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					Nr. Name / Position               Company                         Current activity                  Type of Business                      Further Information
                                                                                                    Cooperation Request

  1 Mr. Mussa Mohamed Semmbai     African Safaris (T) Ltd.        Tour operator Services:           Tourism                                Well established
    Tour Coordinator              P.O. Box 2855                   Tailored tours, safaris,          Partnership, joint venture or equity   international marketing
                                  Alli Hassan Mwinyi Road         mountain climbing, trekking,      for expansion of game drive safaris system.
                                  Near Haidery Plaza              cultural tourism                  and mobile tented camp services:
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                   travel bookings, hotel /camping   additional cars (landcruisers, trucks)
                                    reservations                      and tents
                                                                  Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                                    US$ 1.1 mil
  2 Mr David E. Kizito            Cordial Tours and Travel        Established in Tanzania since     Tourism/Hotel
    Managing Director             Services Ltd.                   1991. Current operations are      Partnership, joint venture
                                  P.O. Box 1679                   photographic Safari; Serengeti    establishing a hotel/camp near the
                                  Jamhuri/India Street            National Park/Ngorongore          National Park and in the Islands.
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                   Crater/Lake Manyara National
                                   Park / Tarangiere National
                                   Park /Mount Kilimanjaro
                                    climbing and other places as
  3 Ms Rose Abdallah              Antelope Group Ltd.             Services include wildlife         Travel/Tourism                        Antelope Group would
    Managing Director             Upanga Area                     safaris, ground transportation,   Joint venture, equity participation   provide some equity
                                  372 Mtitu/Kalenga Street        air ticketing, hotel              Putting up luxury mobile camps and    funding to cover
                                  P.O. Box 70459                  accomodation, cultural            beach resorts                         expansion cost and
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                   programs, sports & leisure        Estimated project cost:               develoment of new
                                travel, conference and            US$ 9 mil                             projects.
                           incentive travel, Kilimanjaro
                                                                  expeditions, boating and
                                                                  fishing trips etc.
  4 Mr. Moses Mkony                Belinda Ocean Resort Ltd.      Hotel and Leisure Industries:     Tourism
    Chairman and Managing Director Plot 54-58 Jangwani Beach      Two oceanic resorts located       Joint venture partner for expansion
                                   P.O. Box 31924                 within Jangwani beaches           into top class hotel and expansion
                                   DAR ES SALAAM                  Building of a mountain climbing   throughout major leisure areas in
                                park                              Tanzania (different options)
                                                                     Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                                    US$ 5 mil.
  5 Mr. V.M. Laswai               Kibo Palace Hotel               Running of the Kibo Palace        Tourism
    Managing Director             P.O. Box 2523                   Hotel located in Arusha, close    Partnership in hotel industry
                                  ARUSHA                          to many tourist attractions. 63
                                rooms of different classes
 6 Mr. Narcis Nagai         Mount Besi Company Ltd.      Refurbishing campsite located   Tourism
   Managing Director        P.O. Box 8224                in Mwada Village near           Partnership, Joint venture:
                            ARUSHA                       Tarangire and Manyara           Building of luxury lodge in Saadan
                             National Parks. Fully           Beach for the accommodation of
                                                         operational January 2008;       about 100 guests incl. football pitch
                                                         capacity: accomodation of 16    and air stripe
                                                         guests                          Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                         US$ 8. Mil
 7 Ms Mary Lugayila         Maco Company Ltd.            General supplies, hotels, tours Tourism
   Managing Director        P.O. Box 2343                                                Partnership or joint venture
                            DODOMA                                                       Establishment of a tourist hotel and
                                                         tour project
                                                                                         Proposed Investment Cost
                                                                                         US$ 300.000,-
 8 Ms Kuluthum M Sagamiko   Chegga Tours Company         Tours                           Tourism:                                land available
   Director                 P.O. Box 72383                                               Partnership, joint venture and
                            DAR ES SALAAM                                                financial
                                                           Developing tourism and building a
                                                                                         hotel in the beach area
                                                                                         Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                         US$ -
 9 Mr Elvis Musiba          Exclusive Lodges & Resorts   Operating exclusive lodges and Tourism/Hotel industry
   Managing Director        Ltd.                         beach resorts                   Partnership, joint venture
                            P.O. Box 19966                                               Construction of a hotel with 64
                            DAR ES SALAAM                                                standard rooms and 6 presidential
                                                        suites. Exclusive Rock and Beach
                                                                                         resort Luchelele Mwanza. Drawings
                                                                                         for the proposed hotel are ready-
                                                                                         joint venture.
                                                                                         Proposed investment cost:

                                                                                          US$ 3.5 mil.
