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Kennel Yelps

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									                                    Kennel Yelps
                                   A Publication of the Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc.

                                                                                                     June 2002

From the Secretary...                                                  HKC OFFICERS & BOARD

                                                           Laurie Stone, President
                 Meeting Dates                             528-7247                        stonemyst@netrax.net
                  June 12, 2002                            Priscilla Schwenk, 1st V. P.         (Match Chairman)
              Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m.                     533-7187                            pbs7187@aol.com
             General Meeting, 7:30 p.m.
                                                           Ron Scott, 2nd V. P.                 (April Show Chair)
                    No Meeting!                            795-1125                            Stfddogs@aol.com

                 August 14, 2002                           Lori Rudy, Treasurer        (Alston/Eye Clinic Chair)
              Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m.                     292-3583                     amberlyn@sun-link.com
             General Meeting, 7:30 p.m.
                                                           Barb Casey, Secretary        (April & August Trophies)
                September 11, 2002                         834-6322                             Balgair@aol.com
              Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
             General Meeting, 7:30 p.m.                    Roseann Deutsch, Board
                                                           939-4086                          Kloudburst@aol.com
                 October 9, 2002
              Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m.                     Jana Furst, Board
             General Meeting, 7:30 p.m.                    737-4308

                                                           Sally Kamm, Board           (Judge Selection & Yelps)
              Meetings are held at the                     564-2709                           Kiskala@aol.com
         Spring Garden Conference Center
               901 Spring Garden Dr.                       Susie Kline, Board
                  Middletown, PA                           273-0375                         bradmardog@cs.com

From Harrisburg take Rt. 283 towards Lancaster. Exit       Ed Martin, Board             (Education Chairman)
at Airport/Route 441. Bear right onto Rt. 441. At stop     938-1431              eddonmar_17370@yahoo.com
sign turn right onto Spring Garden Dr. Follow to site
on left.                                                   Cindy Miller, Board            (AKC Delegate & Yelps)
                                                           838-6562                           canmiller@psu.edu
From Lancaster take Rt. 283 towards Harrisburg. Exit
at Union Street. Take Union Street north (left) and
                                                           Deb Procasco, Board            (Specialty Club Liaision)
follow to Rt 441. Turn right onto Rt. 441. Go straight
                                                           787-4868 (days)                 dprocasco@state.pa.us
over the bridge as road turns into Spring Garden Dr.
Follow to site on left.
                                                           Tom Rolenaitis, Board          (December Show Chair)
                                                           528-7067                              rodel@netrax.net

                                HKC web address: www.hkc.org
                      Brags!                                    Handlers - Just How Important
Ch Timberlea’s Burning Brier, HIC, was BOB at                   Are They to a Show’s Success?
Wilmington KC and BOB at Penn Treaty KC . Brier is
owned by Nancy Monaghan, Ken Rayner and Jean                   A question as old as dog shows I’m sure, but do
Keller.                                                        handlers make or break a show? Are some breeds
                                                               really a “handler” breed? We’ve all questioned what
Susie Kline’s Bulldog, Bart, was Winner’s Dog for a 3-         influence a handler may have on a dog’s win or his
pt. major on May 12 at Lancaster.                              loss, but what about the dollars and cents of it to a
                                                               club? Are handlers really the backbone of a show’s
Laurie Stone’s Samoyed, Bayou’s Sharp Dressed Man,             entries or are they just one of many intricate pieces to
picked up 2 more points at the Lancaster KC show.              the success puzzle?

