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    Heritage Headlines
                      Letter from the President                                            V O LU M E IX , I S S U E 3
Dear Friends,
                                                                                           F ALL 2 0 07

A new school year is upon us - time for new notebooks, sharpened pencils, clean
erasers, and “unlost” calculators. As a mother of four, I loved those first weeks of       I N S ID E TH IS ISS UE :
school. To me, it was better than a New Year’s resolution. During those school
years, my kids’ schedule was my schedule, and I loved it. As I look back, I re-          Providing for the Promise       2
member some very busy, stressful times and some wonderfully memorable, pre-              AHG National Convention         2
cious times. Those memorable, precious times are what color my family’s history
today.                                                                                   AHG Attic Update                2

The new school year also brings us time to reflect on the extracurricular activities     AHG News                        2
we will choose for our children. Weighing the options was always a bit difficult         Troop Tales                     4
for us. We wanted it “all” for our kids but with four children, that was virtually
impossible. Our children were athletic and a sport was important to them. Build-         Dads in AHG                     6
ing children of faith and great character was of prime importance to my husband
and I. For us, scouting helped to provide that opportunity. The building of our          Welcome New Troops              7
relationship with our children through serving in scouts was an extra benefit.           AHG Handbook 2010 Ed.           7

Your choice of American Heritage Girls as your daughter’s extracurricular is to be      2006-2007 Honor Troops
applauded. Through this Christ centered program, your daughter will learn to put        This is the highest achievement a
“legs” on her faith. She will understand how important an outward focus is in this      Troop can receive. By complet-
“me” focused culture. She will learn to bolster her faith in the secular world as she   ing Honor Troop requirements, a
surrounds herself with Christ loving mentors and peers. She will learn to try new       Troop is fulfilling the complete
experiences, stretch her abilities, and learn about the talents and skills God has      AHG program. To learn more
given her. She will build relationships that last not just for a season but for years   about the Honor Troop recogni-
to come. She will learn the importance of purity and the special gift of femininity.    tion, contact your Troop Chair or
The transforming power of Christ through the AHG program will be evident in her         download the Honor Troop Appli-
life and in her future decisions. She will build wonderfully precious memories that     cation found on the leader area of
have eternal significance.                                                              the AHG website.
                                                                                        Congratulations to these troops:
My prayer is that memories made this year will beautifully color your family’s
                                                                                        GA0001              OH0702
history for tomorrow. May God bless you richly as you seek to glorify Him in
                                                                                        GA0098              OH0998
your daily walk.
                                                                                        IN1931              OH1721
                                                                                        IN2324              OH1843
Serving Him,
                                                                                        KY0727              OH2004
                                                                                        KY1031              OH2011
                                                                                        KY3130              OH2521
                                                                                        MO2002              OH3712
Patti Garibay                                                                           MO3130              OK0405
National Executive Director                                                             NE0026              OR0541
American Heritage Girls, Inc.                                                           OH0025              TN0131
                                                                                        OH0323              VA1115
                                                                                        OH0610              VA7673
Page 2                                                                          Volume IX, Issue 3

               Providing For The Promise                    AHG Has a New Website
               Campaign (PFP) Kicks Off Soon!               It’s finally here! AHG is excited and proud to an-
                                                            nounce the launch of the new look of its website in
 American Heritage Girls’ annual family donation cam-       September 2007. For the past four months, AHG
 paign, Providing for the Promise will officially kick      has been working diligently to give our website a
 off December 1, 2007. The campaign will end March          fresh look to better serve our guests and ministry
 30, 2008. This is your family’s opportunity to show        members. The website includes all the history and
 how much you appreciate American Heritage Girls.           information needed about AHG, a Troop locator
                                                            map, a password-protected Leaders’ site with all
 AHG is funded only by private donations and receives       kinds of resources, a Press Room to keep up with all
 no federal or United Way funds. The Providing for the      the latest media about AHG, and much, much more!
 Promise campaign is vital to AHG’s health and ability      Another exciting feature is our online store coming
 to grow. The goal of this campaign is to provide dona-     in a few short weeks with pictures and easy online
 tions to support the development of local councils and     ordering of merchandise! Keep checking back as we
 to cover the development costs of uniforms, insignia,      continue to add new features to the website!
 handbooks, and program supports. The national office       www.ahgonline.org!
 provides troops that are not in a council setting with a
 support team that provides support materials, program      Girls Just Want to Have Fun
 helps, troop administrative tips (such as answering        AHG is working long and hard to bring a new web-
 charter or insurance questions,) and fundraising devel-    site to its members. Don’t fret girls, that also in-
 opment support.                                            cludes you!! We want this new Girls’ site to be ex-
                                                            tra special, way fun, and too cool. Plans are under-
 Each family will receive a letter with information re-     way to unveil the new Girls’ site in October 2007!
 garding the campaign. The designated PFP Campaign          Keep visiting back during the month of October to
 Chair from your troop will receive a packet to encour-     see the new addition to the AHG website. Now
 age family participation. Troops that receive 80% or       girls, we need your help! Contact your troop leader
 great family participation will receive special recogni-   and see how you can submit pictures from AHG
 tion. If you should have any questions about the cam-      events and camps as well as your stories!! We are
 paign, please contact the national office at 513-771-      hoping to share these photos and stories on your new
 2025.                                                      site so that you can see what other AHG girls are
                                                            doing across the nation. We look forward to hearing
                                                            from you!!