10 Mr. John Charles Kessy   Darworth Ltd.                Trading                          Tourism/Trading                       Business plans and
   Managing Director        Stockist and Suppliers                                        Partnership, joint venture, equity    project concepts
                                                            participation:                        available upon request
                                                                                          1) 3-4 Stars Hotel Project (DSM)
                                                                                          - US$ 7 mil
                                                                                          2) 4-5 stars hotel project (Arusha)
                                                                                          - US$ 12 mil.
                                                                                          3) Tourism Institute (Tanga)
                                                                                          US$ 4,5 mil.
                                                                                          4) Dry Port Terminal - to be
                                                                                          determined in due course
11 Elina C Haule            African Ebony Co             Gemstone                         Tourism:
                                                       To build hotel apartment or cottage's
                                                                                          in the beach area
12 Ms Rose Nere Lyimo       Afrika Link Travels Ltd        Travel and Tourism               Tourism: Construction of tourist
                                                            lodges and tented camps
13 Mr Damas Mfugale         Peacocks Hotels Ltd.           Privately owned hotel with       Tourism/ Construction:
   Managing Director        P.O. Box 70270                 capacity of 93 rooms. Hotel      Partnership or Joint venture
                            DAR ES SALAAM                  aims to expand and develop a     Developing a golf course and esort
                       prominent local brand chain      in Kigamboni Beach,
                                                           hotel in the country.            developing a resort hotel in the
                                                                                            Arusha region
                                                                                            developing a business and
                                                                                            conferencing hotel in Iringa.
                                                                                            Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                            US$ 10 mil. estimated - peacock
                                                                                            hotel would provide some equity
                                                                                            funding to some development cost;
                                                                                            on the project development peacock
                                                                                            hotel intends to engage a project
                                                                                            managment company.
14 Mr. John Charles Kessy   Darworth Ltd.                  Trading                          Trading/Construction
   Managing Director        P.O. Box 70339                 Importing, distributing and      Joint venture:
                            DAR ES SALAAM                  selling of stationery, offices   Construction of shelter facility which
                            equipment and supplies,          covers 100.000 m² for the
                                                           accessories and computers        accomodation of imported vehicles
                                                                                            and containers before clearance.
                                                                                            Services shall be offered to
                                                                                            domestic importers and transit
                                                                                            goods to neighbouring countries.
                                                                                            The aim is to reduce congestion at
                                                                                            port, to achive more efficiency in
                                                                                            import and to easy the tax
                                                                                            Investment costs not yet determined

15 Mr. Aloys J Mwamanga     Pioneer Electric Machines   Privately owned company             Electric motors / Construction
   Managing Director        and Consulting Company Ltd. mainly dealing with electric        Expanding the business in the area
                            PEMACCO Ltd.                machines                            of electric motor rehabilitation,
                            P.O. Box 7104                                                   transformers and generators for
                            DAR ES SALAAM                                                   both low voltage and high voltage.
                                                          Plans to be involved in the
                                                                                            construction of mini and medium
                                                                                            hydro power stations including
                                                                                            power transmission.
                                                                                            Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                            US$ 1.5 mil
16 Mr. Edmond J. Kileo        Siha Enterprises Co. Ltd       Civil construction and building   Construction
   Managing Director          P.O. Box 63283                 works                             Partnership, joint venture, equity
                              DAR ES SALAAM                                                    participation:
                                                                    Acquiring, hiring and leasing earth
                                                           moving equipment, operating heavy
                                                            equipment service stations,
                                                                                               provisions of expertise in the
                                                                                               construction industry and assisting
                                                                                               in the improvement and
                                                                                               maintenance of the national
                                                                                               infrastructure development.
                                                                                               Proposed development cost:
                                                                                               US$ 2. mil
17 Mr. Felix Maziku Bundala   Bisciencetec Limited           Specialized fire fighting         Construction & Engineering
   Managing Director          Lindi Street, Block G, Show    contractors ( Class Three)        Equity Participation / Agency for
                              room/Operations Office No 37   supply and installation of        fire protection equipment, fire
                              Benjamin William Mkapa High    automatic fire detectors /        vehicle tender & materials
                              Office Accomodation Scheme     sprinklers and fire extinguishers manufacturing / assembling
                              P.O. Box 14045                 testing, commissioning,           Proposed Investment Cost:
                              DAR ES SALAAM                  servicing                         US$ 0.8 mil
18 Stanslaus Shayo            Genop Engineering Ltd          Mechanical and Electrical         Construction Engineering
19 Mr. Shabbir A. Zavery      Mega Woodcraft Products (T)    Manufacturing of cost effective   Construction:
   Managing Director          Ltd.                           constructions materials for       Partnership, Joint venture:
                              Plot 508 - Bungoni-ILALA       roads and building                Engagement in the production of
                              P.O. Box 1762                  construction, and                 value-for-money low-cost housing
                              DAR ES SALAAM                  manufacturing of:                 project
                                    pre-cast maerials, i.e. blocks,   Proposed investment cost:
                                    bricks; good quality flush        US$ 10 mil.