                                                               Is “making the handlers happy” the “be all, end all” of
                 Area Events                                   what a club should be doing to help boost its entry or is
                                                               the owner-handler a show’s bread and butter?
Any “outdoorsy” women out there may want to check
out Martz’ Game Farm “Women in the Outdoors” day               We’ve set out to find out just how many handlers came
on June 22nd from 8 - 4 in Dalmatia, PA. Participants          to our April show and how many breeds seem to be a
will have their choice of six classes to take throughout       “handler’s breed.” After spending hours going through
the day. Choices include: horseback riding, DOG                the April 2002 show catalog, here are the
TRAINING, game cooking, maps and trail hiking,                 numbers. While the conclusion may always be argued
archery, sporting clays. Anyone interested in more in-         about a professional handler having a better chance of
formation can contact Roxie at Martz’ at 1-800-326-            winning because of “who they are,” there is always the
8442.                                                          chance that perhaps they win in certain breeds because
                                                               they just out number everyone else in the ring. Throw
     PA FEDERATION DELEGATES’ MEETING                          a ribbon in the air and statistically it’s bound to fall on a
           THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2002                             handler.
                                                               The only way to process the information was to go
Dick Hess and Rick Byrd will discuss “What We
                                                               strictly by what was listed in the catalog. We did
Have Accomplished in The Last 8 Years in
                                                               notice that there were a few handlers listed as an agent,
This Administration on Dog Law, Etc.”
                                                               but they were actually showing their own dogs or dogs
Send reservations to Lynn Smith, 233 Lurgan Rd. New            owned by family members - no actual “client” dogs. To
Hope, PA. 18938 or call Lynn at 215 598-3226.                  remain consistent, they were counted as a handler
                                                               regardless of who actually owned the dog. We also
                                                               noticed two handlers listed as agents who did not in
                                                               fact, come to our show. We included them in the count
                                                               since they originally did make the entry even though
                                                               they decided to head to another show or stay home.

                                                               When the counting was done, of the 3,150 dogs
                                                               entered (excluding the miscellaneous class) 528 or
                                                               16.7 % of the dogs entered, were listed with an agent.
     Welcome New Members!
                                                               Of the different breeds entered in the show, 53 breeds
               John and Eileen Lower                           had less than 1% of handlers in the ring showing the
              1212 Susquehanna Street                          breed. Breeds with more than 5 dogs entered having
                Harrisburg, PA 17102                           50% or more of the dogs shown by handlers include:
                   (717) 238-5826                              Cocker Spaniels (ASCOB and Parti), Boxers, New-
            e-mail: Elower8934@aol.com
                                                               foundlands, and Toy Poodles. And, while Dobermans
                                                               are supposedly a notourious “handler” breed, only 33%
John and Eileen have Akitas.
of the Dobes were shown by handlers. Boxers proved                            Entered   Handlers   % by
to be far more interesting to handlers with over half the                                          Handler
                                                                AKITA           25         4       16
dogs in the ring shown by a handler.
                                                                ALAS MAL        105        5       >1
                                                                ANAT SHEP       9          0        0
Here’s the breakdown by breed:                                  BERN MTN        33         5       15
                                                                BOXER           64         33      52
                     Entered       Handlers      % by           BULMASTIFF      19         6       32
                                                 Handler        DOBE            69         23      33
BRITTANY             16            3             19             GIANT SCHN      12         4       33
POINTER              26            5             19             GRT PYR         17         0         0
PNT-GSP              49            11            22             GRT SWISS       10         0         0
    -GWP             4             2             50             KOMONDOR        20         5       25
RET-CHES             25            0               0            MASTIFF         49         6       12
     CURL            14            1             >1             NEWF            24         12      50
     FLAT            16            2             13             PORTUGUESE      29         11      38
     LAB             65            16            25             ROTTW           37         14      38
SET-ENG              36            3             >1             ST BERN         9          1       11
     GORD            16            2             13             SAMOYED         51         6       12
     IRISH           82            10            12             SIB HKY         48         7       15
SPAN-AmW             1             1             100            STD SCH         19         3       16
       CLUM          14            2             14
        CRK-BLACK    18            8             44             AIREDALE        19         5       26
      CRK ASCOB      16            8             50             AM STAF         26         1       >1
        CRK PARTI    15            11            73             BDLGTN          8          0        0
        ENG CKR      15            1             >1             BORDER          13         3       23
      ENG SPR        38            9             24             BULL COL        2          0        0
      FIELD          3             1             33             BULL WHITE      1          0        0
      IrWATER        9             1             >1             CAIRN           16         6       38
      SUSSEX         2             0              0             DANDIE          9          0        0
Spinoni Italiani     9             1             >1             FOX SMOOTH      6          1       17
VIZSLA               23            3             13             FOX WIRE        7          2       29
WEIM                 44            5             11             IRISH           10         3       30
WP GRIF              9             0               0            JACK RUS        8          3       38
                                                                KERRY           10         3       30
                                                                LAKELAND        2          1       50
AFGHAN               35            3             >1
                                                                MIN SCHN        20         5       25
BASENJI              17            6             35             NORFOLK         6          0        0
BASSET               27            1             >1             NORWICH         9          2       22
BGLE 13              12            1             >1             SCOTTI          17         8       47
BGLE 15              18            0              0             SEALYM          9          4       44
B & T COON           6             1             >1             SOFT COAT       33         2       >1
BLOODHND             84            3             >1             STAF BULL       12         0        0
BORZOI               26            2             >1             WELSH           8          1       13
DACH -LONG           16            6             37             WST HIGH        16         1       >1
     SMOOTH          18            4             22
       WIRE          21            4             19
FOX ENG              2             1             50             AFFENP          3          0        0
GREYND               7             0              0             BRUS GRIF       9          1       11
IR WOLF              13            1             >1             CAV KC          34         10      29
NOR ELK              4             1             25             CHIH LONG       10         0        0
OTTER                1             1             100            CHIH SMOOTH     11         1       >1
PBGV                 18            5             28             CHN CREST       31         3       10
PHAROAH              1             1             100            HAVANESE        20         3       15
RHO RIDGE            18            3             17             I GREYHND       14         6       43
SALUKI               14            0              0             JAP CHIN        12         0        0
SCOT DEER            9             0              0             MALTESE         6          0        0
WHIPPET              35            6             17             TOY MANCH       2          0        0

