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					March 11, 2010                                                                                     Volume 13 No 43

 Stupid Quote Of Quotes Of The                                                               Person 1: "Tell me how the staff meeting
                                                                                             Person 2: "Allow me to recrap..."
 The Day         Day
 On And Mary Beaucoup To                                obert Heinlein:

 You!:                                          R          “Writing is not necessarily
                                                        something to be ashamed of, but
                                                                                             A Word A Day
                    ob Appetite!                                                                     rmageddon Pronunciation (ahr-
 B      from a cookbook included with a
        waffle maker made in China
                                                        do it in private and wash your
                                                hands afterwards.”
                                                H. L. Mencken:                                A
                                                                                                     noun: A decisive, catastrophic
 Useless Facts
                                                   “The capacity of human beings to bore
                                                one another seems to be vastly greater
                                                than that of any other animal.”
                                                                                             From the Book of Revelation 16:16 where
                                                                                             Armageddon is mentioned. It is the
                                                                                             supposed site of a final battle between the

 Of The Day                                     Zsa Zsa Gabor:
                                                  “I know nothing about sex because I
                                                                                             forces of good and evil. The word is from
                                                                                             Greek Harmagedon, from Hebrew har
        seless facts:                                                                        megiddo (Mount Megiddo).
                                                was always married.”

 U          J.F. Cantrell opened the first
             washateria (laundromat) on
                                                                                             "In the event that the US unleashed a
                                                                                             nuclear Armageddon, the radar station
                                                                                                                   would have
                                                                                                                   immediately warned
                                                                                                                   Moscow." Luke
                                                                                                                   Harding; For Sale:
                                                                                                                   One Communist-era
                                                                                                                   Ghost Town; The
                                                                                                                   Guardian (London,
                                                                                                                   UK); Feb 5, 2010.
                                                                                                                  This week’s theme:
                                                                                                                  words with a
                                                                                                                  connection to the
                                                                                                                  number 16.

                                                                                            *Happy Birthday*
      April 18, 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas. It   Kin Hubbard:                                -------------------------
      only had four machines.                                                               1931 Rupert Murdoch Australia, publisher [79]
                                                   “Don't knock the weather. If it didn't   1934 Sam Donaldson TX, host (Prime Time) [76]
     Entertainers who were boxers in the       change once in a while, nine out of ten     1936 Antonin Scalia NJ, 105th Sup Ct Justice [74]
      early days of their careers include Roy   people couldn't start a conversation.”
                                                                                            1942 Peter Eyre actor (Hedda)           [68]
      Clark, Bo Diddley, Bob Hope, John
                                                                                            1944 Ric Rothwell drummer (Mindbenders) [66]
      Huston, Martin Lawrence, Ryan
                                                                                            1945 Harvey Mandel rock guitarist       [65]
      O'Neal, and Rod Serling.
     The Procrastinators Club of America       Urban Word(s)                               1945 Tricia O'Neil LA, actress (Piranha Part II)[65]
                                                                                            1947 Mark Stein NJ, rocker (Vanilla Fudge) [63]
      sends news to its members under the                                                   1948 Dominique Sanda France, actress (1900,
      masthead "Last Month's Newsletter."
      More about procrastination next week.
                                                Of The Day                                  First Love, Inheritance, Beyond Good & Evil) [62]
                                                                                            1948 George Kooymans guitarist/singer [62]
                                                    ecrap                                   1950 Bobby McFerrin singer              [60]

                                                r   To sum up a discussion composed
                                                    largely of useless bullsh!t.
                                                                                            1950 Jerry Zucker WI, director (Airplane) [60]
                                                                                            1952 Susan Richardson actress (8 is Enough)[58]
                                                                                            1955 [Kater]Nina Hagen actress (Blue Angel) [55]
                                                                                            1961 Bruce Watson Can, guitar (Big Country) [49]
                                                                                            1964 Peter Berg actor (Chicago Hope) [46]
Published: 4/27/2010 12:02 AM                                                               1965 Nancy Sloan actress (Bold & Beautiful) [45]
                                                                                            1967 John Barrowman act(Central Park West)[43]
                                                                                            1982 Thora Birch actress (Tainted Love) [28]
  2                                                                                        Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
                                                     1968 Otis Redding posthumously receives                    1997 Beatle Paul McCartney knighted Sir
History Of The                                       gold record for "(Sittin' On) the Dock of the
                                                                                                                Paul by Queen Elizabeth II
                                                                                                                1997 San Francisco Giant J T Snow suffers
Day                                                  1973 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA S&H
                                                     Green Stamp Golf Classic
                                                                                                                a fractured eye socket when hit by a pitch