                                                             low cost housing / EVG-3D /
                                                             Austrian technology under
                                                             quality kitchen and
                                                             household/office furniture
20 Dr. Jerome Mkiramweni      JPM Dispensary                 Dispensary                        Health          Upgrading a
                                                                    dispensary into Charitable Hospital
21 Mr. Noel M Mahyenga        Kinondoni Municipal Council   Construction of primary and     Construction:
   Municipal Director         P.O. Box 31902                secondary schools, health       Partnership or joint venture for...
                              DAR ES SALAAM                 centres, dispensaries,          1. .... developing at least 3
                           rehabilitation of roads and     residential houses in Oyster bay
                                                            bridges, maintenance,           prime areas
                                                            protection of botanical gardens Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                            US$ 3. Mil.
                                                                                            2. ....developing available open
                                                                                            spaces such as car parks and
                                                                                            Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                            US$ 1. mil.
                                                                                            3. .... development of quaters, of
                                                                                            7floor building incl. conference hal,
                                                                                            recreational centers and sports
                                                                                            Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                            US$ 30. mil
                                                                                            4. .....development of new state of
                                                                                            the art markets in Tandale,
                                                                                            Magomeni, Mabibo and Misufini
                                                                                            Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                            US$ 5. mil
                                                                                            5. ..... for development of botanical
                                                                                            gardens (touristic) in Kawe and
                                                                                            Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                            US$ 1. mil
                                                                                            6. ... for development of office
                                                                                            institution/wholesale or retail shop in
                                                                                            a 12 acres plot.
                                                                                            Proposed investment cost:
22 Hon. Julian Martin         EML Construction Company      EML is a subsidiary of Green    Manufacturing/Construction
   Executive Director         Ltd & Green Acres             Acres Int. Schools Ltd. The     Partnership, joint venture or local
   Deputy Mayor - Kinondoni   International Schools Ltd.    company is engaged in           agent
   Municipal                  P.O. Box 15805                building and road construction. 1. Team up in tendering for
                              DAR ES SALAAM                 A manufacturing and             construction projects as local partner
                         processing unit within the      2. Procurement/import of
                                                            company is planned. The         construction equipment (motor
                                                            target is food                  grader, compactors, rollers..)
                                                            processing (juice extracts /    3. Import of mini processing plants
                                                            tomato paste).                  for juice extraction, tomato paste etc.
                                                                                            Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                            US$ 2 mil.
23 Omari Kilendo                     Agro Services & Supplies Ltd Trading in Gypsum and Agro-        Small Plant for Cement/Gypsum
                                                                  processing                         manufacturing
24 Mr. Mulamu Erick Nghambi          Event Night Logistics        Involved in promotion              Manufacturing/Marketing/
   Chief Executive Officer           P.O. Box 32620               materials, manufacturing of        Promotion
                                     DAR ES SALAAM                promotion materials and            Partnership, joint venture, equity
                               adverts/ marketing materials       participation, franchising for
                                     mulamu.nghambi@eventnightgr                                     printing machines, machines for the
                                                                                  manufacturing of promotion
                                                                                                     materials and screen printing
                                                                                                     Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                     US$ 2. Mil
25 Mr Safiel Bright                  Sabo Investment Company       Public relation, advertisement, Media & Advertising /
   Executive Director                Ltd.                          event management, printing        Agroprocessing / Tourism
                                     P.O. Box 72416                                                  Partnership, joint venture, equity
                                     Nkurumah Street                                                 participation, franchising:
                                     DAR ES SALAAM                                                   1. Tourism activities (tours, camps,
                                                                       guides) - US$ 490.000,--
                                                                                                     2. Agricultural products (processing
                                                                                                     and packing) - US$ 200.000,--
                                                                                                     3. Equipment for printing activities -
                                                                                                     US$ 170.000,--
26 Mr. Victor Mfinanga               Shambani Graduates            1. Milk collection centre with a Dairy Products
   Managing Director                 Enterprise Ltd.               capacity of 1.200 litres per day, Equity participation, partnership or
                                     P.O. Box 2185                 80 km from processing plant       joint venture:
                                     Plot 440 Kihonda              2. Milk processing; production Expanding milk collection,
                                     MOROGORO MUNICIPALITY         of fresh and cultured milk        processing and distribution by
                                   products packed in polythene      estabishing two more milk collection
                                                                   packets. Installed capacity is    centres, expanding processing
                                                                   1.500 litres per day              capacity and establishing sales
                                                                   3. Milk marketing: wholesale      centres in different towns.
                                                                   and expanding home delivery       Proposed investment cost:
                                                                   service                           US$ 250.000,--

27 Mr. Ambakisye Nazareth Kasilati   Ngonga Fishing Investment     Fishing                           Fishing
   Executive Director                Company Ltd.                                                    Joint venture or partnership
                                     P.O. Box 2669                                                   Technology for fishing in lake and
                                     Office OHIO NDC Floor No 5                                      sea and looking for new markets in
                                     DAR ES SALAAM                                                   Germany and EU
                                                                        Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                                     4. US$ Mil
28 Mr. Evarist N. Maebe    Tanzania Meat Products     Processing of various meat         Food/ Meat Processing
   Managing Director       (2002) Ltd.                products like meat cuts,           Equity participation, loan from int.
