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									                                       OCTOBER 2005
Sunday, October 2 - Wellington
Not sure where to start as so much to write and short on time. I suppose the biggest update is
that on the day I was supposed to be leaving for the South Island on the ferry and then head off
to Australia , instead, signed a new contract to stay in Wellington for 6 more months! I literally
had packed my bags, sold my bed and my car, had a going away dinner and was saying
"goodbyes" when a great new job appeared out of nowhere.

In the midst of this blessed chaos was.... rain... and cold... and... LOTS of it. So, after signing the
contract on Friday, Sept. 18th and in a daze of confusion that I had a new job on October 10th
and I no longer was going to backpack in the S. Island or head to Australia, I had an epiphany.
The rain may have magnified its delivery, but under the sound of rain pouring from the sky onto
the roof, I booked a last minute flight to Fiji and headed to the airport - thanks to Aaron talking me
into it!

Racing in a cab to the airport with nothing but my little backpack and my beach bag I was off to
find some sun and RELAX after a year of winter! Sitting at the airport I was laughing at this
spontenaity. I mean, I have travelled and arrived in countries with no plan, but I haven't done so
within two hours of a flight leaving!

Fiji was an amazing experience and beyond my expectations of fun in the sun. In addition to
beautiful water in every shade of blue and the strongest sun I have ever felt, I was reminded
again of how it felt to travel in new places. I met amazing fellow travelers from England, Germany,
S. Africa, the US and other spots. I opened my eyes to an entirely new culture of Fijians. I really
flew there thinking oh, just a holiday sun vacation and instead was overwhelmed with the natural
beauty around me and the beauty of people living completely different, yet somehow similar lives
on a remote island 4 hours from New Zealand.

After about 6 days in the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands (off the coast from Nadi) I returned to
the mainland and spent 2 days in the village of Abaca (pronounce Am-batha). I stayed a night
and two days with the village of 87 people there living in their thatched home, playing in their
swimming hole, attending church group at a neighbors house, hiking in the rainforest to a
waterfall, sharing in a kava ceremony and most importantly getting to know the beauty of the
Fijian village life.

I am out of time, but look forward to wrting about this experience and the subsequent contrast of
staying on a 41 foot yacht the next evening. Life IS beautiful. Now, I hipe to find a flat again, see
the S. Island for a few days and settle in a bit for work on the 10th!

Monday, October 24th - Wellington

Whew! Time has zipped on by and I can't believe I am soooo behind on this site! After a bit of
heckling from my father and Mr. Poole, I am back in the internet cafe writing chair on this
sunny Labour Day evening (day off). Due to a broken computer at home and difficultly acessing
this site at work it has been a challenge getting here. Without further a do, what shall I share?
First: this site needs to be restructured. Second: No clue where to start in recapping so feel free
to skim.

Fiji - October 18th -28th
This last minute escapade to Nadi (pronounce Nan-dee), Fiji was one of the most amazing
experiences I have ever had - realizing in retrospect. There was something absolutely magical
when the aquamarine water, white sand, fijian sounds and complete calm were combined. Of the
10 days in fiji, I spent the first two deciding what i was going to do. And, as the Gods of
Spontenaity seem to have it, it all actually worked out well because I met a fellow American (living
in Australia now) and spent a day exploring the town market with thim which was so fun.
Somthing about hopping on a local open air bus and listening to some US pop singer blare on the
radio with Fijian and indo-Fijian being spoken around you while passing sugar cane fields that just
makes me smile. I love it. The local market was intense with a zillion types of new fruit and
vegetables to me! Some items like huge wart looking breadfruit and piles of kava root (used for
the major drink) in a huge area was a reminder of the markets in Morocoo a bit. People say Bula
(hello) all around and I just sat and chatted with a handful of diferent folks selling stuff. Although
most Fijians learn English in school most I met speak very broken English as they use Fijian in
their daily lives. Really beautiful people. Also, I was loving the fact i was finally in hot weather
after a year of winter- sweating profusely in the stifling humidity while everyone around me looked
dried and cool as can be. Nothing like laughing at foreigners like me drip.