                                                            AHG Attic
                                                            Be sure to go onto the new website and check out the
                                                            Attic’s new look! We are very excited with our new
                                                            online store and hope it will make your shopping
 April 2008 will be here before you know it! Don’t          easier. You may shop 24 hours, 7 days a week. We
 miss this exciting opportunity to grow as a Leader, be     will be featuring new items as well as sale items.
 inspired and learn to be more effective in reaching
 girls for Christ through the AHG ministry! This con-       If you have a certain item you would like to see of-
 ference will offer leaders from around the country the     fered, please send us some artwork and we will try to
 opportunity to share and learn through trainings, work-    make it happen. We are always looking for new
 shops, and networking opportunities. Be inspired and       ideas and designs. Happy shopping!!
 renewed through guest speakers, Al and Wendy New-
 ell. Enjoy food, fun, and fellowship at the Leader         Tools to Help Promote AHG In Your
 Luncheon and National Awards Banquet. Come and
 share how God is moving in AHG! Visit
 www.ahgonline.org to learn how to register for this fun    Late summer and early fall are crucial times to start
 and exciting weekend! More information will con-           your Troop’s recruitment efforts. However, anytime
                                                            of the year can be utilized to share the AHG message
 tinue to be added, so keep checking back!
                                                            with potential new families. AHG offers many pro-
    Heritage Headlines                                                                                 Page 3

motional materials available as downloads from the       holidays are also suggested, but not required. The pro-
leader area of the AHG website. A NEW recruit-           gram is a one-year commitment and girls can re-apply
ment postcard has been added to our list of available    annually in the fall. Participating Pen Pals receive a
downloads. Other tools include a 3 part laminated        special activity patch for their efforts. The pen pal
tabletop poster display, recruitment flyer, color bro-   program is a wonderful way for girls to learn about
chure, and bookmark. Recruitment flyers or bro-          other girls in the AHG program from across the coun-
chures can be printed in full color or may be printed    try. Applications are available October 1, 2007 by
for black and white and photocopied on colored pa-       contact your Troop Chairman or by download on the
per for large distributions. The AHG custom book-        leader or girl area of the AHG website. Deadline for
marks are excellent for public display areas such as     applications is November 30. Girls will receive the
the public library or community events booths. Visit     new pen pal information in December for a January
the leader resource area of the AHG website to           kick-off. For more information about the pen pal pro-
download your promotional materials. The AHG             gram, contact national office@ahgonline.org
Attic offers for purchase the three laminated display
posters on table stands to enhance your Troop’s dis-     Update AHG with your Email Address
play table. Contact the AHG merchandise depart-          Have you changed your email address in the past year?
ment to order.                                           If you have not yet contacted AHG regarding your
                                                         updated email, please do so by emailing nationalof-
                                                         fice@ahgonline.org. We are sending more and more
                                                         communication information via email than mass mail-
TroopMaster is Here!                                     ings to help cut our costs. Be sure to include AHG on
After three years in the making, TroopMaster for         your list of contacts when you change your email ad-
AHG Troops is finally available! This invaluable         dress.
software is an excellent tool to help with troop re-
cordkeeping and reporting needs. This is a MUST          VINE Workshops
have for all troops to help with your advancement        American Heritage Girls has created a ministry expan-
needs. The software is fast and easy to use! Fea-        sion plan for areas that meet the minimum criteria of 6
tures include: input of all data for girl members and    troops and 200 members. The National staff commit-
adult leaders, tracking of merit badge and level         tee has dedicated hundreds of hours of prayer and
award requirements, girl and adult trainings, leader-    planning to this initiative.
ship positions, service hours, attendance, and more!
No more TQM’s by hand! It also features an easy          The targeted areas to date for ministry expansion in-
way to manage your troop’s fundraising activities.       clude Atlanta, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky.
The software may be ordered directly through
TroopMaster by contacting 434-589-6788. To find          The presentations of information to the targeted areas
out more about this software, contact your Troop         are called VINE workshops. The acronym stands for
Chairman for ordering information. A sample demo         casting the VISION, IGNITE the fire, NOURISH the
is available for download by visiting                    field team and EMPOWER the volunteers to make a
www.troopmaster.com.                                     difference for Christ in their communities through
                                                         AHG ministry expansion.
AHG 2008 Pen Pal Program
Look for Pen Pal program information to be distrib-      To date VINE workshops have been presented in At-
uted to AHG families by the Troop Chairman in            lanta, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky. The National
early October. This has been a highly popular pro-       staff committee continues to work with volunteers who
gram and the timing has been moved somewhat to           have come forward in these targeted areas to help in-
allow for more new girls to participate. Last year,      crease the growth of AHG’s ministry.
398 girls participated in the program. Girls are
matched with other members based on their age and        If your area is close to meeting the minimum criteria,
AHG level. Each participant is asked to correspond       you could be included in the next expansion target.
by sending a letter or email to her pen pal on a         Please help us by praying for AHG’s growth in your
monthly basis. Remembering birthdays and special         area.
Page 4                                                                              Volume IX, Issue 3