                           P.O. Box 62000             sausages, burgers... And many      sources, joint venture, venture
                           Siza Shekilango Road       other meat by-products utilizing   capital:
                           DAR ES SALAAM              the locally unexploited            Integrated meat processing system:
                           abundant raw material              establishment of feedlots/fattening
                                                      resources of livestock.            programme, modern cattle breeding
                                                                                         ranch, abattoir, modern packaging
                                                                                         technology, adequate transportation
                                                                                         systems for animals and meat
                                                                                         Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                         1. US$ 16. mil (cattle breeding,
                                                                                         feedlots, meat processing)
                                                                                         2. US$ 12. mil (abattoir)
29 Mr. Evarist N. Maembe   Tanzania Meat Processors   Representation of meat             Food / Meat Processing
   Chairman / President    Association - TAMEPA       processors in Tanzania;            Collaboration or joint venture:
                           P.O. Box 62000             support and development of         Establishing contacts for
                           DAR ES SALAAM              meat processing industries,        collaboration with similar institutions
                           engaging local and                 in Germany
                                                      international institutions         - institutional support
                                                                                         - information about purchase of
                                                                                         meat processing machineries
                                                                                         - contacting possible trading partners
                                                                                         - information about packing
                                                                                         materials, casings, spices...
                                                                                         - checking possibilities for funding
                                                                                         arrangement to support collaboration

30 Mr. C.R. Mkango         Travocs Ltd.               Dealing with fruits purchased      Food / Fruit and milk processing
                           P.O. Box 19887             from farmers for selling at the    Fruit and milk processing plant:
                           DAR ES SALAAM              domestic market in hotels,         Technology and suppliers of
                        supermarkets and some export.      machinery is from Germany, also
                                                                                         construction of Factory buildings,
                                                                                         installation of machinery has started.
                                                                                         Meeting suppliers of machineries
                                                                                         and vehicles, as well as preliminary
                                                                                         market survey
                                                                                         Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                         US$ 30 mil +
31 Mr. Peter Lanya                Buturi Investments Ltd.        Export of Horticulture           Horiculture/Export
   Managing Director              P.O. Box 12493                                                  Partnership, Joint Venture, equity
                                  NIC Investment House, Samora                                    participation for:
                                  Ave.                                                            production of horticulture
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                                                   Poposed investment cost:
                                                                      US$ 2.5 mil.
32 Mr George Kavenuke             Kavenuke Holdings Co. Ltd      Running on miller and huller     Agriculture
   Executive Chairman             P.O. Box 104                   machines, processing             Partnership or joint venture
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                  agricultural product, buying and "Mdabulo Tea and Trees farming
                               selling of goods, manufacturing project": Selling tea and
                                                                 of goods, planting trees,        trees/timber; activities to clear land;
                                                                 lumbering of timber, planting    preparing tea and trees nurseries,
                                                                 tea crops, plucking and selling planting pine trees, lumbering timber
                                                                 of green leaf tea                Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                  US$ 82.083 - tea project
                                                                                                  US$ 97.083 - tree project
33 Dr Peter Mgimba                Kagera Tea Company Ltd.        Tea farming and processing,      Agriculture
   Executive Director             P.O. Box 462                   forestation, green leaf,         Partnership
                                  KAGERA                         purchasing, tea marketing        Direct marketing / sales
34 Mr Amani Edward                Efatha Foundation Limited      Mixed Farming at Rufiji River      Agricultural / Livestock devlpmt.
   Chief Executive Officer        P.O. Box 32174                 Basin, Cost Region                 Joint venture partnership for various
                                  Plot no 90 Mikocheni Light                                        projects:
                                  Industrial Area                                                   a. agricultural crop husbandry -
                                                                  growing of food and cash crops for
                                                                                                    the domestic and export markets by
                                                                                                    way of mechanized and irrigation
                                                                                                    farming methods.
                                                                                                    b. Livestock development project -
                                                                                                    beef cattle husbandry project and
                                                                                                    dairy cattle husbandry project.
                                                                                                    c. Horticultural crop husbandry
                                                                                                    project - growing horiticultural crops
                                                                                                    for the local market initially
                                                                                                    d. forestry project - Teak trees for
                                                                                                    export markets and Jatropha for bio-
                                                                                                    Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                    US$ 13.019 mil for all projects over
                                                                                                    a five year period
35 Mr. Godfrey Peter Msemakweli   Ngonga Investment Ltd.         Export of agricultural products:   Agriculture
   Executive Director             P.O. Box 75406                 cash and food crops                Construction of semi-processing
                                  NDC building-5 floor                                              industries for agricultural products
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                                                     Proposed investment cost:
                                                                    US$ 2.5 mil.