So, without making your eyes weak, in summary I finally committed to taking the boat from the
mainlandon my second day there out to the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands where I spent 6
glorious days. My american mate jake and I split up but tentatively planned to meet up in a week
to visit some villages if fate had it. The number of choices on islands, accomodation and transport
(via boat) ar really overwhelming. I ended up accidentally booked at a fancy resort called the
Octopus Resort on Waya Island for two nights. I thought I could do one fancy night ($80 Fijian for
dorm bed and food = $60 US) and walk to cheaper spot but found out it would be another boat
ride away to move so I stayed an extra night. The trip in itself out to the island was hilarious. As
the bus dropped me and a family from Australia at the marina to get our boat out to Waya island,I
noticed there really wasn't a big boat anywhere in sight. They packed us into a little 10 many boat
and said the "big boat" was out of the water today. Ha! It was fun though to be sitting next to
locals and a cute little baby. The ride to OIctopus was oh, about 2.5 hours and boy did the waves
get big. Sitting on the back of the boat looking out was a spirutal experience because there was
literally nothing in site for probably a thousand miles - It really gave me a sense of how small I am
in this big ocean... literally. Passing the islands was so fun because the all have gorgeous lagoon
like water in all shades of blue. It is hard to not take pictures non-stop because every where you
look is a postcard.

Sorry to stop here, but the computer can't seem to keep up with my typing and the sun is going
down and i still have a 25 minute walk up Mount Victoria to my new flat.... I think i will type this
stuff in Microsoft Word and upload it as seaparte pieces from here forward because this process
with a computer not keeping up with my typing, my friends is taking far too long and too
expensive at an internet cafe!!

So I don't get more complaints here is a super quick synopsis:

        Fiji rocked and I will upload pictures once I get computer at home working
        I found a new flat at top of big hill/mountain just next to town. My new flatmates are two
       super friendly, outdoorsy guys Steve (kiwi) and Jason (S. Africa) bout 30 who have been
       awesome! the house is grand with a gorgeous view of the bays , mountains and ocean.
       Also, excellent hiking and mtn. biking right around. Trade off is that it is a 20 mintue walkd
       to town and about about another 25 to work,but the most beautiful views en route ever!!
        We had a big BBQ 2 weeks ago which was splendid with probably 30 people and I am
       learning how to cook carnivore style (they are grilling machines!) I really coulldn't have
       asked for a nicer set up -oh, and Steve gave me a bed and dresser!
        This week is my 3rd week at Ministry of Social Development as the MSD Debt Strategy
       Project Manager. So far so good. Am learning a ton and digging into writing the National
       Ddebt Strategy to help coordinate how MSD collects and supports clients ing getting out of
       debt and achieving self-sufficiency and success. Really interesting and very nice
      Love life - non-existent, okay well not totally, heck I shouldn't lie, it is non-existant. oh
      well, probably not good to fall in love here anyways seeing it is 12,000km from US!
      granted, peole ask me about applying for residency every day it seems.
      Trip home for Christmas Dec. 6th - Jan 4th Note that i will be going through the airport 8
      TIMES!!! Forced stops in Sydney for 2 days on each end so although will be fun to see
      Australia briefly a little hectic. I will be in Denver Dec. 8th then driving to Indiana on the
      11th - can't wait!!! Anyone want to drive with me?? ha.

Back to work tomorrow. More soon and I look forward to hearing from you in this next chapter :)

                                    NOVEMBER 2005
Hold on to your hats, a new format is being attempted. Click on the link below to see your
digression of choice from Down Under. Please note that now that I am living a less vagabond life,
I am experiencing a renaissance of sorts giving me time to reflect more.

Saturday, November 12
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