 Handlers (cont.)

                    Entered   Handlers        % by
                                                                    HARRISBURG KENNEL CLUB
                                              Handler                May Membership Meeting
MIN PIN                 34         4            12
PAPILLON                27         2            >1
                                                               Date: May 8, 2002
PEKE                    20         1            >1             Time Opened: 7:42 p.m.
POM                     29         4            14             Time Closed: 8:43 p.m.
POOD TOY                8          4            50
PUG                     28         4            14             The May monthly membership meeting of the
SHIH TZU                21         0             0             Harrisburg Kennel Club was brought to order by
SILKY                   9          0             0             President Laurie Stone at 7:42 p.m. with twenty-three
YORKSHIRE               23         2            >1             members and two guests in attendance.
AM ESK                 8          0              0
                                                               The Secretary’s minutes were approved as published.
BICHON                 13         3            23
BULLDOG                70         2            >1
CH SHAR-PEI            58         3            >1
CHOW                   21         5            24
                                                               The Treasurer’s report was approved pending audit.
DALMATIAN              26         0             0
FR BULL                30         4            13              April Show Committee - Ron thanked everyone for their
KEES                   10         1            10              help with the show, and also thanked the club for
LHASA                  28         0             0              having a cake and putting the ad in the catalog to
LOWCHEN                5          1            20              celebrate their Westminster win. There were some very
POOD MIN               9          1            11              positive cards received from judges concerning their
POOD STD               27         6            22              assignments at our show. There were some complaints
SCHIP                  18         2            11              on finding the class schedules. Laurie thanked the ring
SHIBA INU              18         2            11              stewards for their help and mentioned that everyone
TIB SPAN               20         1            >1              looked lovely (and handsome, Ron).
TIB TER                10         1            10