       537 Goths lay siege to Rome

0      1669 Volcano Etna in Italy erupts
       killing 15,000
                                                     1974 Mount Etna in Sicily erupts
                                                     1974 Rhino Store gives people 5¢ to take
                                                     home Danny Bonaduce's Album
                                                                                                                Gadget Of The
1779 US army Corps of Engineers
established (1st time)                               1977 34 Israelis killed by Palestinians on                 Day
                                                     the Tel Aviv-Haifa highway                                          reeloader Pico Solar Charger
1791 Samuel
PA, is 1st to
                                                                                                                 F       Power up your devices with the
                                                                                                                         rays of the Sun

obtain more                                                                                                      Being a monkey, Timmy the ThinkGeek
than 1 US                                                                                                        monkey is all too familiar with life in the
patent                                                                                                           wilderness, swinging from trees, flinging
                                                                                                                 poo on unsuspecting ground-dwellers,
1810 Emperor                                                                                                     eating bananas. But things have changed.
Napoleon                                                                                                         Back in the day, you had to write a
married by                                                                                                       message on a leaf and send it from
proxy to                                                                                                         monkey to monkey across the jungle.
Archduchess                                                                                                      Today, there are smartphones and
Marie Louise                                                                                                     netbooks and laptops - oh my! And
                                                                                                                 do you know what? There's
1824 US War                                                                                                      nowhere to charge your electronics
Department                                                                                                       in the woods.
creates the
Bureau of                                                                                                        That's right - in the wilderness,
Indian Affairs                                                                                                   there's nobody to hear your low
                                                                                                                 battery beep.
                                            Yukon Aurora with Star Trails
1867 Giuseppe                                                                                                     Enter a life-changing device for the
Verdi's opera    Explanation: Fixed to a tripod, a camera can record graceful trails traced by stars as         electronics-savvy yet outdoorsy monkey
"Don Carlos"     planet Earth rotates on its axis. But at high latitudes during March and April, it can also    like yourself - the Freeloader Pico, a
premieres in     capture an aurora shimmering in the night. In fact, the weeks surrounding the equinox, in      compact and lightweight solar charger that
Paris France     both spring and fall, offer a favorable season for aurora hunters. The possibilities are       will charge up your most vital electronic
                 demonstrated in this beautiful moonlit vista from northwestern Canadian territory the          devices while you're far away from an
1867 Great       Yukon. It was taken during the early morning of March 1, off the Klondike Highway about
                 60 kilometers south of Dawson City. To compose the picture, many short exposures were
                                                                                                                outlet. That's right, you can freeload off the
Mauna Loa                                                                                                       Sun! The premium quality crystalline solar
                 digitally combined to follow the concentric star trail arcs while including the greenish
eruption                                                                                                        cells will soak in the Sun's rays by day, and
                 auroral curtains also known as the northern lights.
(Hawaiian                                                                                                       when night falls, you can plug your phone
volcano)                                                                                                        or GPS into the Freeloader Pico and
                                                     1977 Moslems hold 130 hostages in                          charge it up in just a half hour! When you
1888 Great blizzard of '88 strikes northeast         Washington DC
US                                                                                                              trek through the wilderness, do it with
                                                     1978 Terrorists attack mail truck at Tel                   peace of mind knowing your vital devices
1895 Spanish cruiser Reina Regenta sinks             Aviv, 45 killed                                            will stay charged in case of emergency.
at Gibraltar, 400 killed
                                                     1979 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sunstar Golf                    Price: $39.99
1927 1st armored commercial car hold-up              Classic                                          
in US, Pittsburgh
                                                     1979 Randy Hold receives 67 minutes in                     wer/d0bc/?cpg=125H
1927 1st golden gloves tournament                    penalties in a 60 minute NHL hockey game
1938 German troops enter Austria                     1982 Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat sign
                                                     peace treaty in Washington DC
1941 FDR signs Lend-Lease Bill (lend
money to Britain)                                    1983 World Men's Figure Skating
                                                     Championship in Helsinki won by Scott                     3 DAY FORECAST
1953 An American B-47 accidentally drops
                                                     Hamilton (USA)
a nuclear bomb on South Carolina, the                                                                            Friday     Saturday     Sunday
bomb doesn't go off due to 6 safety catches          1986 NFL adopts instant replay rule                       12 Mar 2010 13 Mar 2010 14 Mar 2010
1956 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Titleholders             1987 Wayne Gretzky scores 1,500th NHL
Golf Championship                                    point
1958 Charles Van Doren finally loses on TV           1991 Monica Seles ends Steffi Graf's
game show "21"                                       streak of 186 weeks ranked as #1
1967 Pink Floyd releases their 1st song              1997 Ashes of Star Trek creator, Gene                       Showers          Rain       Few Showers
(Arnold Layne)                                       Roddenberry are launched into space                          55°F            52°F           47°F
                                                                                                                  40°F            40°F           38°F                                                 2