36 Ms Dr. Anna Claudia Senkoro    Affirmative Action Company       Current activity: import of          Agriculture                             Land available
   Executive Chairperson          Tanzania Ltd.                    electronic equipment and             Partnership, Joint venture and
                                  P.O. Box 14283                   chemical industry as well as         financial
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                    dealing with agricultural industry   Porposed investment cost:
                                                                          US$ 1.290.000
37 Mr. Julius Muyenjwa Gamba      Community Holdings Ltd           Organic crops processing (sim Agriculture                                    Mr Gamba owns a
   Manager                        P.O. Box 13585                   sim, groundnuts, sun flower)  Partnership, joint venture or equity           diploma in Seeds and
                                  Corridor Area, Plot No 96,                                     participation for                              Vegetable Breeding,
                                  ARUSHA                                                         large scale organic crops production           Erfurt, Germany
                                                                processing and marketing of green
                                                                                                 edible oil (locally and internationally)
                                                                                                 Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                                 US$ 5 mil.
38 Mr. Derek Murusuri             Corporate Training Group Ltd 1. Business management            Agriculture / Consultancy
   Director                       (Natural Fruit Processing (T) training and Consultancy         Joint venture or financier
                                  Ltd)                          2. Survey of Fruit Processing in 1. Business management training
                                  P.O.Box 12738                 Tanzania for local and export    and consultancy
                                  DAR ES SALAAM                 market                           2. Processing of tropical and semi-
                                                              tropical fruit for local and export
                                                                                                 Proposed Investment Cost
                                                                                                 1. US$ 1 mil
                                                                                                 2. US$ 5.5 mil

39 Mr. Derek Murusuri             Sokoine University of            Crop production, agro-               Agriculture and Processing:
   Business Development Manager   Agriculture                      processing, agri-business,           Partnership, joint venture:
                                  P.O. Box 3000                    dairy farming / animal               Establishing of a large plantation of
                                  MOROGORO                         husbandry, forestry,                 Jatropha curcas (50.000 ha) and
                                          development of Jatropha as an        subsequent extraction of bio-fuels.
                                    energy crop and bio-fuels.           The university owns land in
                                                                              Tanzania and aims to aquire more
                                                                                                        land for Jatropha plantations.
                                                                                                        Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                        US$ 8 mil.
40 Mr. D. D. Ruhinda       D.D. Ruhinda & Company Ltd.    Growing of sisal                   Agriculture / Energy
   Executive Director      P.O. Box 1987                  700 hectars planted area, 30       Grant renewable energy
                           TANGA                          tons monthly, mostly export to     Joint venture sisal carpets
                         EU - plans to increase             Equity participation
                                                          production to 199 tons             1. Establishing sisal spinning mill
                                                          2000 hectars of land available     for manufacturing of sisal twines
                                                                                             and ropes,
                                                                                             Sisal carpet factory, geotextiles,
                                                                                             buffing cloth ..
                                                                                             2. Production of biogas from sisal
                                                                                             biomas for generating electricity for
                                                                                             use at the estate and for selling
                                                                                             Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                             US$ 3 mil
41 Mr. David K. Camara     The National Honey Show Ltd.   Promoting and sponsoring           Agroprocessing/Beekeeping:
   General Secretary       Garden Avenue Pamba House      Honey Show in Tanzania.            Partnership, Joint venture, Equity
                           P.O. Box 71326                 Beekeeping stake holders incl.     participation:
                           DAR ES SALAAM                  Government, NGO's,                 Setting up a honey processing and
                        beekeeping associations,           packing plant to facilitate the
                           honey traders, processors,         production of refined high quality
                                                          packers, exporters.                honey for either pharmaceutical,
                                                                                             cosmetic or food processing industry
                                                                                             or for the international market.
                                                                                             Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                             US$ 3. mil

42 Mr. Dionis Tshonde      Rukwa Agricultural and         Facilitating and training of     Agriculture
   Director                Environmental conservation     farmers on nursery               Investment Partnership:
                           P.O. Box 611                   establishment for improved       Coffee business in Southern
                           Sumbawanga                     fruit varieties and tree species highlands zone (Ruvuma, Rukwa
                           RUKWA                                                           and Mbeya regions) for Tanzania
                                                                 Coffee Board or direct export of
                                                                                           clean coffee
                                                                                           Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                           US$ 853.500,-
43 Mrs. Eunice P. Negele   Doneka Company Ltd.            Main activity: Dealing with      Minerals / Agriculture                    Company has been
   Managing Director       P.O. Box 294                   minerals (gemstones/gold),       Joint venture:                            represented at several
                           Bomani Area                    company owns PML for both.       Mining project in 2008 in Tanga           trade fairs and int.