AUST CAT               18         2            11
                                                               The Match show will be held on September 21st. We
AUST SHEP              49         5            10
                                                               need volunteers for stewarding and other miscellaneous
BEARD COL              28         8            29              duties.
BEL MAL                19         1            >1
BEL SHP                13         0             0              George Alston flyers will ready at the next meeting. It
BEL TERV               15         1            >1              was changed to the weekend of January 11 & 12, 2003,
BORDER COL             11         3            27              because of a conflict with the hotel. Lori will put the
BOUVIER                26         3            12              flyer in the website so people can download it.
BRIARD                 81         6            >1
COL ROUGH              88         16           18              The Puppy Protection Act is out for now. We need a
COL SMOOTH             25         2            >1              new legislative committee chairperson. New Jersey
GSD                    49         24           49              has outlawed de-barking dogs. The reason was given
OES                    8          1            13
                                                               that drug dealers are de-barking their dogs. There’s
Powlish LL Sh          4          0              0
                                                               also something going on with the rescue dogs in
PULI                   6          1            17
                                                               Virginia. Stephanie Pier from the AKC gave us some
SHETLD                 47         15           32
WC CARD                8          1            13
                                                               legislative bulletin information to pass out to club
WC PEMB                50         10           20              members. If we have issues, we can contact her di-
                                                               rectly at (919) 816-3720 or FAX (919) 816-4275.
 When we get the time, perhaps we’ll look into if hiring
 the handler really pays.                                      We need a new Sunshine Committee chairperson. Any
                                                               volunteers will be accepted.

                                                               Priscilla has taken over the history and archives the

                                                                                              (continued on page 7)

Harrisburg Kennel Club Membership List for 2002-2003
What follows is the HKC’s membership list. Copies with larger print and formatted columns will be available at
the June meeting and eventually on the HKC website, www.hkc.org, under the Member’s Only section.

Harrisburg Kennel Club 2002 Membership List                                                        * Honorary Member

