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<div align="center"><font size="+4">Case File
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<h3><font color="#ff0000">Unsolved Murder - Special Crimes
Investigation Unit assistance requested - priority
<b>Whether you work solo on this one or bring in the other members
of the team, this is going to be a tough one. We know that a murder
took place, but we are missing the following information:</b>
<ol type="1">
<li><b>the identity of the victim</b></li>
<li><b>the identity of the murderer</b></li>
<li><b>the murder weapon</b></li>
<li><b>the crime scene</b></li></ol>
Solving this crime is going to be a little like a cross between a
decathlon, the game of "Clue", and the TV show "CSI". Let me lay
out what we have so far (<i>and it ain't much - Jon</i>)...look at
the information below, and then come out to our field HQ (at the
given coordinates) if you are willing to give us a hand on this
one. Thank goodness for the GPS as a crime-fighting tool, to help
us tag locations in our investigations for you and your team, it
makes this whole process so much easier.
<p>The given coordinates will lead you to our field headquarters.
Once there, you will find the coordinates for the locations of all
of your witness/suspect interviews, the possible murder weapons,
and the possible crime scenes. We have left as much of the criminal
investigation intact and at the original location as is
possible...as you asked...but it is going make lots of work for you
and your team.</p>
<p>There is a worksheet with a table on it to help you keep track
of your investigation, it will also lead you to the location of the
victim, at which point you can collect your fee.</p>
<h2><u>Possible Decedents:</u></h2>
There are 2 missing persons reports on file in the immediate area,
and we are going to proceed on the assumption that our vic is one
of these two people:
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/60s_hippie5.gif"
    width="122" height="309" alt=""></td><!-- Row 1 Column 2 -->
<h3><u>Monte Williamson</u></h3>
White male, 37 yo, 6'1", 175lb. A roommate reported Williamson
missing when he was 3 days overdue from a solo camping trip in this
area, and our office was contacted by the Boston PD. Williamson was
solo camping due to his habit of playing Ted Nugent loudly at all
hours, his refusal to carry out his garbage, and shooting at
bottles and wildlife with a pellet gun incessantly.
<p>Williamson was last seen heading to a campsite on Follensby
Clear Pond, from the Spider Creek Landing, 2 weeks ago ago. He was
said to have been planning a 5 day trip in the woods and waters and
mountains of this area. His roommate reports that although
obnoxious, Williamson is a capable outdoorsman, and has returned
from many such trips before without incident. Williamson's car was
searched, and yielded no evidence of foul play.</p>
<p>The roommate and Williamson's girlfriend have solid alibis for
the entire time, and Williamson is not said to really know anybody
else in Boston or anywhere else who might have a reasons to kill
him. The roommate speculated, during his interview, that another
person trying to enjoy the outdoors might have killed Williamson in
response to his offensive behavior in the outdoors.</p></td></tr>
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/boy_scout.gif"
    width="122" height="227" alt=""></td><!-- Row 2 Column 2 -->
<h3><u>Chuck Potter</u></h3>
White male, 22 yo, 5'8", 185lb. The Scout camp that Potter works at
reported him missing when he didn't come back to work after a day
off. Potter has never been late to work much less missed days in a
row, and as such, his employer was concerned when he didn't show up
to meet an incoming group of scouts on Monday.
<p>Potter told one of his fellow employees that he was planning to
visit his parents after going for a hike off of the Floodwood Road;
he never made it to his parents' house in Saranac Lake. Potter is
described as a friendly, diligent worker with a habit of telling
people more than they wanted to know, and volunteering impromptu
Natural History lectures to anyone within earshot; a useful habit
when working with eager and interested young scouts, but
potentially annoying among the public at large (according to
friends and co-workers).</p></td></tr></table></div>
We have detained 6 people who were in the area at or around the
time that the crime was committed. They are all being held in
isolation (at the coordinates given) to prevent their stories from
changing. We are confident that your interrogation/interviews will
allow you to gain valuable information from one or more of the
witnesses/suspects, and perhaps even identify the murderer.
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus1.jpg" width="98"
height="132" alt=""></td><!-- Row 1 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Bobby Navarro, 18</u></font> - Bobby was
exploring the Saint Regis Canoe Area with his girlfriend, Susie
Potemkin, at the time of the incident. Bobby is reported to have a
hot temper, and to be overly protective of Susie. He is an
accomplished outdoorsman and avid crockpot cook. Bobby is missing
the little toe on his left foot due to an accident with a hatchet
while camping 5 years ago.</td></tr>
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus2.jpg" width="98"
height="106" alt=""></td><!-- Row 2 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Susie Potemkin, 17</u></font> - Susie is
less outdoorsy than Bobby, and seems nervous when answering
questions about the date in question (although this may be due to
the fact that she told her parents that she was studying at a
friend's house). Susie has an extensive collection of Britany
Spears collectibles, and scored off the charts in archery
competitions at school last year.</td></tr>
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus3.jpg" alt=""></td>
<!-- Row 3 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Frederika Smith, 74</u></font> - Frederika
is staying with her husband Ralph at one of the campsites along
Floodwood Road on Pollywog Pond. She says that she was taking a
walk while her husband took a nap at the time in question.
