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									Cover Me
Author: Stephanie Bond

I remember the day when my life began to spin out of control...Without going into too much detail, it was
the day that a birthday cake, a very naughty gift, an incredible one-night stand and a "cover curse" at the
magazine I work for all came together....Now I'm heading to Nowheresville, U.S.A., to man-sit Sam Long,
the hunky veterinarian I slept with last night, all under the cover of a job assignment! How I'm supposed to
maintain a professional distance at this point is totally beyond me! But my career (and his safety) depend
upon it. Since I've never left New York City, I guess I should look at this as an adventure. I can only hope
that while I'm out covering my job (and my boss's behind), someone will cover me. And if I play my cards
right, that person might just be Sam....
Author Bio
Stephanie Bond
<br><br>Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a computer career and pursuing a master’s degree
at night when an instructor remarked she had a flair for writing and encouraged her to submit to academic
journals. Once the seed was planted, however, Stephanie immediately turned to creating romance fiction
in her spare time. <br><br>"I never saw myself as a comedy writer, until a Harlequin editor asked if I
could write comedy. I lied and said not only did I write comedy, but I had a great idea for a book she
might be interested in, and shot her an idea from the top of my head. When she said she liked it, I told
her I had three chapters finished to send her right away. Then I went home and wrote like a madwoman.
That book was my first Harlequin comedy, Irresistible."<br><br>Harlequin purchased Irresistible from
Stephanie in the fall of 1995 for their Love and Laughter line. In another two years, she left her computer
career to write full-time. She now writes for the Harlequin Temptation and Harlequin Blaze lines, having
gained notoriety for her spicy romantic comedies, such as Too Hot to Sleep and It Takes a
Rebel.<br><br>Stephanie lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia, her laptop permanently attached to
her body. Readers can write her at P.O. Box 54266, Atlanta, GA 30308, or through her web site.

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