Last Name, First Name(s)      Street Ad                      City, State & Zip        Phone     Email Address              Breed(s)
Baker,Clark                   922 Cedars Road              Lewisberry, PA 17339      766-2692                              Collie
Bartlett, Nancy                5840 Milton Drive           Harrisburg, PA 17112      657-0555                              Newfoundland
Beinhaur, Ronald & Adrienne    4911 Colorado Avenue        Harrisburg, PA 17109      540-0901                              Vizsla
Bolinger, Douglas & Sherry     65 Ridgeview Drive          Etters, PA 17319          932-2396   Rmagicshihtzu@aol.com      Shih-tzu
Brown, Carol                    1300 E. Kercher Ave. #24   Myerstown, PA 17067       866-0220   CarolSBrown@msn.com
Cairns, Sheila                  327 Holly Street           Elizabethtown, PA 17022   367-7407   Sheildue@aol.com            Mini Schnauzer
Casey, Barbara                  28 Pennell’s Church Road   Duncannon, PA 17020       834-6322   balgair@aol.com              Pointer, Eng. Sprg , Afghan Hd
Cayce-Adams, Gail              13843 Mt. Olivet Road       Stewartstown, PA 17363    277-2724   g-cayce@hotmail.com         Labrador Retriever
Christofes, Tracy               124 Evergreen Street       Hummelstown, PA 17036     566-7106                              Doberman Pinscher
*Cooper, William               90R Winter Lane             Enola, PA 17025           732-7605                               Shetland Sheepdog
Cox, Wendy                     281 E. Main Street, Apt 2   Middletown, PA 17057      514-2770                              Chinese Shar Pei
Deibler, David & Joan          6418 Schoolhouse Road       Hershey, PA 17033         367-2475   mistymead@aol.com           Basset Hound
Denaro, Francis & Karen        3102 Erly Road              Elliottsburg, PA 17024    582-4361                                Std Manch. Ter, Sm Fox Ter
Deutsch, Richard & Roseann     519 Lucinda Lane            Mechanicsburg, PA 17055   790-6086   Kloudburst@aol.com          Alaskan Malamute
Dilliplane, Nancy               165 St. Andrews Way        Etters, PA 17319          938-1628
Evans, Edna                    995 Whisler Road            Etters, PA 17319          932-1509   EEvans3613@aol.com
Fisher, Sande Marie            580 N. 67th Street           Harrisburg, PA 17111     564-7250   westie4@paonline.com        West Highland White Terrier
Furst, Jana                     3019 Harvard Avenue         Camp Hill, PA 17011      737-4308                               Greater Swiss Mt. Dog
Gallagher, Earl                102 Kissel Barrick Road     Bainbridge, PA 17502      367-6481   Earl5GSibe@Juno.com         Siberian Husky
Hapke, William & Marilyn        450 Hostetter Drive         Millersville, PA 17551   872-4344   williamhapke@hotmail.com    Old Eng Sheepdog
Hartman, Gloria                424 Prowell Drive            Camp Hill, PA 17011      761-7130   Ghart9146@aol.com
Howell, Betsy                   2356 State Street           Harrisburg, PA 17103     232-0235   betsyhowell@att.net          Labrador Retriever
Kamm, Sally                    325 Swan Street              Harrisburg, PA 17111     564-2709   Kiskala@aol.com             Pointer, Siberian
Keller, Jean                   10374 Jonestown Road        Annville, PA 17003          865-1581       Champions@timberlea.com            German Shepherd
Kistler, Ned & Judith          325 Gettysburg Street        Dillsburg, PA 17019        432-3793                                           Kerry Blue Terrier
Kline,Susie                    PO Box 93                   Quentin, PA 17083           273-0375       bradmardog@cs.com                   Bulldog
Love, Sam, Gloria & Linda      714 Market Street           New Cumberland, PA 17070    774-5424                                           Irish Setter
Lower, John & Eileen           1212 Susquehanna Street      Harrisburg, PA 17102       238-5826       Eileen_Lower@primediamags.com       Akita
Martin, Ed & Donna             685 Miller Road             York Haven, PA 17370        938-1431       eddonmar_17370@yahoo.com           Shetland Sheepdog
Meyer, Joyce                    26 Basin Hill Road          Duncannon, PA 17020        834-6118       JoyceMeyer@Pacses.com              German Short & Wire
Miller & Walborn, Cindy & Russ 195 Lewis Road               Annville, PA 17003         838-6562       canmiller@psu.edu                   Brittany
* Monaghan, Nancy               843 Early’s Mill Road       Hummelstown, PA 17036      533-2685                                          Ger. Shep & Papillon
* Moyer, Mildred                15 Golfview Road            Camp Hill, PA 17011        737-5044
O’Reilly , John & Anne         1805 Miller Road             Hummelstown, PA 17036      944-2975       Adorbasset@aol.com                 Basset Hound