Troop Tales
                                                                        I left feeling closer to God, to my fam-
                                                                        ily, and to my friends. It’s a weekend
Outdoor activities are an essential                                     I will forever cherish. I pray that my
part of American Heritage                                               daughter feels the same.
Girls. In an age filled with
                                                                        Susan McManus, Explorer leader,
Webkinz, Gameboy, and Hannah
Montana, children are spending
less time outside and more time                            Are you wondering what to do with those AHG
glued to a screen.                                         vests once the girls move up to the next level? Last
I must admit that I am not an outdoorsy person. I kill     spring, the leaders of the sixth grade Explorer squad
most plants – not being able to tell a weed from some-     of OH0612 were pondering the same question and
thing I want to keep. Bugs, dirt, and careening down       they came up with this idea.
a hill at terrifying speeds do not thrill me. Injuries
sustained from a couple of severe car accidents further    Leaders Susie Burton and Robin Bandenburg gath-
slow me down.                                              ered their sixth graders and a number of sewing
                                                           machines and helped the girls made pillows from
All of that aside, I, in a moment of insanity, agreed to   white polo shirts. For many girls, it was the first
go camping with my co-leader. My co-leader is, to          time they had ever used a sewing machine. The
put it mildly, a camping enthusiast! Thankfully her        pillows then “wear” the vests. The project was
enthusiasm bubbles over to all who camp with               easy, yet rewarding and the girls love their pillows.
her. We camped at Versailles State Park in Indiana.        This is a great way to display all those hard-earned
My daughter helped to pitch the tent in the dark. I        badges and stars without damaging the vest or add-
wonder if there’s a merit badge for that? She was          ing the expense of a shadow box. It’s also easy to
such a good sport and didn’t grumble because               see both sides of the vest with just a flip of the pil-
Daddy’s appointment ran late. She was a little upset       low to bring back all those fun event-related memo-
at the oversized raccoon who picnicked on her dump         ries.
cake while she was working on the tent.
                                                           Here are the simple instructions: button the polo
The girls performed a ser-                                 shirt all the way up and flip up the collar. Sew the
vice project – picking up                                  neck opening shut (shoulder to shoulder) under the
trash around the park. Later,                              collar. If necessary, trim the bottom of the polo to
they were rewarded with a                                  even. Sew across the bottom of the shirt. Sew one
two-mile trail ride on                                     cuff closed. Stuff the pillow with fiberfill. Sew the
horses. They were in                                       other cuff closed. Put the vest on the pillow.
heaven.                                                    That’s it!
                                                           Susan Zaffiro, Troop Chair, OH0612
At the beginning of the
weekend, I told the girls that one of the coolest things   Troop GA0098 went on a camping trip to Fort
to do at camp is the dishes especially if a pot is         Mountain State Park on June 22-24, 2007. There
soaped. They looked at me as if I had grown 3              was a program planned that focused on healthy eat-
heads. By the end of Saturday, they were calling dibs      ing habits and being active. Led by unit leader,
on the dishes.                                             Karen Gardner, the troop and their families had a
                                                           wonderful camping experience.
We made foil meals, banana boats (to which we did          Using dance music for warm-ups, the troop took
our chant composed at a previous campout), dump            part in a skit to build self-esteem in addition to
cakes, and pasta. My fearless co-leader even made          teaching them the nutrition and physical activity
coffee and hot chocolate!                                  messages. We learned about nutrition, fitness,
                                                           Leave No Trace, hiking and compass.
I think my favorite part was our time of worship and
                                                           Each day at camp featured foods prepared and
      Heritage Headlines                                                                                 Page 5

