tuition: The Smith family have sourced and                       Thursday 12pm – 7:30pm
funded teachers in training to provide afternoon tutoring, Tuesdays &              Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Thursdays 3:00 – 4:15 from 24 November to end of term, for a total                 Saturday 8:00am – 2:30pm
of 10 children only. Afternoon tea will be provided. For further
information and form, please ring the office.                             In Year of the Blood Donor do something special and become one.
                                                                          Please call 5656 9300 to make an appointment or visit
School Disco: This Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30pm P – Year 7 students  
are invited to attend. Tickets are $4 and need to be pre - bought from
the school. Entry is by their ticket and restricted to Coolangatta SS
students only.
Students must be brought to and picked up from the entrance by an
adult and must remain within the roped off area at all times. If prior
arrangements are made to go home with another family, the school
                                                                            P & C NEEDS YOUR HELP –
needs to be advised in writing. All food and drink must be consumed
at the tuckshop and table end. We look forward to a great night of          This SUNDAY 7:00AM – 4:00PM
dancing and responsible behaviour.
On conclusion, students must be “matched up” with an adult before           The School Grounds are being used for Community Car
being permitted to leave the area. The tuckshop will be manned by           Parking for the Kirra Surf Fest Carnival.
the P&C and supervision will be provided by staff and P&C. If you
are able to help please advise Tammy Grice or the school office.            Persons are required to man the Appel St gate and direct cars to
                                                                            orderly parking. All Funds raised go to the school P&C.
Science Fair: It is great to see Science being such a big part of our
curriculum. It is a fascinating world. We are eagerly looking forward
                                                                            If you can help, please fill in this form and return to the office
to student entries in our inaugural Science Fair. Thank you for
encouraging and supporting your child as they finalise their entries.       by Thursday or ring Tammy Grice on 04 3227 7378.

World Teachers Day: On behalf of the staff, thank you P&C and
Miss Lisa our Chaplain, for treating us with a special morning tea.         I can help with CAR PARKING FUND RAISING THIS
Cards and student words of thanks were also much appreciated.               SUNDAY:
Our reward is seeing each child growing in their learning and their         I can give one, two, more hours (pleas circle)
responsible behaviour, being the wonderful young person they are.           The time slot I can do is between __________________
Best wishes for a great week & I hope you had a lucky day!
                                                                            Name: _____________________ Contact No: ____________
Warm regards,
Sharyn Mahony
AROUND THE CLASSROOM                                                 Thank you for the shoeboxes, please continue to send them in.
Library News : BOOKFAIR
Tuesday 3 Nov - Friday 6 Nov                                         Junior Green & Blue
Students are able to browse / purchase during library lesson         We have seen some great Action Figures and have looked at
times, lunchtime and after school. Parents welcome before and        their packaging. Now we have begun to design our own
after school.                                                        Dreamtime Action Figure which is suitable for a 5 year old.
Also on sale, second hand books - fill a bag for $1.00!              There are some great designs and we can’t wait to begin
Mrs Gates Teacher / Librarian                                        moulding them this week.

Senior Green                                                         Junior Purple
Senior Green has continued to study micro-organisms. This            The preps have signed up for a 4 week trial of a reading
week we used a microscope attached to the computer that              programme called “reading eggs”. Your prep child can use it
could be viewed by everyone on the whiteboard. It is amazing         at home. We will be sending details home soon.
how this micro world looks. We studied both Bacteria and
Virus and their unique features.                                     Coolie Sport
In art we created line drawings in the same style as Vincent         Junior Swimming
Van Gogh, where we are considering line, angle, position and         All junior students are showing great determination at
shading.                                                             swimming lessons.
We also began brochures using Publisher, advertising an art          Please remember that all students will need their own goggles
show in a favourite art style. All of the art is allowing students   and children with long hair will need a swimming cap.
to make their own artistic decisions and understand their            Please label ALL clothes including shoes, socks and
favoured art styles and artists.                                     underwear and swimming equipment, especially swimmers,
                                                                     towel and goggles.
Senior Purple                                                        Dancing
This week Senior Purple watched their Sea Dragons hatch!             The “End of Year Concert” will be held on Wednesday 2nd
Many didn’t survive due to unforseen circumstances however           December. Please have your child back at school, dressed by
there are a few growing and swimming nicely. We have been            5pm for a 5.30pm start.
continuing our debating preparation and students have                Each class has discussed what outfit they will wear for their
constructed some impressive arguments based on their topics.         dance. The second hand shops have some great clothes for a
Last week’s surfing conditions were excellent for beginners          few dollars.
and most found themselves standing and some learning to ride         Junior Purple – Tropical Beach Clothes
the wave for longer periods.                                         Junior Blue – Bright clothes
                                                                     Junior Green - Nice, neat clothes
Senior Blue                                                          Junior Gold – Country & Western Clothes
Last week Senior Blue started work on our debating. Students         Middle Gold – Denim shorts, bright shirt / singlet
are in groups of three and are preparing their arguments for a       Middle Purple – Bright, sparkly top & jeans / ¾ pants
debating competition next week. We have also been working            Senior Blue – Black & white clothes
on our expositions which are persuasive texts. This week one         Senior Green – Baggy clothes
of our classmates is going to a writer’s camp- he won a              Senior Purple – Old, torn clothes, dull colours
scholarship to this event and we would like to congratulate
him.                                                                 Chaplain’s Chat
                                                                     Now that the weather is warming up it is great to get outdoors
Middle Gold                                                          – I enjoyed a picnic down by the river at Chinderah over the
Middle Gold students have completed their bags and handed            weekend. So here are a few outdoorsy activities for you to do
them in for assessment. This week they are working on writing        with the family – it’s these little things we do together that
their report about the process of designing, making and              make up the memories of a lifetime!
evaluating their bags. We are also completing our science                 • Mad Sports for Kids(Free)
reports about either pulleys or inclined planes. Last week we             Mondays till 4th Dec. 4pm
saw just how powerful pulleys were when Sophie proved to be               Len Peak Oval (opposite school)
stronger than Jake and Tye with the help of a pulley system. It           • Beach Care Community Day (Free)
was amazing!!! We will also be doing some formal testing this             Saturday 7th Nov. 9am-11am
week and next and assessing ICT projects soon.                            Tugun Esp. Park, Pacific Pde
                                                                          Meet just south of Nth Kirra Surf Club
Middle Purple                                                             • Rock Climbing (Free) 6 years +
How time flies! We are already in the middle of the last term.            Sunday 8th Nov. 9am-1pm
The children are all adding their last minute details to their            Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta
Design Task and I look forward to listening to their oral                 • Make and Fly Kite workshops (Free)
presentations next week.                                                  Sunday 6th Dec. 10am-12noon
We are collecting egg cartons for a Xmas craft activity and               Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta
require approx. 30 cartons by week 8. If you can help please              Bookings required 1300 780 447
send them into Middle Purple’s room.                                 For more ideas come into the school office and pick up the
                                                                     Gold Coast Parks Active and Healthy guide (Aug ‘09 – June
Junior Gold                                                          ‘10).
This week Junior Gold has a new format for homework. They
have been given a homework sheet for the next two weeks.             Lisa Wood
Spelling and times tables will continue to be done each week,
however, instead of a work sheet the students are expected to        “Having dreams is easy. What’s hard is the work it takes to
do a mini project. These are to be handed in at the end of the       make them come true.”
two week period. The first one is for the science fair. If you
have any questions please see us.

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