Patton, Scott                   3603 Rideway Road           Harrisburg, PA 17109       657-7816       SP3603@aol.com                      Pointer, Aus. Cat. Dog
Paulding, Marge                 123 Ruth Eager Court         Baltimore, MD 21208       410-580-2045   mkpgold@comcast.net                Golden Retriever
Procasco, Deb                   3209 Sunnyside Ave.         Harrisburg, PA 17109       787-5680       dprocasco@state.pa.us              Australian Shepherd
Reed, Ronald & Virginia        390 Steigerwalt Hollow Rd    New Cumberland, PA 17070   938-4567       rovir@aol.com                       Chesa. Bay Retriever
Reifsnyder, Bonnie             250 Trail Road                Hershey, PA 17033         533-6998       HiHopestwo@aol.com                 Cocker Spaniel
* Reigle, Faith                 30 Pennridge Avenue          Mountville, PA 17554      285-0133       Fthrgl@aol.com                     Chow Chow
Reisinger, Roger & Sally Ann    7227 Veterans Way            Ickesburg, PA 17037       438-3457                                          Chinese Shar Pei
Rolenaitis, Tom & Sandie        1330 Bull Valley Road        Aspers, PA 17034          528-7067       rodel@netrax.net                   Shiba Inu
Rudy, Paul & Lori               2371 Conewago Road           Dover, PA 17315           292-3583       amberlyn@sun-link.com              Labrador Retriever
Rudy, Josephine                 918 Early’s Mill Road        Hummelstown, PA 17036     534-1978
Schwenk, Dennis & Priscilla     990 Sunnyside Road           Hummelstown, PA 17036     533-7187       pbs7187@aol.com                     Kerry Blue Terrier
Schukraft, Terrill              4246 Roundtop Road          Elizabethtown, PA 17022    533-4058       Terrill16@juno.com                 Siberians, Greyhound
Scott, Ron & Barbara            8 Teal Road                  Mechanicsburg, PA 17050   795-1125       stfddogs@aol.com          Yorkie, Crestds, Min & Toy Poodle
Seighman , Melissa              105 Decatur Drive            Grantville, PA 17028      469-7537       HiHopesOne@aol.com                  Cockers & ACD’s
Sener, Judith                   2621 Burnaby Way             Sacramento, CA 95833      916-929-1072   YoginiGolfer@aol.com
Shive, Lucille                  2238 Locust Lane             York, PA 17404            764-2753                                           Dalmation
Simon, Dave & Maureen          7430 Jonestown Road           Harrisburg, PA 17112      545-4477       msimon@ptd.net                      Great Pyrenees
Stone, Robert & Laurie         125 Ridge Road                York Springs, PA 17372    528-7247       stonemyst@netrax.net                Samoyed
Stuckey, John                   5840 Milton Drive            Harrisburg, PA 17112      657-0555                                           Newfoundland
Sultzabaugh, Warren & Glenna 890 Plum Street                 Millersburg, PA 17061     692-4498       bdogger@epix.net                    Bulldog
Wagner, Sandra                   4090 Shanamantown Rd        Annville, PA 17003        867-1543       Jomi645@aol.com                    Mini Schnauzer
Weakland, Jim & Mimi            1229 Blue Ridge Rd           Harrisburg, PA 17110      236-8585       mimimarch1@aol.com                  Alaskan Malamute
Wingate, George & Ruby          4343 Crooked Hill Rd          Harrisburg, PA 17110     652-2290       SetterHillknls@juno.com             Eng. Setter & Mini Sc.
Winter, Judith                   1021 Stoverdale Rd           Hummelstown, PA 17036    566-0723       stdpodl@aol.com                     Standard Poodle
* Wolf, Margaret                4002 Jonestown Rd             Harrisburg, PA 17109     652-3898
Yaninek, John & Kathleen        1812 Dogwood Rd               Harrisburg, PA 17110     221-0676       yanzlaw@aol.com                     Vizsla
Ziegler, Fred & Janice           7780 Harmony Grove Rd        Wellsville, PA 17365     432-5019       mrandmrsziggy@aol.com               Shelties & Min Sch.
                                                                      Brags: Susie Kline, Lower’s, Ron and Barbara Scott,
General Membership (cont.)
                                                                      Sandy Wagner, Priscilla Schwenk, Rolenaitis’.
Judge’s Education Committee - Priscilla is the new                    There being no further business, a motion was made
chairperson. If any members belong to a breed club                    to adjourn. (Martin/Procasco)
that gives seminars, please have them contact her. We
had seven seminars this year. Iams would like to have                 Respectfully submitted,
a full day of seminars on Friday. They’d also like to
bring in the “Wonderful World of Dogs” on Friday,                     Barbara Casey, Secretary
Saturday and Sunday. Also, they’d like to bring in their
“Elite Team.”