cooked by the girls in the troop. We enjoyed recipes        for the purpose of encouraging fun and fellow-
from leaders' past, specific to heritage, and outdoor       ship. This year’s theme was “Amazing Creation”-
cooking. We solved nutrition puzzles and learned new        Exploring God’s Creation with Wild and Wacky Sci-
exercises to stay fit.                                      ence. The camp ran from Monday, June 18 through
We had our first "Scout's Own Service" on Sunday            Friday, June 23 at Heritage Village in Sharon
morning. Afterwards, we broke camp and had the girls,       Woods. The curriculum included a hands-on ap-
led by Karen Gardner, perform a Leave No Trace in-          proach that allowed girls to explore the world of sci-
spection. The girls in Troop GA0098 were crowned            ence through real science experiments in the Mad Lab.
princesses after completing a nutrition camp fit for a      Each evening, the campers rotated through centers to
princess. After successfully passing the inspection, we     play games, make crafts, sing songs, experiment in the
headed for home, knowing a bit more about nutrition         science lab, and have treats that tied into our daily
and nature when we left than when we arrived.               themes. After a fun-filled week of learning, the camp-
Melissa Swafford, Troop Secretary , GA0098                  ers displayed a sampling of the week’s experiments
                                                            and lessons at the “Science Fair” and shared a meal
I was very excited when I got off of the school bus that    with family and friends. Sunset Camp ended with an
day. My mom was waiting to take me and my sister            exciting show by Mad Science –“Rockin’ Rockets.”
down town to decorate our tree for the Festival of Trees    Cathi Shulte, Explorer Leader, OH0323
and Lights. The festival is a benefit for Kosair Chil-
dren’s Hospital. We had spent time in our American          We are troop SC7777, and this summer we organ-
Heritage Girls meetings making the angel ornaments for      ized the Southeast Regional Summer Camp the week
the tree, and it was time to hang them on the tree.         of July 16-21. Many American Heritage Girls and
                                                                       their moms from South Carolina, Georgia,
We were the second family to                                           Alabama, and Tennessee joined us for a
arrive. When some other people                                         week of FUN!! The girls worked on their
got there, we started hanging the                                      horsemanship badge at the corral in the
biggest ornaments. By the time                                         park. They were instructed in canoeing and
we had the star on top, it was                                         even had a floating lunch one day! They
getting late. We had had fun                                           also took a trip to Stone Mountain State
while helping out a good cause.                                        Park to see a laser light show projected on
Rachel Curtis, Explorer, KY 3130                                       the side of the mountain. On Wednesday,
                                                            we had a luau for dinner. They girls wore their grass
After three years of planning, Troop WA1646 had their       skirts and leis they made to the luau. After we ate, we
first meeting in May. The troop is sponsored by Saint       had a limbo contest!! It was fun to see “How Low
John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Seattle        They Could Go!” The last night at camp we traded
and is primarily made up of Catholic home-schooled          SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately
girls from the greater Seattle area. Twenty-three girls     Pinned Somewhere) with each other—leaders and
from Tenderfoot to Pioneer levels attended the kickoff      girls. Many of the girls work all year making swaps
meeting. The girls had a wonderful time participating       to trade with each other! It was fun to compare all the
in games, a craft, and a review of the AHG program.         pins we had collected with each other back in our cab-
As the troop excitedly plans the next school year's ac-     ins that night! On Saturday, parents were invited to
tivities and community service projects, the girls are      the grand finale, which included a digital slide show
completing their Joining Awards. All are looking for-       of the week’s events, a closing ceremony and the an-
ward to grow their new friendships and learn the oppor-     nouncement of the camp name for Summer Camp
tunities, skills, and values that the AHG program pro-      2008. During the week camp names were submitted
vides. Additionally, the girls and their families are ex-   at the canteen. The leaders and the girls all voted for
tremely grateful to the parents who devoted the long        their favorite camp name and the winner was “Camp
three years of planning to make this troop possible.        Wannacomebac.” After a delicious lunch with the
Brian Warn, Troop Chair, WA1646                             parents and our good-byes everyone headed home to
                                                            enjoy the modern convenience called AIR CONDI-
Each year, American Heritage Girls’ Heart of America        TIONING!!
Council sponsors a summer day camp, Sunset Camp,            Melissa Durham, Troop Chair, SC7777
Page 6                                                                          Volume IX, Issue 3