                           Plot No. 148                   Additional: 1.000 acres farm,    region which is rich in mineral           conferences in mineral
                           HANDENI - TANGA                fish farming /spices / 200 acres products                                  sector.
                           bee keeping                      Fish farming at Tanga Region
                                                                                           Bee keeping
                                                                                           Proposed investment: US$ 250.000
44 Mr. Victor Sifuni Muze      Smart Agro Supplies Limited    Import and export of several        Agro-Business
   Chief Executive Officer     Bagamoyo Road, Plot No 668     agricultural produce                Im-Export, joint venture:
                               P.O. Box 13025                                                     export of agricultural products from
                               DAR ES SALAAM                                                      Tanzania and import of pesticides
                                                                 and fertilizers/farm implements from
                                                                                                  Expansion of post harvesting
                                                                                                  processing / export of value added
                                                                                                  products like coffee, cotton,
                                                                                                  Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                  US$ 1. mil.
45 Ms Shanni Sindo Muganyizi   Tosha Agro-Investments Ltd     Commercial farming of various       Agro-processing                      Company owns land at
   Managing Director           United Nations Road, Plot No   agricultural products like fruits   Joint venture or long-term loan      different locations.
                               364, Upanga East               and vegetables , cereals,           Agro-processing of seasonal fruits
                               P.O. Box 63386                 poultry farming, animal             and vegetables project:
                               DAR ES SALAAM                  husbandry                           processing and packaging of
                               Agro processing of seasonal         mango, orange, pineapple, banana,
                               www.toshaagro-investments.     fruits and vegetables               tomato juices etc.
                                      Value addition of traditional       processing and packaging of tomato
                                                              agricultural products like          past, chilies etc.
                                                              cotton, coffee etc.                 processing and packaging of milk
                                                              packaging of meat, eggs and         products
                                                              chicken for local and foreign       Proposed investment cost:
                                                              markets                             US$ 5.2 mil.
                                                              Representative and dealers of
                                                              agricultural inputs and
                                                              Export of agricultural products
                                                              Representative of foreign
                                                              companies importing from East
                                                              African Countries

46 Mr Hossea Y.R. Mndambi      AJK Investments Company        Current activity is the supply of   Agro-Trading
   Managing Director           P.O. Box 72131                 electrical goods, secreterial       Partnership, Joint Venture, Equity
                               Plot No 706/24 Building        services, packing materials         participation, franchising:
                               Mkwepu Street                  and general supply of office        Expansion of agro product
                          and building material               packaging for export: honey, juice
                                                                                                  Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                                  US$ 1.500.000
47 Mr. Yusuf Nawab Mulla         Tanzania Tea Blenders (2002) Blending and packaging of tea     Agro/Processing/Construction
   Managing Director             Ltd.                         and coffee                        Partnership, joint venture, equity
                                 P.O. Box No 747                                                participation, franchising
                                 DAR ES SALAAM                                                  New coffee roaster machine from
                                                                                                new ice tea machine from Malaysia,
                                                                                                construction of roaster production
                                                                                                room and construction of four storey
                                                                                                building for warehouse and ice tea
                                                                                                Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                US$ 1. mil
48 Ms. Rachel P.Ng'hwani         Kuyega Investments (T) Ltd.   1. Supply of Mica and Copper     Mining/Agriculture/Agro-
   Director                      P-O.Box 19197                 Ore to Asia                      Processing:
                                 Mkwepu Street 50              2. Fruit Processing              Partnership, Joint Venture, Financial:
                                 Dar Es Salaam                                                  1. Processing of Jatropha seed for
                                                                     production of bio-fuel
                                                                      2. Fruit processing to produce
                                                                                                Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                US$ 5 mil - 8 mil

49 Mr. Bimal Keshavlal gudka      Prima Gems Tanzania Ltd.     Dealing with a hugh variety of  Gemstone Business
   Chairman and Managing Director P.O. Box 10728               gemstones and                   Partnership or joint venture
                                  ARUSHA                       engaged in real estates and     Expanding the gemstone business
                                  farming business                by increasing the volume bought
                                                                    and also expanding the processing
                                                                                               Modernizing the lapidary at Arusha -
                                                                                               aquiring state of art equipment
                                                                                               Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                               US$ 1.6 mil.
50 Ms. Consolata Rwegasira       C E Holdings Company Ltd.     Buying and selling of minerals, Mining / Minerals Trade
   Managing Director             P.O. Box 7370                 especially gemstones.           Joint venture
                                 Mikocheni Plot No.2           Product selling currently in    start mining activities
                                 Block A                       Hongkong and Thailand           lapidary centre (cutting/polishing/
                                 DAR ES SALAAM                 CASM membership                 making beads)
                               8 PML for gemstones and gold Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                               US$ 2 mil.