Frederika has a record for felonious assault, and served time back
in the 70's. Her sugar cookies are delicious.</td></tr>
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<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus4.jpg" alt=""></td>
<!-- Row 4 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Ralph Smith, 78</u></font> - Ralph maintains
that he was sleeping throughout the time in question, an activity
he devotes most of his Adirondack vacations to, according to him.
Ralph was seen to be cutting fish into filets with a brand new
knife, which was remarkable only in that everything else in the
couple's camp was quite old and well-used. He smells like
<tr><!-- Row 5 Column 1 -->
<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus5.jpg" alt=""></td>
<!-- Row 5 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Nick Mellon, 25</u></font> - Nick was
visiting the islands around Follensby Clear Pond at the time in
question, with his dog, Rusty. Nick was cleaning up campsites as
part of a community service arrangement with local law-enforcement
after a college-party on State Forest Preserve land. Nick can work
out complicated math problems in his head, and can tie an
astounding array of knots.</td></tr>
<tr><!-- Row 6 Column 1 -->
<td><img src="http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/sus6.jpg" alt=""></td>
<!-- Row 6 Column 2 -->
<td><font size="+1"><u>Pam Sturbridge, 27</u></font> - Pam was
staying with friends on Upper Saranac Lake, and was riding in the
woods along the large network of trails set out for snowmobilers
and hikers. She has a twisted ankle, that she maintains came from a
fall on this trip, but she claims not to remember where the fall
occurred. Her pockets were filled with cough-drops and mussel
shells and tiny pinecones.</td></tr></table></div>
<h2><u>Possible Murder Weapons:</u></h2>
We have found 6 possible murder weapons in the area, and have left
them in place, so that you and/or your team can examine them as we
found them for physical evidence. You should be able to identify
the weapon used to commit the murder; and maybe also which of our
possible victims met with a messy end, and who among our
witness/suspect list is a murderer.
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<table width="98%" border="3" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2">
<tr><!-- Row 1 Column 1 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea1.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Hatchet</b></div></td><!-- Row 1 Column 2 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea2.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Poison</b></div></td><!-- Row 1 Column 3 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea3.jpg" alt=""><br>
<tr><!-- Row 2 Column 1 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea4.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Swiss-Army Knife</b></div></td><!-- Row 2 Column 2 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea5.jpg" width="99" height="89"
<b>Rope</b></div></td><!-- Row 2 Column 3 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/wea6.jpg" width="99" height="73"
<h2><u>Possible Crime Scenes:</u></h2>
We have identified 6 possible crime scenes in the area, and have
tried to minimize our impact on them, so that you and/or your team
can examine them for physical evidence. We hope that you will be
able to glean enough information from the scene of the crime to
determine the "who, why, and how" of our murder mystery.
<div align="center">
<table width="98%" border="3" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2">
<tr><!-- Row 1 Column 1 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc1.jpg" width="100" height="75"
<b>Canoe Portage</b></div></td><!-- Row 1 Column 2 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc2.jpg" width="134" height="85"
<b>Fishing Spot</b></div></td><!-- Row 1 Column 3 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc3.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Mountain Hike</b></div></td></tr>
<tr><!-- Row 2 Column 1 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc4.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Campsite</b></div></td><!-- Row 2 Column 2 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc5.jpg" alt=""><br>
<b>Hidden Pond</b></div></td><!-- Row 2 Column 3 -->
<div align="center"><img src=
"http://www.gps-fun.com/cache/loc6.jpg" width="100" height="74"
<b>Fire Ring</b></div></td></tr></table></div>
<p>You're a talented investigator, but this one is going too be
long on legwork and short on guesswork...my rusty math skills tell
me that there are 432 possible solutions for this crime, and only
the right one will see justice done <u><font size=
"+1">and</font></u> lead you to your payment at the end of your
<p>You will need to be prepared to hike for miles in the
backcountry, climb mountains and face steep terrain, paddle/portage
to remote locations, dive to 10 feet or so underwater, hunt for
clues after dark, talk with locals, visit a graveyard, etc. Plan on
one very long day, a couple of days, or a couple of visits to the
area. I wish you good luck. Thanks for all of your help, there's no
way we could do all of this without you!!!</p>
<p>Jon Foret, Special Investigator<br>
Northern Tier CID</p></td></tr></table></div>

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