Are Your Troop Activities “Dad                         Service to Our Community
Friendly”?                                             As your Troop plans a Make A Difference Day project
According to a survey from CNN and Career-             for October 27th, two service opportunities have come
Builder.com, 37% of dads say they would gladly         to our attention that we would like to share. Both pro-
take a pay cut to have extra playtime with their       vide a great need and promote patriotism.
kids. *
                                                       Operation Quiet Comfort is a program whose mission
As an American Heritage Girl troop, are you creat-     is to create care packages to be sent to “Any American
ing playtime for your dads and their daughters?        Hero” at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC)
AHG Dads are not limited in their roles as partici-    in Germany and other medical care facilities. For de-
pants within their daughter’s troop. He can volun-     tails about this program and how your troop can help,
teer as a Troop Board Member, Unit Leader, Event       go to: http://www.operationquietcomfort.com
Coordinator, or Station Leader at a yearly special
event. Do you survey each parent for their talents                     Campus Crusade for Christ Interna-
and gifts or do you survey moms only? You may                          tional is distributing their Bags of
have an expert in the girl’s badge of choice just                      Blessings. This is a food distribution
waiting to be your next guest speaker.                                 program run by the organization for
                                                                       the people of Iraq. These bags include
In Oklahoma, Troop OK0405 offered a Father/                            a week of food for a family of seven, a
Daughter Banquet as a Special Event. Their night                       Bible and a video about Jesus in their
began with a buffet dinner, and a Father/Daughter                      own language. Donations ARE
talent show highlighted the evening. In Texas,                         needed and further information is
Troop TX0025 incorporates a Father/Daughter                            available at: http://give2.ccci.org/
“Date” night. Home Care and Repair was the                             featured/bags-of-blessing-email/
theme of Camporee ’07 in Cincinnati. Dads were
utilized in many of the stations from plumbing in-     Presidential Service Award
struction to the proper usage of power tools.          Congratulations to all girls and adults who earned their
                                                       Presidential Service Award! What an awesome job
These annual events were listed as one of the most     you did this year, your communities must be proud of
favorite troop memories of the year in 2006-07.        you and your commitment to serve. This year we had
Many of our badges are “Dad Friendly.” Look at         232 Gold, 20 Silver, and 29 Bronze Awards received
Fishing, Hiking, Money Management, and Fire            by our girls, and leaders. Totaling 18,162.90 hours.
Building and Safety. The list goes on and on.          Keep up the good work1
In addition to special events, gaining Dad involve-
ment can assume various forms. One Ohio troop
has included a “Dad Coordinator” to their leader-
ship team. This dad will be in charge of contacting
the other troop dads for special events like the Fa-
ther/Daughter Dance. They plan to get together for     GoodSearch.com is an easy way to help American
a group dinner before the dance to build stronger      Heritage Girls. It is a search engine powered by Ya-
and more lasting relationships.                        hoo! and a new feature of online shopping. Good-
                                                       Search will make a donation to AHG with every search
By creating these bonds, parents are more likely to    and every online purchase at one of their partner mer-
gain ownership in their daughter’s troop, and girl     chants (including Amazon, Target, and Barnes and
retention will hopefully follow. The joy of partici-   Nobel!) It doesn't cost you a thing — the money
pating in a Christian organization like AHG is that    comes from the advertisers and the stores.
we know the importance our dads have in “building
women of integrity.”                                   The more people who use this site, the more money
                                                       will go AHG. So please spread the word to your
*Time is Ticking, Dads Want to Spend it with Fam-      friends and family.
ily, Kim Trobee, July 3, 2007, www.family.org
       Heritage Headlines                                                                                    Page 7

Welcome, New Troops!
CT0001                                     KY2111                               NM0005
St. Mary Mother of the Redeemer Church     Okolona Church of Christ             Hobbs, NM
Groton, CT                                 Louisville, KY                       Northside Baptist Church
Heather Thompson, Chairperson              Linda Hankins, Chairperson           Kim Arnold, Chairperson