51 Mr. Paul Peter Akyoo       Tanga Mines & Fertilizers Ltd. Production Dolomite Fertilizers      Mining / Agro
   Executive Officer          Bandari House Floor 5 Room     or Agricultural Lime Fertilizers     Joint venture
                              504                                                                 Construction of Lime Industry and
                              P.O. Box 752                                                        fertilizers factory
                              TANGA                                                               Proposed Investment Cost
                                                                    US$ 8. mil

52 Mr Ally Mohamed Kutule     World Gem and Mining             Mining of Gemstones,namely         Mining/Gemstone Business
   Director                   Company                          sapphire, emerald rubies           Partnership or joint venture for
                              P.O. Box 15559                   (precious stones), red garnets,    1. Gemstone processing industry
                              Samora Avenue 2291/129           rhodolite amethyst, lolita (semi   construction of factory, installation of
                              DAR ES SALAAM                    precious stones)                   appropriate technology
                                 Mining of base metals namely       2. Construction of factory for refining
                                                               gold, copper ore, garena and tin   base metals incl. installation of
                                                                                                  appropriate technology.
                                                                                                  Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                  US$ 400.000,-- buildings
                                                                                                  US$ 600.000,-- procurement and
                                                                                                  installation of equipment
                                                                                                  US$ 800.000,-- construction of
                                                                                                  factory for refining base metals
                                                                                                  US$ 1.200.000,-- procurement and
                                                                                                  installation of equipment

53 Mr Michael Japheth Mbaga   Nendiwe Investment               Mining and sales equipment         Mining                                     Security for the
   Executive Director         Company Ltd.                                                        Exploration, Equipments and                investment will be
                              P.O. Box 7780                                                       research in diamonds and gold              provided.
                              Office IPS Building 10th Floor                                      Proposed Investment Cost:
                              DAR ES SALAAM                                                       US$ 1 mil.
54 Ms Shamsa Diwani           Gemstyles Company Ltd.           Dealing with precious and semi- Minerals                            Company has been
   Executive Director         P.O. Box 22741                   precious gemstones in local     Partnership and Joint Venture:      represented at several
                              Nkrumah Street                   and international markets.      Lapidary Centre for cutting and     trade fairs
                              3rd Floor Clock Tower                                            polishing gemstones, tumbling, bead
                              Shopping Center                                                  making and making of other
                              DAR ES SALAAM                                                    accessories made of semi-precious
                                                                  Opening of shops in Tanzania
                                                                                               Mining of gemstones and gold in
                                                                                               Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                               US$ 300.000,--
55 Mr. Gosbert M. Kakiziba       Gozcom Limited                   ICT consultancy in exclusive       InformationTelecommunication
   Managing Director             Mkwepu Street, Plot No. 705/24   partnership with integrated        Technology (ICT)
                                 P.O. Box 14730                   security managment system          Investment Partner and winning a
                                 DAR ES SALAAM                    developer (OEM): I-Pocket          first mover advantage in the East
                                   Solutions of Singapore for the     African market:
                                        East African market.               Introducing a police mobile security
                                                                  Promoting of programm for          system in Dar Es Salaam (software
                                                                  police, security companies and     OEM) which integrates with any
                                                                  individuals - access to cameras    existing CCTV/cameras plotted in
                                                                  through mobile phones              the streets.
                                                                                                     Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                     US$ 162.000,--
56 Mr Majid Igangula             Igan Bookshop Centre             Currently the company offers       Trade/Information Technology
   Managing Director             PO Box 2941                      stationery, books, training in     Joint venture or partnership
                                 Libert Street/Post Road          ICT, computer software and         Expanding the business in
                                 MWANZA                           accessories (M/s Igan's            information technology - adequate
                                 +255 28 2542941                  Computer Centre)                   modern equipment, opening of two
                                 +255 754 305456                                                     branches in Sengerema and Geita
                                                                                                     Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                                     US$ 83.000,--
57 Ms Aida Mtei Swai             Tanchin Enterprises              Printing business, stationery      Printing / Machines
   Managing Director             P.O. Box 65459                   and other office equipment and     Partnership
                                 DAR ES SALAAM                    supplies. Mayor customers          The company is searching
                                   include municipal councils,        outsourcing partner for
                                                                  provident pension fund,            Constructing a structure
                                                                  national health and others         Machinery for cutting rolls of rims
58 United Republic of Tanzania   Rural Energy Agency (REA)        Promoting, stimulating,            Energy
                                                                  facilitating and improving         Joint venture or partnership
                                                                  modern energy access in order      Investing in or sponsoring the
                                                                  to stimulate rural economic and    development of modern energy
                                                                  social development                 projects in Tanzania in collaboration
                                                                  Promoting rational and efficient   with REA
                                                                  production and use of energy       Proposed investment cost:
                                                                  Facilitating the identification    to be determined
                                                                  and development of rural
                                                                  energy projects