Ed Martin gave the report on a property by his house
off the Newberrytown exit of Route 83.

The secretary cast the ballot for the nominated slate as

Voting was held on John and Eileen Lower. They were
approved for membership. Their address is 1212
Susquehanna Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102, phone
number (717) 238-5826 and e-mail address:
Elower8934@aol.com. Welcome!

In August we will be having a picnic at someone’s house.

Annual awards were given to members who qualified.                         HARRISBURG KENNEL CLUB
New Business:                                                               May Board Meeting (Draft)
For our information – A Bench Show Trial was held
after Chambersburg’s show alleging an individual was                  Date: May 8, 2002
evicted from the hotel, her dogs were barking, and they               Time Open: 6:28 p.m.
were left in the room unattended. The complainant was                 Time Closed: 7:38 p.m.
another exhibitor. The defendant pulled her dogs on
Sunday. The date was set for the 29th of April. She                   Present: Laurie Stone,Tom Rolenaitis, Ron Scott,
contended that she did not leave her dogs alone, there                Sally Kamm, Priscilla Schwenk, Ed Martin, Deb
was a “wet dog” smell in her room, a lot of he said/she               Procasco, Susie Kline, Barb Casey, Lori Rudy,
said. There were three other rooms that were doing                    Roseann Deutsch
the same thing. The exhibitor was charged about
$400.00 for damages to her room, but no formal action                 Absent: Cindy Miller, Jana Furst
was taken concerning her show privileges. The
Chambersburg club will be proposing to the Cluster                    The May Board meeting of the Harrisburg Kennel Club
sending out a helpful package to the hotels on how to                 was brought to order at 6:28 p.m. by President Laurie
deal with dog people.                                                 Stone with eleven board members in attendance.

Dennis Schwenk brought up the issue of taking all the                 The Secretary’s minutes were approved as published.
outdoor stuff out of the trailer. He’ll store it in their barn.       (Kamm/Schwenk)

The dog that was lost at the show on Saturday night                   Positive comments from Lee Reasin and Carol Jung
was found safe.                                                       and the Bulldog club were related to the Board about
                                                                      how well run the show was and how helpful the
The Viszla that bit the Labrador - the Viszla next to him             member’s were.
on the long down got up and bit the Labs eye (the Lab
is also a conformation dog). The Viszla owner will pay                The Treasurer’s report approved pending audit.
the Labs vet bills.

Board Meeting Draft (cont.)                                       Web Page - Some revamping needs to be done to the
                                                                  website and we need a new password.
April Show Committee - Ron thanked everyone for their
hard work.                                                        Legislation - The Puppy Protection Act (PPA) was
                                                                  dropped from the Farm Bill. Ed Martin mentioned New
There were no major problems of which we are aware.               Jersey enacted a law banning the debarking of dogs.
The new layout made specialty clubs happy. There
were some comments about a specialty club and the                 History/Archives - Priscilla will be picking up the archives
way they handled themselves. It was suggested that                from Nancy Monaghan.
these issues be addressed when the grooming areas
are being set up.                                                 Judge’s Education Committee - Priscilla is the new
                                                                  chairperson. She is looking for a Terrier person to do a
The gate was down about 33%. Catalog sales were                   seminar. Working on Borzois. The seminars seemed
up about 16%. We had about 500 less dogs than last                to run well. Someone did an advertisement on
year. The parking seemed to have affected our show                animalink.com, which had some wrong information, and
negatively.                                                       that caused some problems.

There were some concerns about the Animal Planet                  Property Committee - There is a 6.2 acre lot that may
coverage: lack of communication between us and the                be up for sale across the street from Ed Martin’s house.
production company; lack of understanding by the pro-             The market price is $90K. It would be good ground to
duction company of what we’re trying to do; interfer-             have a match on. It’s a mile and a quarter from the
ence with the running of the show; potential violation of         Newberrytown exit. Chambersburg is getting some kind
American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA). Ron said that             of state grant as a non-profit corporation to purchase
we needed to address these issues with him so we can              ground. We have to look at York KC’s “area” and at
get it resolved before everyone gets frustrated. We               changing the bylaws to expand our area if we’d buy
need to have some security control procedure so that              property down there. The thought is to use it for
club officers can move freely the day of the show if we           matches, meetings, handling classes, etc. Ed will get
need to talk to Ron or other officers. AKC felt it was            more information on the property for the next meeting.
unobtrusive to the dogs. We need to address these
concerns with them in advance.                                    The people who have not paid their dues were removed
                                                                  from the listing.
Ron shared positive cards and letters from judges and
Mrs. Benchoff (Suzanne’s mother).                                 Lori’s copier has “died.” She is going to look for
                                                                  someone to repair it, as she is happy with it. Tom
The Radisson contract was approved. (Scott/Schwenk)               suggested she look into a laser printer and scanner as
                                                                  a copier, if she’s not making a bunch of copies. Lori
 It’s not likely we’ll be able to use the new building when       will be researching what best suits her needs.
it’s finished, as it does not have enough space. The
parking lot will be done by October 31, 2002.                     There being no further business, a motion was made
                                                                  to adjourn. (Kline/Casey)
Barb and Ron thanked us for the ad in the catalog and
the cake to congratulate them on their Westminster win.           Respectfully submitted,
                                                                  Barbara Casey, Secretary
December Show Committee - No report. Some people
are going over Friday (May 10) evening to look at the
new site. About 3 times as many vendors as we have
available space have inquired about space. There’s
about 300' of vendor space available. Discussion was
held on how much to charge per foot for vendor space.
It was decided to let Ed look at the site and then do a
proposal for the board. There’s a 2000 dog limit for
this show due to space restrictions.