GA1412                                                                          OH1248
St. Andrew Catholic Church                 MO0702                               Vineyard Church of Columbus
Roswell, GA                                Good Shepherd UMC                    Westerville, OH
Valarie Gotschall, Chairperson             Roscommon, MI                        Amy Francis, Chairperson
                                           Julie Gaberdiel, Chairperson
IA0326                                                                       TN0413
Calvary Apostolic Church                   MS5000                            Knoxville Christian School
Des Moines, IA                             Jackson, MS                       Knoxville, TN
Ranae Ruggle, Chairperson                  First Pentacosta Church           Amy Hamby-Scott, Chairperson
                                           DaRhonda Fortenberry, Chairperson
KY0454                                                                       TN5624
Watterson Trail Church of Christ           NC1412                            Boone’s Creek Christian Church
Louisville, KY                             Hendersonville, NC                Gray, TN
Jerry Henderson, Chairperson               Covenant Presbyterian Church      Kellie McClendon, Chairperson
                                           Bonnie Lepine, Chairperson
Simpsonville Baptist Church
Simpsonville, KY
Kristie Eldridge, Chairperson

Girl Handbook Revision                                        any time within the quarter.
Have you ever thought that AHG should have a Car Repair
Badge or a Baking Badge? If so, now is the time to make       Our Frontier Schedule and Badge Timeline:
that happen!                                                  Nov. 07 Heritage Frontier        Return Feb. 08
                                                              Feb. 08 Family Frontier          Return May 08
We would like to add new badges, as well as update our        May 08 Arts Frontier             Return Aug. 08
current badges for 2010. If you have a great idea for a new   Aug. 08 Outdoor Frontier         Return Nov. 08
badge, write down your thoughts and ideas and submit it.      Nov. 08 Personal Well Being      Return Feb. 09
Good ideas but not enough material for a whole badge?         Feb. 09 Science & Technology     Return May 09
Submit it and let us brainstorm and integrate your creative
ideas with others.                                            Some suggestions included: Organization, Baking, Sail-
                                                              ing, Car Care, Basketry, Lifesaving, Painting and Draw-
Have you ever worked on a current badge and wondered          ing, and Your State.
why important information was not covered, or that part of
it was outdated, seemed impossible to do, not age appro-      Please keep in mind that all badges must be a reflection
priate, or just did not work? Was there something that you    of the AHG program, in keeping with the mission of
did that made it fun and interesting? You can help us im-     building women of integrity through service to God,
prove our badges by sharing your experiences and ideas.       family, community, and country. Any badge concepts or
                                                              ideas submitted to the American Heritage Girls office
We will be concentrating on one Badge Frontier each           becomes the property of AHG and may be altered ac-
quarter and are welcoming ideas for new badges and im-        cording to the needs of the program. Please see the
provements for our current badges. (We will not be            Leader Website for the format of how to write a badge,
changing the designs of the current badges or the struc-      then start working on your ideas for the Heritage Frontier
tures.)                                                       and let us know what you are thinking!

Submissions should be sent to the National AHG office at
                                             Welcome To American Heritage Girls

                                                 The American Heritage Girls Organization is a scouting

                                          program for girls which promotes God, family and country. We provide life

                                          skills, leadership skills, and character building. We hope that this newsletter

                                             will provide you with information about AHG. If you know of anyone
        Mike Tillar, Chairman
        Patti Garibay, President
Maren Rausch, Heritage Headlines Editor   interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter and who would be supportive

                                            of our organization, please contact us at (513) 771-2025 or email us at

                                                ahg@ahgonline.org and we will place them on our mailing list.

       TO GOD, FAMILY,
                                                  Don’t forget to use
          COUNTRY.                         Goodsearch.com to raise money for

  American Heritage Girls
   175 Tri-County Parkway Suite 100
        Cincinnati, OH 45246

        Phone: (513) 771-2025
          Fax: (513) 771-2595
National Leader Support 1-800-883-1064
       Email: ahg@ahgonline.org

  I Promise to Love God,
    Cherish my Family,
  Honor my Country and
  Serve in my Community

        Heritage Headlines is
      a quarterly publication of
    American Heritage Girls, Inc.
Submission by members and troops may
              be sent to:
175 Tri County Parkway #100
   Cincinnati, OH 45246
Or newsletter@ahgonline.org

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