Diverticular Disease by P-Wiley


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									Diverticular Disease
Author: Pat Black
Author: Christine Hyde

Edition: 1

Diverticular disease first became recognised at the beginning of the 20th century and although the
incidence of the disease is not known, it is considered to be a disease of the older person. This book
looks at a disease that is known as a Western world disease, often called by surgeons a 'cinderella
disease' as they often feel that there is little to offer the patient with uncomplicated diverticular disease.

The book endeavours to give the healthcare professional a holistic view of the care and pattern of
diverticular disease, and chapters may be used as stand alone chapters for those wishing to know more
about stoma care, alternative treatments or food management. This book is essential reading for
healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with this disease.

"This slim volume is easy to read, with useful information for nurses who wish to update and revise their

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