                                                                  Utilizing the REF to finance
                                                                  eligible rural energy projects
                                                                  Facilitating activities of key
                                                                  stakeholders with an interest in
                                                                  rural energy
59 Mr. Leopold Monge Kigezo    The People's Pharmacy Ltd.      Wholesale of human medicine Pharmaceutical/Medical
   Director                    P.O. Box 3544                   and medical equipment;      Partnership, joint venture, equity
                               Kipata/Sikukku Str.             Tanzania country            participation:
                               DAR ES SALAAM                   representative of           Processing and packaging of semi
                                     pharmaceutical companies    finished human medicine in
                                                                                           Tanzania, Agency for German
                                                                                           companies manufacturing
                                                                                           pharmaceuticals and hospital
                                                                                           Proposed investment cost:
                                                                                           US$ 1 mil
60 Ms Pendo Nyambuli Marungi   Women Empowerment Group The group consists of 8             Trading and manufacturing
   Executive Director          P.O. Box 6220                member companies with shops Partnership or joint venture
                               ARUSHA                       dealing with paints, sandals   Engagement in direct market/sales
                                and carvings. Additionally the Proposed Investment Cost: NIL
                                                            group aims at empowering
                                                            Maasai women through dealing
                                                            with their products (garments,
61 Dr Evans Bshang Rweikiza    Green Acres International    3.000 students, 4 campuses     Education                                 Green Acres Int. has
   Director                    School Limited               and one more planned.          Expansion of Green Acres Int.             secured 15 ha land
                               P O Box 105177               Education from Kindergarten to School; establishing a high learning      and provides equity
                               DAR ES SALAAM                University Level               institution, e.g. college or university   funding to cover some
                               dsmgreenacresschool@hotmail.                                with a capacity of min. 1000              development costs.
                               com                                                         students anually.                         The pay back period is
                                                                                           Proposed investment cost:                 less than 6 years.
                                                                                           US$ 4 mil.
62 Ms Lucy Simtowe             Investjas Company            Current activity is carvings   Education
   Director                    P.O. Box 105801              wholesale and retail shop      Partnership, joint venture and
                               DAR ES SALAAM                                               financial:
                                                               Building a secondary school
                                                                                           Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                           USD 2. mil
63 Abiud Mhidze                Tese & Techo Engineering     Trading and manufacturing      Various: Organic Honey Processing
                                                                                           and Packaging,
                                                                                           Manufacturing of domestic electrical
                                                                                           Manufacturing of filters (oil, fuel,
                                                                                           hydraulic and air) for automotive and
                                                                                           industrial applications,
                                                                                              Construction of a dry dock facility
                                                                                           for ship repairs
64 Prof. Ruth Meena           Raida High School and          Advanced Level National           Various: construction/equipment/
   Chief Executive Officer    Learning Centre                Certificate Program, short term   educational
                              P.O. Box 35128                 courses in communication          Partnership:
                              DAR ES SALAAM                  skills, languages, time           Computer and language laboratory
                               management, entrepreneurial       Construction of girls hostel
                                                             and other tailor made courses     Purchase of books and equipment
                                                                                               for the library
                                                                                               Proposed Investment Cost:
                                                                                               US$ 500.000,-

65 Mr. Richard Kasesela       Ellie & Derick Investment      Consulting company focusing       Various (tourism/agro/education/
   Managing Director          P.O. Box 12351                 on government relations           construction)
                              DAR ES SALAAM                  industry which incorporates       Partnership, joint venture:
                                promoting public and private      1. 5 star hotel, 26 acre beach front
                                                             projects in Tanzania and          2. Printing plant for sophisticated
                                                             abroad. Assisting investors and   cards and other items
                                                             supporting local enterprise in    3. University project
                                                             accessing the foreign market;     Investment costs are still to be
                                                             netzworking, all areas.           determined.

66 Jonathan Njau              Dar Es Salaam Stock          Investors through the DSM           Financial sector
                              Exchange Capital Market to invest in           Raising of capital for businesses,
                                                           infrastructure, mining and agro     trading of listed securities
67 Ms Editha Kamala           Global Finance and Business Newly established company of         Financial and Management
   Managing Partner           Solutions Certified Public   certified public accountants.       Advisory
                              Accountants                  Extensive experience and            Looking for partners in the financial
                              Diamond Jubilee Building     exposure in auditing, providing     services sector.
                              2nd Floor, Plot 2300, Upanga accounting services,
                              P.O. Box 10755               management advisory and tax.
                              DAR ES SALAAM
                              Tel: 2139681
68 Mr Awadhi Shafii Mrambas   Global Trading Limited       Whole Sale Supplies in              Trading
   Executive Director         P.O. Box 667488              Electronics, IT Equipment,          Joint venture
                              Office Mbezi Beach Area      Hardware and Aluminium              Agents for supply and sales
                              Shamo Building Floor No 5    Profiles, Solar Panel, also         equipments
                              DAR ES SALAAM                Drilling                            Proposed investment cost:
                                                                    US$ 100.00,--