Educational Committee - It was decided not to have
the educational booth at the December show.
          President’s Message                                                 HKC Committees
Hello HKC!
                                                                  Not inclusive!
It was great to see so many of you at our May meeting
and may it be a continuing trend.                                 Sunshine Committee                     Phone #
                                                                  Position Available!
Again I’m making the request, if a club member has an
idea for a meeting program, please let any board                  Education
member know. We also have the TV/ VCR to view                     Ed Martin                              938-1431
canine related tapes that you may want to share with
the rest of the club.                                             Match Show
                                                                  Priscilla Schwenk                      533-7187
The HKC needs a few volunteers. We need a new
Sunshine committee person and if any one is interested            History and Archives
in being HKC Legislation Liaison, please contact me or            Priscilla Schwenk                      533-7187
any board member. The Finance committee also has
an opening for another member.                                    Annual Awards
                                                                  Sheila Cairns                          367-7407
Any assistance from our membership is always
appreciated. See you in June!                                     Yelps Editors
                                                                  Sally Kamm                             564-2709
                               woof,                              Cindy Miller                           838-6562
                                                                  Adrienne Beinhaur                      540-0901
                                                                  Kathleen Yaninek                       221-0676

                                                                  Judge Selection
                                                                  Sally Kamm                             564-2709

                                                                  December Show
                                                                  Tom Rolenaitis                         528-7067

                                                                  April Show
                                                                  Ron Scott                              795-1125

From the Editors...
Deadline for the Kennel Yelps is the 15th of the month.
                                                                    Legislative News From Virginia
Any material submitted after the 15th will be held for
the next month’s publication. Submit your information           From Virginia – Senate Bill 260 passed into law restrict-
to Sally Kamm or Cindy Miller. Please do not submit             ing rescue organizations. All breed rescues must
copywrited material unless you have written                     register with the Commonwealth of Virginia as a
permission from the author allowing us to reproduce             rescue, must keep maintain records for 5 years after
the material.                                                   placement of a dog, be open during regular business
                                                                hours and pay an annual fee to operate. Anyone
All information in the Yelps is the opinion of its author       fostering dogs for a rescue must register with the state,
and not necessarily the opinion of the board of the HKC         pay an annual fee of $100.00 and be inspected twice a
or its members.                                                 year by Animal Control officers or Game Wardens.

All articles are owned by the author and may not be             Due to the passage of this law, the Virginia Federation
reproduced in any format without permission from the            of Dog Clubs will no longer list rescue groups in their
author.                                                         Breeders Guide.

                            June Meeting Program!
            The June meeting will feature the presentation of the Pat Hasting’s video
            tape, The Puppy Puzzle. Pat and her husband, Bob, had years of
            experience in dogs as breeders and professional handlers. Pat worked
            with a wide selection of professionals in veterinary medicine, animal
            husbandry, genetics and even engineers to come of with what she
            considers to be a tried and true method to select only the best puppies.

            The tape runs about 30 minutes and is a small portion of her two-day

            Several club members have tried the method and will be there to answer

HARRISBURG PA 17111-1910

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